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How the ULEZ Expansion is Making London Greener

By Posted on 4 m read

At the beginning of 2020, nobody could have imagined how quiet the streets of London would become for most of the year. COVID-19 had a dramatic effect on every aspect of daily life, including our environment. Better air quality has been one of the few benefits of the pandemic, but it’s already disappearing as people head back to the city. 

Road emissions are the most dangerous source of pollution threatening the health of Londoners. The government’s response to this is to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) as a way of rapidly reducing emissions and protecting the health of the city’s residents. On 25 October 2021, the ULEZ is due to expand beyond Central London into a single larger zone.

ULEZ and a Greener London

London’s air pollution is a serious concern for those with asthma, and it also increases the risk of dementia, cancer and premature deaths. This is why the mayor, Sadiq Khan, introduced the Ultra Low Emission Zone in April 2019 to improve air quality. ULEZ operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, except Christmas Day and covers the same area as the Congestion Charge zone. If vehicles (including cars, vans and motorbikes) don’t meet the set emission standards, they have to pay a daily fee.

ULEZ exhaust emissions standards set limits for air-polluting nitrogen oxides (NOx) and particulate matter (PM) from engines. They follow the ‘Euro standards’ launched in 1992. Petrol vehicles require a Euro 4 engine to comply, while diesel vehicles need a Euro 6 engine. As a general rule, petrol vehicles first registered after 2005 do not have to pay the ULEZ charge. 

If all of this sounds confusing, the easiest thing to do is check your vehicle online to see if it meets the correct emissions and safety standards. All you need to do is enter your number plate and country of registration. 

A report in October 2019 noted how the ULEZ had cut toxic air pollution by a third. In 2020, the extended lockdowns of the pandemic further reduced nitrogen dioxide levels by 31% along London’s roads in just nine weeks. They were cut even more dramatically by up to two thirds in some areas, such as the Beech Street tunnel in Barbican. 

As the city opens up again, emissions are returning to pre-lockdown levels at an alarming rate. Some areas, such as Tower Hamlets, Camden and Bloomsbury, are already back to pre-COVID pollution levels. The ULEZ expansion will spread beyond Central London to the boundaries of the North Circular Road (A406) and South Circular Road (A205) – hopefully lowering pollution rates once again.


While ULEZ is great news for the environment and people with health vulnerabilities, it might be less welcome by drivers. The daily ULEZ charge is £12.50 for most motorbikes, cars and vans up to and including 3.5 tonnes. However, larger vehicles, such as lorries and buses, have to pay a hefty £100 per day. Of course, if you meet the ULEZ emissions standards you won’t have to pay a daily charge.

Exemptions and discounts are available for residents, not-for-profit organisations and taxi drivers, among others. While most small businesses want to adopt greener business practices, they require more time and support to prepare and upgrade their vehicles ahead of the ULEZ expansion. 

Scrappage schemes have been launched to help small businesses, charities and low-income Londoners replace outdated vehicles with greener forms of transport. There are grants of £1,000-£2,000 for London residents with cars and motorbikes. Applications for minibuses, vans and heavy vehicles are currently suspended due to high demand and limited funds. 

Save your environment and your wallet 

Driving in London is becoming extremely costly. On top of the ULEZ charge, you could also be hit with a daily £15 Congestion Zone charge between 7am and 10pm – and that’s not even considering the expenses of petrol and parking. Commuters are looking at potentially spending more than £500 a month just to get to work.

If you’re not a resident but still drive to London frequently, there is a way to avoid the new charges. You could park outside the ULEZ and get the train or underground into Central London. Stashbee and other similar companies rent out short- and long-term parking spaces for a flat fee. This gives you a guaranteed space – sometimes in a secure garage – night and day without any hidden fees. You can find these private rental spaces all around London’s ULEZ boundaries in places like Brent, Ilford, Richmond, Tooting and Dulwich. So if you bag a space near an Underground station, you’re all set!

