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What Can Affect Your Dog’s Behaviour?

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Dog behaviour can sometimes be difficult to understand, especially if your dog has recently started acting differently than usual. Maybe your dog has suddenly stopped doing something that they would normally do, their attitude towards exercise has changed, or they are acting out more. Either way, before you invest in training sessions or chalk it up to your dog being naughty, it’s worth considering the different factors that can have an impact on how your dog behaves.

Health Conditions:

Underlying health conditions can have a huge impact on your dog’s behaviour. If your dog has suddenly started acting differently, it may be that they are suffering from an illness. This is especially true if nothing else has changed in your dog’s life – you haven’t changed anything with their diet, exercise levels, or environment. If your dog’s behavioural change has seemingly come out of nowhere, a visit to the vet to rule out any underlying health conditions should be in order.

Diet Changes:

A change to your dog’s diet can also change their behaviour for better or worse. For example, a dog who normally begs for food all day long might stop doing this if they are fed a better diet that provides them with all the nutrients that they need. On the other hand, a dog who isn’t getting enough nutrition from their food might be lethargic or start acting out more often. If you think your dog needs a new diet, consider Bella & Duke dog meals. These meals are made from all-natural, nutritious ingredients designed to be tailored to your dog, and they come in handy portions to make feeding easy. You can find out more about raw feeding at Bella & Duke.


While nobody would like to think that their dog is being mistreated, if they have suddenly started acting more fearful or more aggressive, this could be the case. Think about the places that your dog goes to and who they interact with throughout the day. If your dog has started acting more fearful when you drop them off at the doggy daycare centre or is more aggressive towards you when they come back home from staying with a dog sitter, it is worth considering the possibility that somebody isn’t being nice to them in these places. Of course, this can also be caused by other factors like an underlying health condition, so take them to the vet to get checked out too.

Life Changes:

Just like big changes in your life affect you, they can also have an effect on your dog. If you’ve recently moved house, got a new pet, started a new job, or had a new baby, this can affect your dog too, and you might notice some changes to their behaviour. Try to keep your dog’s environment as stable and as consistent as possible and provide them with plenty of reassurance.

Dog behavioural changes can happen for a wide and varied number of reasons. If you have noticed a sudden behavioural change in your dog, the best thing to do is first get them checked by your vet.

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How can effective use of PPE be implemented in the retail and hospitality sectors and what solutions can you offer?

I think the first thing to say is that everyone needs reassurance that those around them are taking every precaution to ensure the highest possible safety standards. This is true of your staff front and back of house and your customers and guests. Without that reassurance, your staff won’t feel confident about returning to work and your customers will be reluctant to visit restaurants, cafes and pubs.

As Experts in Safety we are working with our customers to understand the Government guidance as it changes and to advise them on the relevant risk management and control measures that they can implement to adhere to this guidance and prevent the spread of coronavirus. We have advised on: handwashing and sanitising, enhanced cleaning regimes, social distancing and where this is not possible, we recommend the use of PPE.

We recommend face visors, masks and coverings as the best preventative measure to stop the spread and reduce the risk of others catching COVID-19. These are the best options in industries such as hospitality, restaurants and catering, where social distancing is not always possible.  In these situations, we would recommend purchasing a type II mask.

As experts in safety our core business is selling the correct safety equipment to those that need it. We recommend anyone buying any type of PPE for the first time, works with an experienced supplier to ensure the safety of staff and customers.   We also have a lot of great advice on our website on purchasing PPE and facemasks for anyone who may need it.

Have you been able to/will you be to tailor different solutions/products to different lines of work – ie. the difference between customer-facing operations and other activities where staff interact only with other staff?

Yes, we have assisted customers with “front of house” operations to ensure the correct products are supplied to protect workers and promote customer confidence.  This includes providing hand sanitising stations, disinfectant wipes and protective faceshields and masks.  We are also able to help with protecting back of house teams, giving advice on cleaning and hygiene and PPE.

Has the coronavirus pandemic impacted sales for PPE and has it focused attention on specific products/product lines?

