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5 Reasons to Migrate your Website to Shopify

If you are looking to make your first investment in an online store, or if you are looking to exit Etsy for leading services and features, then Big Cartel is a great choice. A great way to build a lasting business from your own online store is to move forward and migrate to Shopify. In case you already have a stream of your own buyers and persistent traffic, then Shopify is for you. In this article, you will learn:

·         how to promote your business step by step;

·         how to immigrate a personal website from Big Cartel to Shopif;

·         how not to change your design, branding and design;

·         how to migrate your products to another platform;

·         how to preserve the content that was presented on the previous website.

You can also find out more at the shopify development company MakeBeCool.

Step 1. You don’t need to create a Shopify Account for it

Go to Shopify, go to the “Home page” section, then click “To start”. Demo version number fourteen will open, where you need to set a personal email address, the required password and the name of the store. Then click on the “Create a personal store” button to continue. This will make the offer by default and you won’t have to worry about customizing your content in Shopify. The main part will be transferred from the previous project.

Step 2. Provide information about personal data

Select the category “Create a personal store”, then you need to click “Further”. To allow Shopify to adjust your currency units and tax rates, add your personal address and other details. After entering your contact information, click the “Further” button.

Step 3. Enter the details of your transition

In the next step, you need to tell a little information about yourself. Write to Shopify about your own endeavors on a different platform. In this case, you will be given some guidance if necessary. Big Cartel doesn’t have this. To indicate how much annual income from your site, select the “Other” category. After entering all the required data, click the “Enter my store” button.

Step 4. Choose your personal Shopify “Planning”

It is not recommended to move your own products and your data to a trial project, so it is better to register immediately for a commercial purpose in order to get started. To do this, click the “Select Plan” button on the control panel and select the “Starter”, “Basic”, “Professional” or “Unlimited” option. Choose the project that works best for you. Next, fill in your payment details and click the “Confirm Changes” button.

Step 5. Customize the look of your online store

Unfortunately, you will not be able to convey the true picture of your Big Cartel store. But it’s enough just to choose a fresh template that will be as similar to it as possible. To do this, go back to the main page of your Shopify and click the “Choose a theme” button under the “Customize the look of your site” area. Take a look at the options that are presented and choose the one that is more favorable for your brand. You can test any theme before embedding into your personal website. After choosing the appropriate option, click the “Publish” button and move on. Now you can view the look of your own website and add additional design elements. You can do it after migrating data from your Big Cartel repository.

Download the Cart2Cart transition offer. This will enable you to quickly and easily transfer your data from Big Cartel to Shopify using the special offer that is provided on the Shopify app store. This option will allow you to try a free demo version, however, for a real transfer of indicators, the price will range from $ 69 for one transfer of data. Install the offer and check it out. The Cart2Cart offer then moves the next Big Cartel items for your Shopify to the repository. Find out new information here:

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Passed At Last! Best Cars For New Drivers

Mirror, signal, manoeuvre your mouse onto deals for second hand cars because you’ve passed your test and you’re after your first car.

Picking your first car can be a bit of a minefield, mostly because the UK has some of the cheapest used cars in the world.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Below we’ve selected five super-cheap, reasonable to insure,  and easy to drive cars that make brilliant first vehicles for new drivers. 

Renault Clio

For the £1,000 mark you’ll be looking at a post-2001 Clio, which is great because this year saw a marked improvement in material quality when compared with older cars.

Generally the Clio is fun to drive and has low running costs. But best of all they’re dirt cheap because they lost the majority of their value early on and have continued falling.

Diesel engines are very economical, but petrol engines are cheaper to insure. Watch out for warning lights on your test drive, and check the immobiliser is working properly.

Toyota Yaris

Toyota has a well-earned reputation for reliable cars, and the Yaris is a model which has helped Toyota gain this notoriety.

Generally they’re a bit more expensive than the other cars on this list. But you might make this money back because they’re more reliable – therefore you spend less money on repairs.

The Yaris to go for was made between 1999 and 2005. Cars made from 1999 might be a bit rusty by now, so look out for that along the sills and boot.