If you want to save hassle and money, now is the time to prepare for the ULEZ expansion. Both the environment and your wallet will thank you.

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BMW becomes Wikipedia’s most edited car brand page

By Posted on 2 m read

New research has found that BMW has Wikipedia’s most edited car brand page. 

The German manufacturer has the most tweaked Wikipedia page of all brands in the motoring sector, with Toyota being the most discussed car brand so far this year. 

The research, carried out by Vertu Motors, also found that Toyota had the most loyal users of all car brands, with Ford having the most-checked Wikipedia page.

BMW had 10,250 edits in total, with 4,802 people making changes to its Wikipedia page. Toyota was in second place with 9,890 edits. However, Toyota has had the most edits recently. The brand, which has become the most hotly discussed vehicle manufacturer this year, has been in the headlines prominently over recent months, having announced a series of new partnerships and acquiring new self-driving technology from Lyft.

A user called ‘Stepho-wrs’ was the busiest Wikipedia car brand editor, having made 584 changes to the Toyota page. ‘Urbanoc’ had made 322 edits to the Renault page, with ‘T-dot’ being responsible for 237 Ford Wiki page changes.

Ford had the most-read Wikipedia page of all the major car brands. The iconic manufacturer’s page had been viewed 862,298 times in 2021 at the time the study was carried out. The company also had the greatest pageviews-to-edits ratio, with just one edit being made for every 24,638 views. Audi had a single change for every 17,721 page views, putting it in second place behind Ford.


Popular car models were chosen based on the top 10 car makes in the UK, according to Compare the Market.

Stats are from each Wiki pages’ ‘Page Statistics’ section. Example here:

Pageviews for the year are from Tool Forge, example here: 

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Loft Conversions In South London: A Life-Changing Experience

By Posted on 3 m read

South London is one of the best places to live in the United Kingdom, but you probably knew that already. After all, you live there. Something you probably also know is that, due to high demand, it’s a bit cramped for space for the average family. However, with loft conversions in South London, that problem doesn’t have to be a problem. What do we mean, you ask?

Why You Need our Loft Conversions In South London

1) More room for you: British homes have so much excess space up top, especially if you live in a bungalow. All this room belongs to you but you usually aren’t able to use it. Well, if you make use of our loft conversions in South London, you will be able to

2) You Get To Stay In The Home You Love: Many property owners and families are forced to move out of South London once their home’s available resources are no longer able to match their needs. With loft conversions in South London, that doesn’t need to happen

3) Choice: The great thing about designing loft conversions in South London from scratch is that they can be anything you want them to be. Whether it’s some more storage space or an en suite for rent, you can get it with our loft conversion services in South London

Our Services: Options For Loft Conversions In South London

We are dedicated to transforming the lives of our South London clients whether they’re in Southwark, Merton, Orpington, or anywhere else. We also have loft conversions suitable for each locality within South London.

1) Bungalow Loft Conversions: Bungalows are one of the most popular building types to get lofts. After all, there’s a lot of space available in them that people just can’t afford to let go to waste. Following loft conversions in South London of bungalows, it’s potentially possible to double the area of a house’s walking space.

2) Mansion Apartment Loft Conversions: Like bungalows, mansion apartments also have a lot of wasted headroom. What’s more, the already beautiful architecture of a mansion apartment can be further emphasised with the right loft conversion.

3) Pre-war Home Loft Conversions: You might fear that your home built during the 1920s and 30s isn’t eligible for loft conversions in South London; that’s not true. We also work on pre-war homes in Bromley, Southwark, Croydon, etc.

So Why Use Our Loft Conversions in South London

We are not in the business of loft conversions, we are in the business of people. It just so happens that our method of choice for putting smiles on South London faces is through loft conversions in South London.

We are experienced in the business and have the expertise to understand that we need to listen to you, our client, throughout the design process. If you’re looking for a team with the ability to take on and execute difficult tasks, look no further. Contact us, and let’s get started

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Is Lab-Grown Meat the Way Forward?

