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The Fresh Careers Fair 2019

A number of high-profile and longstanding companies from the produce, foodservice, retail and hospitality sectors from across the UK and the world have signed up to participate at next month’s The Fresh Careers Fair – the annual UK event that connects new talent with leading industry employers.

Organisations include: retailers such as Lidl; …

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Zinda AirWrap Arrives in Tesco

It’s time to say goodbye to underwhelming lunches and hello to exciting memorable wraps, which do not skimp on flavour, filling or nutrition, giving your lunchtime more bang for your buck!

Zinda Foods launches its range of ready-to-eat Airwraps®, a deliciously light wrap filled with a mouthwatering range of fillings unlike anything else …

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This Year Recycle Your Shoes with Shoe Spa

By Posted on 1 m read

Shoe Spa is a London-based ethical shoe, bag and leather items repair brand that has gone up one level to help you be environmentally friendly and save money. The brand promotes sustainability by encouraging people to restore their shoes and bags instead of throwing them away and keep buying new ones.

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Clarence Court Launches Very Large Eggs

Clarence Court, famous for the widest range of speciality eggs in Britain, is offering its kitchen favourite Burford Brown eggs in a brand new ‘Very Large’ size. Possibly the most ‘Instagramable’ eggs on the market, Clarence Court Burford Browns are a shopping basket staple for foodies and top chefs alike, loved for their deep, golden, …

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The Bartender Series Coffee

Colonna marry the world’s best competition winning coffees with the forefront in capsule technology to achieve perfect café-quality coffee at the push of a button. The only pod company that started in a café, Colonna employ a scientific approach and a deep understanding of the finest coffees to overturn norms and stigma around …

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The Best ‘Natural’ False Eyelashes

By Posted on 2 m read

From crow’s feet to bags, ageing really affects our eyes. Add thinning, sparse lashes and one night out to the mix and you suddenly look a decade older.

But with so many false eyelashes on the market, which should you choose to avoid looking like a caterpillar is having a rest …

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