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Launching New Menu Items: Our Top Tips


The Coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the restaurant market and left many establishments struggling to stay afloat.

As such, moving forward, eateries will have to work hard to retain existing customers and attract new diners to sample their dishes.

A great way to rejuvenate your restaurant and help entice more diners is to launch new menu items. Menus need to be changed regularly so that customers enjoy fresh dishes and feel incentivised to visit your establishment.

Now is the perfect time to be adding new items to your menu, as you have the time to finesse your recipes and can use your new dishes to draw diners back to your establishment once it reopens after the lockdown.

If you’re unsure of how to develop and launch a new menu item, then read on to find our practical guide.

Check Out Your Competition

In such a competitive market, it’s crucial that you know what your competitors are doing to bounce back from the crisis and try to create dishes that are even more spectacular. Follow your main competitors on social media, so that you can check out their updates and make sure that your new dishes are more creative and inventive.

Embrace Food Trends

The food market is constantly evolving and adapting, with new trends being introduced and new diets dominating the market. Recently, veganism has been on the rise, with consumers eager to embrace a plant-based diet and reduce their impact on the environment. Another common diet is the keto diet, where diners reduce the number of carbohydrates they ingest to help them to lose weight and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. Try to incorporate these trends into your menu and show your customers that you are committed to providing them with the meals they want.

Show Your Dishes In Their Best Light

A great way to introduce customers to your new dishes and encourage them to sample them is to share professional photographs and video content showing the construction of your new dish. These can not only be used on your website, but they’ll also look great on social media (particularly on Instagram). To give you a feel for what the end product might look like, you can visit the food videographers at Pocket Creatives who have a portfolio on their website dedicated to all the food and drink productions they’ve created. This London based video production company have extensive experience providing professional food photography and video content, so should you choose to get involved they’ll be able to help entice customers to order your new delicacies.

Push Your New Menu Items On Social Media

Now that you have professional visual content, you can start promoting your new menu items online. Social media is a great way to reach out to a wide range of diners and potential customers. You can use adverts to promote your posts and reach an even wider audience so that even more diners will be tempted to taste your products.

Offer Your New Products For A Limited Time Only

Create urgency among diners by announcing that your new menu items will be available for a limited time only. If the products are popular, then you can add them to your menu permanently at a later date. For now, informing customers that they only have a short amount of time to order your new dishes will drive them to try them before they become unavailable, raising your sales and offering your restaurant the chance to recover from the Coronavirus crisis.

Offer Promotions To Encourage Customers

Once the lockdown is over, and customers start returning to their normal dining habits, they will need to be incentivised to choose your eatery and indulge in your new menu items. Try using promotions and discounts to encourage diners to try your new products and propel your business back to success and prosperity. Choose cost-effective promotional strategies, so that you’re still able to earn money while at the same time offering diners the chance to sample fresh, new menu items.

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5 Ways to Include Designer Brands in Your Wardrobe Even When You’re Thrifty

When you take pride in padding your wallet and keeping your expenses low, it may not make a lick of sense to tell you to spend more money for any reason. In fact, you can likely come up with dozens of reasons why you should keep doing what you’re used to. Those who are thrifty at heart are just diametrically opposed to doing this type of thing. But being thrifty doesn’t have to be rigid and investing in a higher-priced designer brand every so often can help you to see another way of life. Here are five different ways that you can admire and purchase designer brands, even when you long considered yourself to be a thrifty shopper.

1. Shop at Certain Times of Year

Did you know that there is a time of year when prices change on all sorts of items, and it isn’t Black Friday or Cyber Monday? When one season ends and another season begins, stores will make all sorts of changes to their stock, including prices. You can look for a sample sale, look for items that have been marked down or discontinued. It can be challenging to try to find any sort of steep discount on designer clothes, so look often and eventually, you will find the best time of year for shopping.

2. Create a Reward System

Do you need some motivation to do well on your upcoming test? Are you find that applying for a second job is leaving you feeling unmotivated and exhausted? A lot of people need to find a good pick-me-up while going through the motions of life. Purchasing a beautiful designer watch can make it all worthwhile, helping you to feel pumped about completing the most mundane tasks you can muster. So, if you are counting down the days until you get through some type of task that doesn’t make you feel warm and fuzzy inside then shopping for something you do like, designer brands, will help you to create a reward system that works.