By Posted on 2 m read

Lab-grown meat or cellular agriculture is a new way of producing meat from a cellular source in a bioreactor. It is distinctly different in its production to meat from living animals. Indeed, no animals are killed during its production. We as a global population eat vast quantities of meat per year. Global meat consumption was 330 million tonnes in 2018. With this large market, research and innovation is constant and always ongoing. The agriculture and animal farming that provide the world’s meat is one of an economy of scale, a huge industry that historically has been responsible for huge deforestation and damage to our planet through the release of vast quantities of environmentally damaging greenhouse gasses. It is however an industry sustained by consumer demand, we as a population, love eating meat. With such a demand on an industry that is based on the killing of animals and intensive use of resources, could lab-grown meat be the way forward?

A World of Choice

In recent years our choice of foods has dramatically increased, this is nowhere more apparent than with plant-based foods. There are now plant-based alternatives for meat products of all types. Our choice in the supermarket or restaurant for alternatives to meat-based foods is now as comprehensive as it could be. This has put pressure on meat producers to address some of the issues with meat production. Lab-grown meat has come from this wish to clean up the meat industry but still supply demand for what is a globally welcomed product. For now, we are not able to produce a cut of meat in this way. The lab-grown meat is cellular. Along with the tech and companies that are championing the production of lab-grown meat, an aligning industry of food production using the lab-grown meat is emerging. Techniques such as 3d printing are being employed to give us the meat cuts and stakes that we are used t – but produced without traditional objections towards the meat industry.

Many influential investors including Richard Branson and Bill Gates have put investment money into alternative proteins. This should serve as an indication of a growing sector with a strong future in developing solutions to the industry’s challenges.

As with all products, ultimately as these newly produced meats become available, customer demand and uptake will ultimately determine the direction of the future meat production industry.

What Does The Future Look Like?

With a number of countries pledging that they’ll be carbon neutral by 2050, and a big link between raising livestock for food and gas emissions it stands to reason that the future does look a little different to now. By 2050 the plan is for everyone to be eating a much more plant-based diet and that the consumption of meat is drastically produced. For this to happen it is likely that lab-grown meat is going to increase in popularity, in order to sustain the increase in demand from consumers that is likely to happen.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Food Service Operation

By Posted on 4 m read

Different facilities, including hospitals, camps, and schools, are now more than ever looking for ways to enhance their food service operation quality. The driving force to this is people are becoming conscious of what they consume. Specialized food companies are also offering their clients varied options to outsource their meals from experts. The recommended food service operation professionals enhance successful relationships between vendors and consumers.

Multiple food service providers are focusing more on the industry’s specific needs. Whether it is supplying food to high-class dining or camps, food service companies commit more to their market niche. In return, it brings out food service companies with great insights and knowledge on different issues facing hiring companies, thus creating excellent and customized approaches and experience needed in the foodservice industry.

Outsourcing food service operations to a trustworthy and competent partner is a great idea for different reasons. Some of these reasons fall in the financial realm, while the rest fall on the general quality. When you replace expensive and unprofessional labor with competent experts in the food industry, it will improve your services’ quality and reduce your level of concerns about managing food service operations at your food service facility. Here are some of the benefits of outsourcing your food service operation.

Access To Food Management Expertise

Managing a food service operation is challenging and more complex than you may realize. Your staff and diners expect you to offer well-balanced and nutritious meals while considering those with allergies and dietary limitations. Offering excellent food operations that is sensational and satisfying will lead to the success of your camp.

Offers Peace of Mind

Outsourcing your food service operation is a simple but exceptional idea. The success of your camp depends on your food service operation. Many successful directors will give you insights into what they went through in their food service operation, but the insights are not always the best. Contracting a food service provider to run your food operations will relieve you some burden, give you free time to engage in what you are good at, and help you avoid future headaches.

