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Legendary Frank Pepe Pizzeria Opens Chestnut Hill Location

By Posted on 3 m read

New Haven, Connecticut-based Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana (widely-known as “Pepe’s”), world-famous for New Haven-style pizzas since 1925, is pleased to announce the public opening of their first Boston Area location (their eighth) at The Chestnut Hill Mall (recently renamed The Shops at Chestnut Hill) in Chestnut Hill, MA on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.

Open seven days a week from 11AM, Frank Pepe of Chestnut Hill will serve guests the signature thin-crust pizzas they’ve enjoyed for years in 12”, 16” and 18” sizes.  Perfect Pepe’s Pizzas, a unique combination of crunch, chew, and char are only produced using Frank Pepe’s original 1925 recipe and the coal fired, hand-built brick oven he used in 1925.  The oven built on site in Chestnut Hill is a brick-by-brick duplicate of that oven, including iron castings from the original mold. Pepe’s Specialty Pizzas include the original White Clam Pizza, a combination crafted by Frank Pepe himself (fresh clams with grated cheese, olive oil, fresh garlic and oregano), Spinach Mushroom and Gorgonzola (mozzarella and grated cheese), and Quattroformaggi (crushed Italian tomatoes, mozzarella, asiago, goat cheese and pecorino with olive oil and basil. In addition, guests can enjoy a traditional “Pepe’s Salad” (seasonal greens, grape tomatoes, cucumber, shredded red cabbage, Kalamata olives, Pecorino Romano cheese and balsamic vinaigrette) or Caesar Salad, along with a selection of red and white wines by the bottle, glass, or carafe. Non-alcoholic beverages including New Haven’s well-known Foxon Park soda and an assortment of imported and domestic craft beer will also be offered.

“The number one priority is maintaining our family tradition of serving fresh, high-quality pizza that tastes as good as what we’ve been serving in New Haven since 1925,” said Gary Bimonte, Grandson of Frank Pepe and Director of Quality Assurance & Training. “Our guests are an extension of the Pepe family, and we’re thrilled to finally be a part of the exciting dining scene in Greater Boston.”

“Our guests deserve to have an authentic Pepe’s experience every time they walk into one of our restaurants, which is why we’re so passionate about creating a warm, familiar, and family-friendly atmosphere with each new location,” said Ken Berry, President & CEO of Frank Pepe’s Development Co., LLC.

Inspired by the look and feel of the New Haven location, Designer William Andriopolous of Norwalk, CT-based Andriopolous Design Associates created an atmosphere for Frank Pepe of Chestnut Hill that evokes the comfort, familiarity and tradition of the original.  The 3195 square foot, 84 seat restaurant is visually dominated by the view of its 14 by 14 foot (!) brick oven and the even larger “paddle area,” where expert pizzaiolos create made-to-order masterpieces on a marble counter and use 16 foot-long paddles to place them in the giant 104,000 pound oven.  Framed by an arch of traditional white ceramic tile, the “paddle area” also boasts a white antique-style tin ceiling and custom-made art deco-style pendant lighting that complete the iconic look and feel of the center stage prep area.

Bringing the Pepe experience full circle is an array of signature design elements that have been incorporated into the main dining area: an antique-style tin ceiling painted in a historic green hue, painted wooden booths featuring a wainscoting backing with vintage coat rack hooks, historic photos of Pepe’s 90 years in business, and vintage wallpaper featuring subtle neutral brown and light gray tones, which first appeared on the walls of the New Haven location.  Traditional Pepe’s elements incorporated into the space include a neon sign that spells out “The Original Tomato Pies” and the classic Frank Pepe’s “bakers sign.” Adding a modern yet ageless touch to the space are ceramic floor tiles featuring a cherry finish, which flows out of the restaurant and into a 10-seat indoor patio bordered by black wrought-iron railings. A pick-up counter conveniently located just inside the main entry and designated “Reserved for Pepe’s Takeout Only” parking spaces make To Go orders quick and convenient.

Founded in 1925 in New Haven, CT by Frank Pepe, who immigrated to the United States in 1909 at the age of 16, Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana operates locations in New Haven, Fairfield, Manchester, Danbury, West Hartford and Uncasville, CT, and Yonkers, NY.

