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Three Sporting Events You Must Go To In 2021

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2020 has been a weird one for sport. While the show has gone on in many cases, since March the vast majority has been behind closed doors, with fans resorting to watching on TV rather than be on the terraces soaking up the vibrancy of live sport.

While many events have gone on, such as the Premier League and NFL, many have also been postponed, which is going to make for one heck of a 2021, so let’s just hope fans will be able to enjoy them.

With us all craving our sporting fixes currently, we’ve run down the three sporting events which will be the hottest in town if fans are given the go-ahead to enter and watch…

Euro 2020

Euro 2020, or perhaps now Euro 2021 was one of the most highly anticipated sports fixtures on the calendar, with it set to be one of the tensest yet.

The bookmakers have been unable to decide who is the favourite for this one, with currently highlighting that most bookies are pricing England as the number one contender.

However, there is plenty of money going on in France, Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands too. Which means only one thing – a cracking tournament. It’s so close to call and from now until the tournament, the markets are going to be continually shifting.

England will have the home advantage for large parts, which is perhaps swaying the odds, with a large portion of games being played at Wembley, including the Semi Finals and Final.

Games will also be played in 11 other countries too though, which gives fans plenty of options to travel and enjoy it following a year of restrictions. It’s a tournament that if you are a football fan should be soaked up as it’s going to be a real celebration of not just the sport, but the ability to enjoy it as it should be once again.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is also another major sporting event which has been delayed by a year, but Tokyo is ready and waiting for that flame to be lit. It’s a chance to see some of the superstars of sport in the biggest event on earth, and the Olympic Committee and Tokyo will be doing all they can to ensure the Games go ahead with fans.

The IOC have ruled out hosting the Games behind closed doors, so if it doesn’t go ahead next year you get the impression it would be delayed once again. August is of course a long way off and it is hoped that there will be plenty of precautions and systems in place to ensure the Games go ahead as planned.

Among the big names to watch for Brits will be Dina Asher-Smith alongside the Brownlee Brothers who will be looking to dominate in what will likely be their last Games, or certainly in the case of Alistair will be.

Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua

For boxing fans, the pandemic will be even more of a frustration as it’s potentially put back what could be one of the biggest heavyweight fights in decades – Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua.

While it would make for the perfect night out in Las Vegas, Eddie Hearn has been keen to suggest that the fight will take place on home soil, with Wembley Stadium the likely venue.

It’s a rivalry that has been brewing for years now, and with both fighters holding the belts, it’s one we all want to see in 2021, and there is no better place to be than ringside. There’s very little known as to when the fight will actually happen, but it seems that Fury will fight before the end of the year, with a potential third fight with Deontay Wilder before taking on AJ.

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Why is Bitcoin Better than Conventional Currency?

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

What comes to your mind when you hear the world of digital currency? Probably, you associate it with bitcoin, which is the top cryptocurrency for many years already.

Similar to other digital currencies, bitcoin is the go-to medium for conducting cash-less transactions.

Now, what makes it better from conventional and other modern currencies? In this article, we will know a few reasons why you should shift to bitcoin today.

Decentralized and Digital

In banks, we exchange value with intermediaries. In bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we get the liberty to get the process done without the control from banks and other government and private institutions. Over time, this translates to greater control of your funds.

The fees, on the other hand, are lower than you have ever expected. So, you can enjoy convenient transactions while cutting down unnecessary expenses.

The process is another thing you would love. Compared to conventional currency, transactions are faster, cheaper, and more immutable. When it comes to security, it is on a different level. If you’re searching for a safer currency, bitcoin might be a bright and worth-it idea.

Online Shopping with the Highest Level of Comfort

Aside from cheaper and more secure transactions, bitcoin has transformed online shopping into what we enjoy nowadays. Similar to an e-wallet, bitcoin allows blockchain technology to store, track, and even spend digital money.

Who doesn’t want to buy their favorite clothing item and devices online? Of course, everyone loves that, and bitcoin can do the trick. Say bye to the hassles whenever you shop over the internet. With bitcoin, your shopping experience will be different, fun, and seamless.