3. Ask for It as a Present

Okay, so people don’t always like to ask for presents. And when those presents tend to be quite expensive, they can start to come up with every reason in the book for why not to. The truth is that there is nothing wrong with asking. Demanding a pair of designer sneakers is probably over the top and unwise but making a wish list that happens to contain some expensive brands is just fine. In fact, there are loads of people in your life who would probably appreciate this time-saving gesture. To be certain that no one has any pressure on them, make a wish list that contains one high-end item, a medium tier present, and then finally something on the lower end of the spectrum. This year, you may get a surprise or two for your birthday.

4. See What You Already Have

Did you know that there are plenty of brand names that don’t display their names anywhere noticeable? For example, a stylish Armani suit will not bear the logo or otherwise have any writing on the outside. So, unless you simply recognize the style or the garment coming from a certain collection, you could have simply put that suit in the very back of your closet. And this is precisely why you have got to check and see what you might already have. There could be a number of designer shoes and accessories that you have picked up, even as a thrifty person, and have access to now.

5. Treat Yourself

Realize that treating yourself to the occasional expensive designer item isn’t something that has to happen frequently. You can still only make purchases when there is a discount involved, but don’t kid yourself. The reality is that designer Gucci handbags, Roberto Cavalli shoes, and Givenchy sneakers are hard to find. As such, these brands are costly even when a discount is involved. Get out of your head and stop making barriers for yourself. This way, you can occasionally splurge and treat yourself to something nice from SSENSE, such as a pair of the latest Givenchy sneakers. This online retailer makes it easy for fashion mavens and novices alike to find the brands they recognize and love.

Remember that being someone that is regarded as being thirty isn’t the same as someone who is cheap. It can just mean that you have a discerning eye and only go for quality. Perhaps you take pride in the way that all of your purchases have a deeper meaning and value. Either way, your wardrobe can be extra sharp and filled with high-end brands. Know what you want and go for it, and see what designer labels would look best in your wardrobe today.

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Corporate Caterers Give NHS Workers Free Meals at Home, Not Just at Work

POW Food, London’s first-ever wellness focused corporate catering company, has turned its attention to feeding frontline NHS workers not only in the workplace but also providing much needed support directly to NHS homes, as well as continuing its work with City Harvest to feed the elderly in isolation and families unable to source food.

Set up by mother and daughter duo Ali Warburton and Emily Warburton Adams, POW Food has been powering wellness in the workplace since 2017, but with all of its customers now working remotely, POW has transformed its menus and kitchens and is now delivering over 600 meals per week, designed by POW’s nutritionist and handcrafted by its chefs using 100% natural ingredients, every week to, amongst others, doctors and nurses working in ICU at Chelsea and Westminster and Charing Cross hospitals. 

POW Founder and Chief Executive, Ali Warburton said, “The moment lockdown was announced I had a choice – shut up shop, furlough my team and wait for London to open up again or to turn our attention to feeding key workers. There was only one answer – keep going – and use all the knowledge we have gained since launching to provide nutritious and delicious food to frontline workers and others in need. With support from our clients, we started delivering last week and are now feeding 600 key workers weekly. This has meant a wholesale restructuring of our operations, expanding into new space and redeploying staff – but we are open, we haven’t had to furlough anyone and with luck we will get through this crisis with our business intact.”

Since POW’s kitchen remains open and with all of its clients’ home working, Ali and Emily turned their attention to designing and launching a new range of products for home consumption. This includes POW meal plans, meal kits, salads, sides and POW essential and luxury larder boxes. Customers will also be able to buy POW bestselling deli items from its corporate menu. In line with their ‘social enterprise’ philosophy every purchase of a meal plan or meal kit will enable POW either to fund two meals for NHS frontline workers or through their partners City Harvest to feed the elderly in isolation or families in critical need.