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen unprecedented demand for all types of PPE, with a particular focus on products such as respirators, gloves, and coveralls, we’ve also seen an increase in demand for cleaning and hygiene products: hand sanitisers and wipes, for example.  In the early stages of full lockdown, we were focussed on prioritising critical businesses, such as healthcare workers and food production industries and now the restrictions are easing, our role is to support those customers getting back to work, re-opening their businesses to the public and helping to re-energise the economy.

Has this period prompted innovation? If so, could you give an example?

A great example of this is in the development of face shields. When demand rose significantly we had to manage our stock carefully. The issue with the pandemic was the shields needed to be disposable, meaning customers needed a cost effective solution.

We worked with a local company to design and manufacture a product that was lightweight and suitable for the rigours of the task but with cost in mind. This product is now classed as a ‘semi disposable’ faceshield, providing a safe and cost-effective solution.

Do you have plans to bring new products to market in light of Covid-19?

We have sourced many new products and are working with new suppliers and manufacturers to ensure we can meet the increased demand in our customer base. Many items including masks, visors, hand hygiene products, sanitising wipes and gloves were not a regularly purchased product for many of our customer but are now part of their typical order.

Have challenges within the supply chain arisen? What measures have you taken to mitigate such challenges?

With an influx of PPE from new suppliers, some products entering the market have been found to be non-compliant and may not provide the appropriate protection, potentially posing a safety risk for the wearer. There is also evidence of false documentation, containing incorrect CE marking and declarations of conformity, making it difficult for purchasers to establish which products offer correct protection.

With our own independently accredited product assurance lab, Arco is uniquely positioned to advise our customers about non-compliant products that are finding their way into the marketplace. We have also been using our deep technical knowledge on product quality and conformity to assist the OPSS and Trading Standards in their effort to keep non-compliant products out of the supply chain.

Are you able to offer further value to the service you’re able to offer clients – eg. guidance and advice, training, risk assessment, maintenance of products etc.?

 To help businesses, Arco has published a series of freely available expert advice sheets starting with risk management and covering the necessary safety measures; social distancing, hand washing, sanitising cleaning, disinfecting and PPE and face masks. The practical advice also features a downloadable sample risk assessment, step by step guides, infographics and checklists. You can find them all here:

How have you yourselves added safety measures as a result of the pandemic?

As soon as the lockdown came into force, our priorities were the safety of our people and of our customers.  We closed the majority of our nationwide network of stores but some remained open where we were supporting customers in critical industries and purchases were available on a Click and Collect basis. All safety protocols and social distancing was in place.

However, our recently extended National Distribution Centre in Hull remained opened and worked to full capacity, fulfilling orders for the NHS, hospitals, other public sector health bodies and critical industries such as food manufacturing and supply. We were able to support all our customers in these sectors during lockdown and are now doing all we can to help businesses as they start to re-open, working to protect their staff and their own customers.


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Some Great Ways You Can Unwind After Work

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Nobody knows the secret to modern happiness, but the first step seems to lie in getting your work/life balance in order.

With such demanding and hectic work schedules, many of us struggle to not only find free time but make the most of it when we do.

You can’t hope to move up the career ladder or find fulfilment in your work without some unwinding time to balance it out though. So, what are some of the best ways to unwind in 2020 and how do they work?

Challenge yourself by playing games

Games as a method of unwinding are nothing new, they’ve always been a way to rest your body and keep your mind sharp. It might be more relaxing to watch TV all night, but it doesn’t keep you engaged or demand attention quite like a competitive game.

Whether it’s traditional board games with a partner or roommate or modern video games, both are brilliant ways of disconnecting from work and enjoying the evening. Best of all, the advent of technology and the internet has given us more ways to challenge ourselves with puzzles and explore exotic worlds with our friends, virtually or in-person.

Online casinos such as 32Red have also emerged in recent years as great places for those with a competitive edge who need to feel an adrenaline rush to really wind down to make the most of their evenings. Whether it’s 32Red or one of its many competitors, avid and first-time gamblers can find great new ways to play classic games such as slot machines, poker or blackjack against genuine players.

