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How to Create a Summer Weight Loss Program

By Posted on 3 m read

Summer is a perfect time to start a weight loss program. If you’re having trouble controlling your weight, while the weather is warm it is a great time to push yourself to get started. 


However, before you start any weight loss program there are a few things you need to bear in mind so that your weight loss program is not only safe but effective as well. Here are some guidelines for creating the perfect summer fitness routine.

Getting Ready

First of all, you should not start any exercise program until you have consulted your doctor. You will need to have your doctor’s stamp of approval especially if you are being treated for an illness or an injury.


Plan to get at least twenty minutes of exercise four to five days each week. You do not have to get four consecutive days in a row. You can take rest days in between.


Exercise works along with diet to help you lose weight, so you have to make up your mind that you will also try to eat healthily as well.

Create a Cardio Program

Cardio exercise is important for helping you to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals. Cardio exercises work by conditioning your body, lungs, and heart. When beginning cardio exercise the best thing you can do is look at your fitness level realistically and then begin from there. 


In the beginning, you may only be able to do fifteen or twenty minutes of exercise for three days. As you begin to develop the strength you can increase the frequency of your exercises.


 Do not be afraid to split up your workouts, it is just as effective as if you did one round of exercise in the morning and one in the afternoon. 


This means that you can do fifteen minutes of exercise in the morning and fifteen minutes of exercise in the afternoon, this will give you thirty minutes a day. 


Ensure that you only do exercises that you enjoy. If you do not enjoy what you’re doing you will not be motivated to continue.


You should also vary the intensity and the duration of your workouts. For example, you can do short intense workouts or slower workouts at different times. You can also hire a personal trainer such as Craig Budgen to help you achieve your fitness goals if you find it difficult to stay disciplined on your own

Do Strength Training

You should do strength training as part of your regular routine. This will help to increase your metabolism and increase your lean muscle.


You should target all your muscle groups at least twice per week. You can rest a day or two in between workouts. Compounding your workout by working on different body parts is the best way to increase the effectiveness of your weight loss program. 

Get Fit

Summer is the perfect time to begin your efforts to get in shape. The warm weather is inspiring and motivational.  


This is what makes summertime a great time to start your fitness journey or to enhance your current fitness strategy.

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How to Plan a COVID-Safe Event

By Posted on 3 m read

Whether you’re planning an event for yourself or a client, one thing you must do is ensure that it’s a COVID-safe event. Restrictions are lifting within the UK, and more people can now do things socially in larger groups than, say, a few months ago.

However, you still need to take plenty of steps to ensure that the risk of COVID getting spread at your venue is low. The following is a practical guide to help you create a fun, friendly, and COVID-safe event. Here’s what you need to know:

Assess the Risks

The first step you must take is to identify what, if any, risks are present at your event. For example, an indoor event at a restaurant will inevitably have more risks for spreading coronavirus than an outdoor one, and small indoor spaces are riskier than larger ones.

Once you’ve identified the risks, you can then make notes of your assessment and take the proper steps to mitigate those risks. You’ll also demonstrate to people attending your event that you’ve planned it with safety in mind.

Ensure Social Distancing Is Possible

For now, there are still limitations in place regarding social distancing – both indoors and outdoors. With that in mind, you should plan how you can make social distancing possible at your event’s venue.

For example, you might wish to limit the number of people allowed to attend the event. You may also want to ensure there is plenty of space (i.e. two metres) between tables if you’re hosting a sit-down event, irrespective of whether it’s indoors or outdoors.

Another idea is to keep items like furniture inside a confined space to a minimum, as doing so will help you achieve social distancing measures for your event.

Ask People to Wear Masks Indoors

If you’re hosting an indoor event, you need to ask attendees and also members of staff to wear masks unless they are sat down at a table or are medically exempt from wearing a mask.

Note that you cannot ask people for proof of their medical exemption, nor can you enforce a policy of only mask-wearers allowed at the venue. If possible, it makes sense to hold your event outdoors as you can relax such restrictions in open spaces.

Provide Plenty of Hand Sanitiser

Another way of making your event COVID-safe is by providing plenty of hand sanitiser at various points at your venue. For example, it makes sense to have some SANZi hand sanitiser at all entry and exit points at your venue.

You should also provide hand sanitiser in toilets and ensure that all toilets are well-stocked with paper towels and handwash. Make sure you have enough stock of hand sanitiser appropriate to the number of people attending your event’s venue.