Emily Warburton-Adams added, “I have first-hand witnessed the difference that receiving these meals makes to these communities. Children who usually receive a free school lunch as their only meal of the day are going hungry and charities who feed individuals in critical need from soup kitchens and gathering spaces are closing down daily. We forget that a huge percentage of our population don’t have the know-how, or the means to cook. Thus, our relationship with City Harvest – the organisation who reaches these communities is more important than ever.”

POW has always believed in working in a sustainable manner and giving back to its communities. From inception the business focused on quality nutrition, sustainability and community impact. Ensuring that every dish offers maximum nutrition, POW’s new range is made with 100% natural ingredients and enriched with antiviral properties. Everything is organically gluten and dairy free; high in fibre, loaded with rainbow vegetables and available as a vegan option or with responsibly sourced, free-range meat. Its globally inspired prepared dishes are vacuum packed in recyclable pouches and delivered in eco chiller packs which keep food fresh in the fridge for up to five days, whilst minimising food waste and maintaining nutritional value.

Ali adds, “Never before has it been more important to choose our food carefully and eat wisely. Never has it been so important to pull together and make a difference where it is most needed and delivering free frontline meals to NHS homes is the missing link. Many NHS frontline workers have empty fridges due to working anti- social hours, so this service is perfect to keep them fed at home”.

POW has learnt how good nutrition can boost immune systems, help us work smarter and enhance overall wellbeing, and has directly applied over three years of knowledge into creating their new home delivery menu. POW food makes good nutrition easy and accessible, by putting their supportive nutritional love now not only in the workplace but also directly into the heart of our homes.

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Holidu’s Quarantine Survival Guide – Top 10 Anti-Boredom Activities

To interrupt the curve and contain the coronavirus as soon as possible, it’s better if we all stay at home and practice some social distancing. Suddenly, you find yourself in between four walls… On one hand, it’s a dream scenario to finally finish reading that book you’ve been meaning to dedicate time to for ages, whilst on the other hand, it’s the biggest nightmare. To give you some good courage and to prevent boredom, Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, has listed the best at home activities for you! 

  1. Movie night with travel films 

What is the main thing that we can only dream about at the moment? Travelling! Sadly, travelling is not possible for the time being, so all that remains is to keep dreaming and making new plans for the future. So, have a great movie night with the best travel movies and documentaries available. On Netflix there are quite a few travel-related movies and documentaries to be found, for example: Expedition Happiness, Tales by Night, Our Planet, Wild, Elsewhere. Alone in Africa. Grab your popcorn! 

Holidu GmbH Riesstr. 24 Sarah Siddle, PR & Online Marketing UK 80992 Munich E-Mail: Germany 

  1. Become the next master chef: bring world dishes to your home 

Now that we’re all done hoarding the essentials, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t conjure up the best dishes on the table. Finally, you have the time to fire up a meal in the slow cooker for 5 hours or to try out tricky recipes. Are you missing travelling already? Then take the time to cook a delicious Pad Thai or prepare a Greek salad. Make a trip around the world with these 80 world recipes from Taste of Home. 

  1. Set up an indoor picnic 

Spread your carpet on the living room floor (or in your garden, if you are lucky enough to have one) and prepare a delicious picnic. This creates a different atmosphere than at the dinner table and it is guaranteed that the children will love it! If you want to give it an extra touch, build a teepee or small hut next to it. Want to go the extra mile? Pop a tray of marshmallows in the oven, melt some chocolate, grab your cookies and make some tasty smores! 

  1. Push your career: free online courses 

Let’s get back to some more serious business. Maybe this is the perfect time to revive your career! Learn something new or add extra knowledge. This valuable extra time allows us to get up to speed with topics we were always curious about, but never got the chance to. These eight renowned universities offer free online courses, ready to let you dive into a plethora of new knowledge that awaits! 

