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Enigma At Palazzo Versace Dubai – 3 Michelin Starred Chefs Change Four Times A Year

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Showcasing visionary chefs from around the world, their unique stories and gastronomic visions

Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai is the world’s first restaurant to change its dining concept and world-class chefs four times a year

One of the world’s elite and 3 Michelin starred chefs; Quique Dacosta will be instrumental in bringing Enigma to life on 10th January 2016

Poised to take Dubai’s culinary scene by storm, Enigma at Palazzo Versace Dubai is an avant-garde new restaurant opening on 10th January 2016, where captivating stories will be told by the world’s best chefs. Enigma will be the first restaurant to change its dining concept and world-class chefs four times a year, and will take discerning diners and gastronomists on an unexpected multi-sensory journey, with each new chapter ingeniously unfolding before their eyes.

As the name indicates, Enigma will keep guests guessing the next chapter in its collection – including the menu that will remain confidential until you are immersed in the almost surreal epicurean world. As another first for Dubai, Enigma will allow guests to pre-book their seats in advance through, just as you would for a performance, fundamentally reinventing the way restaurants take reservations. With a ticket to dine, Enigma disrupts the conventional reservation system by applying dynamic pricing.

The first of Enigma’s culinary masters is one of the world’s most radical avant-garde chefs, Quique Dacosta, whose eponymous restaurant in Spain holds an impressive three Michelin stars and is included in the prestigious World’s 50 Best Restaurants by Restaurant Magazine’s list. With a gastronomic imagination like no other and a desire to live life to the fullest through his food, Quique is committed to carefully creating masterpieces by manipulating style and substance in harmony.

It is incredible to bring my cuisine to other parts of the world. I’m thrilled to make my mark in Dubai under Palazzo Versace and I hope that diners enjoy Enigma and my culinary selection, which has deep Mediterranean roots and avant-garde influences, as much as I will enjoy the experience,” said Quique Dacosta.

Quique Dacosta will unveil his untold story through his not-to-be-missed Vanguard culinary performance from 10 January to 12 April 2016. As seats are limited, advance booking is highly recommended.

Dinner prices (excluding beverages) will be available on the website. Grape-based beverages will be carefully selected and paired with each course by the sommelier on request.

Enigma was conceptualised to emulate the very nature of our current lifestyle; fast paced, versatile and dynamic. Always innovating, evolving and creating anticipation. We want Enigma to be an exceptional dining experience people crave and yearn to keep up with, just like other highly desired commodities,” said Patrick Robineau, Hotel Manager, Palazzo Versace.

Additionally, the chefs selected are among the 50 best in the world, who have the culinary and creative prowess to reflect the Enigma persona and spirit, and deliver our vision. Enigma is a blank canvas for these talented chefs to paint their stories – give their souls through food. Together with the team, I am beyond excited to see Enigma come to life,” Robineau added.

Open six days a week, Enigma will delight diners with its chefs’ ‘untold stories’ and stimulating culinary experiences every evening from 6:30 – 10:30pm.

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Scientific Research Confirms: Food Cans Protect Vitamins & Mineral Nutrients

