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How HBOT can help in wound healing? Find out

By Posted on 2 m read

If the necessity category had to have named the top thing in this world in this world surely before money it’ll be oxygen. Money is almost everything but survival is oxygen. People don’t need a reminder that oxygen is necessary for life, but did you know that oxygen’s role in your body doesn’t end with your lungs?

A hyperbaric chamber that is used in hyperbaric oxygen treatment can do wonders when it comes to healing in terms of oxygen.

On a daily basis, the oxygen you breathe isn’t always enough to promote deep healing. So, how can you provide concentrated oxygen to your cells and tissues in order to heal your injuries and improve your health?

The answer is hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). The power of compressed oxygen is used in this safe and natural alternative therapy to renew and regenerate your body’s internal healing system.

  • Importance of oxygen for proper wound healing:

As the key functioning involved in wound healing are quite dependent on oxygen, it stands to reason that boosting oxygen levels in the body would aid wound healing.

There’s not even one reason that some parts of the body start to suffer from a lack of oxygen.

Many conditions, such as radiation therapy, heart disease,  and tissue inflammation, can reduce the flow of oxygen to the blood and cells.

Oxygen demand may also increase in response to the body’s needs, eventually outpacing oxygen supply. Consider it akin to the body’s oxygen economics.

Under normal circumstances, oxygen can only pass through red blood cells and into the bloodstream. Important tissues are deprived of oxygen when red blood cells are too few or can’t circulate adequately. If you see such conditions it is important to start your search for a hyperbaric chamber near me.

Without enough oxygen, cells cannot create the energy required for bacterial defense, collagen production, regeneration, or other necessary reparative actions. Instead, the mending process slows down until it completely stops. Simply inhaling oxygen isn’t enough; the body needs concentrated oxygen flow to overcome its inadequacies.

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment treats oxygen deficiency in the body by releasing concentrated and compressed oxygen through a specific hyperbaric chamber. Rather than just applying a salve or ointment topically to treat an injury, HBOT infuses the entire body with oxygen, allowing it to permeate all parts of the body, including those where circulation has been compromised or obstructed.

Hyperbaric wound care enhances and supports the body’s natural healing abilities, which is an important benefit. When white blood cells get enough oxygen, they can effectively destroy bacteria, minimize swelling, and help new blood vessels to grow quickly. HBOT can even help cells grow new connective tissue and improve organ performance.

Especially in today’s time when major parts of the world is suffering from the pandemic, people should always keep a check on their oxygen level and functioning of the body.

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How to view thousands of watercolours for free

By Posted on 3 m read

Art is our shared cultural heritage, and it is something we must protect at all costs to unite us, guide us, and help us grow as a society.

Before photographs, there was only artwork to capture the world as it was, and watercolours have helped shape our knowledge and understanding of it through centuries of delicate and detailed works.

Unfortunately, these incredible and insightful watercolour works have succumbed to the hands of time, with many being lost, destroyed, or damaged beyond recognition.

Watercolours are incredibly fragile parts of our visual history, which is why the charity Watercolour World has dedicated itself to preserving thousands of watercolour artworks by digitising them and creating a comprehensive archive.

The organisation has digitised more than 80,000 original pre-20th-century watercolour works over the past five years, and will continue to do so into the future.

Art collectors, museums, and galleries are often inundated with watercolours stored away in safe, acid-free, and environmentally controlled conditions. However, now they can be preserved digitally. Each year, Watercolour World increases its growing archive with public and private collections to protect our history and records of life before photography.

Pre-1900 watercolours are prone to fading and yellowing for several reasons. Often the paper or framing materials are not acid-free, the pigments have poor lightfastness, or the watercolour has been exposed to harmful UV rays.

However, through a unique collaboration with the Fujitsu company, PFU, the organisation since 2016 has used modern, portable scanners to safely capture digital images of collections across the globe.

To ensure the original work is not damaged, LED technology is used in the scanning process so that no light or heat is emitted.

The scanner can work through glass to capture pieces that would be damaged if removed, and can still capture a crystal clear, high-resolution digital image. Once scanned, collectors can have peace of mind knowing that their watercolours will live on in the digital world.

