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Top 7 Places to Eat in Las Vegas

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Do you plan a trip of your lifetime to Las Vegas? Besides the well-known brick-and-mortar casinos, you can find great places to eat! Find them here!

7 of the Best Places to Eat in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital. People come here all around the world to experience the unique atmosphere, feel the luxury of numerous casinos, and have the fun of their lives. Those who plan to spend a couple of days in Las Vegas can find charming accommodation and enjoy a wide range of activities besides gambling. If you one of them and wonder where you can find the best restaurants, we bring you the list of the top seven places to eat in Las Vegas.


If you search for a stunning place in the heart of Sin City, then Sinatra restaurant is the right place for you! Pictures of Frank Sinatra dominate the interior and create a fabulous jazz atmosphere. It is perfect for romantic dates, and also for special occasions and business meetings. A mixture of Italian and American cuisine can satisfy any taste, and the food is delicious. Those who prefer gluten-free, vegetarian, or vegan food don’t need to worry, as there are various options. Sinatra restaurant offers some special features like private dining, outdoor seating, or reservations. It provides wheelchair access and free parking. We are not surprised to see it featured in top ten lists like this.

Andiamo Italian Steakhouse

If you look for a restaurant where you can have a perfect dinner, then Andiamo Italian Steakhouse should be your choice. This highly-rated restaurant offers impeccable service, great food, and a pleasant atmosphere. Its opening time is at 5 PM, so it is a perfect fit for romantic dinners or other special occasions. It is located at 301 Fremont St, The D Las Vegas, Las Vegas, NV, and stands for one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Besides the American and Italian cuisine, you can enjoy seafood, steakhouse, gluten-free and vegetarian options. The restaurant accepts all reputable credit cards as payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.


Sage is a great place for tourists and romantic dates. It provides all flavors of American cuisine and unique dishes of a magical taste. It impresses all its visitors, and a charming atmosphere brings people back to this amazing restaurant. The menu offers an original farm taste, and guests can enjoy organic food as well. Alcove tables for two are perfect for a romantic dinner, while Sage restaurant is also suitable for business meetings.

Bardot Brasserie

If you are a fan of French cuisine, Bardot Brasserie will make your wishes come true. The worldwide-known chef Michael Mina can prepare anything you are dreaming of. An impeccable taste is guaranteed, and you can enjoy your dish with a glass of the finest wine or a bottle of sparkling champagne. Weekend mornings are particularly interesting if you like brioche French toast or croissant Benedicts. Hunter’s Waffle is another guests’ favorite, and it is served with poached eggs and duck confit. Although the service is in a higher price range, it is well worth of money, and you will definitely enjoy Bardot Brasserie!

Restaurant Guy Savoy

Restaurant Guy Savoy is located in the glamorous Caesars Palace at the Strip, and it is not strange why it is so fancy. Its minimally designed interior with a top-notch service will meet the expectations of the most demanding visitors. This chic restaurant offers French cuisine and a stunning view of the Eifel Tower. Interestingly, nothing should interfere with the aroma of the restaurant’s rich cuisine. Therefore, employees don’t wear perfumes, and you cannot find any flowers as a décor. The original restaurant in Paris is a 3 Michelin Star rated place, while Guy Savoy is its perfect clone. If you want to experience a memorable evening, Guy Savoy can satisfy all your tastes.

Bacchanal Buffet

Bacchanal Buffet differs from others for its freshness, taste, and atmosphere. It is a great choice for tourists, and they can find it in the heart of Sin City. Guests can choose from more than 500 different items every day, and it covers a wide range of cuisines. Whether you prefer fried chicken and waffles, lump crab avocado toast, or Japanese curry, Bacchanal Buffet will satisfy your taste. This place is a great option for all kinds of visitors, and everyone can leave it very full.


If you want to have some fresh fish and enjoy an amazing atmosphere, you shouldn’t miss Lakeside restaurant. It deserved a place in this list by several criteria. Its outdoor patio, Lake of Dreams, with light effects and music, makes this pace a scenic waterside dining restaurant. This makes it a perfect choice for family gatherings or romantic dates. In terms of food, Lakeside restaurant offers the best seafood program. Do you want to taste a fish from Hawaii? No problem! David Walzog, the Executive Chef, pays attention to all details. Despite being a bit pricy, this restaurant is worth your visit, and you won’t regret it!


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Gong cha England to open on Haymarket in next step of growth strategy

Gong cha England, the UK-based operator for the Gong cha brand, has selected Newcastle as its third city to open in as part of its launch strategy in England.

The city’s 42,000 student population and vibrant young professionals’ sector were the appeal to the Kaohsiung City-originating brand. It is the most recognised bubble tea brand globally with more than 1,400 outlets across 19 different territories as far reaching as Taiwan, Korea, New Zealand, and the USA.

Newcastle is only the third city in England to host a Gong cha store – with Manchester and Liverpool being the other two cities where Gong cha is currently available.

Gong cha uses only the highest-quality, premium tea sourced from the finest tea estates of the famous Alishan region in Taiwan and is a bubble tea store offering a wide range of bubble teas consisting of different textures and layers which can be enjoyed with and without milk. Gong cha’s “Signature Milk Foam”, “Pearls” (otherwise known as “Boba”) or jellies can also be added to give extra flavours and textures. Over 40 variations of tea drinks are available and are made individually to respond to customers’ requirements on sugar content, flavours, and toppings.