More Menu Choices and Healthier Options at Lower Costs

One of the most informed groups on being health conscious are staff and campers. They expect delicious meals with nutritional values. You must design your menu to specifically adhere to your operative and facility competencies and the camp’s values and traditions. Different food service operations offer staff and campers pre-packaged and processed meals. Partnering with a company with well-trained professionals is exceptional. They utilize the culinary art of planning and preparing to offer the best and quality meals served at the camp.

Enables Food Operational Accountability and Efficiency

Like any other food service provider, your food company has a structured chart that shows your accountability and responsibilities. If you have maintained your food service operations in-house for a while, refer again to your chart. The person responsible for food services operations is not the most proficient and well-trained food management expert.

Modify Your Food Service Relationships

Camp food service providers have different ways of hiring their services, unlike in-house functionality. These ways include food purchasing, food serving, minimal and complete control, menu planning, staffs hiring, and kitchen administration. These options are important in your camp as they help you know the needs in your camp, how to handle them, and establish the camp and food service company relationship.

As the number of people with age and health concerns increases, they have high expectations of the type of food service operation they acquire. They need to be more active and healthier than before, and your food service operation needs to meet their expectations. But keeping up with a generation with emerging technologies, wants, and food service trends can be difficult. That’s why many staff and campers prefer to outsource their food service operation from well know food service management providers.

Finding the right company to outsource your food service program should not be a quick decision. There are varied factors to consider before hiring a food service operation company. It is highly recommended to ask the food service providers the following questions before hiring them:

  • Their company size
  • What staff members or where do they offer their services
  • What technology do they use to enhance their operations
  • Which type of contract applies to them: full term, procurement, or management contract?
  • Who are their food producers

While you think of outsourcing your food service operation, choose a food service company with experience and high recommendations in your food service niche. Be more confident and comfortable outsourcing your food service operation to the food service company. They should also meet several protocols and offer a superior and operational dining experience. There are different reasons and benefits of outsourcing your food service operation. With the right knowledge, experience, and training in your food service niche, you can outsource your food service to a capable food service company. After all, operational success and peace of mind are significant.

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Preparing for Microsoft MS-500 Exam: How Can Practice Tests Help You?

By Posted on 3 m read


For many IT specialists venturing into the world of Microsoft 365, the Microsoft MS-500 exam is quite intimidating. Preparation for it involves both conceptual knowledge and hands-on skills. This is because it assesses the technical capacities of an individual seeking to get the Microsoft 365 Certified: Security Administrator Associate certificate. The expertise it measures revolves around data and information security on Microsoft 365 platform. Thus, candidates have to take on training, use practice tests, as well as videos to get ready appropriately. And in this article, let us look at how these resources including practice tests help you nail the official MS-500 evaluation.

Preparation for MS-500

Overall, there are many ways of getting ready for the main MS-500 exam. However, let us focus on the most efficient methods for prep:

  • Training courses

One of the best ways of learning is through getting training from professionals in the field. As for the MS-500 test, participants have two options to pick from. The first one is online training offered through varied learning paths. Expectedly, candidates do not have access to instructors if they go for this choice as it is a free resource but anyway, there are many other online courses offered by professionals on third-party sites. The other option is one where aspirants of the MS-500 evaluation are guided by instructors. This can be done either virtually over the internet or at a training center. In this option, you will have access to trainers who are highly competent to tutor you in the concepts and working of Microsoft 365. Well, whichever option you fancy will be of tremendous value as you get ready for the actual test.


  • Practice tests

How can you know how the questions in the MS-500 are structured? Practice tests solve this problem by providing questions, including answers from previously taken evaluations. Thus, candidates who use them can gauge how much they are likely to score in the real exam. Also, it shows them where they need to bridge any gaps in their knowledge beforehand. Most importantly, when you take a practice test and fail it, you can go back and read more on where you failed hence increasing your chances of passing the official evaluation. It will also help you plan your time within the exam. This is because you will have an idea of how much time a particular type of question will consume. Another advantage of practice tests is that they build up your confidence, which will help in removing anxieties linked to undergoing an evaluation process.