  1. Grow your own plants 

It’s time to be self-sufficient! If you have a garden, get out there and grow yourself some veggies. Not got so much space? Buy some packets of seeds for growing smaller herbs indoors, like parsley, rosemary or mint. I promise your food will taste ten times better when you have the satisfaction of knowing the herbs were homegrown by yours truly! Here are some tips to get you started: 

  1. Stay fit at home! 

As if motivating ourselves to actually use our gym memberships wasn’t enough, now we are confined to our living spaces and staying in shape may not seem like the easiest thing to do. If you are struggling to motivate yourself, fear not as there are also plenty of apps, online resources and channels providing you with all you need to do your favorite exercises at home. Take part in the 30 day yoga challenge online or subscribe to an affordable fitness app like Shreddy, which has a home workout option, and comes complete with video tutorials and meal plans to guide you through your fitness journey. No excuses! 

  1. Time to update your travel bucket list 

Just because we can’t travel right now, that doesn’t mean we can’t keep the wanderlust alive and start planning for the future. So, plan and map out your next trip! You can make a first effort at learning the local language, researching the cultural hotspots or maybe read through online travel blogs to determine your perfect itinerary. For example, you can get travel inspiration from Holidu’s online magazine:

  1. Master your own cocktails! 

Now that all bars and restaurants are closed, it’s really time to learn how to make that Caipirinha all by yourself. You have the luxury that at home you manage to make your surroundings cosy and ideal for an evening spent sipping on a delicious mojito. Look up the recipes online and create your own cocktail bar from the comfort of your own home. Cheers! 

  1. Improve your musical talents 

Do you have a keyboard or piano in your house that is mainly taking up space to look good? Or maybe a guitar propped up in the corner of your room gathering dust. Well, wipe off the cobwebs and get practicing! Practice or teach yourself a new musical instrument. Of course, this can be singing too – improving your singing skills on your own is already a good option, but it’s even more fun to share it online with family and friends. Organise a group video call, share your screen and sing along! 

  1. Declutter and redecorate your house 

We are all guilty of hoarding items over the years and never getting around to really sorting all of the stuff out. Now that you’re sitting at home more than usual, you might find yourself getting tired of your room arrangement quickly. Time to turn it all around! Maybe you already have paint at home to get a new colour on the walls? Or time to create a vision board, go online and shop for new furniture items. The options are endless, have fun being creative and refreshing your surroundings! 

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Food & Drink Festival Online to Support Food and Drink Producers

In these are challenging times for small food & drink producers, Food & Drink Festival Online has launched for the public to discover and buy from these businesses and support the grass-roots community. Many depend on a busy summer of festivals and shows to meet customers and sell their products, but with events cancelled for the foreseeable future, many food and drink producers are trying to keep their businesses afloat.

Food & Drink Festival Online is a new way for the public to discover these inspiring producers and buy direct from the safety of your home. The site is free for businesses to sign up to, just visit and register your business. It will give producers a better opportunity to stay financially afloat during this difficult time.

Food & Drink Festival Online is the brainchild of Katia Sokolskaya founder of Nauteas tea company and Richard Reeves of digital agency SLICE&DICE. The site has been created and launched in a matter of days as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic and its impact on food & drink businesses. Each business has its own profile page for people to browse before visiting the producers’ website to buy their products. Dozens of businesses have signed up to the site with many offering special offers and discounts and more will be added every day.

Katia says: “These are extraordinarily challenging times for many small businesses. Spring and Summer festivals and shows have been cancelled, leaving artisan producers with very few routes to market. However this situation opened up an opportunity for us to create a festival online, so now everyone can discover incredible produce without leaving their homes. With this project, we want to support and give a free platform to all the hard-working and passionate producers and entrepreneurs.”

Richard Reeves of Slice&Dice says: “The new site is designed to showcase the amazing cornucopia of amazing food and drink producers in the UK and we hope that the public will continue to support them by buying direct from them online, despite not being able to visit shows and events.”

The Food & Drink festival Online 2020 website is from the U.K.’s cornucopia of wonderful small food & drink producers.

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The Latest Fashion Trends and How You Can Wear Them

When you want to get dressed up to keep up with the latest fashion it can be difficult because fashion changes a lot as new trends come and go. With so many trends to keep up with, it can be hard for you to know how to wear them best but, not to worry – we are here to help you.