Fiat Panda

If you’ve been to Italy in the last decade you will have seen hundreds of these little Pandas buzzing around. The Italians love them because they’re economical and cheap to run. Pretty robust too – and they’re cheap to repair as well.

Insurance and tax prices are enviably low. The engine is pokey enough if you enjoy revving the little 60hp engine too.

The good news is that this generation of Panda was made between 2004 and 2011 and sold well. This means there are plenty on the used market to choose from.

Ford Focus

A bit of a bigger car here, especially useful if you’re a first time driver who has kids or who needs a large boot.

There’s a huge range of engines on offer, but we recommend going for the 1.6-litre petrol. It’s smooth, economical, and generally reliable. And dare we say it, the Focus is more fun to drive than it needs to be.

Generally Focuses are pretty cheap to repair. But look out for slipping clutches as they can be expensive to replace.

Skoda Fabia

The Skoda Fabia you’re after was made between 2000-2007. This generation of Fabia cemented Skoda’s reputation for making solid and dependable cars.

It trades on value for money and the fact that it’s surprisingly practical. It’s roomier than a Volkswagen Polo from the same era.

Skoda’s dependable 1.4-litre diesel engine is the one to choose here. It’s not fast, but it is super economical.

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Tips for choosing the best Junk Removal Service

If you have a lot of junk to get rid of, you might be in a hurry to get started. If you’re planning on using a junk removal company, they should offer availability and affordability, and quality service. Stop for a minute and start researching junk removal companies, so you can make sure you will make the best choice for your situation. Keep reading to learn the signs and make sure the junk removal company you choose is honest and trustworthy before you decide. Junk removal services can be anything from a guy with a truck to a professional, authorized worker.

You need the right information to know the difference.

Here are some valuable tips for choosing a good junk removal company:


Find a Junk Removal Company That works With Your Schedule. A junk removal company that can work quickly to meet your needs is perfect. The amount of time between a customer contacting a junk removal company and the actual removal of their junk items should be measured as one of the best factors of a great junk removal service. When a customer picks up the phone, their junk should be always ready to go.

⦁ Communication

   A decent, qualified junk removal company will communicate with you before, during, and after finishing your pickup. Every junk removal customer service team that isn’t transparent and honest from the beginning about your worries should be avoided.

⦁ Budget 

Also, all you should do is choose a junk removal company that works with your budget. If you only have a half weight of garbage, why pay for a filled truck’s worth of junk removal? A good junk removal company works with your budget, offering different pricing for different amounts of rubbish. The pricing should be transparent and easy to understand. 

⦁ Essential tools & resources

Every junk removal company should have the necessary tools, equipment, and dumpster rental vehicles to give good service. Having the right tools is an absolute requirement in the junk removal domain.

 A quality junk removal service can handle any size pickup. They also need to have the resources and materials to be able to dispose of any waste and to navigate through the city or town professionally.

⦁ Qualifications

You have to take care and make sure that the company you’re choosing is qualified and has the right skills and the training required for the service. Members have to be experienced, professional junk transporters and ensure that they are trained, certified, and insured. Furthermore, you should also be informed that the company has the right license for the service. This is important to guarantee the safety of the service.

⦁ Proper disposal

A quality junk removal company will have a convenient way of disposing of the items they pick.

Find a junk removal company that will work with local donation centers, scrappers, and recycling facilities so that every single piece can be saved from the landfill. They should dispose of all junk responsibly and focusing on being eco-friendly.

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Tips‌ ‌for‌ ‌disassembling‌ ‌old‌ ‌furniture‌ ‌

 Moving furniture is a boring activity. Just when you decide to change your old furniture, all you think about is how am I going to move all this wood? You need to do a lot of work like making inventory lists, measuring, packing and unpacking. And the worst, you can damage your furniture, walls, and cause serious injuries by lifting weight.

All you can do is try disassembling and packing on your own. Remember furniture disposal can be very tough.

How to disassemble old furniture?

• Decide if you want to move it

 First, decide if it is necessary to move that item of furniture. If it is really old and damaged, it is most possible that you wouldn’t be able to take it apart without causing any more damage.

 Second, if that piece of furniture is really important for you and your family, you might wish to sell it and earn some money. This is always a good method if you don’t need that item anymore.