  • Video tutorials

In case you have a tight schedule and still wish to prepare for your MS-500 evaluation, video tutorials can always save your day. This is where you need flexibility and time to take care of a number of other obligations such as a job apart from preparing for your upcoming evaluation. Luckily, video tutorials enable you to watch them anytime you wish. Another benefit of using this approach to learn and get ready for your evaluation is the fact that you can always go back to any area of the clip, whose content you didn’t grab well.


Although the Microsoft MS-500 evaluation demands intermediate-level awareness, it is not impossible to pass. All you need is to invest time and hard work and thus, you can ace it without difficulty. The resources mentioned above, which include practice tests, will help you pass only if you take the initiative of using them. Good luck!

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What you need to know about magnetic eyelashes

By Posted on 3 m read

One of the things that really enhances ones beauty is having good eyelashes. There have been tremendous improvements in the beauty industry, and each passing day, new trends are being introduced. This, in turn, means that there is always something for everyone in this industry. Magnetic lashes are one of the most popular trends today. Most women have shifted their inclination from the glue on lashes to the magnetic lashes, and in this read, we will find out why. Read on.

What are magnetic lashes?

As the name suggests, magnetic lashes are eyelashes that use tiny magnets at the base of each strip to stick to the eye. They come in a pair in that each one of them has tiny magnets, and when being applied, the magnets at the base help them to snap together.

Generally, magnetic lashes make everything way easier and faster.

Why magnetic lashes?

Without a doubt, magnetic lashes are the real deal. Every lady needs to have a pair or two in their collection as they really come in handy. Here are some of the benefits of wearing magnetic lashes;

  • They are easy to apply

You do not have to worry about the messy glue while applying lashes anymore. With the magnetic lashes, all you need to do is learn how to align them, and you will be good to go. We cannot also ignore the fact that with the glue on lashes, you would spend so much time on the mirror and sometimes still not get the best results. Magnetic lashes, on the other hand, might be a little hard to align at first, but the minute you get them right, nothing can stop you.

  • They are reusable

Another advantage of having magnetic lashes is that they are reusable. You do not have to throw them away after every wear. All you need to do is remove them, clean them well and store them in the right place. You can reuse them for a long time before buying another pair. So long as you get good quality magnetic lashes from Lola’s lashes, you are guaranteed that they will last you for long.

  • They are versatile

Do you prefer a natural look or a dramatic one? Magnetic lashes are versatile. There are many options that you can choose from depending on your taste as well as the look you are going for. They also come in different shapes, sizes and colors.

How to clean magnetic eyelashes

For the magnetic lashes to last you for long and still look good, you need to take good care of them by cleaning them.

First, after removing the lashes, make sure your hands are clean. After that, use a damp cotton pad to wipe them and remove any mascara on the lashes.

You then should let them dry up before putting them back in the storage case.

There you have it! If you have been thinking about getting the magnetic lashes, you can now make a more informed decision after going through this read.

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Female-led brand VANNA unveils first watch collection with Alana Hadid

By Posted on 2 m read

Given her father Mohamed’s obsession with watches, it is perhaps not surprising that Alana Hadid’s own ambitions in the industry have now turned into a reality.

But it would take a special reason to persuade Alana to become involved, and in the female-run VANNA, Alana believes she has found it.

“I love what VANNA is doing,” says Alana. “They’re bringing the ability to be a watch collector to those who don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars. People want something that’s high quality and beautiful without breaking the bank.”

Her connection with watches stems from an heirloom passed down by her father: a beautiful, rare and vintage double-faced watch dating back to the 1930s.

“That’s a small piece of my family,” she says. “My family were refugees. The watch was more concealable jewelry so it was easier to get out. My grandfather gave it to my father and he gave it to me.”

Often handed down through the generations of a family, watches can indeed be a piece of living and working history.

But one of the particular appeals of VANNA to Alana was how, in a traditionally male-dominated industry, it is the only brand to be owned and manufactured by women.