In this article, we will discuss some of the latest fashion trends and how you can wear them. These trends will include everything from neon to wearing items that are oversized. Use these tips to transform your look in 2020.

Oversized Items

One of the most popular trends that you might have come across is oversized items. This can be oversized jumpers, tops, dresses or jackets. Oversized clothing is supposed to look big on you which makes it loose-fitting and comfortable. If you are wearing an oversized top, you can wear them with cycling shorts or with jeans and the same goes with oversized tops. When it comes to oversized dresses, people choose to accessorise them with a belt to make the dress fit better around the waist.


When it comes to keeping up with the latest fashion trends, a popular option that you should consider is boots. Boots are a popular fashion trend because they go with many different outfits and, are suitable to wear all year round. For example, you can wear boots with a skirt or dress or even jeans and can be worn to many different occasions, either if it is going out with friends, heading to the shop, going to a party and many other occasions. If you would like to get a pair of boots so you can keep up with the latest fashion trends then, make sure you check out the boots from and browse the available options.


Something that has come back into fashion in the last few years is bright colours and neon outfits. When you are going to a party or on a night out, you will find that you have spotted a few stand-out and bright coloured outfits. But how can you wear neon? Well, there are many ways that you can wear neon with the latest fashion trends including neon tops, skirts and even dresses. With festival season right around the corner, you will probably see a lot of neon so, make sure you have a look online and see if you can find any neon outfits that catch your eye.

Animal Prints

Something that has always been in fashion is animal print but, in recent years animal print has become more incorporated in all types of clothing. Whether it is an animal print top, skirt, dress, trousers or skirt, there is plenty of animal print to go around. If you are planning on wearing animal print, you should stick to wearing dark colours and making the print the main part of the outfit. As well as clothing you will also find animal print accessories such as bags, scarves, shoes as well as much more.

Try These Out

Staying on top of the latest fashion trends can be quite tricky but if you check out some blogs and social media channels, you should be able to stay on trend. Use some of the tips that we have given you here in this handy guide to totally transform your look this year. Try out animal print, buy some stylish boots and soon you’ll be fashionable in every way.

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Eating Out After Coronavirus: What To Look Out For

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the corporate landscape, and no sector has had to evolve faster than the restaurant space. 

Most eateries have had to close to reduce the spread of this fatal virus. Once the danger passes and the government starts to allow more establishments to resume trading, diners can revisit their favourite restaurants and enjoy the dishes they adore.

Just because you’re allowed to eat out again, doesn’t mean that everywhere you go will be safe for you and your companions. To find out more about what you should look out for when eating out after Coronavirus, read on. 

A Fresh Menu

Most restaurants will have had to use their existing ingredients or give them away during the lockdown. If an eatery hasn’t been able to offer delivery, then it will have to find new suppliers and get new products in stock before it can reopen. Any establishment that has been closed for several months should have adapted its menu and should be changing it to reflect the produce it is able to procure. A new menu will give you the chance to expand your tastes and try new things, so don’t be afraid of it: on the contrary, it’s important that you actively seek out eateries offer new menu items. 

Professionally Cleaned Premises

Cleanliness has always been important to any organisation working with food, but it is more crucial now than it ever has been before. Ask your favourite dining establishments if they’re working with decontamination experts, such as Ideal Cleaning. This specialist commercial cleaning company has the expertise to fully decontaminate any eatery. If your favourite restaurant isn’t collaborating with a professional cleaning firm, then recommend that they visit to find out more about how the company can help them to reopen successfully. 

Well-Supported Staff

The way that a business treats its team is a strong reflection of how well it will treat its customers, especially at times when you can’t see them, such as while they’re preparing your food. As such, when you first start celebrating the end of the lockdown, it’s crucial that you research the behaviour of your local eateries during the pandemic, particularly how they supported their staff. If they treated their staff poorly during this challenging time, then don’t give them the benefit of your patronage. 

A Focus On Community Support 

Much like supporting staff, offering help to the community during these trying times is another sign of a quality business that deserves your attention. After all, the pandemic has caused a lot of challenges for many households, with some unable to afford or buy the food they need. Many eateries are getting rid of their old stock, and helping out at the same time, by feeding those in need during the pandemic. Any eatery that supported the community during the crisis is well-worth checking out, so try to visit as many as possible once the lockdown is lifted and you’re free to eat out again. 