A different way to disconnect from the trials of a working day, but an exciting one that might just make your pockets a little heavier.

Give yourself a full-body workout

Sometimes a day in the office can feel like a real workout.

You get home and your whole body aches. You want nothing more than to lie down in front of the TV for a couple of hours until it’s time to go to bed. The cycle begins all over again and you never feel truly refreshed.

It could be that relaxing is the last thing you need to really unwind from work, and a full-body workout could be just the solution.

Rather than heading straight home and wasting hours staring at your phone, take a detour to the gym and get a much-needed workout in to wind the day down. Much like casino games, if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie who needs to feel pressure to unwind, exercise will be perfect for you.

Lifting weights and running on the treadmill not your thing? Maybe you should consider more relaxing forms of exercise, such as yoga. Yoga and it’s many offshoots are perfect for not just getting a more toned, flexible physique but clearing your mind and giving you better control of your own breathing. It’s like a fresh start for your body.

Don’t scoff at the idea of a relaxing evening spent working up a sweat. It might just be the most satisfying way to wind down in the long run.

Step outside of your tech bubble

Surrounding ourselves with static and blue light day in, day out does more damage to our health than we might expect.

After a long day at a desk staring into a screen or constantly talking on the phone, the last thing you should look to do to help yourself unwind is browse Twitter for four straight hours. Too much exposure to blue light (the kind emitted from smartphones) has already been shown to negatively affect sleeping patterns according to the Sleep Foundation. Are you really unwinding if you feel worse afterwards?

To really unwind from work you need to completely disconnect yourself from it. Once you get home ignore all emails, lock your work social media accounts and resist the urge to watch hours and hours of YouTube clips.

Step outside of the tech bubble. That can mean literally going out for evenings walks (or weekend hikes for more long term unwinding) or even something as simple as reading a good book or training a creative skill. Anything to get you away from technology and it’s constant, draining hum for a few hours.

Invest time into cooking a good meal

Our working lives don’t exactly make it easy, but on the whole, we have pretty bad eating habits as a society.

How often have you walked past a fast-food restaurant on the way home and decided that actually, you can’t be bothered to cook tonight? While it’s good to treat yourself every now and then, it’s a slippery cycle to find yourself in and a bad way to perk yourself up after a hard day at work.

Cooking is like a form of therapy. Stop thinking of eating well as just a journey to turning heads in the gym and look at it as an enjoyable process to help you wind down in the evening. Maybe start with a vegetarian dish using ingredients recommended by us here at Feast.

For many, there’s nothing more therapeutic than chopping vegetables, finding new combinations and making sure the seasoning is just right. The satisfaction of seeing those ingredients come out as something fully formed and delicious is more satisfying than any greasy burger.

Cooking is such a good way to unwind because it gives you a purpose and a focus. It’s like a more relaxed version of work, with much more instant results. Gather up the ingredients, stick on a good podcast and get to work developing your own speciality.

So there you have it, four brilliant ways that working people can unwind once the daily grind is done. Find what works for you and fit it into your work and social schedules for a more relaxed and fulfilling existence.


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Tips That Will Help You Achieve an Elegant and Classy Look

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Achieving an elegant appearance is something that many people aspire to. However, you may not be fashion-savvy or, you may not know how to put together looks that exude elegance. There are numerous articles and pieces that aim to help you dress elegantly, but the overload of advice and guidance may be pretty confusing. It may also be discouraging once you think that maybe you need to toss out your entire wardrobe and start afresh, which may be financially draining. The good thing is that although you may need to buy a few accessories and pieces for your elegant wardrobe, you can start with what you already own. This will mainly be easier if you have already invested in quality and necessary versatile pieces. If you have faced this predicament, then you are in the right place. Here are some tips that will help you achieve an expensive look, effortlessly. 