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On behalf of the ‘Initiative Lebensmitteldose’, the SGS Fresenius Institute Berlin has recently conducted scientific research investigating the nutritional value of canned food. The findings show that canned vegetables’ vitamin and mineral levels are as high as freshly cooked vegetables. In fact, for some canned vegetables the vitamin and mineral values of the nutrients measured are even higher than for some of their freshly prepared counterparts.
The aim of this research project was to make an objective comparison of vitamin and mineral levels of canned and fresh vegetables. While the canned vegetables, which were used for the tests, were heated according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, the Institute cooked the fresh food
according to regular household practice. Afterwards, both canned and freshly prepared vegetables were examined for their mineral nutrients such as potassium, magnesium and calcium, as well as for
the levels of vitamin B1, B6, C, A (beta-carotene) and folate. Additionally, the lycopene content of tomatoes was measured. The results confirm the findings of previous studies according to which the vitamin and mineral levels of canned foods are comparable or even higher than for freshly prepared food.
Canned sauerkraut and tomatoes are clear winners.
Two canned vegetables achieved optimum values: sauerkraut and tomatoes. 200g of canned sauerkraut contain one third more vitamin C than the freshly prepared alternative. The result confirms that canned sauerkraut reaches as much as 40% of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C. 200g canned tomatoes contain one third of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C,
while the freshly prepared equivalent only contains a quarter.
Canned tomatoes also achieved outstanding results for their beta-carotene (vitamin A) and lycopene levels. A 200g portion of canned tomatoes contains almost 66% of the recommended daily dose of beta-carotene, a powerful antioxidant, which is beneficial for the health of our eyes, skin, and the
mucous membranes. Canned tomatoes compared to fresh tomatoes also contain as much as four times more lycopene, which possesses antioxidant properties and is believed to have a preventive effect on cardiovascular diseases.

Protection against a loss of nutritional value – steel for packaging makes it possible.
The findings of the research highlight steel’s exceptional performance capabilities: once the food is canned, a loss of nutrients is practically impossible. As food cans are made of steel, the material delivers total barrier properties and unrivalled protection against light, air or impurities. Steel for
packaging is impact-resistant and unbreakable, while vitamins and mineral nutrients are always retained. Cans offer unrivalled protection for food – during transport, storage or on the shelf. The food can does not only protect valuable mineral nutrients, it also retains product freshness as
well as flavour and has an unrivalled shelf life of minimum three years without adding preservatives.

The combination of heating, steel’s total barrier properties and hermetic sealing is sufficient to naturally preserve the food. High product safety, a long shelf life and the fact that metal can be recycled forever, make cans the perfect packaging choice.

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Golden Aisles: Supermarket Wines Wow At International Wine Challenge

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22 supermarket own-brand and exclusive wines awarded medals at Tranche One of International Wine Challenge 2016.

  • Total of 222 medals awarded to supermarket own-brand and exclusive
  • A record 21 Gold medals awarded in vintage year of success
  • Marks & Spencer tops medals bill with 58 gongs for its range of wines
  • Aldi win a whopping five Gold medals

Britain’s supermarket wine aisles are paved with Gold, Silver and Bronze according to the latest results of the International Wine Challenge, announced today. A flurry of medals was awarded to own-brand and exclusive wines at Tranche One of the world-renowned wine competition, highlighting how lucky UK shoppers can get their hands on world-class wines from their local stores.

A total of 222 Gold, Silver and Bronze medals were awarded to supermarket own-brand and exclusive wines, with Marks & Spencer trouncing the competition, picking up 58 medals, 22 more than its closest rival, Morrisons.