Less Volatile

Since 2008, bitcoin has proved to be less volatile than cash. For this reason, the conduct of transactions across different boundaries is easy. You can even do it online.

But bitcoin has other risks you should weigh in mind. So, it is important to be careful as well.

Tracking Purposes

Developed with blockchain technology, bitcoin is capable of tracking transactions of any size.

Thousands of computers and devices in a distributed network utilize cryptographic techniques. This is intended to create a public record of any bitcoin transaction that takes place.

Aside from payment tracking, this permanent record will be a valuable tool for other purposes in the future.

When it comes to cash, there’s no definite and real way to track transactions. While there are existing tools you can use along the way, the tracking process will be difficult.

A Perfect Tool for Investment

Did you know that bitcoin can be used across all corners of the globe without going thru any conversion process?

When compared to Gold, the digital cryptocurrency is at par. Unlike cash, bitcoin is more incredible.

Aside from that, bitcoin provides an open market. What else? There are no restrictions imposed by governments, banks, and other institutions.

It is Peer-to-Peer

More than exchanging value online without an intermediary, bitcoin gives its valued and repeat users full access to their balance. It is usually in the form of a password, which is called a private key.

This means bitcoin is secure, open, and private at the same time.

Whether you need to check the balance of your account or check other important information, the cryptocurrency can turn your goals into a reality.

But you will find it hard to use at first. After navigating bitcoin for days and months, you would find it user-friendly.

The Risk of Duplication is Lower than Expected

Cash can be duplicated. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is an exception. In fact, duplicating bitcoin is not possible.

Bottom Line

Since you already knew the advantage of bitcoin, what are you waiting for? Look for a platform to start trading, and Use Bitcoin for Transactions which is the most popular and the best currency you can depend on and trust. Feel free to visit the site for further details!

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Bitcoin Trading Guide

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

Statistics show millions of bitcoin traders are active since 2019, and this number is expected to skyrocket this 2020 and beyond.

Generally, bitcoin trading provides new and seasoned traders the freedom to pay, transparency of information, control, security, low fees, and low risks. No wonder people turned to bitcoin trading.

If you’re planning to engage in bitcoin trading but don’t know how to get started, this article got you covered. Keep reading for more information!

What is Bitcoin Trading?

Many folks are quite confused between bitcoin trading and investing. But they are different.

Bitcoin trading is the process of buying coins at a low price. Then, traders sell it at a high rate. More particularly, bitcoin traders try to predict and examine price movements. They devote their time to studying the industry to enjoy high yields and minimize risks.

What seasoned traders use to examine bitcoin’s price are technical analysis and fundamental analysis. You can also utilize the same methods. But remember that successful trading requires a lot of effort, money, and time. So, a higher return on investment won’t happen overnight. It is a long process, and you really have to be patient.

How to Trade Bitcoins?

Trading bitcoins for first-timer can be a headache. But knowing how to trade bitcoins can be a lifesaver. Some tips and tricks are listed below:

Open an Account

While there are many factors to weigh in mind when trading, it is important to open an account on a reliable bitcoin exchange. Although it is tempting to trade in something cheap, be sure to work with a trusted and reputable service provider.

Verify your Identity

New traders are afraid to disclose any personal information when trading bitcoin. If you are one of them, don’t feel that way. You don’t need to panic when you are working with a safe and credible platform. When asked to verify your identity, provide all the necessary details to avoid delays and other problems.

Make your First Deposit

How much money do you need to deposit? Well, it depends on the platform of your choice. Once you know the total amount of your first deposit, transfer it to your account and start trading as soon as possible.

Open your First Position

Once you have deposited enough amount of money to your account, it’s time to open your first position. How to make it a reality? All you have to do is to buy or short sell. But study the market and make any trading decisions with confidence and conviction.

Some Trading Methods

Have you been trading bitcoins without a great ROI? If yes, use effective trading methods to unleash your full potential and maximize your success.