Watercolour World’s free database allows you to search through thousands of watercolour works that have been archived from both public and private collections from around the world. This digital hub creates a space where you can explore the world from the comfort of your home using keywords, locations, or by viewing their features section.

The archive also contains a World Map page that lets you browse images according to the places they depict.

Art education should be a right, not a privilege reserved only for the wealthiest in society.

Watercolours are a vital part of not only our arts and cultural industries, but they also provide us with a unique insight into our shared world history that we should all be able to access.

Watercolours no longer have to be hidden away for their protection because new technology allows us to preserve and protect them in digital spaces. So, if you are interested in being able to access an ever-growing database containing thousands of stunning watercolours, you can visit Watercolour World’s website to experience watercolours from private as well as public collections around the world.

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How CBD Salve May Help With Pain Relief

By Posted on 4 m read

CBD has revolutionized the alternative pharmaceutical market and there have been a large number of products that have shown to help alleviate various types of conditions. CBD salve is one of them. 

CBD salve by definition is a plant-based ointment for topical use, usually a mixture of beeswax and oil as a carrier and it contains the substance cannabidiol. It contains mostly coconut oil as a carrier which helps the body and skin to better absorb the CBD.

You can use CBD salve for pain virtually anywhere on the body, from the lips to chapped hands, and aching areas, as it is anti-inflammatory. It nourishes the skin so that the affected area heals faster. In the article below, we look at how CBD salve helps with pain relief. 

Reasons to Use CBD Salve

You’re probably already aware that CBD brings plenty of health benefits. When you take CBD regularly, it relieves discomfort, anxiety, and reduces stress levels.

However, when you apply CBD salve on the body, it is mainly aimed at the skin or muscles as a remedy against pain and inflammation.

Sore Joints and Muscles

When CBD salve is applied directly to the skin, due to its localized effects, it reduces inflammation, having a pain-relieving effect on sore joints and muscles, which is encouraging for people experiencing high levels of pain in these areas.

The salve has a very beneficial effect on chronic diseases such as gout as its properties have shown to suppress inflammatory pain in patients. 

Managing Arthritis 

Arthritis is an autoimmune disease and can be extremely painful and disabling. For many people, the pain means that they have to resort to strong painkillers to have a tolerable everyday life. 

Although not conclusive, the Arthritis Foundation says that the research on CBD in treating arthritis is very promising. Applying and massaging the CBD salve to the affected area promotes blood flow and eases any tensions someone with this condition has. 

The primary benefit of CBD salve is that it helps reduce the inflammation that triggers arthritis and long-term use can dull the pain. 

Helps Skin Conditions

CBD salve has a naturally moisturizing effect and is filled with antioxidants as well as vitamins. The salve and its ingredients have a protective effect on your skin and this is one of the reasons why its popularity has skyrocketed.  

CBD salve can be used for dry skin, flare-ups caused by eczema, psoriasis and when treating wounds and atopic skin. A big advantage of this product is that it works extra well on difficult-to-heal wounds as it speeds up the healing process.

Even those who suffer from acne can benefit from the properties of the CBD salve. By applying a thin layer of salve to the skin of the face or body, the problems can slowly subside or at least be alleviated.

How Does It Work?

When the CBD salve penetrates the skin, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed and immediately begin the healing process and stimulate the cells. 

It facilitates the absorption of lipid-based oils and when applied topically, the lipids found in the oil base clear the way for the phytochemicals across the body’s skin membranes. 

It then interacts with the cells and tissues, and the CBD affects the skin’s physiological mechanisms, making it an excellent remedy targeting extensive inflammation, skin issues, and different pains. 

Using CBD Salve Properly

Applying CBD salve is no different than applying any other cream but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Start with cleaning: Before applying the CBD salve, you should wash your hands and the area where you intend to apply as you want to avoid unnecessary bacteria.
  • Use in the right area: Lubricating the whole body with CBD salve is not a good idea as this is not the purpose of the salve. Be sure to apply on the right area of ​​the body, be it face, muscles, or hands.
  • Massage properly: Just like any other cream, the CBD salve should also be massaged properly for at least 3 minutes.
  • Use the right amount: Using the right amount of CBD salve is important as you don’t need to waste it in vain. Therefore, you should follow recommendations that come with the specific salve that you purchased or plan to purchase. Just like other CBD products, you want to start with minimal dosage to feel how much CBD salve your body needs. If you do not feel any effect with the minimum dose, you can increase the dosage gradually.
  • Be patient: Repeat the process until the desired effect is achieved and follow the instructions that come with your CBD salve.