1.Investing in the classics

The first thing that you might need to do to look elegant is to come up with a capsule wardrobe that has timeless classics. This will be important in ensuring that you will always have pieces that are in style and worn at any time. Classics are also great for creating different classy looks as they will blend seamlessly with the rest of the pieces in your closet. Therefore it would be a great idea to invest say in a pair of neutral or black dressy pants and skirts, a white shirt as well as other items such as well-fitting dark-wash pair of jeans. Having these classics will make it much easier for you to create outfits that are stylish and timeless; because classics go with basically everything. Invest in quality shoes. 

2.Getting a structured bag

One of the surest and easiest ways to look put together is by carrying a structured bag. Such a bag oozes sophistication and class. You can never regret splurging on a good quality structured bag, and it will serve you for a long time. There are many luxury houses with great bags to suit your lifestyle. Even if you cannot afford to invest in an expensive handbag every other time, you can save for one. And that one bag will serve you for a long time, as well as help you to look elegant. Luxury brands such as Loewe have amazing minimalist structured bags that come in different natural and classic colors that transcend season, and that will go with most pieces in your wardrobe. Other luxury brands, including Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel, also offer quality structured bags.

3.Get your clothes tailored

Your body is different from the next person’s. Therefore you may have a difficult time finding pieces that fall right against every curve of your body. This is because most clothes are mass-produced using standard measurements. When clothes become too frumpy or don’t fit you well, you cannot look elegant. The solution to this is to get your clothes tailored, as having clothes tailored explicitly for you may be expensive. You can get your dress from the high street and take it to a skilled tailor to take it in the right places. After that, you will be surprised as the dress will look like it was custom made for you, and you will end up looking sophisticated and put together.

These simple tips and tricks will prove helpful in your journey on dressing in a classy manner. Try them out, and kickstart your journey towards looking sophisticated and elegant.



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How to Launch a Food Delivery Service in 2020  

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Deciding to take your food business online and launching a delivery model is a bold decision, especially in the world of Just Eat and Deliveroo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t excel at delivering the food that you have passion for. If you are thinking about taking the plunge to start your own food delivery service, make sure you know how you are going to operate.

Delivery Logistics and More

Firstly, you need to decide how you are going to deliver your food. Will you need to organize drivers yourself? Or will you instead opt to use a delivery partner and work in tandem with some of the bigger names? If you are launching a whole service, you will need to have the logistics down flawlessly – what will you do about customer service? Will you be able to offer and implement discounts easily? How will you handle reports of food poisoning? You need to make sure that you have thought of ways to deal with every problem that you might face. You also need to consider your prices – will you be able to sort out the logistics at a price point that customers will pay for while still being profitable for you? What will happen if you have a sudden need for money due to a hidden cost or emergency?

How Your Service Works on the Front-End

Once you’ve nailed the back-end operational problems that you might encounter, you need to work out how you will be able to actually offer your service to consumers. If you are looking to compete with a delivery agent like Just Eat, you should seriously consider creating an app. Even if you are just looking to offer a delivery service for your own restaurant, an app can help to solidify customer loyalty, according to MobiRoller, and is highly recommended. The problem with apps, however, is that they can be expensive – you might need to speak to a loan provider like CashLady if you need to take out small amounts of debt to afford the upfront costs.


If you’re offering your own food, you need to have a takeaway menu that is profitable and possibly reduced, favouring the orders that won’t be ruined in transit. More basic dishes will be necessary, too – you need to anticipate a fussy eater with every order. A good menu relies on a small selection of good ingredients that you can use for different dishes, so you can keep everything fresh, delicious, and straightforward.

If you are looking to offer other people’s food, you need to work out what makes you unique, what your niche might be. This could be as simple as providing the very best local food specific to your area, or it could be offering the best discounts or a specific type of food. You must have a well-defined niche, so customers understand why they would choose you instead of one of the big players. If you are an individual restaurant, think about pricing lower on your app than you do on other apps or even in-store. You might also want to look for funding from Innovate UK if you think your niche is innovative enough (like this delivery service)

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Top Historical Places to Visit in Central London

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The British Museum, the London Mithraeum and Parliament Houses are among the best places to visit in London. Other popular sites are the Highgate Cemetery and Westminster Abbey.