  • Marks & Spencer received a whopping ten Gold medals for its wines, with half being awarded to fortified wines. Four Sherries from the Marks & Spencer Very Rare range, produced by renowned Spanish sherry maker Emilio Lustau, received Gold medals, with each costing just £8.00 per half bottle. Shoppers will be in sherry heaven if they can get their hands on any of these Gold medal winners; Marks and Spencer Very Rare Palo Cortad, Marks and Spencer Very Rare Dry Old Amontillado, Marks and Spencer Very Rare Oloroso and Marks and Spencer Very Rare Pedro Ximenez.
  • Port fans should pick up the Marks & Spencer 10 Year Old Tawny Port, the fifth fortified wine to strike Gold for the supermarket.
  • Three Marks & Spencer sparklers also picked up Gold medals. Marks & Spencer Graham Beck the Rhona Blanc de Blancs 2010 (£13.00), Marks & Spencer Champagne Oudinot Sparkling Rosé (£27.00) and Marks & Spencer Oudinot Brut Vintage 2007 (£31.00) all earned Golds. In addition to its golden haul, the retailer received 6 Silver medals and 22 Bronze medals in this round of tasting.
  • Second in the medal chart was Morrisons, which scooped 36 medals at this tranche of the competition, including three Gold medals, nine Silver and 24 Bronze. Named 2015 IWC Supermarket of the Year earlier this year, Morrisons received two Gold medals for its non-vintage sherries, with its Morrisons Signature Oloroso Dry and its Morrisons Signature Pedro Ximénez NV impressing the judging panel, both costing just £6.00 for a half-bottle. The supermarket earned its third Gold medal for its Morrisons Signature Chablis 1er Cru 2013. With its price tag of just £15, it should fly off the shelves.
  • Close on its heels was Asda, with an impressive haul of 34 medals, including a single Gold for its Noster Nobilis Priorat 2010, for a very reasonable £7.98. Asda also won seven Silver and 26 Bronze medals.
  • Next in the medal count was Tesco, earning a total of 31 gongs, including a pair of Gold medals for its Tesco finest* Sancerre 2014 (£11.00) and its Tesco finest* Dessert Semillon 2009 (£6.00 per half-bottle). The supermarket also picked up nine Silver and 20 Bronze.
  • Aldi picked up a total of 23 medals, with four Gold, six Silver and 13 Bronze medals. Impressing across a range of styles, the supermarket received a pair of Golds for its exclusive ports, Maynard’s 40-Year-Old Tawny Port (£29.99), and Maynard’s LBV Port 2011 (£9.99). Shoppers can also pick up Gold-medal-winning red and white wine in Aldi’s aisles. Aldi The Exquisite Collection Hunter Valley Semillon 2013 and Aldi Lot 08 Colchagua Carmenere 2012 both earned Gold, and will have consumers clamouring for them.
  • Waitrose and The Co-operative both took home a handful of respectable Silver and Bronze medals. Waitrose racked up 15 medals in total for wines from its range, with four Silver and 11 Bronze, while The Co-operative earned itself four Silver and four Bronze medals.

Charles Metcalfe, Co-Chairman of the IWC commented:

“The results of Tranche One of the competition highlights how British shoppers really are spoiled for choice when it comes to picking up fantastic wines in their local supermarkets. Our judges have discovered some excellent own-brand and exclusive wines, whose quality often belies their modest price tags. With the festive period just around the corner, these award-winning wines make great gifts. Or you can drink them!”

He continued:

“The IWC medal stickers help shoppers buy with confidence, as they can be assured that a medal is a stamp of quality. Wine fans should search the wine aisles for our stickers – they are guaranteed to deliver a little extra festive cheer.”

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Christmas Day: Going Out Is The New Staying In

By Posted on 5 m read

–          Bookatable reports record number of Brits dinning out on Christmas Day in 2015 –

–          Trend shift credited to stress of catering with majority of Brits (70%) spending up to five hours in kitchen –


An increasing number of families are opting to take the stress out of Christmas this year by choosing to dine out, according to which has reported a 63 percent year on year spike in Christmas Day bookings to its restaurants nationwide.

In the last four years, Bookatable has seen an 251% increase in Christmas bookings from 2011 to 2015, showing Brits are turning to restaurants at Christmas to help them spend proper quality time as a family. As it stands, the majority of Brits (70%) who cook on Christmas Day spend between 3-5 hours in the kitchen away from family and friends, and when the festivities are over, 78% spend up to three hours tidying up.

Following the findings, the restaurant booking platform commissioned a study investigating this significant shift towards dining out on Christmas Day – something that was rarely considered in past generations. Reflecting Bookatable’s own Christmas bookings surge, 14 million* Brits (23%) have eaten out on Christmas Day and a further 35% are considering dining out on Christmas Day in the future.