 • Get the right tools to disassemble antique furniture

 If you’re doing it yourself, you can’t do the disassembly using your hands only. To dismantle old furniture carefully, you need some basic set of tools that you can easily find in specific stores. For this job, you will use:

 • a set of screwdrivers

 • a set of wrenches

 • a hammer

 • special tools if necessary

 How to disassemble an old wardrobe?

  • Empty and take away all the drawers and shelves.
  • Remove the glass parts using special screwdrivers
  • Unscrew the hinges and remove the doors.
  • If not glued, try unscrewing all the additional parts.

 How to dismantle an old bed?

  • Remove the bed linen, mattress, and drawers
  • Unscrew the headboard and then the sideboards 
  •  Pull to pieces the bed frame if it isn’t glued.

How to disassemble old chairs, armchairs, and sofas?

  • Remove the cushions.
  • Unscrew the legs.
  • Take apart all other parts that you simply can

How to take old desks and tables apart? 

  • Take out all the drawers, trays, glass, or other tops.
  • For desks, unscrew all the parts to separate the elements.
  • As for tables, turn them the wrong way up and unscrew the legs.

 What if I can’t disassemble old furniture by myself?

 If you feel like you don’t have enough time or you find it very difficult and risky, ask for some help. You can find loads of experts and movers that can disassemble old furniture safely and professionally. Those people are professionals and will make it easier for you. Old furniture disassembles services provide effective, safe, and eco-friendly furniture removal so you don’t need to worry about the pickup or disposal of those old items. Besides that, they make sure that your old furniture items end up in the right place. If the pieces of furniture are still in good shape they send it to a charity for a donation, or they send them to a recycling facility to dispose of old furniture in an eco-friendly way.

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Are You Really In Touch With Your Emotions?

Emotions are a big part of life. Even if we cover them up or bottle them away, emotions rule our decisions, and very much make the final call on the way we live our lives. As such, it’s incredibly important to be in touch with your emotions. You need to know how they flow, and what might trigger certain moods, to ensure you can make the best rational choices in the face of all eventualities. 

And we all know this, of course! But we can still struggle to get a handle on the way we feel. Sure, there are many ways to make yourself feel better in the here and now, but what about in the long term? What can you do to really stay in touch with your emotions, and better your emotional health overall? Well, we’ve got some tips below for you that might just help. 

Remember, Your First Reaction Isn’t Always Accurate

The way you first feel about something isn’t necessarily the way you’re actually feeling. Emotions can often merge together, and you can have some very mixed feelings about something that’s happened. However, it can get even more complicated than this – sometimes one emotion covers up another, and it can be hard to dig deep and reveal what you’re really feeling underneath. 

One of the most common emotions that cover up what we’re really feeling is anger. You can get angry about a lot of things, whether it’s what someone has said to you, or something you’ve seen on TV. And in a lot of these cases, the anger is there as a defense mechanism. For example, a person can be angry because it feels much better than admitting that they’re scared or hurt by something that’s happened. The anger you feel is more productive, and you can do more with it, and lashing out with it can very much prevent you from getting hurt in the same way again. 

But in allowing such a strong emotion to ‘take over’, you can potentially damage your close relationships, and even just make yourself feel worse. Allowing yourself to let the emotion underneath out can be very scary, but it’s a lot healthier, and it can help you to overcome having such strong reactions in the future as well. 

And There are No Bad Emotions!

Following on from this point, it’s good to remember that no emotion is inherently bad. What we can do as a result of what we feel can be bad, and damaging, but the feeling itself is completely valid. Which is why it’s so important to address everything you’re feeling, and try not to bottle anything up. It won’t do you any favours in the long run! 

Typically ‘bad’ emotions include sadness, guilt, and anger. These are core feelings that make up the nuances in the way we feel and react to what’s around us, and they can criss-cross over into one explosive cocktail! But knowing that this can happen, and reminding yourself that what you’re experiencing in your head and heart isn’t bad or wrong, is a big part of emotional wellness. 