Provide COVID Precautionary Training to Your Staff

Lastly, all your staff should know what precautions they must take to help curb the spread of COVID-19 at your event. For instance, they should wear masks when serving food and drinks to attendees and ensure all surfaces get cleaned regularly.

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Pantone colours 2021 – how to incorporate them in your interiors?

By Posted on 2 m read

Pantone ranking is a significant trends indicator in various industries, including interior design. Which colours were chosen this year, and how to incorporate them in your space? Check our tips.


Every year, Pantone comes up with the trendiest colours, defining the future tendencies in fashion and interior design. Two years ago, it was millennial pink, and last year – classic blue. Pantone’s predictions don’t always meet reality, but in most cases, the colours quickly get international acceptance, appearing on clothes, furniture, accessories, and – first of all – walls!


Repainting your wall in a different colour can be a great way to give an interior design a new touch. Which colours are worth considering this year and what to pair them with?


Pantone colours 2021


In 2021, Pantone has decided to highlight two shades – Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey. They’re both quite classic and universal – however, combining them with other colours can give you some trouble. Actually, they look great together. Thus, you can use them both in your interior design without any worries. Graphic designers have already discovered this duo quite a long time ago, and for long, it was the most commonly used combination in interfaces. And now, it’s time for houses and flats!

Illuminating Yellow – what will it look good with?


This colour is an instant mood-uplifter! It will brighten the dark interiors and make them look larger. You can try putting it on one wall while keeping the others white. Or go for the total yellow look to create the exotic interiors straight out of Cuba or Mexico with contrasting vibrant shades. 


Illuminating yellow looks good with grey, but you can also combine it with its complementary shade – navy blue. Adding details in this shade will create a bold contrast without compromising the colour harmony.


Ultimate Grey – what to combine it with?


Grey is universal and can look good basically with anything. However, if you play it safe, the result may be too conventional. Try adding various yellow shades to put some life into your interiors. It can be mustard, sunny yellow, lemon, saffron, and others.


Ultimate Grey will also look good with the industrial details – shaded concrete, terrazzo, or brick. You can combine it with clay to achieve a modern folk effect. 


When painting your room in one of these colours, remember to prepare the walls appropriately in order to achieve the purest shades. Clean them, do some sanding, and apply the primer before using the paint – these steps will guarantee the best results.


Article prepared in cooperation with Ignas Limited – painting and decorating contractors London.





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Jewellery For Men: A Guide

By Posted on 5 m read

What does the jewellery wearer want?


Before you head off to purchase jewellery, whether in a brick and mortar store or online, you need to have an understanding of the wearers’ personal style and what they want from their jewellery. It may be that they want something that they can wear every day, or perhaps something for special occasions. Choosing something can be daunting, but knowing what the wearer wants and likes makes it a whole lot easier.


Some things to think about when choosing jewellery for someone include:


  • Colours: Do they want gold? If so, white gold or yellow gold, or even rose gold? There is also silver, of course. Ideally, you should stick to one colour of jewellery throughout, but hey, rules can be broken! In terms of the colour wheel, gold is a warmer colour that reads like a yellow accent. Browns and other earth tones, as well as deep hues like blue and green, go nicely with it. If you are buying several pieces of gold jewellery, keep an eye out for different tones– Gold comes in a wide range of shades and if the variation is significant, you may wind up with pieces that don’t match.


  • Metals with silver tones, such as polished stainless steel or chrome, are neutral. They read like greys, as they fall on the black-to-white gradient rather than the colour wheel. That means they don’t clash as much as gold, but they also don’t create the same eye-catching contrasts. For a sleek, classic look, pair silver jewellery with black or dark grey apparel.


  • Symbolism and meaning: In the vast majority of cases, jewellery has meaning. While jewellery is usually only a small part of someone’s overall look, it is often something people notice straight away, particularly on a man. To make it even more complicated, different people interpret the meaning of jewellery very differently. For example, in some circles, an ornamental style ring can be symbolic of belonging to an organized criminal group while for others, it can simply be a sign of wealth and success.


What are the different types of jewellery available for men?


  • Cufflinks: Cufflinks certainly have a purpose, but that does not mean they aren’t also pieces of jewellery. Apart from watches and rings, cufflinks are possibly the most commonly worn piece of men’s jewellery nowadays. The majority of them are made out of less expensive metals, such as sterling silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or platinum. Sometimes, cufflinks have additional decorative elements such as precious jewels- rubies and emeralds are popular, or are made out of materials such as mother of pearl.