Corinne Sweet, Psychologist, commented: “Ideally, Christmas should be all about spending quality time together as a family or with friends, but sometimes the hype, rush and stress of it all gets in the way. It’s no wonder so many of us are turning to alternatives, such as restaurants. It’s important to remember what the festive season is all about: connecting and celebrating. Don’t try to be perfect. If you want to create restaurant standard food, just eat out! Trying to make Christmas perfect simply puts too much pressure on, financially, socially and emotionally.”

Contrary to Christmas being the season of good will, it’s not just time but also money that stings. A fifth (21%) of Brits host Christmas Dinner each year and as a result, feel out of pocket. 87% feel they buy too much food that goes to waste as well as ingredients that are not used at any other time of the year. Over eight million* Brits (13%) spend at least £500 on food for Christmas Dinner, and one in four (38%) cater for special dietary requirements when cooking Christmas Dinner, including food intolerances and fussy eaters.

Robert Prendergast, Head Chef at The Waldorf Hilton restaurant, commented: “Opening the restaurant on Christmas Day is a bit magical for us here at the Waldorf Hilton. There is always a sense of family resonating around the hotel amongst the team on Christmas morning with the excitement that we are going to be looking after someone else’s family, filling their day with warmth, service, good food and creating memories. The truth of it really is that it’s what we enjoy doing, making someone’s day special. It’s the service industry which we love and sharing someone’s Christmas day makes it that extra bit more rewarding.”

In the light of these festive stresses, Brits are turning to restaurants at Christmas to help them spend proper quality time as a family. Dining out in restaurants removes the often more costly and time consuming elements of the day, allowing families to spend this time together. Over a third (34%) of British families felt that sitting down to Christmas Dinner is the only time they get to spend real quality time together. When asked about how often they ate together during the rest of the year, half (49%) of Brits admitted to never or rarely eating together as a family.

Based on the findings, the restaurant booking platform has been inspired to launch a campaign which aims to spread festive joy and help families focus on what’s most important – enjoying good food and great company! By collaborating with some of its top Chefs, has developed a festive ‘Chef’s Secrets’ Guide full of shortcuts and tips to help take the stress out of preparing a festive feast as well as a comprehensive restaurant guide.

Joe Steele, CEO of, commented: “We have seen a significant increase in diners booking Christmas dinner in restaurants this year and there is no wonder given our research has shown many people feel they are not able to spend time with their family due to the pressures of catering on Christmas Day.”

He added, “To help spread some Christmas cheer, we have curated some of the best festive menus from across the country on our website, along with a free downloadable guide created in collaboration with our top chefs who have shared their expertise and insight to help everyone have a smooth and enjoyable Christmas.”

Bookatable’s research also shows that the stress associated with the season is not just confined to Christmas Day itself. Almost a fifth (18%) of Brits begin preparing for Christmas months in advance, during the summer or even earlier, with a third of these (6%) starting to think about Christmas as soon as Christmas the previous year is over. In line with this, and in addition to an increase in Christmas Day bookings, Bookatable has also seen a growing YOY trend in bookings for both Christmas Eve (42%) and Boxing Day (20%) – also noted by the OXO Tower who open on these days in December.

When the fun of decorating the Christmas tree is done, 40% find the prospect of readying the house for guests and dealing with a messy house afterwards to be the most stressful elements of the festive period. 20% of Brits admit that, as hosts, they miss out on the festive fun of the day by worrying about guests’ enjoyment. A further third (32%) are stressed out by time management dealing with preparing and cooking food, hosting and cleaning for multiple people. The study found that a third of Brits (33%) find Christmas Day to be more stressful than a day at work.

In time for the festive season, diners can visit to access a whole host of help and recommendations aiming to take the stress out of Christmas and reclaim the joy of the festive season. The website will help Brits choose the right restaurant for festive dining and for those still keen to recreate the magic in their own home, a free downloadable ‘Chef’s Secrets’ Guide is available. The Guide has been created in collaboration with head chefs at some of’s most famed restaurants with stunning festive menus including The OXO Tower, The Waldorf and The Savoy.