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Italian Michelin-Star Quality Food Brand GODO Launches In London

By Posted on 4 m read

GODO, an Italian Michelin-star quality food brand, has launched in the City, Mayfair and Canary Wharf this month. Born from a love of perfectly prepared, artisanal Italian fare, GODO, which translates to “enjoy with pleasure,” is on a mission to deliver top quality Italian pasta-based meals to Londoners in a unique and highly engaging way.

GODO is the brainchild of entrepreneurs Amin Bouafsoun and Simone Sajeva, who developed the idea after working in the City and finding themselves with limited options for affordable, premium quality food. Despite there being plenty of options available, the pair felt that what was affordable was lacking in individuality, whereas high-quality ordering services came at too high a cost. GODO aims to solve this by offering authentic, passionate flavours of Italy at a competitive price, through a simple two-step app process.

GODO’s philosophy is to ‘deliver emotion’ which begins from sourcing the best and most authentic ingredients. Michelin star chef, Tommaso Arrigoni, has experimented with each recipe to create delicious Italian dishes perfect for transport. Packaging the pasta in elegant, custom-made glass jars developed by food technology experts, GODO ensure each order is delivered at optimum temperature and texture. Orders will be delivered by Italian ‘brand presenters’ driving a customised Fiat 500 or Vespa supplied by Piaggio wearing bespoke Italian motorbike clothing label, Dainese and Italian fashion brand, Conte of Florence. GODO is committed to sustainability and offer a collection upon re-order service for their luxury glass jars, which will then be recycled.

GODO’s state of the art thermic food container has been meticulously designed over the course of fifteen months in order to produce a vessel that maintains a constant temperature during transportation. This advanced technology is heightened by the simplicity of the delivery service: an app that requires the minimal effort of two taps, with tantalising descriptions of the ingredients accompanied by beautiful photos of each dish that remain consistent with the elegance of GODO. The app is available to download on all Apple phones, and soon will be available for Android.

GODO uses only the finest Italian produce, hand-selected from small suppliers and businesses who can be found within the regions that each of the dishes originate from. Its pasta is provided by one of the most reputable producers in Italy, Pastificio dei Campi – one of the only producers in Italy that controls its own wheat crop. This means that GODO is supplied with their own rare hard wheat, resulting in higher nutrients, more intense colour and unrivalled quality. Through GODO, this will also be the first time that Pastificio dei Campi’s pasta has been available in the UK. The pasta comes from the ‘magic hill’ of Gragnano, near Naples, where the climate is at its best for producing and drying pasta: the expertise of pasta production has been passed through generations in Gragnano, and the authenticity of knowledge and skill is evident in the colour, texture and taste. GODO offer a gluten free option from premium, artisan pasta supplier La Fabrica Della Pasta, made using Italian maize and rice within a controlled environment.

GODO shares suppliers with London’s most exclusive Michelin Star restaurants, including: Alain Ducasse at the Dorchester, Le Manoir Aux Quat Saisons, L’Atelier Joel Robuchon and The River Cafe.

Unlike its competitors, GODO has control over its whole value chain: directly sourced ingredients, its own Italian Michelin Star Chef, own kitchen, own packaging, own software, own brand presenters, along with state of the art technology and Italian artisanal produce all for a practical price. GODO strives for beauty and substance in everything it does, and by combining traditional recipes with modern techniques, it believes that perfection comes in simplicity.

GODO will launch with a lunch and dinner offering in the City and Mayfair, which will include Italian classics:


Fusilloni alla Mediterranea  

Authentic Gragnano fusilloni made from organic flour and drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), served with our signature Mediterranean sauce prepared out of sun-dried Pachino tomatoes, Taggiasca olives, Pantelleria capers and Sicilian extra virgin organic olive oil.

Penne Rigate with Lobster

Authentic Gragnano penne rigate made from organic flour and drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), served with rich lobster bisque made from roasted shells, chopped San Marzano tomatoes and cooked for more than two hours. All topped with Sicilian lobster, seasonal Tropea onion (when available), and fresh organic basil.