  • Watches: Again, watches serve a primarily functional purpose, but that does not mean they can’t be decorative as well. Many men spend thousands of dollars on high-quality and high-end brand watches – just look at Rolex’s! One could argue that those with leather straps are more functional while a watch with a metal band is more like a piece of jewellery. However, when it comes down to it, it is a personal preference!


  • Rings: Of course, the most common type of ring for a man to wear is a wedding ring. However, pinky rings and signet rings are not uncommon. There are more ‘rules’ around rings than other pieces of jewellery in terms of what they symbolize, how many should be worn at once, and on which finger.


  • Bracelets and necklaces: These are not quite as common on men as they once were, but we think it is definitely time for a resurgence in popularity. Many heavy link chains and bracelets have become synonymous with wealth – and not always in a good way. You might want to steer clear of these and look for ones made of semi-precious stones, such as tiger’s eye or onyx or lapis lazuli. You could also look for ones made of other materials such as leather or beads, and perhaps even check out magnetic bracelets for men. There are said to all sorts of medical benefits from jewellery with magnetic properties, and while there is no medical or scientific evidence that supports this conclusively, there is lots of anecdotal feedback stating improvements to health. It is worth checking out, right?


The Do’s and Don’ts For Men’s jewellery


  • Less is more: The first tip is to avoid wearing jewellery with prominent branding or that is excessively extravagant unless you want to impress others with your status insignia rather than your personality. Always remember that jewellery captures the eye since it’s usually made of metal or is reflective. Less is pretty much always more, and if it is described as blingy, it probably means it is over the top.


  • Don’t wear too much jewellery at one time: Coco Chanel gave the infamous advice of removing one accessory before you leave the house, and that goes as much for men as it does women. As in the previous point, less is more, so keep to one or two good pieces of jewellery and leave the rest in your jewellery box at home.


  • Make sure your jewellery is correctly proportioned: Men with bigger hands and wrists can pull off chunkier rings, bracelets, and watches. Men with slimmer proportions need jewellery that aligns with that.


  • Choose jewellery with meaning: Pandora’s commercial success is due to the fact that it allows women to memorialise significant events in their lives by including them in their jewellery bracelets. Men can memorialise a significant event in their lives with a watch, a signet ring, or a pair of cufflinks. It could be something they do to reward themselves, or it could be linked to a family member like their father or uncle.


  • Choose pieces appropriate for the occasion: You wouldn’t want to show up or be bedazzled at a funeral because that would draw attention to you and your status symbols or shiny goods rather than the deceased. This is not just true for clothing in general, but especially for jewellery. Another example is that if you’re going to a job interview, it’s probably not a good idea to wear your most valuable and opulent timepiece. However, if you are closing a business deal, wearing something classic but expensive – like said Rolex – might be a good idea to subtly show how successfully you are.


  • Match metals: Consider all of the metals in your outfit, from belt buckles and buttons to your jewellery, and try to make sure that they all match as far as possible. The exception to this is a wedding ring; this is personal and is not generally taken off, so it does not matter if thus matches or not. 


When it comes to jewellery, there are no cut and dried rules. What works for one person, one occasion or one outfit does not necessarily mean it will work for the next. It is a very personal thing, as is everything related to fashion. However, these tips above will give you some guidance on buying and wearing jewellery for men.


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4 Ways to Drink to Your Health

By Posted on 3 m read

You might probably know that sugary juices, sodas and other calorie-packed drinks are often pinpointed as the leading cause of obesity worldwide. On the contrary, research shows that the proper beverages will positively impact your weight loss and overall well-being. Read on to know four simple ways to drink to your health.

Coffee for Antioxidants

Did you know that coffee helps lower your vulnerability to cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease, among other illnesses? Studies show that consuming three cups of coffee daily might help you live longer. Generally, coffee has numerous health benefits that are primarily from antioxidants.

Coffee beans have disease-ravaging antioxidants known as quinones which become potent after roasting. These antioxidants, along with magnesium contained naturally in the coffee, help regulate blood sugar levels and help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. To make your coffee loaded with antioxidants and benefit from it, you might want to add a dash of cocoa powder.

 You can add some CBD oil from to your coffee. You can use this tip to capture the coffee energy without its associated jitters. Regardless, experts advise that you need to control your CBD dosage, or you can use dairy-free milk infused with CBD to avoid the stress of measuring every dosage.