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Iron Chef Fawkes Brings Aroma Of Noma To The Nai Harn

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The Nai Harn is delighted to welcome Kevin Jean Fawkes as its Culinary Director, joining the team for the re-launch of this iconic Phuket luxury resort. Chef Fawkes brings with him a wealth of culinary stardust from Michelin starred experience in the great British kitchen of Anton Edelman at the Savoy Hotel London, to stints at cutting edge restaurants by Sir Terence Conran, Gordon Ramsay, Jason Atherton, Albert Roux and Noma’s legendary René Redzepi.

Chef Fawkes is the latest boldfaced hire at The Nai Harn, the only resort on Phuket accepted into the prestigious Leading Hotels of the World collection, which opens January 16th following 18 months of extensive renovations. Breezy and casual, Chef Fawkes’ restaurant, the Rock Salt, will feature dishes showcasing delectable cuisine with a distinctively Asian edge.

At lunch, the focus is on contemporary Thai classics and international favourites, including wood-fired pizzas, tandoori baked seafood and market seafood display from the Rawai fisherman. As the sun sets, Rock Salt restaurant transitions into Nai Harn Beach’s premier chill-out destination. A menu is inspired by the culinary traditions of the Eastern Mediterranean and North Africa with a splash of Thai influence in a relaxed al fresco ambiance. Kevin Jean Fawkes will also be tasked with ensuring The Nai Harn’s other main restaurant, Cosmo, delivers on its promise of a refined journey through diverse culinary traditions from around the world. The menu reflects the chef’s passion for travel and new cultural experiences, while an underpinning of Southern Thai flavours pays homage to The Nai Harn’s rich Phuket heritage.

GM of The Nai Harn Frank Grassmann said he was delighted to have lured Kevin Jean Fawkes to Phuket. “He is a special kind of chef, he has the creative spark but more than that he really inspires loyalty and leads by example with his team,” he said. “That’s where the real magic happens.”

Chef Fawkes said he was looking forward to the challenge of being part of The Nai Harn’s founding team, as well as being part of a property which has a true legacy of luxury and is a genuine icon of Phuket hospitality. Kevin holds a plethora of awards under his belt of experience, and these include the eco award at The World Traveller Awards, and the Mr & Mrs Smith winner of World’s best five star luxury family resort. Other highlights include, Iron Chef Thailand 2013, and an international culinary judge of the World Association of Chefs Society (WACS) and Member of the British Culinary Federation.

High profile guests at the Nai Harn over the years have included Her Majesty Queen Sirikit, Prince Albert of Monaco, Prince Henrik of Denmark, former French president Jacques Chirac, the late actor Sir Peter Ustinov, dance legend Rudoph Nureyev, US actor Forest Whittaker and Roger Moore, who once fought Scaramanga on his famously eponymous James Bond Island off the coast of Phang Nga, a short speedboat hop away.
The new Nai Harn will offer 130 luxurious guest rooms and suites with panoramic views over the soft white sands and graded azure and turquoise hues of the Andaman Sea, a bespoke luxury spa and a stunning new pool and food and beverage spaces. Leading with a promise of pure romance at Thailand’s best beach, as voted by users of TripAdvisor, The Nai Harn will provide authentic destination experiences, extraordinary culinary happenings and expertly curated connections to the best of island life and southern Thai culture. It is also the only hotel directly on the ocean at Nai Harn beach.

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BiCE At Jumeirah At Etihad Towers Welcomes New Chef De Cuisine

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Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, a social and gourmet hub in the heart of the UAE’s capital, has appointed Alessandro Mordini as the new Chef de Cuisine at Italian restaurant BiCE.

Chef Alessandro is a master of Italian cuisine with over 17 years’ experience gained from prestigious hotels, resorts and restaurants across Europe and Asia. He also owns a family restaurant along the shores of Tuscany.

