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Signs That You Are Ready for Your Next Step in Your Dating Life

By Posted on 3 m read

You have been dating, and you are feeling ready to take the next step in your relationship.  You might be wondering what the best way to tell if you’re ready or not is? Here are some signs that will help you know whether you are prepared for your next step:

You Are Confident of Your Choices and Decisions

You do not get bogged down with the past, and you are comfortable in your skin. You trust yourself; this is very important for dating because if you cannot trust yourself, how can you expect someone else to? You make decisions quickly and without hesitation or second-guessing of what may happen next. When a new opportunity presents itself, you don’t think about it for long before taking action. You are willing to take risks in life because when one door closes, another opens.

You know that your past does not define you, and do not hold on to guilt or resentment of what has happened to you previously; this will only affect the decisions you make now in a negative way. You are ready to move on with your life and create the future you want for yourself.

You Discuss Your Future Together

You are having these kinds of conversations more often lately with your partner, but the question is, are you ready for this step? If you do not know what to look for in a relationship, it may lead to problems later.

You support your partner’s goals and dreams. If you support your partner’s goals and objectives, then it is a good sign that the relationship will probably last for long, and you should probably be shopping for the perfect engagement and wedding ring at

You Understand Each Other’s Likes and Dislikes

When you have been dating someone for a few weeks, it is normal to feel some hesitations about your relationship. You might be wondering if this person is the one or not. If so, try asking yourself these questions: 

  • Do I understand what my partner likes and dislikes? 
  • Can we communicate easily on daily topics? 
  • Am I spending time with someone who I care about? 

If you answered yes to all these questions, this person might be the one for you.

You Trust Each Other

You trust each other – if you’ve been dating someone and you don’t feel like they are trustworthy, it’s time to move on. If your partner is always looking over their shoulder or questioning where they go in the evenings when you’re not around, then this is a sign that you’re not on the same page.

You trust each other even though there are minor problems; overall, your relationship feels good to you. It shows that your partner isn’t trying to hide anything from you or lie about where they go when you aren’t around. Instead, they respect and honor who they are as a person as well as you.

You trust each other if they don’t try to change who you are. It’s healthy for you because it means that your partner knows and loves the authentic version of yourself instead of trying to fit their idea of what a great relationship looks like on top of yours. It also shows that they aren’t going to try and sabotage your relationships with others because it goes against who you are.


You’ve been dating for a while, and you think it is time to take the next step. While this may seem scary at first, if you are ready to do so, there are sure signs that can let your partner know that you have decided to commit to a relationship. Of course, there might be some misunderstandings along the process, but if you are both on the same page, this will be a smooth transition.

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By Posted on 2 m read

A heady mix of happy USA University memories coupled with a long-standing commitment to bring convenient, low carb, ‘cakey joy’ to an increasingly ‘ingredient savvy’ audience, meant it was inevitable that a time would come when Taeya and Maya would want to add some guilt-free, ‘me-time’ Mug Mixes to their blossoming collection of tasty, ketogenic treats.

With growing numbers of employees slowly returning to their offices, Taeya and Maya were determined to bring a small slice of home comfort to any cake-loving commuters (or home-working cake connoisseurs) willing to succumb to their moreish cake cravings whilst staying true to their proud, high fibre/sugar-free convictions. 

This September was the official launch of No Guilt Bake’s NEW, 3-strong Mug Mix Collection which consists of a Sublime Chocolate (4 net carbs per serving), a lightly spiced Carrot & a deliciously debonair Caramel (both 3 net carbs per serving)

According to No Guilt Bakes co-founder, Taeya Abdel-Majeed, ‘We’re convinced that the last few years working at home has given growing numbers of workers a new-found appreciation of small permissible treats, managing one’s dietary needs and recognizing that great taste and healthier living aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive goals.  Our young business’s ‘minimum effort, maximum joy’ mantra meant we wanted to trial the perfect self-contained, ‘me-time’ cake moment for any desk-bound worker who might not have access to a well-stocked canteen or a healthier living vending machine, but could find his or her way to a microwave and a fridge full of milk.’    

Although mug mixes have been big news on the other side of the pond for some while now, Taeya & Maya were both surprised just how quickly their 3-strong trial of mug-baked cakes has bedded down and become the young business’s most successful new product launch to date. 