Trofie with Pra basil pesto

Authentic Gragnano trofie made from organic flour and drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), served with our fine pesto of the brightest Pra’ basil, sautéed Ligurian pine nuts, 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano and organic extra virgin olive oil from Sicily. Just like the Genovese, we mix in lightly cooked green beans and potato cubes.

Mezzi paccheri with Fassone Beef Ragù

Authentic Gragnano mezzi paccheri made from organic flour drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), knife cut rare-breed organic Piemonte Fassone beef shoulder braised for four hours with San Marzano tomatoes, thyme, rosemary and marjoram, then blended in Alpeggio butter and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano.

Rigatoni with Zeri Lamb Ragù

Authentic Gragnano pasta made from organic flour and drawn in the traditional “Al Bronzo” way (Trafilato al Bronzo), finely sliced leg of organic Zeri lamb gently cooked sous vide for three hours, sautéed with Alpeggio butter, thyme, oregano, carrots, blonde onions and 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano.

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Sugary Drinks Manufacturers Can Recoup Their Losses By Investing In Manufacturing Quality Control

By Posted on 3 m read

Beverage companies can offset the trend of profit erosion by employing effective quality control systems

The decline in sugary drinks sales, combined with heightened consumer interest in health initiatives, is forcing the hand of drinks manufacturers to guarantee tighter control of their bottom line. To support this, organisations should look to employ an effective manufacturing quality control management system to minimize potential losses and maximize efficiencies.

For the last 10 years, the sugary drinks companies’ profits have been in steady decline; this is largely driven by greater awareness of the health concerns surrounding carbonated drinks. However, in doing so, this has created opportunities for competitive healthy alternatives to establish a foothold in the drinks market – notably, flavoured waters and healthy juices have become increasingly appealing to consumers. As a result of this shift in consumer preferences, fizzy drinks manufacturers have experienced a 5 percent and 10 percent drop in sales in Europe and the U.K., respectively.

To further complicate matters, governments in Western markets have recently discussed the concept of introducing a “sugary-drinks tax” off the back of health campaigns, such as the one spearheaded in the U.K. by TV chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver is keen to introduce a 20 percent tax on fizzy drinks, and is looking to limit sales of fizzy drink multi-packs and end “buy one get one free” deals.

In light of this, manufacturers are increasingly asked to review their operations in order to determine what measures they are taking to ensure potential losses are kept to a minimum across the business. According to Doug Fair, COO at InfinityQS, an effective manufacturing quality management system can play a critical role in safeguarding an organisation’s profit:

“We’ve seen in North America, as well as Western Europe, a 10 to 12 percent reduction in the consumption of fizzy drinks products in the last several years. This begs the question – how do beverage companies recoup that drop in consumption? Also, the threat of government agencies raising the tax on some of the most popular sugary drinks means that manufacturers must prioritize loss protection as soon as possible.”

Fair continued, “Most organisations that don’t have quality control systems are blind to the opportunities for reducing losses, while ensuring the quality remains. If you’re able to reduce product overfills across your lines, you could be saving millions of dollars every year, and that is money that goes directly to the bottom line.

“Many organisations are afraid to underfill a can, for example, because doing so can lead to fines from oversight agencies. Therefore, manufacturers end up putting more product in containers than needed. So, this intentional overfilling results in profitability losses. In effect, these companies are unnecessarily, yet consciously giving away product. In light of potential sales declines and increased taxation on the industry, such losses could have disastrous financial consequences if not addressed.”

Fair concluded, “In a plant that produces tens of thousands of cans per hour, even the smallest reduction in overfill can generate massive savings. Just one way companies can improve efficiency is by implementing an effective quality management system. Once quality data is available in the system and understandable, it is easy to make changes that can quickly save millions.”

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Royal China Group’s Guide To Dim Sum For Chinese New Year 2016

By Posted on 2 m read

Chopsticks at the ready!  Chinese New Year is on 8 February 2016, so how better to spend it than eating Dim Sum?

So that you’re prepared for the special occasion, the talented chefs at Royal China have put together their tips on Dim Sum etiquette.

Royal China Group is renowned for its Dim Sum, which is served daily from Noon until 5pm and includes favourites such as Steamed Seafood Dumplings with Spicy Sauce; and Pan-fried Fillet of Duck Breast Rolls.