Water to Dehydrate

Drinking water is by far the best way to get fluids in your diet. It is critical to drink plenty of water, especially if you drink nothing else. Water goes a long way in ensuring that your body functions appropriately; It helps digestion, removes wastes, and keeps you hydrated. Water is practically best because it has zero calories and does not contain flavouring or artificial sweeteners.

You might get confused about the right amount of water to drink. You lose water daily through breathing, perspiration, urine and bowel movements. To be in shape or have a well-functioning body, you must replenish its water supply by drinking about two to three litres of water. Keep in mind that various other fluids and watery foods count in making your body hydrated.

Milk for Strong and Healthy Bones

Cow’s milk has many controversies. However, low-fat or fat-free milk is essential for bone health, especially in growing kids. Milk is a good source of calcium, protein and vitamin D as long as you are not allergic or lactose-intolerant. Fortunately, if you are a vegan or have a lactose allergy, dairy-free milk like almond and soy got you covered. Many dairy-free kinds of milk have fewer calories than cow’s milk. What’s more, when supplemented with calcium and vitamin D, they may contain more essential nutrients than other dairy options.

Vegetable Juice for Vitamins

If you love starting your day by drinking juice, it will be best to include tomato juice and other vegetable juice. Besides a high water content, vegetable juices contain rich nutrients including lycopene, vitamins A and C. Additionally, they do not have high sugar levels; that’s the downfall of some fruit juices, especially if you want to lose weight. If you do not consume lots of fresh vegetables and fruits, you might add tomato and vegetable juice to your diet and get extra minerals.


Fluids are vital in keeping your body organs active. Apart from that, they have many health benefits. You can use the given four tips and drink your way to a healthier life.


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The Best Spectator Sports To Get Into This Year

By Posted on 7 m read

Having a particular spectator sport to enjoy on a regular basis can be one of life’s great joys. Whether you tend to do it with friends, family or just by yourself, it can be a great way to while away the hours whenever you feel like it. Not only that, but it can also become a very consuming passion too, especially if you have a team that you are particularly keen to support.


But which spectator sports are the best to watch, and are there any out there that might need looking at again? If you are trying to fall back in love with sports or you are just keen to look out for some new ones to watch, take a look at the following list. These are some of the best sports to watch, including some very famous and well-known options as well as a few more obscure sports you might never have heard of. They are all worth looking into.




English football, known to much of the rest of the world as soccer, is one of the oldest games in the world still played across the globe, and it’s also one of the most-loved out there too. Whether or not you are a particularly keen football enthusiast, there is no doubt that it can be a wonderful spectator sport to get into, and there are few people who never watch it at all, even if that’s only for big events like the World Cup.


There are also a range of other football events throughout the year, giving you plenty of opportunity to start watching it, or start watching it again if you used to watch it. If you are based in England, then you are blessed with one of the most interesting and diversely-played leagues in the world. In truth, the English football league system is a very complex one, with national leagues of both the North and the South making up a national league, and then above that the even bigger players and contenders.


At the very top of that pyramid is the Premier League, of course, a league which, since its inception in 1992, has only been won by seven teams. This is what makes it so interesting to watch – it is incredibly closely contended, always fought with high passions, and never makes for dull or boring television.

If you really want to get a strong sense of what the atmosphere around a football game can be like, you should consider going to see a match in-person once you are able to do so. This can very often be one of the most exciting sports experiences of your life, and you might find that you get addicted and start going every weekend before too long, especially if you happen to land on a team that you are particularly passionate about supporting. There’s no doubt about it: football remains one of the best sports to watch in the world.




Cricket is, of course, another English sport, but one which might not have quite the same level of excitement in a lot of people’s minds compared to something like football or rugby. The writer George Bernard Shaw once remarked that the English invented cricket in order to ‘give themselves some idea of eternity’, and there are a lot of people today who might agree with that formulation of the sport.


But for those with an interest in it, it can be incredibly exciting, even for the longer-duration test matches which can last for four or five days. In fact, by a lot of statistical standards, cricket remains the second-most watched sport in the world, so it is hardly surprising that a lot of people still think of it very highly.


Like any sport, once you get into it, you can really see the appeal, and it can quickly become quite addictive to watch. The drama of a cricket game is peaceful and serene, slow, rather than fast-paced and violent – but it is still a form of drama that many people relish in, week after week. It is also hotly contested worldwide, and the sport is host to one of the most famous (and sometimes, incredibly bitter) sporting rivalries in history: that of Australia versus England, played out every year in the form of the Ashes.