Final Thoughts

Many CBD products can help relieve pain and skin problems, but for those who have tried the CBD salve, it quickly becomes a definite favorite.

Whether you have joint and muscle pain, suffer from eczema or simply strive to get fresher and better-looking skin, CBD salve can be the perfect therapeutic ointment for your overall health.

Finding the right quality product and using proper application techniques will ensure that you see positive results for whatever pains you might be experiencing.

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Best Digital coins with Promising Future (2021)

By Posted on 3 m read

Profitability is one of the key factors that attract people to digital currencies. Take bitcoin for example. It is a purely digital currency where its total network value is greater than that of some prominent private banks, yet it is very difficult to buy using fiat money. Recently, cryptocurrencies saw an exponential growth on bitcoin exchanges. Currently, there are over 60 different digital currencies with varying features.

Let’s have a look at the digital currencies that will emerge in the next five years and what their potential is.


Owing to its decentralized structure, Bitcash has huge potential to revolutionize global financial markets. It is considered as a future cash alternative and a means of transacting real value at an unprecedented speed, flexibility, and privacy. The cryptocurrency is being developed with a team of innovative and talented individuals. Bitcash started developing in 2012, under the leadership of CoinDesk’s founder. One of its features that distinguishes it from other digital currencies is that it has friendly transaction processing fees. Users will be able to make payments and transfers with zero fees. If you want to invest in bitcoin then you can visit bitcoin code software .

Telegram Money

Telegram is a popular messaging app that has the largest user base in India, Russia, and Turkey. It is a highly affordable digital currency that works on the power of Telegram’s existing infrastructure. It uses bitcoin and is compatible with most internet browsers, smartphones, desktops, and other internet-enabled devices. One of its features that makes it different from other cryptocurrencies is that it has secure messages. Messages stored in Telegram are encrypted, which enables users to hide information from the internet and ensure that their conversations remain safe.


Dogecoin is similar to Bitcoin in that its blockchain is public and can be traced. However, it has been designed in such a way that users are allowed to keep private and anonymous chat rooms. One of the features of Dogecoin is that it offers its users the opportunity to receive and exchange bitcoins. It is considered to be one of the most popular digital currencies on social media platforms.


Ethereum has been designed to gain greater adoption and the potential to disrupt markets. Ethereum is a decentralized platform that is constantly developing, which is similar to the internet. The platform is being developed in such a way that it allows users to run advanced applications, which can improve the lives of people by providing monetary and social benefits. The blockchain has been designed as an open-source platform. This allows anyone to make modifications to its code, making it one of the safest digital currencies. The platform is managed by its internal digital currency called Ether.


Cardano is a new digital currency that aims to provide more choices and flexibility in transactions. Blockchain technology makes it possible to carry out real-time financial transactions between different users without the need of using a centralized network like bitcoin. Cardano was developed by the world’s first blockchain institute in Japan. Digital currency runs on blockchain technology and is highly optimized for financial transactions. Cardano has been designed to be independent of any centralized structure and features an independent


AdoptBitcoins is a digital currency project that aims to promote digital currency adoption among mobile phone users. It is currently being tested on Samsung Smartphones, enabling users to make purchases, purchase goods and services with digital currencies and manage their digital currency wallets.


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How To Snack Healthy At Work

By Posted on 3 m read

Whether working at home or at the office, you will need to keep your energy up throughout the day in order to be productive. This is quite a challenge since most people start out great in the morning but falter in the afternoon. You can’t do much if you feel tired and sleepy. One of the best ways to get instant energy is to consume snacks consistently between meals. Avoid sugary products that can give you an initial high only to bring you down in a crash later on. Instead, aim for a slow and steady release of energy from sunrise to sunset.