“The designs are innovative but finding out VANNA is a female-founded company was incredible,” says Alana. “And this is really coming full circle, because I hope, later on, I can pass my VANNA watch to my daughter.”

In what is its first collaboration with Alana, VANNA has now released an exquisite collection of 100 limited edition and numbered watches. 

Each one is made of natural Tiger’s Eye and Mother of Pearl crystals, and also feature a Sapphire crystal. 

Renowned as a stone of protection, Tiger’s Eye is also thought to bring its owner good luck, with the power to focus the mind, promote mental clarity and support objective problem-solving without the influence of emotion.

Mother of Pearl is the common name for an iridescent nacre coating, a blend of minerals that are secreted by oysters and other mollusks and deposited inside their shells. It is strong, iridescent and resilient, and is commonly believed to attract prosperity.

It’s also understood to possess stress-relieving properties, bringing calmness and stimulating intuition and creativity. 

Also known as the “wisdom stone”, Sapphire is believed to release mental tension, depression, unwanted thoughts and spiritual confusion.
The VANNA x Alana Hadid watches launched at 10am PT on July 30th.

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Benefits Of Power Napping

Here are some of the benefits of a power nap, a form of nap that not only rejuvenates but also improves alertness and functionality. You should carefully choose your timing as to what time you’re taking your nap. If your nap is taking place in the morning for just 15 minutes then your power Nap will give you a huge boost of energy and improve your concentration and memory skills.

But if you’re taking a nap at noon for just 20 minutes then this nap may be harmful to you as it will interrupt your sleeping pattern and instead of helping your brain, it may just cause you to be awake for another few hours, which is not good for your brain growth. Taking your power Nap in the afternoon is also beneficial because it allows your brain to absorb more hours of sleep giving your brain the chance to grow and rest up for the next day’s activities. A lot of people think that they have to go to bed after a certain hour in the afternoon for their brain to absorb all the naps it has taken during the day. This is not true; there is no set time when it comes to the right time to take a power nap.

Rests Your Brain

You should however set a particular period when you need to sleep and when you plan on staying awake so that your brain has the chance to rest and grow stronger while sleeping. If you plan on staying awake, then you should also consider the benefits of a power nap. One of the benefits is that it allows you to recharge your batteries and stay awake. The length of the nap doesn’t matter as long as it allows your brain to recharge itself properly.

When you do take a power nap, the nap itself can make you feel more energized and awake.

The reason is that the level of napping in itself increases the body’s arousal response. You might feel more energized after a quick burst of sleep from a Power Nap. Many people believe that taking naps is a good way to feel more energized and awake in general.

People who regularly consume caffeine may find that taking a power nap can help them avoid caffeine during the day.

This can be very beneficial because people who regularly consume too much caffeine while they are sleeping can face many problems, including insomnia. To help avoid the need to consume too much caffeine when you’re sleeping, you should try to find a time where you don’t need it. If you’re working a regular job, you can avoid caffeine during the day and instead choose a time when you’re not going to be concentrating on anything. Just by doing this simple change, you can save yourself a lot of money by avoiding spending on your daily caffeine needs.

Studies say that taking naps improves memory, which means that it also improves your ability to remember information.

When you get a good night of rest, your brain can function better and this means you have better recall once you go back to work in the evening. In addition, your memory improves because it is not stressed out and you sleep better.

Finally, studies say that you feel more alert after you take a power nap and this means that you wake up more refreshed and energized when you go back to your daily routine. On average, individuals who take at least eight hours of napping wake up thirty minutes before their expected time of waking up. This means that if you have a regular nap schedule, you can save several dollars each day by improving your energy levels while you’re asleep. In addition, your level of alertness increases, which improves your performance while you’re awake. Your sheet should also be crisp to provide you good rest or nap and for that get Percale sheets for their crispness. These sheets will provide you with all the comfort that are required for a good relaxing nap or sleep.

One of the biggest benefits of power nap benefits is related to improving your alertness when it comes to sleeping.