You’re a multifaceted person after all, and you don’t ever have to push an emotion away if that’s what someone else expects of you. These emotions might be negative in nature, but they’re part of being human, and if you don’t ever let yourself feel them, you’ll never quite get a handle on living and working with your feelings. And don’t forget: they make the positive emotions all the sweeter! 

Use a Mood Diary

If you really want to track your thoughts and feelings, you might want to start a mood diary. Grab a notepad, jot down the date, and then draw a table. In this table, make a column for the emotion you felt, what made you feel it, and what you did in response. If you want to take this a bit further, you can also include your thoughts on whether or not your emotion and/or response to the trigger was entirely appropriate. 

Mood diaries help us to track of what we’re feeling, when, and what typically causes us to feel that emotion. Keep this diary for long enough and you’ll start to notice patterns, which you can then either show a therapist to talk about, or come up with your own solutions. For example, you can take on a few mindfulness techniques to help you unwind, but more on this below. 

Remember, a mood diary isn’t there to make you feel bad about the way you feel. It’s there to help you take back control. Without the knowledge of how your emotions spark, and what you do in response, how can you begin to change the way you feel? 

Think About Therapy

Therapy can be used in a variety of situations to help a person take on life the way they want. You don’t need to have had a recent tragedy or a diagnosed mental illness to get in touch with a therapist – all you need is a question about your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours, and the help of a professional to answer it. 

Indeed, therapy is a great way to help yourself get in touch with the way you feel. After all, when talking over your thoughts and feelings with someone who has a real insight into the world of emotions, you can take on a different viewpoint. This might not be possible anywhere else in your life, and it can really get you thinking about the way you treat yourself. 

And there are many forms of therapy that can help you to workshop your feelings, and the way you can react to them in the future. For example, if you want to have a more constructive approach to how you feel in day to day situations, you can try out a few sessions of CBT. 

Doing online hypnotherapy, on a similar note, can help you get to the root of any emotional issues, if that’s what really worries you. Being in a hypnotic state can allow you to open up without barriers, and can be effective at treating symptoms such as insomnia, and stress related aches and pains. And even if therapy has never sounded suitable for you, even just an initial consultation can get you thinking deeply about the way you feel. 

Implement Some Mindfulness Techniques

Mindfulness is all about staying in touch with yourself. It helps you to be present in the moment, and identify what you’re feeling and where you’re going with it. And that can be helpful to a lot of people. After all, without checking in and reminding yourself to stay calm, it can be much harder to beat away the stresses of the day. 

But what can you do? In being mindful, you’re trying to identify what you’re feeling. So do that first of all. Decide what it is you’re feeling, and then accept the emotion. Don’t ignore it, and don’t push it away. Keep in mind that this emotion won’t last, especially if you know what set it off in the first place. A lot of people like to sit or lie down and close their eyes whilst doing mindfulness, but it can be done at a desk or in the middle of a coffee shop if need be! 

Are you in touch with your emotions? Make sure you take tips like those above to heart, to better your emotional health for the future. 

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How Easy is it for Your Average Joe to Start Online Trading?

There was a time when trading was out of reach for the average person but as with many things, the introduction of the internet changed the way people could trade. It is now possible to trade from the comfort of your own home or anywhere there is an internet connection, using a mobile phone or tablet. With trading now more accessible than ever before, how easy is it for your average joe to start online trading?

Looking at trading from a beginners point of view, it can seem overwhelming when you look at the finance pages of a website or newspaper. Stock prices are listed and they fluctuate but to those who have never traded before, it can look like a list of meaningless numbers. So, perhaps the best place to begin is by learning a little bit about how the stock market works and there are plenty of online resources that offer a simple breakdown of the details.

However, if you cannot wait to get started, you can use one of the many mobile applications and arguably the best trading app Ireland is eToro. There are other apps available, including Libertex,, Degiro, and Plus500 but for the average person on the street, eToro is the best place to begin.

eToro makes it easy for beginners to begin trading. So, even if you have no experience of the stock market or how trading works, you can start by using a demo account. You will be allocated funds and you can choose to invest the money into whatever you like on the app. Treat the funds as your own money and use it to learn the way trading works. The more accustomed you become to the methods of trading, the better chance you will have of making good investments when the time comes to use your own money.