  1. Have a water bottle at your desk at all times.

A lot of people depend on sugary drinks such as fancy coffee or soda to perk themselves up. These are not ideal since they provide big energy spikes that quickly dissipate. They will also push your weight up if you are not careful about your intake. It is much better to consume snacks that consistently give small energy injections when you need them. Just wash these down with plain water to avoid the danger of over-snacking so that you can manage your weight despite the increased food consumption. Use an insulated water bottle to keep your drink hot or hold for hours. Use one with a bright color to draw your attention.

  1. Check healthy options at or near the office.

You might have been going for unhealthy snacks in the past because of convenience but there are probably healthy options around you that you have yet to explore. If you keep your eyes open, then you might begin to notice menu offerings in your office canteen or nearby convenience stores that are much better than your previous go-to snacks. Try some of these and keep them in mind. They can be great for those times when you run out of snacks on your desk. Knowing that you have better alternatives will prevent you from going back to your old unhealthy habits.

  1. Plan ahead and make your snacks on weekends.

Have a plan to tackle the full week ahead. List down the things that you might bring to the office for snacks. Include these in your shopping list and set a budget for them. You can process these during the weekends so you can just grab and go before work. Batch preparation is much better than having to prepping every morning as you can save a lot of time. For example, you can slice fruits and place them in sealed containers. You can repack some snacks into smaller portions using zip lock bags and similar packaging.

  1. Store pre-packaged healthy food in your drawers.

Although fresh snacks are great, they might not always be available. It’s good to store pre-packaged healthy food in your drawers for those times that you run out of your preferred snacks. You can find packaged granola bars, for example. Some athletes take these on their training runs and rides to get much needed energy when they are in the middle of nowhere. There’s no reason why you can’t keep a bunch of them in the office. They last for a long time so you can just leave them there for emergencies such as when you need to go on overtime.

  1. Consider bringing easy-to-eat fruits.

Fruits are the original and natural fast food. You can pick them up and munch on them without any type of preparation. They are full of fiber and other nutrients to improve your health. They taste great as well so you’ll love having them each day. You can switch between different types to give your taste buds a treat. For example, you could snack on bananas, apples, oranges, peaches, grapes, and so on. You don’t need a knife to peel their skins or slice them up. With apples, you can leave this on and grab a bite right away. Just be sure to wash them well at home.

  1. Add energy dense food to the mix.

If you don’t feel satisfied with only fruits and vegetables, then you could try adding energy-dense options to your snack list. Those that have a substantial amount of protein are even better. Peanut butter and almond butter are excellent energy sources. You can spread these on bread or fruits. You can eat them by the spoonful if you want to. You could also get roasted peanuts, almonds, or other nuts as well. You might even make tuna sandwiches at home.

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Peggy Porschen marks new Olivia Burton collection with launch of Tea Party-inspired afternoon tea

By Posted on 3 m read

Boutique cake-maker Peggy Porschen has launched a new afternoon tea menu and cupcake-making kit to mark the arrival of a special tea party-themed collection by London-based accessories brand Olivia Burton.


Visitors to its fairy-tale pink parlours in Chelsea and Belgravia can now fully immerse themselves in a Wonderland-esque world with the Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Tea Party Afternoon Tea.


The afternoon tea features pastel palettes, delicate floral features and sweet details all inspired by the Tea Party collection, and will be available throughout the summer.

Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Tea Party afternoon tea. Book online at

Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Tea Party afternoon tea. Book online at


Peggy Porschen, Founder and Creative Director of Peggy Porschen Cakes, said: “The whimsical personality of our fairy-tale Parlours provides a picture-perfect canvas to bring to life Olivia Burton’s playful Tea Party collection.  


“As so many of us seek to devote lost time to long overdue catch-ups this summer, our Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Afternoon Tea gives a much-needed dose of escapism. Our special-edition offering is a sweet treat tour de force, based on an enchanting procession of exquisite cakes, pots of tea and fabulous florals.”


Olivia Burton’s Tea Party collection draws inspiration from traditional tea set prints and dainty sweet delights.


Available in three soft colourways, the new watch designs feature pastel and ornate florals and dreamy pops of blue on the dials, with complementing strap styles. 


The collection’s biscuit-inspired jewellery pieces are finished with a sweet, heart-centred motif and delicate detailing.


Tea Party Watches from £79. Available at

Tea Party Watches from £79. Available at

Jane Hebden, Head of Creative at Olivia Burton, said: “Tea Party feels quintessentially ‘Olivia Burton’ with the floral details, pastel palettes and vintage styles. 