A native of Piedmont, a region in northern Italy, which is famous for white truffle, Alessandro’s passion and creativity was inspired by his grandmother’s home cooking.

He began his culinary training at an early age and developed a simple, rustic style of cooking that allows the quality of ingredients to shine. Alessandro’s cuisine features fresh, seasonal and organic ingredients, an abundance of truffles, mushrooms and cheese. He has also established a reputation for creating beautifully presented traditional handmade pasta dishes, packed with versatile flavours.

Loughlin Druhan, Director of Food and Beverage at Jumeirah at Etihad Towers, said: “As Chef de Cuisine of BiCE, Alessandro is bringing the spirit of authentic northern Italian style cuisine with a modern creative touch to Abu Dhabi. He knows how to coax the essential flavours out of his many creations and I am confident that our guests will be delighted with the menu changes.”

Chef de Cuisine, Alessandro Mordini, completes the Italian team at BiCE which comprises Alessandra Carfora, Restaurant Manager and Sommelier; Giuseppe Sparagna, Junior Sous Chef; and Michele Garbuio Beverage Manager. Antonio Patti, the resident pianist, adds a further touch of authenticity to the restaurant. Guests are promised a true Italian experience which starts with the welcome, continues with the ambience and culminates in the dining experience.

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More Than Meat Triumphs At Food Matters Live

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The recent Food Matters Live conference, which ended a few days ago, has proved to be a turning point in the growth of revolutionary food brand More Than Meat.

The firm has since received a lot of interest from investors at home and abroad. On social media, hundreds of new fans have connected with the brand. And, after sampling products, many of the delegates chose to leave glowing reviews on a comment board.

The firm also made it to the final of the prestigious Unilever Foundry Dragons Den competition. With such strong feedback on the taste and texture of the products, more than 150 sales leads were generated over the two day event.

The team also used the event to garner feedback and generate excitement around the launch of its next product – a Jerk Burger.

National media are also starting to pick up on the business opportunity that More Than Meat is tapping into.

Just last week, the Guardian cited More Than Meat as an example of a new type of meat-free food brand that successfully “markets its products’ nutritional benefits directly against its meaty Waitrose equivalents”.

Barry Honeycombe, the founder of the company: “All expectations have been exceeded at Food Matters Live. The feedback we received was a glowing endorsement of our absolute focus on quality, flavour and taste. The next phase in our growth will see us scale up our production and significantly grow our customer base.”

Samantha Morris, from Food Matters Live, highlighted the “bright, interactive stand that had a strong buzz around it. The team were very knowledgeable, the products are great, and the delegates were very interested in sampling”.

The More Than Meat range uses a blend of plant-proteins and wholefoods to make tasty meals and snacks. It includes burgers, sausages and casseroles. The foods are high-protein and free from cholesterol, added fats, eggs, dairy and meat.

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MSC Cruises Teams Up With Cirque Du Soleil To Set New Standards In Live Entertainment

By Posted on 2 m read

MSC Cruises has today announced an exclusive long-term partnership with Cirque du Soleil to create new live entertainment shows aboard its next-generation Meraviglia ships.

The spectacular productions will take place inside purpose-built Aft Lounges, which will feature 450 seats – including a 200-seat restaurant area where guests can enjoy dinner and drinks before each performance. The 1,000sq metre spaces – kitted out in the latest audio-visual technology – are being specifically designed for the shows at a cost of €20 million.

New Cirque du Soleil productions will take place six nights a week during sailings, with two performances per night.

MSC Cruises has four Meraviglia project ships in the pipeline with the first – MSC Meraviglia – currently under construction at the STX shipyard in Saint Nazaire, France. The 4,500-guest, 167,600GRT ship will set sail on its inaugural season in the Western Mediterranean from June 2017, and will be the first to have three homeports: Genoa, Marseille and Barcelona.

Further Meraviglia project ships are scheduled for delivery in 2019, 2020 and 2022.