If cricket is your cup of tea, you’ll likely be able to sit and watch it for many hours. If not, you might not be able to watch a second of it. But it is worth giving it a go, especially if you have never really stuck it out before. It’s the kind of spectator sport you can have on in the background all day long, tuning into it every now and then, and it can be quite a relaxing thing to watch in that manner.




Although the last two sports were both quite uniquely British, the truth about tennis is that it has become one of the most international sports of all. People from all over the world love to play and to watch it, and it is actually one of the bigger sporting industries to be found anywhere, with a huge number and variety of tournaments in place around the world each year.


With tennis, you have what might seem to be a very simple sport that actually becomes very intensely complex and fascinating the more that you watch it. You can easily start out watching Wimbledon with a vague sense of the rules, and finish the tournament feeling that you understand just exactly when to offer a backhand into the first quadrant past the net. It is this kind of viewer’s learning curve that can make tennis surprisingly addictive to watch.


Tennis also has the benefit of looking like a sport that anyone can play – although to play at the highest levels is of course a different matter altogether. In terms of the spectator sport nature of it, it is great for long, hot summer days, and it’s very much a cultural highlight of the year for many people.



If there is one sport that has been made considerably more watchable by the invention of television, it is golf. In the old days, you would have had to go to the course and watch from the sidelines – and either move around the course with the players’ progression, or stick in the one spot and hope it’s a good place to be. But with televised golf, you can obviously watch the whole game without having to move at all, and there is little doubt that this has led to a renaissance of sorts amongst sports lovers.


Whether or not you personally enjoy watching golf, you have to admit that it is a surprisingly seductive thing to watch. Much like cricket, it can go on for a surprisingly long time, but the sheer physical virtuosity of its top players makes it endlessly impressive to watch nonetheless, even for a long period of time in one fell swoop. It is also one of the oldest games in the world, a Scottish invention this time, and one that is very clearly well-loved by all across the world. It’s absolutely one that should go on your list if you are thinking of watching a new sport this year.




Not all of the watchable spectator sports come from the UK, of course. One of the world’s most loved sports is an American one – basketball. This is a more modern sport, and that is reflected in the much quicker nature of it, and the fact that it does not have quite the same quaint sort of historical edge to it. But what it does have is a fast-paced and interesting code of play, and a quickly evolving rule-set which makes every competition slightly different from the last.


Like many other sports, this is one where those who achieve the most are genuinely amazing athletes – incredibly tall, of course, but also strong and supple at the same time, something that is really necessary in order to be good at this sport. Whether or not you have played much basketball yourself in the past, there is no doubt that it’s one of the most fun to watch, and it’s definitely something that you should think about if you are looking out for a new sport to watch. You can quickly pick this one up.


As you can see, there are many sports that you can look into if you are keen to get back into watching sports this year. The beauty of this is that you can simply try one out, and if it doesn’t seem to be right for you, you can simply move on and try the next. But whichever sport you end up landing on, you should be able to make it as much a part of your life as you would hope, and this could end up being one of your top new favourite pastimes of all as well.

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By Posted on 2 m read

July 2021 will mark the first anniversary of Mel & Mark Sinjakli taking over the My Baker cake concierge service, a freshly-baked cake provider with an artisanal outlook that’s enjoyed significant growth in the intervening months.  

The surge in popularity for this pioneering ‘fine cake enthusiast’ business was fuelled primarily by the new founder’s ambitious ‘nationwide stretch’ programme and a fervent ‘comfort food’ renaissance that took hold during lockdown.  This was a time when growing numbers of stuck-at-home cake aficionados, brownie buffs and moreish macaron devotees sought out well-deserved respites from robust, ‘healthier living’ agendas.  This was also a sea-change time when ‘employee-appreciative’ businesses craved increasingly innovative new ways to show ‘confined to home’ workers that out-of-sight never meant out-of-mind! 

According to new co-owner, Mark, ‘On first inspection it seemed that lockdown might be something of a double-edged sword for our young enterprise. On the one hand we temporarily had no access to those large gatherings, weddings and corporate get-togethers on which we’d once forged our reputation, however this short-term loss was more than recouped by a growing appetite for online shopping.  When one factors in the temporary lack of access to pubs, restaurants and non-essential shopping, it became clear that inquisitive foodies needed new, alternative ways to satisfy their diverse ‘comfort food’ cravings.  Over the same time-frame there was also a significant spike in demand for tasty ‘food minority’ recipes that accommodate the expanding need for gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free and vegan cakes.’.’