“But beyond this, the thought behind this collection was one of comfort and well-being.


“Tea is calming, it’s something we have turned to throughout the years when life gets overwhelming and building a collection around this concept feels very relevant right now.”

Tea Party watch and biscuit jewellery in gold.

Tea Party watch and biscuit jewellery in gold.


The Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Cupcake Kit will also be available to order from early June. Exclusively designed around the heart-centred jewellery styles, this kit has everything needed to recreate the special-edition Strawberry Jammie Dodger Cupcake under Peggy’s expert guidance.


The Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Tea Party menu is available at Peggy Porschen’s Chelsea and Belgravia Parlours from 18th May to 31st August, from £38 per person. To view the menu and book, visit


Peggy Porschen x Olivia Burton Strawberry Jammie Dodger Cupcake Kit is available to order from 7th June to 31st August. See and


Notes to Editors


About Olivia Burton


Olivia Burton is the British accessories brand founded in 2012 by best friends and ex-fashion buyers, Jemma and Lesa. At the heart of the brand is a celebration of originality and a dedication to creating styles as individual as you.

With an impressive line of innovative watch and jewellery collections, Olivia Burton blends contemporary and vintage styles to create truly timeless and covetable accessories. 

Designs are dreamed up at the brand’s pretty East London studio, where its small Design team work together to draw inspiration from vintage styles, fashion trends and all things nature. With unparalleled attention to detail, creativity and a hands-on approach Olivia Burton creates feminine and unique accessories you simply won’t find anywhere else.

Instagram: @oliviaburtonlondon


About Peggy Porschen Cakes


At Peggy Porschen we are passionate about storytelling through the canvas of cake. In harmony with the rolling seasons, our pastry and styling experts weave captivating narratives. Always evolving – and under the creative direction of Peggy Porschen herself – each season’s storyline flows seamlessly throughout our cakes & confectionery, Parlour exterior and interior installations and online shop. 

Built upon a foundation of Peggy’s Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie training, the kitchen remains the beating heart of Peggy Porschen. Here, a highly skilled team of pastry chefs can be found developing, trialing and ingredient sourcing and of course baking and decoration, to ensure our offering is always of the highest standard in taste, quality and sustainability. 

We are a destination for escapism, dreaminess and an unwritten permission for visitors to creatively connect with their inner-child. Built on Peggy’s love of a pink and pastel colour palette, modern romance, craftsmanship and exquisite tastes, the Parlour provides a fairy-tale setting, which changes through the year to please both sweet-toothed Londoners and tourists from all around the globe. 

Instagram: @peggyporschenofficial 


Media Contact


Madison Carragher

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Top 5 Affordable Luxury Cars for College Students

By Posted on 5 m read

Being a student is an important life stage for all teenagers. Most American students get used to having a car. It’s a sign of their prestige, life status, and a convenient means of transportation. Of course, their budgets are limited, and they cannot afford expensive cars. Due to this disappointing fact, most students grow desperate and think they will never find a good car. Fortunately, they are totally wrong because it’s quite possible to find an affordable and even luxury car for a student.

A proficient freelancer, blogger and professional essay writer from Smart Writing Service (a company which offers paper writing services for college students), has studied this case and has shared her opinion with us. “Merely all college and university students dream of owning a car but mistakenly believe they won’t find an adequate option. However, they have good chances to find a new luxury car that costs about $15,000-25,000. It’s not expensive and if a student understands the peculiarities of choosing a car, he/she will find a perfect option.”


We know a lot about the pains of a student’s life. Students are busy folk with heaps of academic assignments, personal problems, and limited budgets. We’d like to provide students with 5 possible options. These are affordable and luxury vehicles at the same time. Thus, we hope to take away their pains and show that life is great.

Ford Ecosport

The first option is one of the numerous creations of Ford. The cost is $19,995 and this car can pleasantly surprise you. It takes only 27-29 miles per gallon regardless of where to drive (city or highway). It is the heir of Fiesta but it’s enhanced. This car has an impressive range of options that will be appreciated by all students.