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What driving app should you download?

There are so many apps out there for every aspect of our lives … including our driving experience.  But with so much choice – which ones are worth downloading?  Volkswagen dealership, Vindis, investigate:


Many drivers have been in this nightmare situation. We’ve just reached a city centre that we’re not familiar with and then realise that our mobile phones have lost their internet connections, making their sat-nav systems fairly pointless. With the HERE WeGo app though, you never need to go through this situation again.

Offline maps of the UK and for countries covering everywhere from the US and France to Spain and Italy can be downloaded onto your smartphones by accessing the app. This means that you can be navigated to your destination even when you haven’t got an internet connection.

The HERE WeGo app even has its uses when you’ve left your car at home. It’ll inform you of carsharing opportunities nearby whenever you need it and can call a local taxi too so that you never need to worry about being stranded in an unfamiliar city.

Where to download the app:


How annoying is it when you get to the end of a road trip and then realise that finding a free parking space appears to be an impossible task? Help is now at hand though, in the form of the JustPark app.

This is a service which has been ushered with praise at Richard Branson’s 2015 VOOM event and the 2017 British Parking Awards. The app itself has made up a database of 1.4 million parking spaces, off-street parking options (think car parks, private spaces and even driveways) and on-street parking possibilities (that’s stretches with parking meters and free parking zones).

Finding a free parking spot is just one useful feature of the JustPark app mind. You can also reserve a guaranteed space and pay for the spot via the app using either a card, PayPal or either Apple or Android Pay services. You’ll even be provided with easy-to-follow instructions and directions to the space once it’s reserved.

Where to download the app:

Android Auto

We move on to a pair of smart driving companies which you’ll notice have similar features. However, the choice of which one you download will depend on the type of smartphone you have.

Have the Android operating system on your smartphone? Then you’ll be wise to enhance your gadget with Android Auto. This smart driving companion essentially means that while you’re behind the wheel, you only need to mutter ‘OK Google’ in order to…

  • Set up real-time GPS navigation and be informed about traffic alerts.
  • Check your calendar for any occasions that you have scheduled.
  • Set reminders.
  • Get up-to-date news.
  • Setting up a do not disturb message on your phone.
  • Make or answer phone calls handsfree.
  • Access so many of your media apps, such as those containing your favourite music playlists, audiobooks and podcasts.

Own a smartphone which uses the iOS operating system? Then you’ll want to check out Apple CarPlay instead. Featuring Siri voice control, here’s just a few things you can do once you open the app:

  • Search for attractions while driving by simply asking for directions by the following means: “Siri, where’s the closest petrol station?”.
  • Have the app predict where you need to be by analysing addresses on your recent emails, text messages, contacts and calendars.
  • Make calls and listen to voicemail handsfree.
  • Have Siri read and reply to text messages, as well as send messages in new conversations too.
  • Gain access to content via your iTunes, Apple Music or other audio apps accounts, as well as even request for Siri to become your personal DJ for the duration of a road trip.

Where to download the Android Auto app:

Where to download the Apple CarPlay app:


Additional sources:

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What You Need to Consider When Taking the Whole Family on Holiday

If you are planning on going on holiday and going with the whole family, then it can be a bit more difficult to plan and, this is because there will be more people to organise. However, it will be worth it when you have all the family together. If you are planning on going on a big family holiday then, there are a lot of things that you will need to take into consideration, and you have come to the right place. This is because, in this article, we will discuss what you need to consider when taking the whole family on holiday. If you want to find out more then, keep reading so you can start planning your big family holiday. 

Get Everyone Involved 

The first step to taking your whole family on holiday is to make sure that you get everyone involved and start holiday planning. This is because when you get everyone involved you will be able to get an idea of the number of people who would like to come. When you find out who will come and how many, it can make it easier to start planning the rest of your holiday. 