Whilst it was clear that supporting cash-rich/time-poor parents and friends who wanted to bring extra wow to any gathering or special event would remain pivotal to My Baker’s business, there was also a growing appetite to meet the growing demand for treats for smaller and less formal occasions, and to extend the operation’s reach beyond its proud London & South East heartland.

Today, My Baker has a nationwide loyal baker community that’s growing by 10-15 each and every month. This has been achieved by providing cast-iron converted orders (as opposed to just leads) for talented artisanal bakers.  Such a set-up means talented home bakers can focus solely on the task at hand and not get tied up in all the time-consuming haggling that often accompanies initial enquiries.

Mark concludes by stressing that, ‘Whilst no-one’s under any illusion that a more health-conscious mindset is the primary take-away from last year, there will always be a demand for indulgent time-outs. When these moments arrive, discerning consumers will be more reluctant to settle for mass market, off-the-shelf treats. These gifts have become more important, more meaningful; and that’s where we come into our own.’

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By Posted on 2 m read


This June, on the eve of exhibition season (Farmshop & Deli…), Popcorn Kitchen will be unveiling their latest most deliciously decadent chapter in their fine snacking journey, an indulgent treat adventure which began back in 2012 with an unflinching commitment to unfussy, unadulterated ‘pure popcorn happiness’ and an instantly recognisable speedy popcorn kettle on wheels logo.

The meteoric success of the business’s gifting arm convinced ambitious co-owners Louise Webb & Andy Valentine that their core bagged range needed a NEW indulgent twist, trumpeting the arrival of more involving flavour chapter with enticing new flavours that included Lemon Drizzle (inspired by cake appreciation) Choc Orange & Choc Mint (2 x timeless choc classic) and Raspberry White Choc (the perfect marriage of tart meets sweet).

Better than that, for any savoury-leaning snacking disciples there’s a sublime Cheddar Cheese made with 30% cheese powder that’s stormed all our exploratory retailer taste trials

According to co-owner, Louise Webb ‘We have been wanting to extend our reach into bold Vs overtly finicky flavours which exude British provenance for some while, on the non-negotiable proviso that our NEW, head-turning flavours meant no relaxing of 1st principles; NAMELY no synthetic shortcuts, a truly satisfying crunch and all-engulfing flavours.  Fortunately, our unflinching commitment to superior, full-bodied mushroom popcorn (Vs fragile butterfly corn) ensures the perfect flavour rendering surface, less bottom-of-the-bag popcorn shrapnel and a truly crunchy (never soft & soggy) texture.’

It wasn’t so long ago that certain fine snacking doom-mongers were hinting that perhaps Popcorn’s finest days were behind them and that the new wave of experimental snacking treats would soon been stealing a march and yet Lockdown has effortlessly underlined how there’s never been greater demand for artisanal style snacking where well deserved ‘comfort food’ splurges don’t unpick wider ‘healthier living’ aspirations.

Andy Valentine concludes by pointing out that ‘Popcorn Kitchen’s unrivalled blend of artisanal popcorn snacks, gift packs and treat portfolio means Popcorn Kitchen is ideally suited to online, discerning hamper operations, Leisure, Garden Centres, Corporate Gifting and Speciality Retail, Grocery and thoughtful export opportunities (e.g. Bookshops in Estonia!).  Mainstream retailers are simply not Popcorn Kitchen’s bag because our agile mindset and high-speed response turnarounds means we’ve always been more about products with an authentic point-of-difference, wow factor and seasonal specials.’


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Under Stress? These Four Super Foods Could Help

By Posted on 3 m read

Stress has terrible effects on our bodies and minds. Experts detail common effects are headaches, anxiety, muscle tension or pain, fatigue, and sleep problems, to name a few. 


Schoolwork, projects, essays, or even looking for personalized plates on can increase anyone’s stress levels. You can easily fall into a behavior pattern of angry outbursts, overeating or undereating, and social withdrawal. 



On top of taking a fifteen-minute break, walking, or practicing mindfulness, food can become your best friend. No, it’s not about reaching inside a bag of potato chips or consuming endless amounts of cupcakes. 