‘For some,’ concludes Maya, ‘it’s the on-the-go nature of our mug mixes which fuels their far-reaching popularity, whilst for others it’s the depth of flavours and the fact that our cake mixes work with every imaginable milk, from cow and nut to oat and soya.  It’s also worth noting that our entire gluten-free range is accredited by Sugarwise, underlining our ongoing commitment to low sugar/only natural sweetener recipes.’    

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The Pished Fish Champions 3-strong Christmas Selection Box of Booze-Infused Salmon for the Festive Season

By Posted on 2 m read

The Pished Fish is all about keeping things fresh whilst gently stoking thoughts of elation and unbridled euphoria when it comes to all things smoked salmon.  With our ‘Christmasy’ thinking caps on (at a stylish jaunty angle), we decided that Oct 4th 2021 was the moment to launch a ‘three hero’ Christmas Collection box, jam-packed with booze-infused ‘salmony’ joy.

Each meticulously packaged Christmas Collection box contains 1 x 200g festive favourite The Sozzled Santa (brandy, clementine zest, demerara sugar, salt, nutmeg & oak smoke), 1 x 200g of Erik The Red (Aquavit, beetroot, star anise, juniper & apple & alder smoke) and 1 x 200g Classic (whisky, maple syrup & oak smoke).

As ever, we only use sushi-grade, Scottish-farmed salmon that is filleted and slow-cured with our own unique blend of Dead Sea salt and demerara sugar, before being sliced sashimi-style to maximize flavour and aroma retention. 

According to The Pished Fish founder, James Eagle, ‘Whilst many applaud my team for their unrivalled ability to pair the noble salmon with an array of meticulously matched spirits and botanicals, it’s our purpose-built/rural-based smokehouse and an unflinching commitment to slow-curing (ensures a meatier texture) and gentle smoking (ensures we don’t overpower the fish) which enables us to avoid all the slimy/greasy textured salmon pitfalls that affects so many others.

It’s finally worth noting that our stylishly under-stated yet generously-proportioned giftbox (made from recycled cardboard) comes in at about 56cm x 19cm, roughly the same size as a side of salmon, which means it can’t easily be tucked away at the back of the chiller, although it can fit rather snugly within the bottle section of most family-sized fridges. 

We hope you enjoy our 3-strong selection of deliciously distinct flavoured salmon because we believe that flamboyantly flavoured, booze-infused salmon is the perfect start to any festive break.

Our star-turn The Christmas Collection retails at £44.99

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Planning an engagement party: Tips and Advice

By Posted on 2 m read

If you just got engaged, it’s time to celebrate this momentous milestone in your relationship. An engagement party is a chance to hang out with your nearest and dearest and celebrate your engagement. Some couples spend years engaged before they even consider planning a wedding. 

Don’t wait until your wedding day to show off your engagement ring and share the proposal story. You can celebrate your engagement in several ways – from having a movie night with the girls to throwing a dinner party. Here are a few things to consider when planning an engagement party.

Set the date

An engagement party is usually just a few weeks after the proposal. It can be quite a rush to organise everything for the celebration – especially if you’re throwing a more significant celebration. Decide who is hosting the party, whether it’s your family or maid of honour, and let them take the reins of the celebration. You need to determine the budget early on and what kind of celebration you would like too.

Create a guest list

If you’re having a more intimate wedding ceremony, a larger engagement ceremony is a great way to celebrate with all your friends and family. Throw a big party and let your guests know that this is your way of celebrating with them. Be clear from the start, so your loved ones don’t get upset when they aren’t invited to the wedding ceremony.  

The weeks after the proposal can be overwhelming and a little stressful with everyone asking about the wedding and marriage. Take some time to relax and have a small brunch with your family to enjoy the moment together. Or, you could have a much more relaxed engagement celebration with your close friends and family.

Choose a venue

Your venue will be determined by the type of celebration you want to have and how many people are attending. Keep in mind that popular venues will be booked up for months in advance and may not be suitable for a last-minute engagement celebration. You could use your local pub or back garden for a little soiree instead.

Send out invites

Once you have decided to have an engagement party, you need to get the invites out as soon as possible. Ask your guests to respond quickly to get a better idea of how many people will be coming. 