Most people don’t realize how much lack of sleep affects their alertness levels. Even if you get as much sleep as possible during the day your brain is often deprived of another 24 hours of deep sleep. With intermittent deep sleep, you will find that you’re more awake and can focus better on the tasks at hand. If you’re a student then you’ll be able to study more efficiently because your brain will be able to function at an optimum level due to the uninterrupted time in deep sleep.

The benefits of power napping vary with different people, but the goal is usually the same; it is to get your body in a state of deep sleep without waking up. You can have power naps of no more than 20 minutes each, but the effect is often better if you go longer. Often it takes several nights of such naps for your body to become accustomed to going to sleep quickly and waking up rested. Power napping is a wonderful way to reduce stress, make time for relaxing family events, and prepare for the day ahead. In addition to making sleep easier, it will increase the likelihood that you will get a good night’s sleep. You should also be regularly washing your sheets every week to stay free from germs and dirt. Washing your sheets is super simple provided you follow the right techniques to wash or clean it.

It is recommended that you do not use caffeine as a sleep aid and avoid drinking alcohol.

The caffeine will keep you awake and may make you snore. Alcohol tends to increase your heart rate and blood pressure which can cause serious side effects while you are trying to sleep. Many people like power nap sessions during the day and drink coffee while they are napping at night. Both of these practices are not recommended.

Muscle Relaxer Or Herbal Pill

If you are having trouble going to sleep at night or staying asleep for long periods of time, try using a muscle relaxer or herbal pill. They can be very helpful when you are trying to fall asleep but are still groggy. Some people who are recovering from an illness or taking certain medications may also find that power nap aids help them feel sleepy even though they are sick. This is especially true if the person has been ill or stressed for a while. People recovering from an illness or undergoing therapy that causes them to be stressed may find that their body may be tender and their mind may be thinking that it needs to rest.

Power napping usually works by allowing your brain to enter into a REM (rapid-eye-new) state.

This is where your mind and body remain asleep but your muscular systems awake. When your muscular systems awake they begin to feel tired and may begin to think that they need to wake up so they can feel their energy and do what they need to do. It is during this phase of sleep that you will experience the greatest alertness. Your alertness will last from about ten to twenty minutes depending on your depth of sleep.

Some individuals have commented that their best memory comes during these naps rather than while they are actually asleep. One of the benefits of sleeping pills is that they help in this case also. But some studies show that the level of sleep deprivation suffered by the individual while taking sleeping pills does not compare well with that of those who do not take such pills. In addition, people who suffer from a disorder such as a narcolepsy, which is caused by sleep deprivation, often suffer worse conditions when not taking sleeping pills. Napping during the day may help reduce the severity of symptoms of these disorders.


Studies have shown that a power nap has the potential to help in boosting the productivity of an individual. An increase in productivity may be achieved when an individual can focus for a longer period of time. The amount of work performed per hour can be increased by an increase in productivity. When an individual is able to focus for a longer period of time and focus on something more important, they are likely to be more productive. In the case of individuals who are in a business, they may find that increasing the speed at which they accomplish their tasks can help them in getting more done in a shorter period of time.

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How To Redesign Your Bedroom?

If you are planning to have a complete make-over of your bedroom then it is better to first start with some important tips on how to redesign a bedroom. In this article, I am going to give you some valuable tips that can be very helpful in improving your bedroom decoration. You may not know it but designing your bedroom is not that tough as you think. There are many other things that you should think about for redesigning your room. Besides those important tips and the overall plan to redecorate, you also need the creative concept to help you obtain the best interior design for your bedroom. So, just take a look at the following tips on how to redesign a bedroom.

The Room Layout

The first thing that you should keep in mind while making a redecorating plan is the room layout. In case if you don’t have much space then it is better to go with a smaller room. However, if you have ample space then that’s the time when you can use it to your maximum advantage to improve your bedroom decor. You must pay proper attention to every single aspect of your bedroom including the walls, bed, dressing table, chair, and wardrobe. You can also make the bedroom much safer by putting up protective covering like blinds, shutters, or shades on the windows. You also need to be very careful when looking for a bed. There are various sizes of beds that can challenge your decision-making ability. Therefore, consider a comparison guide when checking the beds, for instance, a comparison guide between Twin vs Twin XL.