Day Trading

Day trading is the most common technique you may try. But how does day trading work? Well, it involves conducting a variety of trades every day. Your goal here is simple. You try to profit from any short-term price movements.

Day traders usually devote their time in front of computer screens. Then, they close all trades at the end of the day. If you don’t have a hectic schedule, day trading will be your best bet.


Scalping has become popular lately. But what makes it different from day trading? Well, this method allows you to make substantial profits on a small price change.

Commonly referred to as picking up a penny in front of a steamroller, scalping focuses on short-term trading. Also, it is based on the idea that achieving repeated small profits limits potential risks and opens opportunities for traders.

Studies indicate that scalpers make hundreds of trades every day. Yes, it is hard. But the efforts will be worth it.

Bottom Line

Now you’re aware of what is bitcoin trading and some useful methods, what’s next? Take the first step of trading bitcoins at bitcoinevolution.

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How you can get job in Hotel? Requirement designed by Graham Shear

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The hotel industry is one of the oldest in history and, without a doubt, one of the future powers.

Currently, tourism and hospitality is the sector that is growing the most. Thus, do not be left behind and know all the opportunities offered by one of its largest divisions, the hotel industry.

One of the greatest advantages of working in the hotel industry is the diversity of jobs you can find in a hotel or resort.

Likewise, the diversity of clients with whom it comes into contact, from different countries, allows working in a multicultural environment.

So open yourself to the world and know everything there is to know to work in a great hotel & resort.

Everything will depend on the size of the hotel and its needs. However, many jobs are repeated in all of them.

Some of the jobs suggested by Graham Shear that you can occupy in a hotel complex are the following:

  • Receptionist.
  • Housekeeper.
  • Buttons.
  • Cleaner.
  • Maintenance.
  • Lifeguard.
  • Photographer.
  • Guide.
  • Chef.
  • Waiter.
  • Designer.
  • Massage therapist.
  • Security.
  • Governess.


Requirements to work in a hotel:

The requirements to work in a hotel will vary depending on the job offer to apply for and the company where you want to work.

However, several fundamental requirements are met when working in a hotel.

Some of these requirements, which particularly set by Graham shear, are


The minimum age to be able to work in any hotel or resort is 18 years old. In being between 16 and 18 years old, young people will need authorization from their parents or guardians.

In this case, they will not perform night work or perform more than 8 hours of work a day, among other obligations.


Professionals who wish to work in a hotel or resort should be positive people, with communication and problem-solving skills.

Especially when it comes to the public-facing profession, they will also have to be able to adapt to different work shifts, so they will have to be flexible with schedules.


Due to the high competitiveness of the labor market, training adapted to the job will be a plus to get a job in a hotel or resort.

Also, depending on the position and degree of responsibility, it will be necessary to obtain a university degree. We recommend that you take a look at the courses adapted to work in a hotel.


At least you must master three languages, although the more, the better. Depending on the hotel’s location, you will have to know perfectly the local language, English as an international language, and another depending on the origin of the regular customers.

If the hotel or resort is located in Germany, Malaysia, etc., the most common French, German, Mandarin Chinese, and Russian options. But always prefer the English language to deal with customers.


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The largest growing trends of 2020.

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Nowadays, almost everyone has access to go online. The internet has become the most visited place on earth, and it’s accessible from all around the globe. Due to the massive use of the internet worldwide, humans became interconnected on a new, unforeseen level.

Thanks to the internet we can communicate with anyone we want, no matter where they are, no matter the time. We can also upload posts, photos, or videos, which can be seen by a group of people of our choice or on our friends list, or even by the whole world simultaneously.

Sometimes a very large group of people tend to find something intriguing all at the same time, whether it’s posting a video doing some sort of activity, even something silly, the use of a new software/ website, a cool new game release, or a new hit song. All these can become trends. A trend is where thousands, millions, or even billions of people show online interest in one of the above mentioned examples. We’ve all heard of the ice bucket challenge, haven’t we?

