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Female-led brand VANNA unveils first watch collection with Alana Hadid

By Posted on 2 m read

Given her father Mohamed’s obsession with watches, it is perhaps not surprising that Alana Hadid’s own ambitions in the industry have now turned into a reality.

But it would take a special reason to persuade Alana to become involved, and in the female-run VANNA, Alana believes she has found …

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Benefits Of Power Napping

Here are some of the benefits of a power nap, a form of nap that not only rejuvenates but also improves alertness and functionality. You should carefully choose your timing as to what time you’re taking your nap. If your nap is taking place in the morning for just 15 minutes then your power Nap …

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How To Redesign Your Bedroom?

If you are planning to have a complete make-over of
your bedroom then it is better to first start with some important tips on how
to redesign a bedroom. In this article, I am going to give you some valuable
tips that can be very helpful in improving your bedroom decoration. You may not
know …

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Have You Been Unproductive Lately? Here Are 5 Ways To Get Insight From Your Mind

By Posted on 3 m read

In today’s hectic world, it has become challenging to maintain focus and be productive. As a result, many people will spend a day doing nothing but checking social media and scrolling through their news feeds. 

If you’re feeling unproductive, don’t worry! This blog post has five ways that may help give you …

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How To Create A Luxury Backyard Area For Yoga Lifestyle

By Posted on 3 m read

Yoga is no doubt an amazing lifestyle. For many who don’t understand it entirely, there are a few elements involved for a comfortable yoga experience. 

Experts stressed the benefits of a serene, quiet and atmospheric yoga space. If your backyard doesn’t fall short of any of these, then you could explore further and …

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5 Luxury Home Improvements For Work From Home Professionals

By Posted on 4 m read

We never knew working from home could be very much embraced so soon. It’s not surprising, however, since the digital age has strengthened the ease of working from anywhere and anytime. 

Meanwhile, it’s a big flex to be able to work from home. You get to spend more time indoors and have some …

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