Another great feature of the eToro app is you can begin trading with a small amount of money, with the minimum stock trade is just $50 and that is ideal for beginners because you do not want to be risking large sums of money. Put it this way, if you go skiing for the first time you do not head to the biggest jump on the slope and attempt to land, you will head to the nursey slopes and practice. Trading is much the same and you do not want to be pouring money into something you are yet to fully understand because it is not going to end well.

eToro has made it even easier for the average joe to get started in trading with a feature called social and copy trading. You can choose to follow an experienced trader and can copy their movements in the stock market, without having to do a thing yourself. It is almost a set and forget tool meaning you can have little knowledge of trading but get involved by following someone who has a lot more experience than yourself. There is always risk attached but it provides a great way to get started for someone without any trading knowledge.

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Sept 21 Sees Wholey Moly Add A Pistachio & Lemon Healthier Living Cookie To Its Full-Bodied Flavour Locker AND Secure Breakthrough Ocado & Sainsbury’s Listings

When the pandemic took hold, it perhaps wasn’t surprising so see the biscuits category roll up its collective sleeves and fulfil its role as the nation’s most popular permissible comfort food and dependable indulgence, because, despite our nation’s evolving food landscape, the UK’s love affair with biscuits remains undiminished.  Today Brits continue to buy a staggering £8m worth of biscuits each and every day, which helps explain how the UK continues to enjoy the highest per capita biscuit consumption in the world! 

With healthier-leaning biscuits now accounting for a staggering 26% of the UK biscuit market, fuelled by a growing appetite for intriguing eating on-the-hoof formats, the Wholey Moley team knew its ‘cookies with benefits’ mantra resonated louder than ever, with a growing public belief that sincere, healthy yet tasty flavour convictions (50% less sugar) is never an excuse to settle for humdrum flavours and mundane textures.  

Having recently upped the indulgence ante of its Orange and Hazelnut lines by swapping out cacao for dark choc chips, Meenesh found himself wanting a third ‘hero’ flavour to set tongues wagging and taste buds swooning.  ‘Having already championed hazelnuts, almonds and cashews in our recipes, we wanted to provide a fitting stage for the sublime pistachio to shine, coupled with lemon to provide a discreet yet delightfully citrus twang.’ 

Proud new listings in Ocado & Sainsbury’s shows that Lockdown was in retrospect a helpful time for husband & wife founders, Meenesh & Parul to revisit their brand and initiate a number of small yet telling range tweaks that underlined the brand’s status as a leading light within the vegan, high-in-fibre/gluten-free cookie movement.  Besides the arrival of a Pistachio Lemon offering, Wholey Moly have enhanced their recipes to create a less crumbly, more soft-centred cookie, raised essential additional investment to build its DTC/online and moved to planet-friendly recyclable paper packaging to reaffirm its status as a brand that tastes good and is good for both you and the wider planet.

‘The last 12 months have been a whirlwind for us,’ concludes Meenesh, ‘as we fine-tuned our 4-strong range to be the at the very top of its game, from both a taste and healthier living perspective, without ever compromising our core ‘indulgent fun’ persona.’ 

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Remote IT Support services – Six Essential Benefits

If you have a business, but you are not able to have full-time IT staff to solve problems with computers and their configuration, or you think that it is very expensive and not profitable, then try to pay attention to the option of remote IT support services. This service option has its advantages and disadvantages, and we will discuss them in this article.

Remote access is the ability to access a computer network or an individual device from an external computer. Employees from different departments, people who work remotely or travel for business may need access to the company’s network. Remote access is invaluable as it provides technical support for businesses using managed IT services. Almost any computer problem can now be solved remotely. Tasks such as scanning for malware, removing computer viruses, installing drivers, line-of-business applications, and updating software can often be performed without visiting a site.

You can choose a reliable IT remote support service to make your job easier. Totality Services has created a remote IT assistance solution that eliminates the burden of calling an IT support provider and allows you to focus on what matters most: fixing the problem.

So, let’s find out the main advantages of remote IT support.