Plan a theme

The theme of your engagement can match the theme of your future wedding or go in a completely different direction. Have fun with it, and choose a theme around your first date together or favourite movie. For example, you could throw your engagement party in the bar you went to on your first date. Research a few options and keep your theme as bold or as subtle as you like.

Your engagement party should reflect your journey as a couple so far.

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How Online Casinos Have Changed Gambling For Good

By Posted on 3 m read

For those of us with a certain number of miles on the clock, we’ve witnessed the dramatic impact that online casinos, sportsbooks, poker, and bingo rooms have had on the gambling industry.

With the rise of high-speed mobile internet being rolled out around the globe over the past two decades, more players than ever are delving into the iGaming world and experiencing it’s many niches. No longer are curious punters having to make a physical trip to a brick-and-mortar casino to glamorous locations like Monaco or Las Vegas, the experience has been digitized and made accessible to players all around the world via apps or webpages. With this instantaneous access to a huge variety of both classic staple games and new titles, we look at some of the developments and differences that we’ve noticed.

Bonuses Galore

It goes without saying that it’s far cheaper to run an online casino than it is a land-based venue. This is one reason why online sites can offer more bonuses and promotions. Invariably, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and these offers are accompanied by terms and conditions. That said, many players have discovered how to beat wagering requirements using a mathematical approach. 

Make no mistake, promotional offers attract players and give them extra reasons to play. Among the favorites are matched deposits, where the casino will match a player’s deposit up to a certain value, and free spins on popular slots. Land-based casinos simply cannot compete on this front as their profit margins are much tighter.

Wider Variety of Games

Every land-based casino, whether it’s the Bellagio in Vegas or London’s Hippodrome, is restricted by floor space. They can only host a certain number of slot machines, roulette tables, and other games. Online casinos, on the other hand, have no such restrictions. Players can now find sites with thousands of games and hundreds of live dealer options, too. 

What’s more, when we say thousands of games, this means unique titles. After all, one online slot can be played simultaneously by an unlimited number of players. The same applies to games like live roulette, baccarat, craps, and sic bo. There is even first person (one to many) blackjack variants now available. 

Admittedly, it’s a trade-off in some ways. The thrill of visiting a land-based casino, experiencing the ambience, the sounds and smells is unmatched, but the variety of games will be limited to the floor’s capacity. 

One-Click Convenience

Many of the leading online casinos offer dedicated mobile apps which give players one-click access to their favorite gambling games. From grabbing a quick game of roulette at lunchtime to spinning the reels on a progressive jackpot slot while at home on the sofa, players can play anywhere and at any time.

Unfortunately, such easy access can come at a cost for some. Many critics claim that it’s nearly impossible for problem gamblers to get away from internet casinos as they are so convenient. However, the online gambling industry, particularly in the UK, is actively trying to address this issue with different measures, such as advising players to set deposit limits and take regular breaks from playing.

Suits Every Bankroll

It’s unlikely a person will go to a land-based casino with only a tenner in their pocket, but when playing online, ten quid can provide a good evening’s entertainment. This is because there are slots and table games to suit every size bankroll. You’ll find penny games up to VIP high roller tables. 

So, how do you make 10 pounds go the distance? First up, you’ll probably be able to claim a bonus, which would double your bankroll. Then, you can play games for 10p a go. Although you are not going to win millions, you might get lucky and come away with more than you started with.


It’s not a case of either-or between land-based and online gambling. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Yet, what’s clear is that online casinos are having a major impact on the way players now interact with these brands and with the industry continually growing, it’ll be interesting to see where things are in the next 20 years.

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The Make It or Break It Checklist for Every Traveller

By Posted on 3 m read

The world is full of unique places, but you will never know about them if you don’t get out there and explore. Travelling can be daunting, so we have compiled a list to ensure that your next trip goes smoothly. The checklist below offers some important points to keep in mind before setting off, whether for business or leisure.

Book Your Accommodation Way Ahead of Time

This is crucial. If you are traveling on a budget, it’s essential to know where you’re staying and what kind of location that will be. When booking your all inclusive resort accommodation ahead of time, make sure that they accept online bookings or provide an email address for contact purposes.

Some accommodation options include:

-Hotels- refer to the map of the area, look for local transport options

-Hostels- are typically more affordable but be careful about having security. Also, look at the amenities provided and if they offer free towels.