In 2020, trends have grown massively over the past 10 years, some of which are really interesting, while others make you question how humankind made it so far in history and made it to the top of the food chain. Here’s some of the biggest upcoming trends of 2020;

Trend no.1- Green Pressure

Going green is a movement that has been going on for quite some time now. The economy has reached a level of pollution where the world is at the brink of a world-wide natural disaster. The doomsday clock says we’re just 58 seconds to midnight. This surely puts consumers, and producers on their toes, and now everyone is doing their part in creating a greener, more eco-friendly environment. In 2020, the pressure for this increased, changing eco-status to eco-shame, meaning people are becoming a lot more strict with companies and other people who do not consider whether what they’re doing is affecting the environment around them positively or negatively.

Trend no.2- Online Casinos/ Online Betting companies

Thousands of online casinos and sports betting companies are currently taking the internet world by storm, day by day these online casinos become larger, more popular and richer than ever before. The convenience of online casinos makes them so popular, given that you can play from anywhere in the world, whenever you want, even from your own home, given that you have a smartphone or computer with internet access, but who doesn’t these days? We’ve all tried it out at least at some point in our lives, given that it’s so easily accessible, plus they also give you big welcome bonuses! Unibet reviews shows you all you need to know, and more about online casinos.

Trend no.3- TikTok

TikTok is the next big social media platform which is taking the world by storm. Anyone who uses social media, knows about TikTok, and uses it. The special thing about this platform, is you can record videos with pre recorded overlapping audio files with either trending songs or voice recordings. People either record themselves dancing to the song or mimicking what’s heard in the recording. Reading about it makes you think, why would it become so popular? You’d need to see it with your own eyes to realise how entertaining it really is.

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Worthily Films and Mental Health of Men: Creating Conversations

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A report from the Mental Health Foundation, in the UK, 10 in 30 men deal with suicidal thoughts due to feeling stressed. In comparison to Women, Men deaths ratio is probably high due to suicides as claimed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The studies of the Mental Health Foundation revealed that in minority communities such as men from BAME and gay men, the rates of suicides are much greater.

The short film by the Independent Film Production Company, Worthily Films, Chelsea Leigh Macleod and Steve Dodsworth is “Waiting for Time”. The story of this film is written by Paul Chronnell and is directed by The Bashford Twins. After lockdown in the UK, it is likely to be the first film production. The theme of this film is to highlight the Mental Health of Men, with subject resonating with many and more specifically to those who live in isolation for several months.

David Sessions Discussion:

David Sessions, a behind the scenes photographer, discussed below the factors that attracted him towards the “Waiting for Time” film.

I sense very well for stories that concern in mental health. I consider myself to be underlying because I was grown up in a culture of South Africa that used to be traditional. As I am a gay man, so in a society that is has dated insights of a modern world in a few ways, I felt difficult while living in there. The theme of the film based on mental health surely is powerful. The leading character, performed by Ariyon Bakare as Heath, is unable to show himself completely and same is the feeling that was related to me before.

He further added that “the story possesses a powerful message and it is the reason I participated in the project. It presents the compulsion to express your sincerity and feelings as denied to pour them up inside”.

Reasons for Direction by Bashford Twins:

Several reasons forced The Bashford Twins to direct this short film, but the essential reason is that it is related to the Mental Health of Men.

Bashford Twins said that “We read the film’s script some years before and the concept was lovable. The film was dealing with the mental health of men and the efforts Heath works over, which was the prominent reason that we direct the story. The media has several stories in which the suicide ratio of men has grown dramatically and to help the needy; it necessitates to be spoken about more frequently.

Some other important issues, related to men’s mental health during the lockdown, were also the emotional themes of the story, “Waiting for Time.” The story more specifically includes the mental health of black men. The directors, Bashford Twins, stated that everyone in the industry should be given a chance, irrespective of the race and gender.

Worthily Films desired to produce something with several themes and complications, along with creating important conversations. Our motive was not to produce a film regarding suicide. We were trying to deliver a message of hope and let everyone know of life’s importance.

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Worthily Films are moving into a positive festival run

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After being probably one of the first short films in production in the UK post lockdown.