What to do

  • Do eat each dim sum dumpling in one go to get the full flavour of the components in your mouth. It is also less messy!
  • Do drink tea with dim sum and never order other hot drinks such as coffee as it can overpower the taste of the dim sum. Tea is the most important factor when eating dim sum, and we recommend ordering Jasmine or Chrysanthemum It is best to drink the tea with fried or baked dim sum to wash it down and cleanse the digestion system of the oils.
  • Do always pour others tea before your own as this is tradition in China.
  • Do tap your index finger on the table to thank the person pouring the tea. This is a recognised symbol of “bowing” in China and was invented by an emperor.
  • Do order a lot of different dishes and share between the table for a variety of flavours. When eating dim sum order rice as it is a good way to cleanse your palate.

What not to do

  • Don’t use your own chopsticks to serve yourself from the communal bowls.
  • Don’t save dessert until last. It is acceptable to request a dessert dish in the middle of the meal such as Egg Custard Tarts. As the tea freshens your palate diners can mix sweet and savoury dishes.
  • Don’t eat dim sum cold, it needs to be eaten hot. It should not be left to cool and it should be eaten within 15 minutes of being served. Start with fried dim sum then steamed as the fried dim sum cools quicker. Royal China serves dim sum in steam baskets with a lid to preserve the temperature.

The Royal China Group consists of six of London’s most authentic and prestigious Chinese restaurants, including the luxurious and critically-acclaimed Royal China Club. Based in prime areas of London, the restaurants are centrally located on Baker Street, as well as in Bayswater, Fulham, Harrow-on-the-Hill and Canary Wharf.

The Royal China restaurants offer traditional Hong Kong Chinese dishes, while the Royal China Club provides and exclusive experience combining European ingredients within the authentic Chinese cuisine.

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Northen Monk Brew Co. Launch Their First Beer With Opeth

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Award Winning Swedish progressive band, Opeth, who are celebrating their 25th anniversary have today launched their first beer with Leeds (UK) based brewery, Northern Monk Brew Co.
Limited to just 1700 660ml bottles, the 9.2% ‘XXV Anniversary Imperial Stout’ is a one off brew. Descended from the strongest Stout Porter brewed in Britain in the 18th Century it’s brewed with 10 different malts for uttermost complexity of flavour – big, dark and full in mouthfeel, expect roasted flavours with underlying notes of rich chocolate, cinder toffee and coffee. Designed to sip slowly and share with friends, drink one now and save one as the flavours will develop over time.
The Northern Monk Co opened in late 2014 in Holbeck, Leeds and have quickly established themselves as producing some of the most high quality and exciting beers in the UK with their New World IPA, Northern Star Mocha Porter and Eternal Session IPA. Following collaborations with the likes of Brew Dog, Saltaire Brewery and Weird Beard working with a band such as Opeth who shared similar ideals when it came to their ‘craft’ made perfect sense. Members of the band visited the brewery recently and the collaboration began. Russell Bisset (Founder) of Northern Monk Brew Co comments:
‘We’re big metal fans at Northern Monk and Opeth is often the soundtrack to our brewing. When the opportunity to work with the band came up, we jumped at the chance. Opeth have been taking the same progressive and quality driven approach to music that we have to beer for the past 25 years and it was great to work with them. Our aim was to make one of the most bold and forward thinking brewery and band collaborations ever. We got together at the brewery tap room and tasted our range of beers with them and together came up with a couple of recipes.’

As a fan of quality beer himself Opeth frontman Mikael Åkerfeldt has also expressed his excitement:
‘Even if we’re musicians firstly, we’re beer drinkers secondly. Kind of. Let me rephrase: We love beer. We love good beer. We’ve turned into culinary connoisseurs of late. Not too much snobbery however. We just love good food and drinks. So when we were approached by the fantastic Northern Monk brewery to do a Opeth signature beer we simply could not turn it down. But believe me, we’ve turned down zillions off offers to do alcoholic beverages with the Opeth logo on it. Northern Monk are great. They have great ideas and makes great beer. They even invited Fredrik and Axe down to the brewery for a walkthrough of their premises in Leeds. Needless to say, they got both of them drunk, but we also managed to get our own brand of signature beer down to a tee. And Axe and Fredrik know their beer, from years of over-indulging. And now it’s ready. One is a top of the line Imperial stout that can be matured up to about 25 years. We’ll also have a lovely pale ale out in early 2016. I know we’re not the first band to do our own beer, and not the last. All I know is that it’s a top quality beer and I will certainly enjoy having my own little stash in the cooler for Christmas. Cheers! (Clonk!)’