If Airbnb is an option in your destination, then that’s an excellent way to go as well. However, if it doesn’t work out with one host, try another until you find something suitable. The last thing any traveler wants after a long journey is insufficient accommodation.

Make Money Arrangements

Money arrangements are like an art of preparation and are essential for any traveler. There is always a chance you will need cash on your journey, so knowing where and how to get money is necessary.

It is essential to decide whether you want to bring cash with you or whether it is easier to get a credit card from your bank. While carrying around large amounts of money can be risky, having no access to any form of currency while abroad could also be problematic.

Some others prefer the convenience and ease a credit card offers when traveling, but many wonder whether their cards will work overseas. If going for this option, remember that most foreign companies only accept Visa and Mastercard.

Ensure You Have All Your Travel Documents

Your travel documents are essential to have, not just for traveling but also for identification purposes. For example, it is vital to carry your passport with you when you travel abroad because this proves who you are and where you come from.

Know About Your Destination

The internet is an excellent source of information, so make sure you do your research before you travel to the location. Before leaving, be aware of any dangers that may occur at the place you will visit and understand what time it will get dark or light during specific months if this impacts how safe it would feel. If possible, try to speak with people who have been there before to give advice based on their experiences.

Pack the Essentials

You wouldn’t want to be left without essentials, so determine how much luggage space is available and pack the necessary items in your carry-on luggage instead of checking them in the hold. Even if they don’t allow for liquids at security, it is still best to bring a few with you on board just in case there are delays or anything happens during the flight – this way, nothing gets lost, and you’re covered.


In conclusion, making sure you follow the above steps for every trip will make it safe and enjoyable. Know your destination in advance and get necessary documents for your travel. Do not forget to make money arrangements.

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6 Best Travel Health & Wellness Essentials

Are you getting ready to travel soon? If yes, then you must prepare everything in order to have a smooth and fun-filled trip. And if the answer is no, then learning more about how to pack properly can help you be prepared next time you need to take a trip. Therefore, getting the best travel essentials that will boost your personal health and wellness is an important aspect of packing. So for that reason, here is a list of such items that you might consider bringing. 

1. All your fave cosmetic products

If you’re planning to take care of your skin, and also look beautiful, then you must pack all your favorite cosmetic products. This means skincare, and also makeup, if you enjoy wearing it, of course. ALso, when packing the products, make sure to opt for travel-size containers, as that will reduce the weight of your baggage, which is a great and eco-friendly decision. 

2. An emergency kit 

Traveling to a different climate can be tricky, especially if you’re sensitive and tend to catch colds frequently. This is why you should pack an emergency kit. This bag should contain bandaids, bandages, cold meds, some sewing equipment and a cream that treats allergies and rashes. That way you’ll have something to rely on in case you experience some cold or a minor injury. 

3. A desire for trying new things 

This is crucial if you want to enjoy the trip to the maximum. If you’re going to travel to Asia, and you’re a fan of all things related to beauty, then feel free to get the best facial treatment in Singapore, as that will likely help you feel refreshed and more beautiful. The same goes for any other things, such as trying new foods, visiting museums, amusement parks and other places interesting to tourists. Being willing to try new things will also boost your self-confidence, plus you’ll have amazing memories to cherish forever.

4. Sleeping aids 

Getting a good night’s rest can be challenging while traveling, especially if you’re crossing multiple time zones to arrive at your destination. The jet-lag is a real thing that can affect your ability to fall asleep and get rest, at least during the first few days of your trip. That’s why you should bring some sleeping aids such as a sleep mask, earplugs, white noise machine and possibly some medications that may help you relax and fall asleep. However, don’t use medication without consulting your physician, and if possible, try to opt for less- potent solutions such as melatonin, rather than more dangerous meds. 

5. A yoga mat 

Doing some yoga is one of the best ways to relax or get that energy going, depending on the time of the day and your preferences. Being physically active is important, which means that packing a traveling yoga mat is a nice way to ensure some exercise while away from home. You can even do yoga in a hotel room, or even better, find a local English-speaking yoga group and ask them to join them. 

6. A reusable water bottle 

If you wish to be healthy and feel energized, then you have to ensure you stay hydrated throughout the trip. Still, in some places, drinking tap water can be dangerous, which is why it’s best to opt for store-bought water. But, carrying a huge bottle isn’t that convenient, so opting for a reusable water bottle is a much better decision. Therefore, invest in a quality water bottle, and don’t forget to take it with you next time you’re traveling!