Decide on a Destination 

Once you have got in touch with everyone and you have found out the number of people who are going on holiday then, you can start to have a look and decide on a destination. Make sure you discuss with everyone where they would like to go and then, choose a destination that everyone is happy with and that is suitable for all of the family. For example, if children are going then, you will need to choose a place that is suitable for both children and adults. 

Choose a Suitable Date to Travel 

The next thing to consider when travelling with the whole family is to make sure that you choose a suitable date to travel. This is because you will need to make sure that everyone can get the time off work and that they don’t have any other plans. When you are looking for dates to travel, you should make sure that the date is suitable for everyone before booking anything. If children are going to be there who are still at school, then it is important that you plan the holiday when they are on school holiday leave or during bank holidays

Deal with the Important Things

One of the most important things that you will need to deal with when going on a holiday is to make sure that you have the right travel documents and make sure that you have insurance. This is because if you don’t have your travel documents then, you won’t be able to travel and, if you don’t have insurance then, you would have to pay a lot of money if anything happened. Accidents can happen at any time and it is no different when you are going abroad. If you are looking for travel insurance to cover different things such as elderly travellers, damage, medical coverage and more then, make sure you head to Staysure to find out more. 

Use This as A Starting Point to Plan Your Family Holiday 

Overall, there are a lot of things that you need to take into consideration when it comes to taking the whole family on holiday and, in this article, we discussed some of the things to consider. If you would like to take your whole family on holiday then, make sure you use the information in this article as a starting point to help plan your family holiday.

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Ensure Optimum Nutrition Whilst Working from Home with Human Food

Human Food has created a range of vegan Organic Daily Nutrition Bars that make it as simple as possible for individuals to get the very best nutrition in order to support their overall wellbeing, boost immunity and increase cognitive function. Unlike other brands, Human Food delivers all of these benefits from whole foods, without the need for synthetic nutrients.

The brand’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are the world’s most nutritionally-dense organic food. Developed by a team of nutritionists and doctors, the bars combine 20 organic whole foods and whole food extracts, which have been carefully selected to provide the maximum functional benefits. Indeed, recent clinical trials by Swansea University have proved that Human Food’s Yellow Bar, which contains 500mg of organic turmeric, can improve reaction times and decision making by 10%.

Human Food recommends enjoying one of its Organic Daily Nutrition Bars every day to provide a solid foundation from which to complete an optimal diet. The bars can be delivered directly to consumers’ doorsteps and are hugely versatile and a quick, nutritious solution that is ideal at any time of day, whether as a snack to help sharpen the mind, stay focused and increase productivity whilst working from home, or enjoyed crumbled on top of Bircher muesli or porridge as a nourishing breakfast.

Each bar provides:

  • 100% RI Vitamin B12 – Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are the only products in the world to contain 100% organic, whole food-derived B12, as opposed to the Vitamin in a synthetic form.
  • 50% RI Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and D
  • 11g Protein
  • 800mg Omega 3
  • 500mg organic Maca
  • 200mg organic Ginseng
  • 3g organic Cacao
  • Other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including: Potassium, Phosphorus, Copper, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Omega 6 and Omega 9

Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars are available in three delicious and satiating editions: A fruity Red Bar, with organic Goji Berries, a subtly spicy Yellow Bar, infused with organic Turmeric, and a power-packed Green Bar, containing organic Spirulina.

Human Food only uses 100% whole food-derived nutrients in its products, as these are packed with essential phytonutrients that are required for optimal absorption by the body. Wholefood nutrients are typically more bioavailable than synthetic equivalents; wholefood Vitamin E, for example, is absorbed by the body at over seven times the rate of its synthetic counterpart[2].

The Organic Daily Nutrition Bars contain no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, flavourings, synthetic nutrients, soy, grains, wheat, dairy or GMO’s, are allergen-free and each one has all of its seeds whole to protect against oxidisation, which causes degradation in taste and nutrition.

Human Food’s Organic Daily Nutrition Bars (RRP: £3.30 per bar) are available to order directly to consumers’ doorsteps via the brand’s website and can be purchased individually, as a two-week trial pack (RRP: £33.00) or as part of a monthly subscription (RRP: £66.00 for 20 bars).

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