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Tips For Choosing A Double Vanity Unit

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

As easy as it might sound, many would split into the advantages and disadvantages of either, when it comes to the use of a double vanity unit in their bathroom. Having a double vanity unit, doubling up on storage space is always an advantage, freeing up a lot of wasted space in a …

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Tasteful Kitchen Essentials to Brighten up Your Life

Avatar By Posted on 5 m read

The kitchen is the heart of every household. Full of sumptuous smells, delicious food and meals with friends, it’s where the magic happens. 


A nice kitchen doesn’t just appeal to some of the senses, but all of them. This means having a stylish, beautiful kitchen is just as important as …

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The top products you need for your home office

Avatar By Posted on 2 m read

Whether you’ve recently set up a new business or are considering permanently moving your office space to your home, the right products can help boost productivity. It’s true that working from home can be a challenge at first. And although there are plenty of good ways to help you make working from home easier …

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London’s Influential Role in the World of Hairstylists and Fashion

Avatar By Posted on 4 m read

What do Icons like Twiggy, Kate Moss, Alexander Mcqueen, Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood all have in common? The answer: Salon city, aka London! Each and everyone one of the names previously listed have completely reshaped the fashion and hairstyle industry in their own way, and therefore, completely reshaped the human experience to be as we …

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Virginia’s Most-Awarded Whisky Announces UK Launch

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

Catoctin Creek Distilling Company has announced January 2021 as the UK launch for Roundstone Rye; Virginia’s most-awarded whisky receiving over one hundred awards and accolades.

In Loudoun County, in the north of Virginia, lush plains and meandering rivers work their way down rolling hills from snow-peaked mountains to Purcellville where Catoctin Creek Distilling …

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Taking Back Fashion For Yourself

Avatar By Posted on 5 m read

Fashion is often so hard to define and give advice for, because what works for one person won’t work for another. Of course, there are certain important standards that should be fulfilled. Wearing fitting clothing (or oversized clothing intentionally) is quite important. Keeping your clothes in good condition is also important.

There are …

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