We have tried to put together a guide to the city’s cultural landmarks, monuments, and museums, with top places to visit and a complete list of London’s historical sites that should not be missed.

  1.   Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament or the Palace of Westminster is the site of houses of the UK Parliament. Originally the part of the grand royal palace that had been home to English monarchs for more than 500 years, Westminster Palace became Parliament’s residence in the 16th century during King Henry VIII’s reign, when Henry moved the royal family out of Westminster Palace after a fire.

  1.   Tower of London

Formerly known as the White Tower, was commissioned by William the Conqueror in 1070, he was the first Norman king. It was conceived as a stronghold of the army, a position that remained unchanged right up to the late 19th century. Luggage storage Paddington will help you keep your heavy luggage while you can enjoy the beefeaters, you can wander around to revive the history and know some of the unknown facts.

  1.   Cabinet War Rooms

The Cabinet War Rooms are part of London’s underground bunker complex, where Winston Churchill and his cabinet served during World War Two. Beginning in 1945, when they were no longer needed, the Cabinet War Rooms were left untouched. Vertoe luggage Storage will safely keep your belongings while enjoying seeing the war room at the cabinet, where Churchill’s war cabinet met, Churchill’s office. Even this underground office block had a canteen and a hospital in it.

  1.   Roman Wall of London

The Roman Walls was constructed between about 190 and 220 AD and extended from Blackfriars to Tower Hill for about three miles. This defensive wall has secured what the Londinium’s significant Roman city was. Roman Wall itself was the residence of the Governor of Britain’s official guard and would have housed around 1,000 people in a series of barrack blocks. A collection of administrative buildings, shops, and other self-contained facilities would also have been included in the Roman wall of London.

  1.   Kew Palace

Samuel Fortrey, the merchant, founded Kew Palace about 1631. The palace of the 17th century is renowned for its distinctive decorative brickwork and roofs and is the oldest surviving building in the botanical gardens of Kew. The rooms at Kew at the ground and first floor were restored to reflect the Georgian period, while the second floor remained untouched.

  1.   Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is an iconic medieval building and the site of many royal and national historical events, from coronations and marriages to burials and even deaths. Westminster Abbey is centrally located in London and was first founded in the 11th century by King Edward.

The Coronation Chair, built-in 1300-1301 under the orders of King Edward I, is one of the most impressive locations. Its function was to hold the Stone of Scone, which the king had brought from Scotland.

  1.   London Mithraeum

Mithraeum Bloomberg space returns the Roman Temple of Mithras to its discovery position in the town’s heart. Located on the new European headquarters of Bloomberg, this awaited new cultural hub showcases the ancient temple, a collection of remarkable Roman objects discovered during the recent excavation, and a series of contemporary art commissions that respond to one of the most important archeological sites in the UK.

  1.   Highgate Cemetery

It is a graveyard that buries the famous philosopher and political economist Karl Marx. It is also the burial site of several other prominent individuals, including several novelists, writers, political activists, and professionals.

For its Victorian funerary architecture and landscaping, Highgate is regarded by many as the most beautiful Magnificent Seven’ Cemeteries. The 37 acres are beginning to be more extensive. More than 168,000 names are buried in over 52,00 graves, at least 850 of which are notable.


  1.   British Museum

When the British Museum opened in 1753, it was the first national public museum globally, free as it still is for all students and interested persons. It holds a remarkable collection of over 8 million items creating an integrated portrait of world cultures.

British Museum, a large national museum with outstanding archaeological and ethnographic holdings. It is located in the Camden borough district of Bloomsbury. The current building of the museum, designed by Sir Robert Smirke in the Greek Revival style, was built on the Montagu House site in 1823–52 and has been the subject of several subsequent additions and modifications.

London travel involves more diverse sights and sceneries. The city is clustered in hidden corners, or seemingly ordinary locations, with easily overlooked historical sites. A trip gives you a bevy of sights to wonder if you are a history enthusiast who enjoys being involved in historic places. 


