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Espresso Martini Named UK’s Favourite Cocktail

Classic cocktails are so much more than just a simple blend of spirit, mixer and ice. When you begin to explore the origins and history of the world’s best loved blends, some fascinating stories and traditions emerge from the birth of Margarita in the 1930s to the creation of Aperol Spritz in ‘20s Italy.

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How to Arrange an at-Home Wine Tasting: Tips from the Experts

Calling on the expertise of four wine specialists, including Dean Spencer, Chris Walkey, Douglas Blyde and Neil Crammies, our in-depth guide to arranging an at-home wine tasting gives people the help and insight they need to host a successful tasting – either in person or via video chat. We’ve covered the basics of how to …

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How To Use A Flower Vape To Get The Most Out Of It

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 4 m read

If you want to experience the full effects of your favorite herbs, without necessarily smoking it, vaping is a great alternative. The vaping technology uses special heating elements that produce vapor so you can get the most of your CBD flowers. So, how do you use a flower vape or herb vaporizer to get the …

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Avatar By Posted on 3 m read


London, Friday 3 April: Some of the best known household brands have today launched a campaign calling on shoppers to do the right thing during the Covid-19 crisis.

With retailers under exceptional pressure, brand owners are using their collective might to urge consumers to stay home and stay …

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Vegan and Vegetarian Vitamin Enquiries Rise 6.9% YoY

Vegan and vegetarianism have become increasingly popular in the last few years, with more and more retailers and eateries now offering plant-based options for those opting to cut down on or totally restrict animal products from their diet.

Previous studies on the opinions of British consumers suggest concerns that those maintaining a vegan …

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5 things you need to know about TAG Heuer

Avatar By Posted on 4 m read

Swiss watches are some of the most sought-after brands in the world, no other country has a reputation for manufacturing luxury watches. And true to its reputation, TAG Heuer doesn’t disappoint. TAG Heuer is a Switzerland based company that specializes in watches and fashion accessories, eyewear, and mobile phones. All these are, however, …

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