Faster response

Sometimes you just can’t wait for someone to come to your office and fix the problem. As remote IT support can be provided as soon as someone answers the call, the response time of the support team is greatly reduced. You don’t waste time on fuss, eliminating the need to waste time waiting for employees to service. Thus, support agents become available to service your computer systems and networks faster.

Remote access is less intrusive

While a computer technician can remotely access your desktop, no one will force you to get up from your chair by invading your privacy. Even if you need to temporarily relinquish control of the computer, you can still perform other responsibilities in your organization without worrying about someone else sitting at your desk or interfering with you.

Flexible opening hours

As long as your computer is turned on and running programs that allow computer professionals to access your PC, you don’t have to worry about the issues. Remote troubleshooting and updates can be performed at different times of the day, including after business hours, the main thing is to clarify this point with the selected company.

More productive help

By providing remote IT support, agents gain better access to vendor-specific solutions and services for a variety of operations. Providers who offer remote technical support usually have specialists working together in a tight environment. If the problem goes beyond one set of specific skills, they can consult with colleagues with different levels of knowledge on the spot, which in turn can be more productive in solving problems on the client’s computer.

Improving the efficiency of technical support

When working remotely, specialists can better focus on solving problems, less distraction from making appointments, traveling to and from a client. Preventive maintenance is also most effective when done remotely. Plus, when it comes to technical issues, screen sharing can be invaluable in troubleshooting the problem: instead of asking the customer to explain the problem, the technician has a chance to practice the problem, which will make the support process more efficient.

Best profitability

Remote IT support and companies that provide subscription services to organizations can usually help you without additional costs associated with local services, such as travel time, gasoline, vehicles, etc. Thanks to this, such companies can make their services more accessible to customers.


While the decision to migrate to remote technical support simplifies problem resolution at many levels, not all support calls can be resolved this way. Whether remote assistance is the best option for your particular company depends on several variables, cost, number of problems encountered, number of computers, stable high-speed network connection, etc. Some problems require local support.

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New Technology Being Released in 2021

Buzzwords, or terms to take note of to remain ahead at work or among peers? Here’s a look at the latest tech trends and app advancements making a splash around the world.

Whether they’re intended to be utilised for work or pleasure, the sky truly is the limit when it comes to this year’s burgeoning new technologies. But before we launch into the latest revolutions in robotic process automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and virtual versus augmented reality – and how these categories are likely to revolutionise life in 2021 and beyond – let’s just note that there are more options in Iowa (or, at least, emerging out of Iowa) if online gaming or sports betting is your tech-related leisure activity of choice.

So let’s add app advances to the list of technological developmental areas above, for the way in which they engage with members on the move – and keep them engaged – with the use of exciting reward programmes and/or loyalty point offerings when they log in to do what they must (logging progress on a work project) or what they love (placing a considered bet on their favourite sports star).

App-solutely smooth

Downloadable from the relevant play store, depending on whether you have an iOS or Android device, your app of choice may operate by means of a wearable device. If so, you may be interested – but not surprised – to note that the number of wearable devices worn globally reached 453 million in 201 and is expected to get to, if not surpass, 929 million over the course of this year. A new trend afoot (move over the 10 000 steps), is to not need an app on your phone linked to the wearable – these will begin to work in an independent fashion. A warning then, to the techies working behind the scenes on such devices, is that customers are increasingly demanding a ​​seamless digital experience – no mess, no fuss. The way wearables are moving remains a space to watch.

Returning to this year’s expected new technologies: even if you have a tech background or consider yourself up there when it comes to an understanding of the world of computer science, there’s likely to be an area that throws you off course and makes you go: “Say WHAT?” You’ll then – likely – be googling frantically to find out how the revolutionary new app or technology works, or is supposed to work, and may even pop into your neighbourhood tech store to try it out.

Trump the transaction

But if you work in tourism or one of the other industries where human beings are required to share their empathy and make others feel comfortable or at home, you’ll know that the ‘bots can certainly not replace everything we do. At the same time, we all require faster and more efficient online financial transactions, for example, and ​​robotic process automation is certainly the bomb for making tasks faster and more efficient, boosting the overall productivity of a fintech company and providing a superior customer experience.