Pierfrancesco Vago, Executive Chairman of MSC Cruises declared: “MSC Cruises is a company built on innovation, from the unique ships we design and build to the on-board experiences we conceive and create.

“Together with Cirque du Soleil are now designing a totally new, live entertainment experience for our guests. It’s this commitment to innovation, and the vision and creativity that only a family-owned company can apply, that make MSC Cruises so distinct”.

Yasmine Khalil, President 45 DEGREES, Cirque du Soleil’s Special Projects Company, commented: “We have found in MSC a long-term partner with a clear vision about trends in the cruising industry and a strong desire to be the leader by taking entertainment on board to a whole new level.  For Cirque du Soleil, this is what inspires us and provides us with a great creative challenge that we require for each new relationship and project that we embark on”.

The partnership with Cirque du Soleil was unveiled aboard MSC Fantasia in Barcelona, Spain during “All Stars of the Sea” – the annual MSC Cruises travel-trade gathering to celebrate and reward the Company’s top performing partners – in front of an audience of 1,800 travel agents.

MSC Meraviglia’s inaugural Mediterranean cruise season are already on sale online and can also be booked via your favourite travel agent.

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Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences

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winter wonderland

White Winter Wonderland

winter news

Exciting Winter News

Crans-Montana is gearing up for the next Winter Season, a time when the resort really comes into its own. The weather is cooling, fires are being lit, the autumn leaves have turned the mountain sides into landscapes of red, orange and gold and the peaks are already capped with white.

Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences is also taking on its winter colours and preparing to welcome its first winter guests, including those who return every year to experience the wonderful winter wonderland that is our beloved resort.



Guarda Golf Charity Night For UNICEF

With the help of many generous donators, we were able to collect very significant funds for UNICEF during last winter’s charity event and therefore decided to hold a second edition on Saturday 6th February 2016. Today, children all over the world are more in need of our support than ever.

Guarda Golf Charity Night for UNICEF will be again under the patronage and in the presence of our dear friends Sir Roger Moore and Lady Kristina Moore. An auction sale of a painting by our house artists Tylek & Tylecek will help to collect additional funds and participating guests will enjoy exclusive live entertainment and get the chance to win a number of exciting prices at the lucky draw during the night.


winter paradise

Crans-Montana – A Winter Paradise

Crans-Montana is a Mecca of Winter sports, providing tourists with a range of activities for all levels. Guarda Golf Hotel & Residences will be happy to arrange your ski passes, recommend the best shops for hiring ski equipment and make your reservations with instructors, as required.

Here are some of the activities to experience in the resort this winter:

  • 140km of ski slopes, for all levels
  • Snow park for the more adventurous skier
  • Snowtubing, sledging and snowbiking
  • 18km of cross country skiing
  • 65km of trails for winter hikes and snow shoeing
  • Ice-skating & curling
  • Paragliding & Helicopter tours

full moon nights

Full Moon Nights – Après-Ski & Aperitif

Who needs a better excuse than the full moon for a celebration?
Join us for this exclusive event in celebration of the magic of the full moon between 4pm and 8pm in the beautiful snowy landscape in front of the hotel.
Come directly from the slopes or for an aperitif before dinner and enjoy cocktails, mulled wine and traditional raclette. A magical moment!


winter delica

Winter Delicacies

Chef Ronan Gaillard and the restaurant team are delighted to offer once again a range of delicacies in the Giardino Restaurant, Les Alpes restaurant, in the Guarda Golf Lounge and on the terrace. Topping the list, our Oysters & Caviar menu with Champagne pairings is a delight, now more than ever with our new house Champagne, Ruinart. We will be bringing back our ever popular truffle menu and, of course, it would not be winter in Switzerland without a selection of local cheese fondues, available in the Les Alpes restaurant.


warming spa days

Warming Spa Days

A day spent warm and cozy in the spa, looking out at the snowy mountains is possibly the most  relaxing way to spend your day. Our hotel guests benefit from complimentary access to the Guarda Golf Spa, including our pool, whirlpool, sauna and steam room. Our spa therapists are on hand all day and offer a range of treatments for the hands, feet, face and body.