These helpful tips are a great way to remain healthy while traveling. As long as you take good care of yourself, and adopt healthy habits, you’ll feel healthy and good in your own body, which is the most important.

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Everything You Need To Know Before You Renovate

Every homeowner wants the time and money to put aside to make their home exactly how they would have it, but when the time comes to actually make that change, you want to be ready. It’s not just as simple as having it done, you’ll have to make sure that everything is approved – and it doesn’t inconvenience your life too much. It’s become especially difficult lately with everyone working from home, as home renovations could be disruptive while you’re trying to work throughout the day.

Manage your expectations

When you’re planning all of the changes that you aim to make to your home, it’s important that you’re able to manage your expectations. Just because you can imagine it, doesn’t mean it’s going to be possible; and you should be sure to check with someone experienced before taking the idea itself too far. It might be difficult to get your ideal plans approved later on, so just be prepared to face some challenges as far as getting your home plan to a place where you’re happy with it.

You should also know that your home renovation is going to take some time, so if you’re in a hurry to get it done – there’s no time to start like the present. If you’re having a renovation done that’s going to leave your home more open to the weather and outside temperature, it might be best to have it done during the warmer months of the year – else it can make your home living quite uncomfortable, and expensive if you’re trying to heat the place.

If you’re worried about the costs of your renovation, it would be worth looking into it before deciding on what you’re going to do. You can get rough ideas online for how much what you want might cost, but it can vary a lot based on many different factors. It might help to have someone come out and give you a quote, or you could even get a quote from multiple different services to give you a solid ballpark to work with.

Get the appropriate help

It can be of great help to include a professional with your planning very early on, so that you may avoid backtracking later on down the line. If you have these big ideas of what you want to be done to your home, and later your residential architects are telling you that it’s not going to be possible – it can be quite a pain to deal with. Getting the help you need from the getgo might be a good move for you, and it can save you a lot of disappointment.

Renovating your home can be great for many reasons, and it’s worth all of the money and time that goes into them once they’re done. What’s most important is that you know what you want, else you’re going to have a hard time reversing any changes that have been made. Those extra costs and time are going to be far too tedious to work around.

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What are the best beer festivals in Europe?

There is a large selection of beer festivals in Europe, but which ones are worth visiting? Visit some exciting cities and try a variety of different beers in all kinds of flavours.  


First and foremost, the most well-known. Oktoberfest.

The Oktoberfest actually begins in September and is the most famous beer festival. It’s a huge event each year with various tents, food stalls and an amusement park with lots of rides. Since the Oktoberfest draws so many people, it can be hard to get a table in a beer tent, especially in the evening. The tables that can be reserved are usually booked as early as January to April. If you enjoy beer, then Oktoberfest is the festival you have to go to!

Berlin International Beer Festival 

Oktoberfest isn’t the only big beer festival in Germany and the Berlin International Beer Fest is another huge one. This festival draws an enormous number of breweries from nearly 90 countries and thousands of different kinds of beers. This popular festival can be visited in August.

Pilsner Fest, Plzeň, Czech Republic 

If you want to go somewhere else other than Germany, the Pilsner fest has a huge festival in October. This festival is located in Plzeň where the popular beer Pilsner originates from. There are 70 different beer varieties to taste and the festival lasts 17 days! Next to beer tastings you can also participate in sports or take part in some other forms of entertainment.  

Scottish Real Ale Festival Edinburgh

Scottish Real Ale Festival Edinburgh usually has over 150 cask ales available. This is one festival that you can enjoy in summer as it takes place in late June, when the weather in Scotland is usually sunny enough to enjoy the huge selection of fine ales in the sunshine. Edinburgh is a lovely city which is worth a visit, even after you have visited the festival. 

Mondial de la bière, Strasbourg, France

Mondial de la bière in Strasbourg is a nice beer and cheese festival which usually takes place around October. Try some amazing French cheeses and a selection of beers from well-known and independent breweries. Strasbourg is a charming city with lovely bridges which is close to the German border and the festival allows you to purchase some arts and crafts to take home as a souvenir. Mondial de la bière festivals take place in different locations around the world. Last year a festival was organised in Paris and Montreal, Canada has a similar event

Not matter which beer festival you go to, you are bound to find some great tasting beers and fun events. 