It’s a weekend before filming, Friday the 12th/ June/ 2020 and  Worthily Films, founded by Steve Dodsworth and Chelsea Leigh Macleod, hosted a Zoom crew call with the team. Each square on our computer, each person on the call, a carefully selected team member, creative minds that we knew had the same goal: to make something remarkable, despite the challenges.

In this article we discuss 5 points that could help you with your post lockdown film:

  1. Research.

Worthily Films spent a lot of time researching, keeping current with all the government regulations. During these unprecedented times we knew that circumstances could change from one day to the next. We gathered a large variety of guidelines, materials and reports. The British Film Commission guidelines were the most comprehensive, so we agreed to use them as the basis for our Waiting For Time filming protocols.

  1. Preparation.

Worthily Films invested in an enormous amount of PPE for example facemasks, hand sanitizers, antiviral sprays and wipes, disposable cups, face shields, gloves et cetera .  This allowed us to adhere to the social-distancing guidelines outlined by the British Film Commission. Worthily Films took all precautions necessary to safeguard the cast and crew.

‘But everything was so well organised (PPE, hand-wash, friendly social distancing) that very soon I forgot we were filming in the middle of a pandemic.’ Paul Chronnell

  1. Communication

 A crew call prior to filming was mandatory, Worthily Films shared a presentation where we outlined all the safety protocols that we had implemented. Comfortability and caution were vital components on set. We wanted people to feel relaxed enough to work effectively whilst still enforcing all the guidelines and asking everyone to comply with the protocols.

  1. On-set etiquette.

Locations were scouted with social distancing in mind. Worthily Films secured locations that had good air flow and enough space to have designated areas for each department.  Depending on your set, aim to have a larger location with multiple rooms as this will help you to respect the social distancing  protocols.  Ventilation is crucial- open windows and doors if feasible.  Stagger breaks as it will create minimal contact and reduce risk of infection.

 ‘… the teamwork was evident.’ Kevin Glynn

  1. Subsequent actions.


Worthily Films checked in on the crew post shooting. Follow up with your team to make sure that no symptoms developed after your shoot. Share information on testing,  in the case that anyone started to show symptoms. Be sure to continue checking in with everyone until the incubation stage is complete (est. 14 days at most)


‘… even after wrapping, making sure to check in and let us know how we can get checked in case any of us started experiencing symptoms.’   Katie Lynch


Worthily Films are dedicated to providing safe working environments for cast and crew. Should you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our website or social media sites and we’d be happy to help.











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Mobile Betting Apps for Travellers

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For travellers, when they go away from home for a period, taking home comforts is something they love to do.

Many people love to watch sport and place bets, and thanks to mobile betting apps you can take your sports betting with you and find sporting events to watch locally as you tour cities around the UK.

Depending on the country you are from, you may need to download an app and use it when you get there, or you may already have one.

Sports betting is a very popular pastime for many people and with year-round sporting action taking place, a betting app will ensure you don’t miss a thing.

If you are looking to use a mobile betting app while you are travelling, then here are some key features you should be looking out for.

Full Account Control

If you are going to be away from home for a long period of time then you will need your betting app to offer full control of your account, so you need nothing other than your phone and the app.

This means having the ability to deposit funds, withdraw if you win and also contact the customer service team if you need any help and advice. The best mobile apps will offer you this but not all, so make sure you look at these while you are at home to see what your current app offers.

Armed with one of these apps, you will be able to use betting sign up offers from this list to get you started in the best possible way.

If you have an app that offers you the ability to do everything listed above, then you are good to go on your travels with it.

Results Service

While you are away from home, you may not be able to get any sporting results in the same way as you normally would.

This is where a results service from your bookmaker will become very valuable to you. This may be something you already have, but you have no need to use it at home. While away, things are completely different and this type of service can be a real help.

Look at your betting app and see what you have available, some can show the latest score at the side of your current bets so you can track how they are doing.

Others will have a results page for everything and you can just select the sport and league you want to see the results for.

From football to the latest action from the PGA Golf Tour, you should be able to get results via your bookmaker.