Floor Area

Another thing that you must do is make the best use of your floor area by getting rid of any old and obsolete furniture. It is recommended to replace these unnecessary items with comfortable furniture. The furniture must be arranged in such a way as to make the room look spacious and airy. Also, if you are planning to have a theme redecorated then make sure that the theme does not distract from the beauty of the room. You can play around with different colors and patterns to give a unique feel to the room.


Choosing the right color for your bedroom is another important aspect of how to redesign a bedroom properly. Colors like black, white, and gray are considered to be the easiest and best colors to use. However, if you want something unique and special then you can experiment with colors like purple, orange, red and yellow. Just try to make all these colors blend. You can also use light colors like pale blue and silver for this particular purpose.

Redecorating the bedroom need not cost a lot. However, you should also not compromise with the quality of the furniture. For example, cheap bedroom furniture can look just as good as an expensive one. A good thing is that most of the reputed stores and brands offer good quality furniture at reasonable prices. You can also decorate your bedroom with a variety of pillows. Pillows serve a different purpose, often enhancing the look and providing extra comfort. Therefore, you do not have to think too much about the price as everything else should be kept in mind.

Perfect Shade

In addition, finding the perfect shade for the bedding is also very important. You can find all kinds of beddings in any color. You can go for printed beddings or plain ones. For the children’s room, you can either go for cartoon characters or floral patterns. Whatever you decide, make sure that it compliments the color of the furniture.


Another important aspect of how to redecorate the bedroom is the lighting. The proper lighting will help in highlighting the beauty of your room. Moreover, it will also create the perfect mood in the room. The dimmers of the lights can also set the mood.

When you decide how to redecorate the bedroom you should also keep in mind other important things like the wall’s color, flooring, curtains, and furniture. Keep in mind that in every room there are various options available to you. Make sure that you take the time to evaluate them and then take an appropriate decision. You can also get professional help for this task if you are not aware of how to redecorate a room. It is certainly an excellent way to spend your time and get the room in such a unique and stylish manner.

There are many other factors that you should consider for how to redesign a bedroom interior because it does require you to prepare several things which will decide whether or not you’ll have the best-looking design of bedroom ever. Since you want your redesign plan to stay within the design that you have already prepared before starting, it’s important to take into account several important things. And these factors are what we’re going to discuss briefly to help you have the best redesign plan possible.

Creating A Design Plan

To begin with, the first thing you need to do is to create your design plan. This includes deciding on the color scheme, theme, and overall concept. This is very important if you want to make sure everything will match and go together well. So what you can do is to browse through magazines, online sites or perhaps get some books on home design. Once you got your plan, it’s time to start thinking about the furniture that would go with the overall concept.

If you want to save time, then you can always draw your ideas directly from magazines or the internet. In this way, you’ll be able to get some tips and suggestions that would suit your needs. But it’s important that you also consider your style as well so that everything will match. Here are some tips that can help you in designing your room.

You can try putting different pictures of beds, dressers, and linen in different spots to give it a messy and untidy look. This is one of the easiest tips that can be useful. However, it’s also one of the most boring ones. So, you should know how to mix and match colors so you won’t end up looking like a mess.

Size Of The Bedroom

One important thing that should not be neglected is the size of the bedroom. You need to ensure that the room is not too big or too small for your tastes. For example, if you’re into bigger beds, then the whole room will seem empty. So you should make sure the size of the room will fit all the furniture you’re planning to put.


The lighting is also an important element in designing a room. If you have no idea where to start, you can just check the mirror and see how the room appears when the lights are off. This is a very good place to start. Just remember how to redesign a bedroom properly and you’ll surely have a nice room to sleep in at night.

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