All are versed in the use of our new oxygen treatments, using the LE CUBE O2+ machine, designed to harness the power of oxygen in a range of skin renewing treatments.


excellence tea

Connoisseurs in Excellence

Don’t take our word for it! We have won TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence several years in a row now and enjoy a full five-star rating and an outstanding 98% approval rate. If that wasn’t enough, we also have a top ranking on with a near perfect rating of 9.6 out of 10.

We are not likely to rest on our laurels though, with ever improving standards and new innovations in our offering. Watch this space!


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Chetzeron Reaches New Heights In Crans-Montana

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Perched atop the snow-laden slopes of Crans-Montana, with panoramic views of the Rhone Valley and the majestic Alps, Chetzeron takes “away from the crowds” to a whole other level. Located in a former gondola station, this Design Hotels™ member’s impressive stone and glass façade houses 16 rooms and suites, all with unrivalled views across the Alpine landscape, from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc. Towering above the typical mountain resorts in both elevation and style, Chetzeron offers an intoxicating blend of world-class skiing amid splendid isolation.



Blue Sky Thinking
When Original and third-generation hotelier Sami Lamaa set out to create a luxury eco lodge in the Swiss Alps, it was never going to be anything other than unorthodox. For the self-confessed claustrophobe, the traditional wood-clad
chalets huddled together in a busy resort was the ultimate antitheses of his vision of a mountain retreat – ultimately realized in the form of an abandoned gondola station located 2,112m above sea level. It took Lamaa five years, and the overwhelming support of the local community, to gain planning permission to transform the former station into Chetzeron. The result is both authentic and innovative, a hotel that challenges and surprises its guests at every turn.
Together with Lausanne-based architects, Actescollectifs, Lamaa has created a space that pays homage to the industrial splendor of the original structure, while encouraging a sense of warmth and coziness to juxtapose the wild terrain of the surrounding landscape. The cavernous mouth of the cable car station forms the centerpiece of the hotel, now covered entirely by glass, flooding the lobby area with light while offering dramatic views over the mountains with
perennial snow at their peaks.

Large concrete porticos and original station walls crafted from local stone have also been incorporated into the interior design of Chetzeron, creating a sense of timeless charm. The public spaces are large and spacious, yet defy coldness
through tucked-away nooks and discreet lighting. Each of the spacious guestrooms and suites offers a cocoon-like feel, contrasting natural stone with plush bedding and furnishings, resulting in alpine interiors that are traditional yet contemporary. Generous windows throughout ensure that the stark beauty of the hotel’s surroundings form an integral part of Chetzeron’s visual identity.




Sublime Silence

Thanks to its unique position and adventurous access, the arrival to the hotel is an event in itself, with guests arriving by foot, bike, jeep, ski or snowmobile. Chetzeron is a sanctuary for winter-sports junkies jaded by heaving resorts and
jostling crowds. For seasoned spectators, there are plenty of perches from which to take in the skiers and surrounding splendor, including terraces on three levels that are dotted with hammocks and sun loungers, alongside a heated outdoor pool. Après-ski comes courtesy of the private and public bars, and restaurant serving seasonal cuisine along with Valais wines. Committed to supporting the local community which played such an integral role in getting the hotel off the ground, Chetzeron uses locally-sourced ingredients wherever possible. Local cured meat is a firm favorite and bespoke picnics can be arranged for families, hikers or corporate groups during their stay.

Truly a year-round destination, stunning hiking and cycling routes appear with the melting snow, and the nearby Severiano Ballesteros golf course is a mecca for international golfers, as well as playing host to elite players at the annual Omega European Masters.

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