To help you manage stress, eating certain foods will ease the process. Knowing what foods are your ally from those that elevate stress levels is important. So, if you are biting your nails, avoiding a task, or stuck in an overwhelming situation, add these foods to your diet. 


1) Herbal Teas


Tea is kind to the body in a way and relaxes the mind. Herbal teas like lavender and chamomile are best to reduce stress. 


What about caffeine lovers? A good of coffee in the morning pleases many, but drinking too much will flip your sleeping schedule. A caffeine overdose may result in dizziness, increased thirst, fever, and irritability. 


Avoid these nasty side effects and rather than reaching for a second cup of coffee, give green tea a chance. 


Green tea has significantly fewer milligrams of caffeine compared to coffee. Research demonstrates it contains flavonoids that raise cognitive function, learning, and memory. 


2) Dark Chocolate

Who knew you could eat a delicious piece of dark chocolate to ease stress? 


But wait! This is not the chocolate you will find in oreo cookies or the average chocolate bar. 


Picture by Pixabay on Pexels

The focus is dark chocolate. It makes a chemical and emotional impact that is rich in antioxidants. Best of all, it will leave you satisfied. 


3) Matcha powder

Matcha is becoming a trend and for good reason. It is rich in the acid L-theanine that is low in caffeine but reduces stress. You can easily add matcha powder to shakes, drink it as a tea, or use aking recipes. 


4) Avocados

Oh, avocados…

They seem to be listed in most health and food magazines. They are great in boosting mood, minimizing anxiety, and increasing concentration. 

Add avocados to salads, fruit bowls, and protein shakes. Pair it with nuts, seeds, and you got yourself a destresser meal ready to go. 


Quick Reminders

Stress is a state of mind that comes and goes when one is under tension. Recognize your stress triggers and observe your responses. Do you resort to food, or are you the type to fidget and run away from your stressor? 

There are occasions you may want to watch tv, scroll through social media, and playing video games. These are passive activities that research suggests actually increases stress in the long haul. 


Instead, get plenty of sleep, fuel your body with healthy foods, and avoid an excess of caffeine and illegal substances.

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Planning Your First Trip Of 2021: Choosing Where To Stay

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There is one other pivotal factor that must be carefully considered and this is your choice of accommodation. There is no denying that accommodation can make or break your vacation. After all, if you are staying somewhere that is too cramped or not to your taste, it is going to put a real dampener on your vacation. 


How are you going to enjoy your trip if you don’t like the place you are residing in for the duration of your stay? Luckily, most places have a diverse array of accommodation options for you to choose from and so it is simply a case of making sure you choose with care. You have everything from B&BS to hotels to even quirky self-catering cottages and villas. The latter is certainly an option you should consider if you want to really make the most of your trip and ensure it is one to remember for all of the right reasons. 


All you have to do is take a look on the Internet to see the array of quirky cottages, villas, and apartments that are at your disposal. They boast so much character, beauty, and charm! Imagine staying in a traditional cottage and curling up next to the fire on a winter’s evening or having a barbeque outside in the large gardens on a summer’s night. This truly is the best way to have a fantastic trip, whether you want to enjoy a city like London or family days out in Newquay. A property like this is assured to bring an extra dimension of fun and enjoyment to your break. This is especially the case when you consider the fact that they often come complete with a whole host of different luxury extras. This includes everything from hot tubs, to large lavish gardens, to barbeque areas, to private swimming pools – not the sort of things you are going to find in a hotel or a B&B. 


It is also important to consider the fact that with most hotels the maximum number of people that can stay in the same room is usually three. If you are going on holiday in a bigger group it can often spoil the occasion when you are all staying in separate places. Not to mention it is way more costly! This is something you need not worry about when staying in a holiday rental. You can find properties that sleep up to ten people and sometimes even more! This ensures that you all spend time together and enjoy your trip away as it is meant to be enjoyed. This really enhances the occasion, and is especially great if you are going away for a celebration, such as a birthday or even a hen party. This also means that holiday rentals are a lot cheaper when contrasted with other types of accommodation. This is often a surprise when you consider their quirky character and the luxury extras you are going to benefit from. However, when staying in a property you will be charged a set price for the entire week. This price does not change based on the number of people that are staying in the cottage. 


Another fantastic thing about staying in a holiday property is that you will be able to take advantage of some of the most quirky and magical settings. If you take a look at the hotels online you will see that most of them tend to be situated bang in the middle of busy cities and towns. A lot of them are also on main roads and so there is no way you are going to gain from any relaxation.

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