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UK Music Welcomes Amendments On An “Agent Of Change” Principle To Government’s Planning Bill

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The music industry welcomes amendments to tomorrow’s Planning Bill that would place an “agent of change” principle on a statutory basis in to UK law.

Tabled by the Opposition, an “agent of change” principle would offer respite to venues all over the UK.  The music industry is seeing a marked decline in grassroots venues all over the UK.  In London alone there has been a staggering 35% decline over eight years.  Without grassroots venues, there is nowhere for emerging music to find its feet.

The “agent of change” principle ensures that a new development must shoulder responsibility for compliance when situated near an existing music venue.  Similarly, if a music venue opens in a residential area, it too would be responsible for complying with residential requirements.

Leading the charge to save grassroots music venues is Labour’s Shadow DCMS Secretary of State Michael Dugher MP.  Dugher appeared on the “UK Music presents: Turning Words into Actions” panel at Venues Day 2015.  His amendments are a fitting response to the strength of feeling he felt that day.

Senior music industry figures said in response to the amendments:-

Jo Dipple, CEO, UK Music –

“Grassroots music venues are under threat.  They are closing. These venues are the hands that hold the heart of the British music industry.  Without them there are no hubs for creativity, stages for talent or homes for emerging artists.  These small and grassroots venues create a platform for our industry, one that contributes £4.1 billion to the UK economy.  I am incredibly grateful to Michael Dugher MP and John Healey MP who recognise that something needs to give.  Their leadership in this matter is welcome. I urge Government to support the introduction of these amendments into law.”

Mark Davyd, CEO, Music Venue Trust –

“We welcome this important opportunity to take a common sense approach to Housing and Planning. Grassroots music venues are culturally significant spaces, incubating UK music talent at the very earliest stage of their careers. By adopting agent of change principles, we not only ensure these spaces are protected, we also contribute to the development of higher quality residential development in towns and cities. Residents and culture can happily co-exist in our towns and cities, and Agent of Change is a simple supporting measure that encourages that outcome.”

Dave Webster, National Organiser Live Performance, Musicians’ Union –

“This amendment, if carried will help to ensure the many venues supporting live music and  providing community assets across the UK can continue to exist. Relaxation of planning laws allowing inner city, often redundant commercial buildings, to be turned into residential accommodation has in many cases adversely affected venues nationwide.”

Paul Reed, General Manager, Association of Independent Festivals –

“We fully support the introduction of the agent of change principle in the UK. It is a very common sense mechanism and has already been adopted in Australia. This would ensure protection for both grassroots venues and residents. The simple fact is, it would be impossible to create the festival headliners of tomorrow without the grassroots venues that enable emerging artists to develop and hone their craft”.

Andy Lenthall, General Manager, Production Services Association –

“A healthy supply of music venues is not only important for musicians to hone their craft, it is essential for the continued supply of new technicians to add to our world class supply of backstage support for live music. The Production Services Association, as the representative body for these technicians, welcome any move designed to protect the venues that are crucial to our sector.”

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Over 50% Of Brits Lie To Their Children To Ensure They Believe In Father Christmas

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Research has revealed that 52% of parents fib when asked difficult questions from their children at Christmas time, whilst a fifth of parents turn to Google to help out. Other surprising statistics included:

  • Fifty-two per cent of parents will fib when asked a difficult question;
  • Seventy-four per cent of parents believe the magic of Santa is the most important part of Christmas;
  • Most parents believe their children shouldn’t question Father Christmas until they are 10-years-old.

Every year, Father Christmas is pulled around the world by flying reindeer in his quest to deliver presents to billions of children. However, by age 7 1/2, 45% of youngsters will question the legitimacy of his existence, leaving parents lost for words as they struggle to respond to this interrogation. This coming weekend, Mrs. Claus will be visiting WestQuay, Highcross and Cabot Circus shopping centres to meet children and parents alike, set the record straight and help reignite the Christmas spirit across the nation.

