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Throwback Shoes of 2018

By Posted on 3 m read

It’s well known that fashion comes in cycles. In looking to the future, we inevitably end up gazing longingly at the past. Back to the Future lied to us. There are no hoverboards, and we’re dressing more like Marty McFly circa 1985 than the futuristic duds Zemeckis predicted we’d be wearing in 2015.

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Vivera 100% Plant-Based Steak Sold Out

By Posted on 2 m read

The British supermarket chain Tesco received the delivery of 40,000 plant-based steaks from Vivera, which nearly sold out in a week. As the first producer in the world to create the 100% plant-based steak, Vivera foresees high demand in other European countries as well and is currently busy increasing its production.

“We are …

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New Packaging at Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies

By Posted on 1 m read

Simple Simon’s Perfect Pies have swapped the plastic wrap on their pies for recyclable cardboard boxes, which complement the pies’ distinctive shape. All options, including meat, fish, vegetarian and vegan are available for £4.95 each and can be ordered online or from selected retailers.

The pies can be bought individually, as slices or …

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No Dough Pizza Available in Supermarkets Nationwide

By Posted on 2 m read

No Dough Pizza Co. has launched the perfect balance between delicious and healthy with its cauliflower-based, gluten-free pizza, available in Sainsbury’s, ASDA and Co-op stored all over the country. Moreover, this is also the first cauliflower-based pizza that can be eaten by hand, with no need for a knife and fork.

No Dough …

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Tesco Supports Veg Power Campaign

By Posted on 2 m read

The Veg Power crowdfunding campaign launched by the Food Foundation is supported by Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Birds Eye, together with the NFU and AHDB. The campaign aims to raise £100,000, which will be used as a generic vegetable advertising fund with the goal of increasing veg consumption across the UK.

“Creating healthier habits …

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Merchant Gourmet Counter at Waitrose Salisbury

Waitrose will be housing Merchant Gourmet, the market-leading healthy pulses, grains, seeds and nuts brand, in Salisbury, to bring shoppers an exclusive healthy eating pop-up counter. The Waitrose Grain & Graze counter will be open for shoppers to visit Monday to Saturday from 7.30am to 7pm, and 9am to 4pm every Sunday.

“We …

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