Chevrolet Sonic

If you care about safety on the road, this vehicle is exactly what you need. It’s stuffed with the latest safety measures, which include departure warning, rear park assist, 10 airbags, and similar essentials. Therefore, you will be protected. The cost is $16,720, but a lot depends on the trim and features added. If you buy a used vehicle, you’ll save about $3,000.

Toyota Yaris

Japan is a country that develops multiple technological products, and it has a powerful automobile industry. Toyota is a famous brand and Yaris is one of the best options for students. The initial price is $15,560, and you can save up to $2,000 if you acquire a used vehicle. You can find hatchback and sedan versions. All versions include the latest technical innovations for safe and convenient driving. You may choose out of five trims and each is quite suitable for a student budget.

Honda Fit

You may consider another famous Japanese car giant – Honda. A great option called Fit costs only $16,190. It’s remarkable that this model is the direct competitor of Toyota Yaris. Consequently, they have a lot in common. If you choose between these two models, pay close attention to their differences because they will help to make the final decision. For example, Honda Fit comes in a hatchback version only. Nevertheless, it has a different configuration and perfectly suits students.

Acura ILX

This option is more expensive than others on our list. Nevertheless, the difference isn’t significant if you consider all its advantages. The car will provide a driver with 2.4 liters and a 4-cylinder engine that offers 201 horsepower! It results in 30 MPG on the highway or in the city. Of course, it has all the necessary innovative safety and technology features.

There are only five options. Students can find more luxury but affordable cars to satisfy their preferences and budgets. Simply explore the market and notify the details to understand which option suits you the best.

How to Choose a Good Car for Students

Before you buy one of our or some other propositions, make sure you understand how to choose a car. We have universal recommendations, which definitely help to make the right choice. Make allowances for the following essentials:


  • Plan your budget. It’s important to have realistic financial objectives. You cannot use all your savings to buy a car because you’ll need many other more important things. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t give up your dream. Simply plan the budget correctly to define how much you can afford. You can use your savings, ask parents for financial support, or use special programs similar to Turo. This program allows for earning money when you share your vehicle with other people. Don’t forget about car loans. For example, offers many beneficial programs for students.
  • Consider features & optional add-ons. You can always ask to add or remove several features. It’s vital to be a realist and use your wits. It is unwise to refuse security features, but heated seats and backup cameras aren’t that important. If you refuse them, you’ll save more.
  • Choose the right insurance. A lot depends on your insurance plan. You’re obliged to ensure your vehicle, and it sucks out some money. Fortunately, the US market has numerous competing insurance companies, and you’ll easily find an affordable option.
  • Make sure it’s safe. It’s of huge importance to think about your safety. Your vehicle should have all the necessary safety features. We recommend buying new vehicles because they definitely have the best life-saving features.
  • Watch video reviews. Don’t forget about YouTube! It’s sometimes important and more beneficial to watch pro video reviews of cars. Experienced people review every car in detail and reveal its full potential. Besides, you may learn more about the car’s maneuverability, size, safety ratings, efficiency ratings, and so on. Such content is more informative and helps to make a precise decision very fast.


Keep in memory our five options, as well as useful recommendations on the correct choice of a good vehicle. They will help to choose the best car that satisfies your needs and matches your budget. Don’t base your choice on two options. Begin with at least five vehicles to make sure you’ve done everything correctly.

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Is Romford in London or Essex and what makes the town a property hotspot?

By Posted on 4 m read

Whilst you may immediately think of Essex when you hear the name Romford, the town is actually in the London Borough of Havering, although pre-1965 and the expansion of Greater London it did fall under the county of Essex.

A former market town, Romford is only 14 miles east from central London but offers a more affordable option for those priced out of the city or in search of greener pastures. Families are also attracted to the number of good schools and access to fun leisure activities for all ages. With an average house price of £375,264 over the last 12 months, Romford property prices are considerably cheaper than London overall (£670,601) and with plans for significant regeneration of the town centre in the pipeline, Romford is certainly one to watch for the savvy house buyer.

Another perk is Romford’s brilliant transport links, and the town is home to both Underground and Overground services. Zone 6 Romford Station is in the middle of the town and offers 30 minutes train journeys to Liverpool Street and regular departures to Stratford and Southend. The station also has an Overground route to Upminster where you can connect with the District Line. For international travellers, Romford is conveniently placed between both London City and Stansted Airports, a mere 40 minutes by train to each. Crossrail will also provide links to Canary Wharf, Bond Street and London Paddington in 28, 34 and 38 minutes, respectively.