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Points to Consider Before Choosing a Restaurant Payment Merchant

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If you run a restaurant, it makes sense to provide your patrons with as many different options to pay as possible. These days, nobody carries cash, so it makes sense to sign up with a merchant account so that you can take credit and debit card payments from your customers. Not only will this help to streamline the process for you, but it will also help you save more money since not accepting card payments is often a sure way to see customers go and try somewhere else if they don’t have the cash on them. 

Finding a payment processor for your restaurant is certainly no easy task. There are several different options to choose from, with various rates and different service terms to read through and decipher before you choose one that is the best for you. You’ll also need to consider a merchant that will work with your current Point-of-Sale (POS) system if you have one and aren’t looking to upgrade that as well. 

Look for the Best Processing Terms

Regardless of the merchant company that you go for, you will want to choose one with flexible terms that gives you the freedom to change if you want to. If you find better services or pricing elsewhere, it’s always better to be able to switch services quickly and freely so that you can take advantage of what’s on offer. 

Consider Your Equipment Needs

Think about the physical equipment that you are going to need for taking card payments. You might need updated tills, card terminals and card payments, and think about how many you are going to need. It’s also worth considering whether you are going to need wireless card readers, which are usually essential for restaurants that offer table service, giving customers the option to pay right from their tables. 

How You Take Payments

The type of restaurant you run and how you accept payments from your customers will also need to be taken into consideration. Merchants tend to have different rates for different types of transactions, so if you allow customers to pay in person and also online, for example, if you offer a takeaway service too, you’ll need to make sure that you get quotes for both these methods. 

Look Beyond Your Bank

If you have a good relationship with your business bank, they may be a reasonable option to work with and might provide you with good processing rates. However, don’t just go straight for your bank because they are the easiest option to sign up with. Companies like UTP Merchant Services, that specialise in providing a range of card machines may be able to provide you with better rates, terms, and service. The UTP Group offers all types of card readers and stands out from competitors with a quicker funding within hours not 3-5 days which many companies provide, meaning you get the funds in your account almost immediately. They also work with Barclaycard, as opposed to many competitors that typically work with smaller, lesser-known banks. Find out more about card machines for you here. 

Consider Your POS System

If you already have a POS system in place and aren’t looking to change it, you will need to find a merchant that is going to be compatible with what you already have. Talk to your POS provider about what they offer and find out which services that will work with your system are recommended by them. It’s always worth noting that many POS providers will also provide a merchant service that their POS system is designed to work with exclusively, in which case you will need to change your POS equipment in order to switch providers. 

Talk to Other Restaurant Owners

It’s a good idea to do your research on the different merchants available and speak to some other restaurant owners to find out which ones they have had success with in the past and what they would recommend. Talking to your fellow restaurant owners can be an ideal way to get the best merchant suggestions since you are more likely to get an honest review of the merchant and what they provide. 

Get a List of Your Business Requirements

Finally, before you start requesting quotes, it’s a good idea to get a clear idea of the services that you are going to need from your merchant. It’s a wise idea to sit down and decide on everything that you need and everything that you might want too. Once you sign up with a merchant, you’ll need to be prepared to answer a series of questions about your business, so that they can get a clearer picture of your processing needs before they can provide you with a quote. 

Accepting card payments is the minimum standard expected for restaurants today, so of course, you want to provide this service to your customers. But, keep these key points in mind before you decide on a merchant. 

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How Changes to the Leisure Industry Could Affect Electricians

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The leisure industry is one of the biggest employers of electricians outside of domestic jobs, and so changes to the sector could highly impact the livelihoods of people working in the electrical business, including the type of work that they are conducting and the amount of work that will be available. Read below to keep up with the latest changes that may have an indirect influence on electricians across the country.

Opportunities for Electricians in the Leisure Industry

There are currently many opportunities for electricians in the leisure and entertainment sector, and these are set to increase as arts and culture companies thrive through a renewed interest in the arts from the public. For instance, many companies are looking for electricians to take on specific roles within their companies, for example, film electricians, to help them to cope with the challenges of using electricity on their sets and within their equipment. This can help electricians to take on a wide variety of different roles that diverge from the traditional contracted work that the largest employers of electricians offer.