Simple & Easy to Use

When you are looking for a betting app to use in any situation, you want them to be simple and easy to use. However, this has added importance when you are travelling.

If you are exploring then you don’t want to spend too long placing any bets, so the speed of an app will help you get out and about quickly, rather than spending your time placing bets.

Secondly, you are likely to be in situations where you don’t have much time more so than when you are at home. If you only have a few minutes, a fast app could be the difference between placing a bet and not having time to.

We would all love a betting app that offered a simple layout that was easy to use and one that was also very fast. This is even more important for those travelling, so look out for this when you are choosing which app to use for your betting.

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How to be a Successful Football Gambler

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Each day around the world, gamblers place bets on football in the hope of landing a big win. Football is the largest betting sport we have, and the starting point for many newcomers to gambling.

But how do you turn yourself from being a rookie into a successful football gambler? That is not easy, but there are simple rules to abide by which will set you apart from many other punters.

You don’t have to be a professional punter to use these rules either. Many people bet for fun and as a hobby, but even if you fall into this category, you are still hoping to win money and not lose all the time.

Here are three simple rules to follow which will give you more chance of winning when you place your football bets.

Take Advantage of Everything the Bookmakers Give You

With so many bookmakers available to use, almost every one of them has to put offers in place to tempt people to sign up and bet with them.

Some of these may seem a little too good to be true, but they aren’t and they can be used while placing football bets.

The key thing to remember here is that every time you place a bet that is a free bet or with bonus funds, you are giving yourself a free chance to win some money.

Other offers to look out for include money back offers, again these offer you a free chance to win money and build your profit. When you use betting reviews websites like the bookies offers, you can find all types of bonuses and choose the best one for you.

From big sign up offers to regular acca offers and enhanced odds, there is always something out there for football punters to use to their advantage.

Play the Long Game

Betting is not something you should view each day or week you bet. It is a long game and you should look at your profit and loss over the course of a season or maybe even more.

This will prevent you from making poor decisions and placing bets to try and make your weekend a winning one.

For example, if you have lost on Saturday and you see a lot of Serie A games on Sunday, you don’t want to be betting on them to try and win back Saturday’s losses.

With many new companies becoming involved in broadcasting football, there will always be more games for you to bet on and watch.

Something else to think about is your stakes and how adventurous your bets are. You shouldn’t be looking for one big win to pay for the season. Aim for smaller wins and build up a betting bank.

This means smaller stakes, less risk on your bets and a steady curve in your profit rather than one big win to pay for everything you bet on during the season.

Know Your Strength

Football betting is the same regardless of the league you bet on. However, the size of the football betting section on a bookmaker’s website is so big that no one can be an expert on everything.

This is where you should follow your knowledge and stick to betting on the leagues that you have the best knowledge of.

If you watch the English Premier League each week then bet on that league, don’t take wild punts in Portugal when you have very limited knowledge.

By resisting the temptation to bet elsewhere and stick to what you know, you greatly improve your chances of winning.

We all have our favourite leagues that we know intimately, and it is this kind of knowledge you need to be a successful football gambler. Use that to your advantage and bet on those leagues only.

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5 things you need to know about TAG Heuer

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Swiss watches are some of the most sought-after brands in the world, no other country has a reputation for manufacturing luxury watches. And true to its reputation, TAG Heuer doesn’t disappoint. TAG Heuer is a Switzerland based company that specializes in watches and fashion accessories, eyewear, and mobile phones. All these are, however, produced under license by other companies, but sell using the TAG Heuer brand name. If you are looking to buy one, have a look at watches by TAG Heuer at Chronext.