Never gotten your head around the IoT? This, according to news site for IT professionals ZDNet, refers to “the billions of physical devices around the world that are now connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data, [which are] making the fabric of the world around us smarter and more responsive” as the digital and physical universes are increasingly merged. Needing an example to clarify this? Just think of the fridge that sends you an email to say you’re out of milk, or the ability to switch off lighting and air conditioning at your workplace, remotely from your smartphone, when staff have opted to work from home that week.

But now, IoT is forging ahead, with brands such as Amazon and Google devoting much R&D revenue towards the Echo line of devices and the Google Home Voice Controller, respectively. A feisty move from Google earlier on this year was it’s successful attempt to buy Fitbit, for US$7,25 per share or an overall US$2,1 billion; and its collaboration with home-security camera manufacturer Nest. Indeed, IoT-related advances in retail supply chains, smart homes and savvy medical insurance plans are no longer the stuff of sci-fi movies.

Up the ante

Yet not all areas of tech succeed in becoming hard-and-fast features in our daily lives. Two of those which are hovering on the cusp are virtual reality (which you may have experienced when visiting a museum, or checking out a property you are considering buying, without actually going there physically) and augmented reality (in which you can superimpose images, sounds or text over a real-world environment, such as when playing Pokémon Go or selecting a more professional-looking background for a Zoom meeting than your toy or washing-strewn lounge).

The latter is likely to become more mainstream once Google launches a new AR feature for Google Maps, whereby users are provided with real-time directions from their smartphone cameras – which are likely to be way more appealing than the bossy voice directions we currently need to work with when attempting to visit a new place without getting lost.

The gist of all the above, of course, is that to remain future-proof you need to keep tabs on the latest apps launching and tech trends surfacing in the global arena; it pays to master the important ones as they are likely to become increasing features of our lives in the years to come.

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4 CBD Recipes to Help You Relax

There are a variety of ways that people may choose to use CBD in their lives. Some have it as a way to help with medical conditions that are causing them pain and discomfort. Others use it as a way to help with current skin issues such as creams and lotions. 

Others just want to use CBD to help them relax and make sense of the world around them, particularly if they are suffering from anxiety in some form. 

There are many places where you can buy CBD, such as Simply CBD, but what you might not know is how to use your CBD oil and make taking a dose each day as delicious and easy as possible. 

To help you make the most of your CBD, we have put together some of the best recipes that CBD oil can be worked into to help you relax and unwind for the rest of the day/evening.  

1. Lemon Honey Tea 

CBD works really well when added to a lemon honey tea. Not just, this but lemon honey tea is also great for you in a variety of other ways too. This recipe is easy enough to make. You just make tea the usual way you would at home; the flavour is entirely down to you. Once the tea is brewed, you should a couple of teaspoons of lemon and then double that of honey before adding your chosen CBD dose.  

2. CBD infused parmesan potatoes 

Who says that you can’t add your CBD oil to more everyday dinners? We don’t think that this is true. We love these CBD-infused parmesan potatoes. They are not only delicious but can be served with a variety of main dishes as a new way to get your daily dose in. 

To make these, you mix mashed potatoes with butter, parmesan tea, and some whole milk. You then need to add your CBD dose before serving it up nice and hot with your dinner.  

3. Chocolate chip CBD cookies 

Lots of people already add their CBD oil to their favourite sweet treats as a way to serve it up. There are many ways to do this, but our favourite way to serve them is through cookies, especially if they are packed full of chocolate chips!  

There are many recipes out there that you can follow for chocolate chip cookies; however, if you are making it with CBD oil, you should aim for around seven drops else; it could overpower the sweetness of your cookies.  

4. The CBD dressing 

If you love salads, you know that a good salad dressing can really make or break how well your salad goes down. You might not know that you can add CBD oil to a sauce to make it extra special.  

Our favourite is to combine three tablespoons of mustard, preferably Dijon, olive oil, two tablespoons of honey, and a dash of balsamic vinegar before adding a few drops of your oil. This dressing is easy to make, delicious and can last for some time too, which makes the ideal addition to your favourite salads.  

So, there you go, plenty of great ideas on how to use CBD to help you to relax. Think about which approach might work best for you and which ones you may enjoy the most.

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