Major Businesses Have Started to Operate Online

However, the workplaces of electricians and how they operate may be set to change as a number of the major businesses in the leisure industry are either ceasing to exist or are transforming their services in order to operate online. For instance, where electricians were once needed in casinos to help the games and general electrics to operate smoothly, now consumers can simply bet online through Unibet virtual sports odds, which can help their consumers to have a laid-back approach to gambling, rather than needing to visit the city centre to enable them to do so.

Focus on Electrical Safety

There has now been an increased call for electrical safety in the leisure and entertainment industry, particularly within venues that are open to the public or that operate complex lighting or electrical systems on a daily basis, such as theatres. The laws and regulations that govern these types of venues are constantly changing, leading them to rely on electricians and electrical companies to help them to meet these developments and ensure that their facilities are compliant.

Changing Demand for Green Technology

However, one of the biggest impacts on the electrical industry from the leisure and entertainment sector is the increased demand for green technology and eco-friendly electrical systems. In most cases, this will mean a complete overhaul of their existing systems, leading to an increased demand for contractors across the UK. This could lead to a need for over 15,000 more electricians than are currently needed in the country, meaning that the existing contractors working within the sector will be thriving in the years to come, and that there may be more incentives and apprenticeships offered to budding electricians.

New perspectives and changes to the leisure industry could seriously impact the electrical industry in the future. However, this is unlikely to prevent the sector from growing, with the electrical industry growing by an unprecedented 410% since 2010.


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The Government’s plan for exiting the coronavirus lockdown targeted 4 July as the earliest date from which the hospitality sector could start to reopen.

While some pubs and restaurants remained open during lockdown for limited takeaway orders, this has not been economically viable for most pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants and in some cases not possible at all.

The biggest challenge stems from accommodating the social distancing rules, as these establishments tend to be based on high turnover, low margin models.  Another key factor that we are facing is the public’s confidence to return safely, in high numbers. We have spent the last three months practicing social distancing and adapting to hygienic safety measures, so we will need to be confident that each social environment is 100% Covid-compliant.

We have created a Covid-19 Compliant Pub or Restaurant layout taking into account the measures which have been discussed and developed by Government officials and professionals from the hospitality industry.

So, what should be expected?

On arrival and prior to entering, customers may be greeted by a member of staff who will be known as a ‘Pub Host’. Their role will be to welcome customers, show them to their tables and manage queues. There may also be a member of staff known as the ‘Pub Safe Monitor’ who will be responsible for maintaining levels of hygiene to keep customers safe. The Pub Safe Monitor will also be a clear point of contact for customers or members of staff who wish to raise any concerns surrounding hygiene levels.

Staff wearing masks and gloves

If British pubs follow the lead of other European establishments that have already reopened their doors; Pub Hosts, Pub Safe Monitors and other members of staff would need to wear facemasks. Bar staff should also wear latex gloves when it comes to pouring pints or making cocktails.

Contactless ordering using apps

To minimise congestion at the bar, encourage customers to order food and drink via an app on their mobile phones. This has already been implemented by Wetherspoons, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and has proven to be extremely successful. The Hungrrr app is one example which allows customers with an iPhone or android phone to order food and drinks without leaving their seat.

A reduction of tables and chairs, creating more space

In order to manage social distancing, existing restaurant furniture, Café tables and dining chairs will be reduced, reconfigured and spaced out.

An increase in al fresco dining, outdoor furniture, and market style food stalls

In response to managing social distancing effectively in pubs and restaurants, Government ministers are drawing up plans to relax outdoor seating licenses within weeks. This potentially could entail closing some roads to allow for extra tables and chairs to be utilised and lifting some pavement restrictions. The local high street may soon resemble the al fresco cafes and bars in Spain, France or Italy. Consider purchasing outdoor furniture to help with increasing table numbers in the sunshine or a parasol in case it rains.