Mrs. Claus will be heading to WestQuay, Highcross and Cabot Circus to take part in a live Q&A. She said: “We are always getting letters for Santa Claus here at the North Pole from curious children. Obviously, this is his busiest time of year so he needs to stay focused on getting everything ready for the big day, so I’m taking a little road trip to speak to the nation. I’ll be answering any questions they might have – I’m his wife after all I’ve got the inside knowledge.”

Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager, said: “We’re so excited to have Mrs Claus in centre this year, Christmas is such an important time of year for families so we want to make sure parents are prepared for any questions their little ones might have and help them reignite the Christmas joy in their homes.”

The centre’s have asked Mrs Claus to answer the most common questions children ask to arm parents with the information they need.


How does he manage to eat billions of mince pies?

 It takes millions of calories to fly around the world in one night so they keep him fuelled – he’s the gold medallist in his field.

How does he get into houses without chimneys?

He has a magic key which only works on Christmas Eve and allows him to access every house, chimney or not.

Why can’t normal reindeer fly?

Santa’s reindeers are a rare festive breed related to the pegasus but they can only fly in December – we take them on some practice flights, you need to be prepared after all.

Why does Father Christmas look different in every grotto?

He looks different in different lights and he likes a variety of outfits – it’s a nightmare keeping them all clean!

How old is he?

He stopped counting a while ago…! But he’s older than the tooth fairy and younger than the Easter Bunny.

With festive fun for all of the family, WestQuay, Cabbot Circus and Highcross will be offering extended opening hours this Christmas, to ensure that visitors can truly enjoy the most magical time of the year. Parking after 5PM is just £1 in our multi-storey car park.

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Responsible Reporting Or Sensationalist Headlines?

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A prominent article in The Telegraph newspaper reported: “Martin Grootveld, a professor of bioanalytical chemistry and chemical pathology, said that his research showed “a typical meal of fish and chips”, fried in vegetable oil contained as much as 100 to 200 times more toxic aldehydes than the safe daily limit set by the World Health Organisation.”

This is the most recent of several articles in prominent publications quoting experts giving cause for concern using vegetable oil and promoting the use of olive oil.
As a producer of cold pressed rapeseed oil, married to an agriculturist involved in the production of rapeseed amongst other foodstuffs, I am fully supportive of gaining better understanding of the benefits or indeed risks of the food we produce and how we consume it.
I am concerned that some reports in reputable news publications are sensationalised and use scaremonger tactics and are potentially influenced by large PR budgets of interested parties.
My own interpretation of very many scientific articles and which I would suggest most people would already understand is that:
 It is advisable that deep fried food is consumed occasionally rather than regularly
 Oil degrades after use and all chefs understand and adhere to strict guidelines of when to discard
 Saturated fat can cause heart problems when consumed excessively
 It is advisable to have a balanced diet with fresh ingredients produced responsibly

From the perspective of research information on rapeseed oil I would recommend the website: and from personal experience our cold pressed rapeseed oil does not denature when used for cooking at high temperatures. The plant based omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids found naturally in rapeseed oil that are understood to be beneficial from some scientific research are transferred in significant proportion to food when cooked with our oil. This was evidenced when we sent potato crisps cooked in our oil for independent testing.

Author: Angie Curwen, Managing Director, AMC Foods Ltd, producers of Kentish Oils, Kent Crisps & The British Oil & Relish Co product ranges.

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De SOUSA Champagne And Its Talented Brut Tradition

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A favourite Christmas drink with its effervescent fizz, champagne will truly sparkle this year with the De SOUSA Brut Tradition.

This renowned champagne is a well-balanced combination of grape varieties: 50% Chardonnay, 40% Pinot Black and 10% Pinot Meunier. It also includes 20% ‘reserve wines’, which give it a rounded and rich finish characteristic of big champagnes.

The balance is also perfect when accompanying food: completely vinified in vats, it brings freshness and liveliness to the table, from the aperitif to the Christmas pudding! Its floral notes from white flowers, citrus and ripe pears gives it a lively and smooth palate and a round and creamy texture that goes perfectly with the finest dishes.