With exceptional watchmaking, TAG Heuer is a brand you can never go wrong with. Here are a few things you need to know about them:

  1. The history of TAG Heuer;
  • The company was founded in 1860 by Edouard Heuer as Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG. This was later merged with TAG Group and it retained the majority shares in the company, hence forming TAG Heuer which is the brand name ever since.
  • The brand name TAG Heuer came to be as a result of the combination of the initials TAG (Techniques dÁvant Garde) and the founder Heuer’s name. The company started specializing in designing watches for the 21st century and they have never looked back ever since.
  • The company has a slogan ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’; this slogan epitomes the determination the company has put in what they do; produce quality watches.
  1. TAG Heuer Sponsorships;
  • TAG Heuer was the official timekeeper of the three Summer Olympic games that were held in the 1920’s, the Skiing World Championships and the Formula One World Championships.
  • TAG Heuer is also the official timekeeper aka sponsor of La Liga, Bundesliga, and Premier League among other major soccer leagues.
  • TAG Heuer has built a special relationship in the motorsport and as a result, the best drivers, teams and championships get to have TAG Heuer as their official timekeeper and watch sponsors.
  • Among other organizations, TAG Heuer is a sponsor of Manchester United football club, as their official timekeeper and global watch partner.
  • TAG Heuer is also a partner in the French Professional Football League (LFP) as the official timekeeper; this partnership is bound to continue until the year 2021.
  • This brand also has sponsorship duties and official timekeeping in the Indy 500, Red Bull racing and the Chicago and New York City marathons.
  • TAG Heuer also sponsored the Porsche’s Formula E Electric Racing Team in the 2019/2020 ABB FIA Formula E championship, while also being a major sponsor of the championship.
  1. The Brand Collections;
  • TAG Heuer Carrera

This collection of the TAG Heuer is a sports watch that was inspired by the famous Carrera Pan-American auto race. Its chronograph was designed with professional drivers of motor racing sport in mind. This collection comes in both automatic and quartz models.

  • TAG Heuer Autavia

This is the oldest TAG Heuer collection and is also the most high-performing innovation; the models are available with an automatic movement.

  • TAG Heuer Aquaracer

The Aquaracer is water resistant up to 300 meters, it’s available in automatic and quartz and is a durable sports watch that fits for all lifestyles.

  • TAG Heuer Formula 1

This is an everyday watch which is made possible by its beautiful and wearable materials. It is equipped with more advanced technology and an elegant look to fit any lifestyle.

  • TAG Heuer Monaco

This model was launched in 1969 and changed the face of Heuer watches with its beautiful features like the scratch resistant sapphire and its right-angled cut edges and corners. It comes with both quartz and automatic chronograph model.

  • TAG Heuer Link

This design started as a bracelet and has a very feminine edge made possible by the shimmering diamond bezel and the pearly look. It comes in both quartz and automatic models.

  1. TAG Heuer quality definitions
  • The TAG Heuer watch brand is made in Switzerland and is both classy and luxurious. This is made possible by the innovations and quality aspects affiliated to this brand.
  • The slogan ‘Don’t break under pressure’ makes the manufacturers keen to detail to ensure that customers are not disappointed. They do this by running quality testing measures to ensure the end product is a reliable, high quality watch.
  • TAG Heuer uses a combination of manual techniques and cutting-edge technology in their production and has a watch making training school. This makes their products very unique masterpieces by their own right.
  • The company also invests a lot on their brand promoters by using high profile celebrities who have used the brands on their day to day activities. These personalities promote a product they are conversant with in their day to day livelihoods which provides assurance about the quality of the product leaving little room for doubt.
  • TAG Heuer has operations in over fifty countries worldwide; a good reminder that this is indeed a global brand.
  1. TAG Heuer and Sports
  • TAG Heuer specializes on watches but also goes the extra mile to oversee the manufacture of protective eyeglasses ideal for water sports and other outdoor sporting activities.
  • For the records, TAG Heuer has undergone major achievements on sports and has sponsored the world’s greatest sporting events. They have also gone a step further in supporting future sporting personalities.
  • TAG Heuer watchhes have been made to support any sport with its impact and water resistance characteristics not forgetting the scratch resistance characteristics.
  • The slogan ‘don’t crack under pressure” can be taken as a form of motivation as it’s telling you to keep going despite how hard something may get. Additionally, it’s also true in a literal sense since they produce such sturdy watches.

We hope you enjoyed this quick analysis about TAG Heuer.

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