An Increase in Protective Floor Screens

During the beginning stages of lockdown, many architects and interior designers created conceptual ideas of work establishments, schools, pubs, cafes, and restaurants post lockdown. Some of these ideas were quite alarming, featuring clinical looking acrylic or glass screens at every turn or point of contact. Suppliers and manufacturers are now designing and manufacturing screens that are ‘warm’ and ‘friendly’, with rustic wood or leather panels ideal for the hospitality industry. Our Protect Express Protection Screens feature a black frame and lower panel in a choice of MarbleOak, Rustic Wood or Chesterfield leather effect which will compliment several different environments.

Another type of screen that has been popular is the Future Protection Mobile Goal Post screen and Protect Floor Standing Wooden Goal Post Screen. These screens are lightweight as the lower area remains open, almost halving the weight of a standard full panel screen and allowing for wrapped cutlery, condiments, or single use menus to be passed through if necessary.  This is a suitable lightweight solution for when you need to configure spaces or seating areas quickly and easily. The wheeled castor feet mean they can effortlessly be pushed along.

A one-way system

It is likely that you will need to ask customers to follow a one-way system and will not be allowed to leave through the entrance, only through clearly marked exit points. Toilets may also require a one in, one out policy, potentially utilising a traffic light system.

Those restaurants and pubs which can adapt to the new environment quickly and easily should be able to recreate the ‘pub and dining experience’ without too much compromise.

 Ben Hartley, Design Lead at Cafe Reality

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Why Manchester is a great UK city for young professionals

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Manchester is known as one of the youngest places in the UK, with a young population that’s growing rapidly each year. According to the Office for National Statistics, the number of young people living in Manchester had increased by 26% from 2002 to 2017. So, aside from the thriving student scene, what has caused Manchester to become such a hit with young people, particularly young professionals? Here are three major reasons why Manchester is such a fantastic UK city for young professionals to live in.

The business scene is world-class

The business scene in Manchester is one of the main reasons the city attracts so many young professionals and graduates each year. The Manchester business scene has grown massively over the years, now boasting a number of huge business names and independent start-ups. Popular fast fashion houses like Missguided and Boohoo were founded in Manchester, along with many other businesses such as the world-renowned sports clothing brand JD. Since the creation of the Salford Quays regeneration scheme, MediaCityUK, even more companies set up base in Manchester, including the BBC, Kelloggs and ITV.

There’s plenty to see and do

With a fantastic food and drink scene, vibrant nightlife, endless shopping choice and plenty of cultural attractions, Manchester residents are spoiled for choice in things to see and do. Young professionals in Manchester can spend a long day in their city centre workplace and easily walk to a local bar or restaurant to meet up with friends. Then, on the weekend, they can explore local art galleries or go and see an independent film. Compared to smaller cities in the UK, there are so many more ways for young people to stay occupied in Manchester, and this crucial for a lot of young professionals.

It’s more affordable than London

In a lot of ways, Manchester can be compared to London. There are similar business prospects and a similar amount of cultural and leisure attractions. One way that Manchester and London differ, however, is with affordability, with Manchester being a lot more affordable than London. This is another major factor that makes Manchester such a top UK city for young professionals to live in. Over recent years, figures have shown that more and more young people are actually moving away from London and heading to Manchester, and affordability is a huge factor in this. To put things into perspective, here is a comparison of the price difference between some everyday costs in London vs Manchester. According to data from, a gym membership in London might cost £42.24 on average, compared to £26.35 in Manchester, while a monthly travel pass in London can cost around £150 compared to £69.78.


There’s also a huge price difference for accommodation in Manchester vs the capital. In Manchester, the average monthly rent for a city centre apartment is £786.67, while a similar property in London would cost you a huge £1,756 – more than double the price. Due to more young people choosing to live and work in Manchester, there has been a surge in demand for city-centre or Salford Quays based property, which is attracting attention from buy to let investors. RWinvest, a property company with investment properties in Manchester and Liverpool, published a guide to UK house prices which revealed that not only is property more affordable in Northern cities like Manchester, but house prices in the area are also predicted to grow massively. With more properties being built and purchased by savvy investors, there’s set to be plenty of living options for Manchester’s young professionals for years to come.

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