Those travelling by road will benefit from Romford’s close connection to the A12 which gives you access to London and Suffolk. The M25 is also nearby, and Gatwick Airport can be reached in 70 minutes by car.

There is also a vast local bus network including services throughout the town and to Stratford, Upminster, Hornchurch, Dagenham and Canning Town.

When it comes to education, there are plenty of top-notch private and comprehensive schools in the area. Many of which have been rated “good” or “outstanding” by Ofsted. Outstanding schools include St Peters, Concordia Academy and Towers Infant School.

For the best secondary schools, Redden Court, The Campion and The Frances Beardsley Academy for Girls come up tops. There is also the new Atam Academy (co-ed ages 3 to 18) in Redbridge College and a number of SEN schools in the area including the highly rated Forest Approach Academy for ages 4-16.

For further education, many locals head to the popular Barking and Dagenham College as they offer a wide range of courses and vocational apprenticeships. Havering College is another good option post-secondary school. Essex University is a much sought-after establishment for enthusiastic young adults and then of course you have access to all of London’s top colleges and universities. For the youngest members of the Romford community there are plenty of options for baby and toddler activities in the area too.

Romford not only has speedy connections to central London, it is also one of the Mayor of London’s 13 designated Metropolitan centres. Most of the major high street brands can be found in one of Romford’s 3 main shopping centres; The Brewery (with futuristic architecture), The Liberty and The Mercury Mall. These are all lively retail hubs with good eateries to boot. For something a little more unique, there is the long-standing Romford Market based in the Market Place every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The eclectic market is home to over 290 stalls and dates back to the 12th century.

Romford also has a fantastic café culture. There are plenty of options including local’s favourite Bunno on South Street. This is a café by day and then Italian restaurant by night, serving up the most delicious cuisine and freshest coffees. Restaurant wise, Cosmo Romford is popular because of its global menu including Japanese, Indian and vegetarian dishes. It also has an all you can eat world buffet AND children under 150cm eat for half price!

For the grownups, Romford has a busy nightlife. Clubbers flock to Kosho, Fiction and the new kid on the block, Imperium 38. For something a little different try the Gidea Park Micro Pub or head to the popular Golden Lion, a more traditional offering.

Romford is also well stocked with green, outdoor space, which includes two nearby country parks, Havering Country Park and the large 330 acre Hainault Forest Country Park. This Woodland Trust park is an expanse of lakes and woodland walks and is also home to plenty of wildlife. There is also a golf course and the free entry Foxburrows Farm and Zoo for the kids plus Raphael Park with adjoining Lodge Farm Park and the Black’s Canal.

There are many quirky events held in the Romford area, including the popular Romford Film Festival which is a mammoth 6-day event showcasing the best feature and short films from all over the world.

To relax to the max, head to the Premier Cinema in Mercury Mall which has a flat rate of £4 per ticket, regardless of screen or format. Film buffs also have the 16 screen Vue in the Brewery Centre showing all the latest blockbusters. For live performances, The Brookside Theatre hosts a selection of plays, musicals, comedy, drama and tribute bands to enjoy.

Home to the ice hockey team, the London Raiders, the Sapphire Ice and Leisure facility not only has an ice rink but a swimming pool and fitness gym to boot.

Like any UK town, Romford is not completely free of crime, but reassuringly for homebuyers the Borough of Havering as a whole has lower than average crime levels compared to similarly sized areas across the country and within the Metropolitan Police force area.

Romford is also supported by Havering’s multi-agency Safer Neighbourhood Board and the Safer Transport Team who are dedicated to keeping people safe on their local transport network.

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Which country is the Online Slots King?

By Posted on 3 m read

Which country is the Online Slots King?

Online slot games have surged in popularity over the past couple of years and their fanbase is not just located in one country but around a plethora internationally. With the easy-to-pick-up game being produced in a multitude of countries spanning several continents, and with the internet accelerating the speed at which players can share their slot game experiences with one another, it is no wonder that many countries are fighting for the position of slot king – play at Slotsbaby.