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Perfume Guide: How to Choose a Fall Scent

The fall is almost here, which means it’s time to change into cozier and warmer clothes. After all, when fall comes, everyone’s ready to feel cozy and safe, compared to the adventures of summer. And that also includes changing some of our habits and preferences. For example, those who have dry skin will choose a heavier moisturizer to keep their skin protected when it gets colder. The same goes for perfumes: since summer is so different from fall, then it means it is time to choose a new perfume to reflect that, so here is a guide that will help you make the best choice.

First, decide what fall means to you

Fall represents different things for different people. For college students, it means the lectures are starting again. For parents, it’s back to school, which finally means some rest. And for pretty much everyone, it means that the summer is over, and it’s time to start a new adventure called fall. Therefore, before you choose your scent, be sure to decide what fall actually means to you. If you are a true fall lover, who enjoys big scarves and pumpkin spice lattes, then that wouldn’t be a problem. But if you’re unsure, then give this a thought, so you’ll have a better idea when choosing the scent. 

Learn more about perfect fall scents

Earthy is the ultimate scent that connects all fall-inspired fragrances. Therefore, this season will also appeal to those who are down-to-earth, authentic, calm, yet a tiny bit temperamental. So it’s quite likely, they’ll appreciate the scents that are woody, chypre, green and fresh, a wild contrast from fruity, flowery, and vanilla ones. So if you’re someone who enjoys the fall activities and atmosphere, then be sure to check out these spicy, leathery, and woody scents first.

The best scents for men, women, and unisex

Even though people who appreciate fall, might also appreciate androgyny to an extent, it’s important to distinguish between the best fall scents for men and women. Women might enjoy classic choices such as Coco Mademoiselle, as it’s infused with orange and patchouli, while men would seem more interested in chypre scents such as Polo by Ralph Lauren, which is more grassy, and infused with spicy notes of cumin and coriander. Those who enjoy unisex and gender-neutral fragrances can try woody scents from Chanel, Dior, and Hermes. 

Give chance to unique things

If you’ve determined the significance of fall, then it’s time to pick the perfume that you’ll love. Sure, we mentioned before that vanilla isn’t the best choice for fall lovers, but since vanilla is such a staple in perfume making, it’s fair to give it a try. This ingredient is versatile and exciting, as it can be mixed with pretty much anything and still come out as a winner. Therefore, if your fall is all about making choco-chip vanilla cookies and staying in watching movies, then feel free to try something softer, so go on and read Best Of Vanilla Review to learn more about this exciting fragrance. Feel free to consider something more gentle, especially if you’re an emotional person who loves security and the comfort of familiarity.

Get ready to embrace the fall 

Fall is when we wear more layers of clothes, so it’s perfectly fine to pick a stronger scent that will last you longer. That’s why eau de parfum is a good choice, its strong concentration will keep the scent present and long-lasting through layers of clothes and cold. Also, if you’re wearing body lotion, then it’s important to choose an unscented one or the one that matches the scent. If you’re all about layering scents, then feel free to pick a summery one, and then match it with the wintery scent to create a special and unique full blend.

Remember, it’s all about the transition 

Since fall is the transition between summer and winter, then choosing a scent should be reflective of such a mood. You can even get the best of both worlds. For example, pick a fragrance that has a grounding summery note that will remind you of summer days – coconut is always a good choice. Then feel free to mix it with something more autumny, earthy, and woody. These unusual combinations are great when it comes to transitioning between the seasons. 

It’s all about the memories 

The fall is the time when we move from summer adventures to something a little different, yet still equally exciting. So choosing smoky, woody notes that evoke campfire evenings is a great idea. Sandalwood, incense, cedarwood, and cade are perfect notes to consider if you love picking pumpkins, hiking, or making new warm drinks. The fall is all about creating new memories while cherishing the old ones, so your choice of scent should reflect that sentiment. 

Final thoughts 

Picking a perfect fall scent is all about embracing transition, change, and experimenting with new possibilities. If you’re a perfume lover, you’ll enjoy discovering new notes while enjoying the new season and making the most of it, because that’s what you deserve. 

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