This generous, beautifully elegant champagne has proved a great success in more than 25 countries. What better way to brighten up these end-of-year celebrations?

Based in the Champagne region for three generations, the De Sousa family knows how to get the best out of its soil, its grape varieties and its wine production. Profoundly attached to this land at the heart of the Côte des Blancs, with its Grands Crus (Avize, Oger, Cramant, Le Mesnil sur Oger), the De Sousa family has always strived to preserve the authenticity and typicality of this region.

It is this driving force that gives champagne from this great house a recognizable character all of its own, due as much to its old vines (many are over 50 years old) as to its naturally low yields and traditional know-how
(use of small oak barrels, extended aging in typical chalk cellars, …).

And not content just to demand the best for its champagnes, the De SOUSA Family also wants the best for the environment and manages its vines
organically and biodynamically. A requirement that has given the De SOUSA champagne house a reputation that has spread far beyond its frontiers and is now sought after by the best wine shops and the grandest hotels and restaurants in the world.

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Manchester Based Individual Restaurants Announces The Opening Of A New Flagship Piccolino In Alderley Edge

By Posted on 6 m read

Individual Restaurants promises to bring a touch of Italy to Cheshire with its latest opening of a flagship Piccolino in Alderley Edge. The brand new restaurant will open on Monday 23rd November for lunch and dinner, quickly followed by the launch of their Juice bar, The Juicery, and breakfast on Monday 30th November.
The Manchester based company also recently announced a deal with the UK’s favourite Italian chef Gino D’Acampo who has moved into premium casual restaurants with the launch of his new restaurant brand: Gino D’Acampo -My restaurant.
Two restaurants will open before Christmas. The first in central London, in Euston station, quickly followed by a site in the newly refurbished Corn Exchange building in central Manchester.

Located on London Road in the ground floor space of the former Panacea club, Piccolino the Italian restaurant and bar, will be open from 7:30am all day everyday, serving breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner until late.
At the same location on the first floor, Yu and You Chinese restaurant will also be opening at the same time. The new Piccolino restaurant will seat 250 guests and brings a new meaning to ‘all day everyday, dining’ boasting; a 20 metre eat at open kitchen, wine boutique, island cocktail bar, private event space, an all year outside terrace with fully retractable roof and much, much more.
In addition to all of this, Piccolino have brought in the skills of celebrity juicer Cindy Palusamy, to open a brand new juice bar called The Juicery which will open on Monday 30th November.
Founded in New York, The Juicery boasts locations in LA, London and now Alderley Edge working alongside leading nutritionists and doctors, all over the world.
The Juicery will open from 7.30am daily from Monday 30th November and guests will be able to “juice in or takeaway”.

Cindy comments of her collaboration with Individual Restaurants: “The mission of The Juicery has always been to bring a taste of the famous New York/Los Angeles well-being culture to all parts of the world. In Steven Walker and the team at Individual Restaurants, we found an amazing group of dedicated foodies who share our passion for bringing our version of ‘expert goodness’ to life. Our truly collaborative menu at the new Piccolino in Alderley
Edge, will not only feature our signature juices and smoothies, but also booster shots, superfood hot chocolates and teas, salads and takeaway snacks that are as good as they are good for you.”
Also launching on Monday 30th November and served weekdays from 7:30am and weekends from 9am, the new breakfast and brunch menu, offers a range of breakfast favourites from waffles, crepes and pancakes to panini’s, eggs and porridge.
All of the eggs served on the menu are sourced from Brookside Farm in lancashire, so whether you choose to start the day with your eggs scrambled, fried, poached or in an omelette you can guarantee that they’ll always be free range.
The restaurant has a very Mediterranean look designed to allow guests to feel comfortable from morning until night in its many diverse areas. The refined use of classic timeless materials including; Carrara & Nero marbles imported from Italy, antique brass, Oak & reclaimed white washed woods, are brought to life with striking light blue leather where inspiration was taken from the
famous Italian yacht builder Riva.
The centre piece of the restaurant is the 20 metre kitchen bar. Providing the feel of a Harrods food hall, guests can watch the chefs in action from the working food displays. The kitchen includes; a salad bar, salumeria, fish and shellfish bar, meat and poultry bar, pizzeria, pasta bar, pastry and Ice cream bar. Most of the cooking is done on a bespoke open charcoal and wood burning grill, or one of three handmade Italian wood burning ovens that take centre stage. Piccolino only use natural lump wood charcoal and sustainable wood specially sourced from the English countryside.

