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The Athenian Introduces New Eat Like A Greek Campaign With Violife

The Athenian has launched a new campaign to encourage hungry Londoners to Eat Like A Greek. Any Greek street food aficionado knows that Greeks can never resist a second souvlaki, so The Athenian is offering two mini souvlakis for the price of one. In addition, The Athenian has teamed up with …

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Every Successful Chef Needs These 5 Things

Long hours, hot kitchens, and tight deadlines. The life of a chef is anything but easy. The good news is that there are some things that can help lighten the load of the overworked and underpaid chef. Keep reading to find out what they are. 


Are you even a real …

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How to Find the Best Lunch Options Near You

Lunch. Some call it the most important meal of the day, and we’re inclined to agree. Not only does lunch recharge your battery and get you through that midday slump but also, it can motivate you to complete all those tasks you previously decided to put off for another day. However, for the meal to …

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You’re Never Too Busy To Look After Yourself!


The food service industry is one of the hardest and most unforgiving work environments which one can endure. The hours are long. The days (and nights) are stressful. It’s hot, sweaty and billowing with steam. And after every shift you’ll come home with a cut, burn or bruise that you didn’t have …

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Seven Food Fads Worth Trying

Food fads come and go all the time, from tofu to gluten-free. These fads are often inspired by the latest health research or culinary infusion and can fluctuate like trends in the fashion industry. Some of these fads aren’t worth investing in, but others are well worth sticking with. Whether they just taste …

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The Ultimate Tins & Crisps Flavour Guide For Your Heatwave Picnic

As a nation, we’re making the most of staycations this summer, with garden gatherings and evenings in the sunshine. With a selection of delicious and convenient ready to drink cans, plus tasty ‘on the go’ food options lining the shops, the picnic possibilities are endless.

We’ve teamed up with food and drink journalist, …

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