Our Authors

Dan Stephens | Editor

The longest standing journalist on the team, Dan has been writing for FEAST Magazine for a number of years, with an expert understanding of the issues and challenges presently being faced in the food and hospitality industries, brings to the table an unrivaled understanding and clarity. Maintaining a highly specialised interest in hospitality (corporate and consumer) and the various aesthetic, food and service combinations which support the success of the sector, Dan has an expert-level understanding of the various components that allow one venue to prosper above.

Nikki McMath | Magazine Manager

As a member of the launch team for FEAST Magazine, Nikki’s name is known across the food and drink sector. Seeing catering and corporate hospitality as key areas of particular interest, Nikki is always keen to ensure that British food and hospitality remains competitive and innovative on an international scale – after all, our reputation for quality, British food and fine hospitality is what keeps the nation’s tourism sector remaining healthy. Nikki handles the majority of the sponsored and advertorial content, pushing the envelope of businesses looking to use FEAST Magazine as a mode of communication for their marketing agenda. With a profound understanding of how manufacturing and engineering professionals can best put the right foot forward, Nikki is able to support, and guide the marketing agenda of businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Ciaran Jarosz | Contributing Editor

As Editor of the magazine and online, Ciaran heads up the editorial department for FEAST Magazine. Having worked with clients from just about every sub sector in the industry thus far, Ciaran has a broad knowledge of industry dealings, regulation and patterns. With FEAST Magazine, Ciaran focuses on the import and export markets, highlighting the importance of balancing British-grown produce with that of exotic produce and ingredients from abroad. Tying in with this, Ciaran also deals with many of the UK’s leading wholesalers and supermarkets to see how, they too, maintain diversity on the shelves and adapt to consumer demand. Then moving away from the food sector, Ciaran also deals with textiles, fashion, retail and consumer technology, focusing on the big names in the industry and the products which they are bringing along with them.

Daryl Crowther | Journalist

As a journalist for FEAST Magazine Daryl covers a broad range of subjects. Daryl has written for various publications – both consumer and trade – over the past decade and is highly regarded within the industry. Particularly interested in all aspects of fashion, software and emerging trends, Daryl is the lifeblood behind the more “youthful” approach to FEAST Magazine. Bringing a very vibrant feel to the publication, Daryl’s energy and flamboyant style brings a lot of emerging trends and industry ideals to the fore through FEAST Magazine; a true pioneer.

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