This development has not been created on a selfish means by the slot game developers because as the online igaming world evolves and progresses, slot gamers from all over the world are given more and more opportunities to score big and leave with the hefty jackpot. In other words, the evolution of online slot gaming is putting more money into your pocket!

Why is Online Slot Gaming so Popular in Many Countries?

There is not just one reason why many countries are fighting for the title of slot king and so the answer is not so clear-cut. As the world develops, both physically and online, we begin to see an innumerable expanse in why online slot games are so popular.

The hardened online slot gaming professionals out there will know a couple of these reasons, but for the small fry wanting to start out their online career, here is why online slot gaming is so popular in so many countries:

  1.       The Internet – We have to mention the massive elephant in the room, the internet. It has allowed for players all across the globe to be playing, sharing, communicating, and more at an almost instantaneous rate. This means that you can be challenging, and winning of course, against a player in Australia while you are on a bus going to Stoke-on-Trent!
  2.       The Games – Slot games themselves have become a lot more complex in their structure and their gameplay meaning that the games are more attractive and more accessible to all countries around the world.. furthermore, encouraging players from different countries to complete to make their nation the slot king!
  3.       Deals and Bargains – We all know that a professional needs to be looking for the steals on deals, bargains, welcome packages, and the rest, to be in the running for the champion, but its not just our local pros that know this as all around the world deals are being targeted at international igaming veterans.

Which Country Deserves the Slots King Title?

The moment you have all been waiting for, the reveal of the country who wins the slots king! Again, the answer is not so clear cut but you can make up your own mind and see where you think deserves to be given this humble title:

  •         The UK has the most online slots players per capita meaning that they must be winning the most dough!
  •         Scandinavian countries tend to create the most popular online slot games, are they the slot king?
  •         Australia trumps the real physical slots with are one slot machine per 114 people in the country!
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How to prepare for a big move

By Posted on 3 m read

Moving home can be an incredibly stressful time, particularly if you’ve left all the organisation to the last minute. However, the important thing is to relax, regain your composure and start thinking about the logistics of your move in an organised manner.

With this guide, you should be able to prepare yourself for moving day. Before long, you’ll be settled into your new home without a hitch!

1) Get organised!

Organisation is the first step to a successful house move. Firstly, you’ll want to create a checklist of tasks. This can be done either on paper or on a laptop/mobile phone. We’d recommend using a mobile, as you can easily make changes to your list and access the information on the go.

2) Start early

It’s generally a good idea to plan your house move in weekly increments, starting at least 8 weeks in advance. This allows you to break each aspect of the move (paperwork, packing, removals, unpacking etc.) into manageable incremental chunks. However, don’t get into too much of a panic if you feel you’ve left things too late – after all, there’s no time like the present.

3) Make an inventory list

Make a detailed list of all your belongings. This will help you to estimate how much your move is going to cost and will also give you an idea of the sort of materials you’re going to need to ensure a safe transition. Fragile items will need to be protected with adequate packing materials, such as Safestore boxes, while bulkier items like wardrobes should be fine in transit, provided they have been correctly loaded into the removal van.

4) Make time for your move

Don’t allow life’s everyday stresses to interfere with your move. Take a few days away from work to allow you to concentrate on moving home. This will provide you with enough time on either side of moving day to deal with any unexpected issues that may crop up.

5) Learn how to pack tricky items

The internet is full of tutorial videos and useful information about how to adequately wrap and pack fragile belongings. This will ensure your most vulnerable possessions arrive at your new home in one piece.

6) Have a clearout

There’s no better time than a house move to consider having a declutter. Consider donating old, unwanted or unused items to a charity shop, or alternatively, offer them for sale online to fund the cost of your move.

7) Pack a ‘moving day’ kit

When loading your items into a removal van, put the essentials in last (think teacups, cutlery, kettle, kitchen roll, towels and toiletries). This means that once you arrive in your new home, you’ll be able to put the kettle on before tackling the huge task of arranging furniture and making your new house a home.

8) Chill out!

Try to avoid getting stressed out. While some may think stress is an inevitable part of moving day, try to approach each task with a positive attitude. Some things will go wrong, but you’ll get there in the end!

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