Passion for provenance is at the forefront of the menu, no matter where you look. The company has close links to artisan suppliers all over Italy bringing some of the best cheeses, salamis & grocery items to the UK.
Boasting its own butchery in Cheshire where a team of nine full time skilled butchers source the very best meat & poultry direct from farms.
All their beef is sourced direct from carefully selected farms across the British Isles and they specialise in certified Black Aberdeen Angus. Individually selected cattle are hung for 7 to 10 days and dry aged on the bone for a minimum of 35 days in their own bespoke Himalayan pink salt brick, dry ageing room. Every single steak is hand cut buy their own skilled butchers.
In addition to this the menu has an extensive selection of wild shellfish sourced mainly from the clear waters of the UK via small independent suppliers. Fresh hand picked crab from the Isle of Man, native lobster, wild Scottish langoustines, hand dived scallops, rope grown Scottish mussels and Mersea island rock oysters to name just a few of the amazing items on the menu.
Piccolino goes to great lengths to bring you truly amazing fish, responsibly caught from sustainable sources, including some of the finest day boat fish from around the British Isles. The company has developed strong partnerships with small independent family run suppliers, like Chapmans of Rye on the south coast of England, to ensure the best fish direct from their boats.
Artisan filled pastas are all made in house by Marcello Ghiretti, the pasta specialist from 00’ flower, free range eggs, extra virgin olive oil and sea salt.
Piccolino strives to serve the very best of the season. Seasonal fruit, vegetables, salads and herbs are from hand picked growers and organic wherever possible.
You are sure to be tempted to a dessert too, with the pastry chef in full view of guests showing off their waffle and pancake making skills. Piccolino also has its own bakery run by skilled pastry cook Antoine Quentin. It prides itself on the fact that all ice cream, sorbets, cakes and desserts, are made in house.

The wine boutique showcases an extensive all Italian wine and Prosecco list, together with a vast selection of champagnes. The boutique is run by two Italian sommeliers and can be hired for wine and cocktail masterclasses.

“So keen are we for guests to try our fine and rare selection, we have only added a small mark up, charging a fraction of the prices compared to other restaurants”, says Dario Barbato the in house sommelier.
The central cocktail bar offer a drinks list that is both extensive and very Italian, offering a diverse selection of seasonally inspired classic Italian cocktails, Italian Vermouth, Amari, sweet liquers and an impressive list of craft beers.
To add to the Mediterranean feel DJ Julienne Jeanne – who has worked in some of the coolest ski and beach resorts throughout the Mediterranean – and his team, will play music on the outdoor terrace from Thursday until Sunday, midday until midnight.

Steven Walker, founder of Individual Restaurants, the company behind Piccolino says; “We are really excited to be opening a flagship Piccolino restaurant in Alderley Edge and feel the partnership with Vinnie and Victor Yu, who own and run Yu Chinese restaurant, will make this a fantastic eclectic foodie destination and I wish them every success for the future.
“After visiting the best outdoor terraces at some of the coolest restaurants and hotels in major capitals of the world, we are also excited to bring a taste of this to Alderley Edge with the creation of the all year terrace.”

Victor Yu, Head Chef comments; “We’ve been looking to expand the business and open a second restaurant for a while now, but we wanted to find the right location. Both Vinny and I think Alderley Edge is a fantastic place that will complement the restaurants sophisticated style and food offering. We’re looking forward to bringing a new concept to both residents and visitors from the surrounding area. Also on the agenda is an exciting local area delivery service alongside Piccolino that will launch in early 2016, so watch this space!”
Individual restaurants continues to go from strength to strength. It owns and operates a growing collection of over 35 restaurants in London, major cities, affluent towns and suburbs across the country as well as providing services to other leading restaurant brands. Its restaurants are often frequented by celebrities, well known sports and TV stars.

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