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“Joeone” was the only designated menswear brand at the official dinner of Cannes Film Festival

Avatar By Posted on 2 m read

In recent days, the Cannes Film Festival has gradually drew to a close. During the entire event, Chinese films and Chinese filmmakers became an integral part of the Cannes Film Festival. In the main competition units, the Chinese film “Wild Goose Lake” has received a lot of good comments and evaluations, and the Chinese stars …

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Neuro HALO Heat Tools


Meet the future of hairstyling: the Neuro®  Halo Touchscreen Dryer and 1″ Styling Iron.

Using art and architecture, world-renowned designer Karim Rashid created a collection of smart and stylish heat tools that will revolutionise the way we style hair. 

Create the perfect blowout …

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This Year Recycle Your Shoes with Shoe Spa

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 1 m read

Shoe Spa is a London-based ethical shoe, bag and leather items repair brand that has gone up one level to help you be environmentally friendly and save money. The brand promotes sustainability by encouraging people to restore their shoes and bags instead of throwing them away and keep buying new ones.

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The Best ‘Natural’ False Eyelashes

Cristina Diaconu By Posted on 2 m read

From crow’s feet to bags, ageing really affects our eyes. Add thinning, sparse lashes and one night out to the mix and you suddenly look a decade older.

But with so many false eyelashes on the market, which should you choose to avoid looking like a caterpillar is having a rest …

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Why a ladies Rolex is the perfect gift this Christmas

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But ladies Rolex watches come pretty close.

And if you’re looking for a luxury gift to wow the woman in your life this Christmas, they’re certainly worth the investment.

Here’s a few reasons why you should consider one:

Timeless appeal

Famed …

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A Plastic Free Future in Fashion

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

Demands of the ever increasing, environmentally conscious shopper are being heard. Known as one of the world’s worst polluting sectors – the fashion industry is changing. Embracing sustainability as a core function of new business ethics.

Just as trends change over time, the conscious of the masses also adapts and develops. Sustainability is …

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