The interior at Haymarket takes influence from the brand’s modern, natural and comfortable style. Utilising Gong cha’s core colours through sourcing quality materials to bring the ritual of tea drinking into a contemporary and uplifting setting, seamlessly brought together by Tesh Chauhan Design. During the pandemic, the Gong cha team are following Government guidelines on social distancing and will be organising socially distanced takeaway service only upon launch.

Justin Liew, head of Gong cha England, said: “We have selected Haymarket for our next store as we are confident the people of Newcastle, who are keen to learn about new trends, will help us build the brand. The bubble tea trend has gripped Asia, Oceania and the US, where it is considered a Taiwanese speciality and now we are excited to introduce it to the city where we are confident the produce range will be very well received.”

The Haymarket store will be open Monday to Sunday from 11AM to 7PM at Haymarket, adjacent to Haymarket Metro station, with a proposed launch date of March 6th .

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Pawfect Launches Nature’s Feast In Time For Virtual Pet Index Bringing NEW ‘Meaty’ Dimension To Pawfect Offer

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With a presence in 15 nation states (& counting) it’s fair to say that Pawfect Foods isn’t hanging about when it comes to selling in its grain-free/all-natural/human-grade ingredient agenda.

Whilst nutritionally-dense/meat-free dog treats have historically sat at the heart of the Pawfect proposition: Himalayan Chhurpi cheese sticks, Nature’s Munch (fruit & veg jerky)…. it was only a matter of time before Pawfect tipped its hat to dog’s deep-rooted flexitarian leanings with a beautifully balanced range of 80% freeze-dried chicken + 20% fruit, veg, spices & herbs)                   AND 100%  freeze-dried goat meat/goat liver snacks.

According to Pawfect founder, Prash Patwardhan, ‘The unrivalled versatility of chicken (blended with pineapple, mango Or apple) meant that it would always be central to our ambitious freeze-dried vision, whilst the addition of 2 exotic goat variants underpins our ongoing commitment to push indulgent World Cuisine meets nutritious boundaries.’

Whilst freeze-drying as a food preservation technique has existed for a while, discerning ‘pet parents’ are only now truly appreciating how freeze-drying (unlike mass-market, heat-based technologies), enables recipes to retain a lion’s share of its original characteristics (shape, texture, colour and nutritional gravitas), in stark contrast to old-school kibbles where raw ingredients are blitzed with heat (325F) and then blended with lazy fillers (carbs, starches and even the odd synthetic nasty) to create an overworked dough that can be extruded like Playdough into little gravel-sized pellets.

‘There’s no doubt,’ concludes Prash, ‘that for all our global success (in both branded & private label), that our presence in the UK remains a long way from where we want it to be, which is why we decided that in 2021 we needed a well-rounded family of meat, vegan and dairy-based snacks to truly wow the UK’s discerning buyer network.  

N.B. In Feb 21 Pawfect was shortlisted in the 2021 World Innovation Awards   


  • Nature’s Feast Chicken + Pumpkin Spice,Asian Greens OR Tropical Twist   £5.99 (50g tub)
  • Nature’s Feast 100% Goat Meat OR 100% Goat Liver £7.99 (50g tub)



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What Does The Wales-England Defeat Really Mean For The Six Nations?

Already mired in controversy, this weekend saw the long-awaited Wales-England leg of the Six Nations. Unlike the usually friendly camaraderie between these two familiar teams, the atmosphere in the stadium seemed off from the start, and the drama that’s unfolded since has only worsened the rift. Regardless, Wales walked away from the match with their highest points tally against England to date at 40-24. 


That’s impressive indeed, and it certainly puts the Welsh team in good stead for Super Saturday, with the man of the match, Taulupe Faletau, proving especially impressive. Unfortunately, fans have been so swept up in so-called inter-team disagreements that many have failed to answer the one question on everyone’s lips – what does the Welsh team’s standing look like now?


Here, we’re going to unravel the match, controversy and all, to get a better idea of where Wales still stands in the Six Nations, and what that means for the tournament overall. 


Addressing inter-match controversy


It would be impossible to talk about the Welsh win without also addressing the controversy surrounding it. Let’s be honest, it wasn’t good news from the beginning, with controversial tries from Josh Adams and Liam Williams opening Wales to a 17-14 lead from half-time. These decisions by referee, Gauzare, led to English dismay that only worsened when English captain, Farrell, was asked to speak to the team about their lack of discipline. 


Overall, the match atmosphere was miles away from what we’ve come to expect out of both Welsh and English rugby sensibilities, but it isn’t altogether surprising. For one thing, Welsh Rugby has a huge following, with pressure this year especially high as fans seek some good news amidst lockdowns. Not to mention that a lack of crowds and a general atmosphere reported as ‘eerie’ by the BBC, seems to have led to clashes that simply wouldn’t have happened any other year. 



How do Wales look going into Super Saturday?


Super Saturday may be some way off yet, but the matches that have already unravelled reveal a fair amount about what we can expect. In fact, according to Wales Online, a win against Italy on March 13th could spell very good news indeed ahead of a Super Saturday match against France.


Admittedly, there is a way to go before Wales becomes a solid contender, but the stars do seem to be aligning that way, with French Covid policy breaches especially coming to the fore and putting their position in jeopardy. If the Welsh team gain a bonus point during their Italy match, they’ll enter Super Saturday with nineteen championship points. This, paired with both England and Ireland wins/draws in their upcoming matches, would certainly prove favourable for a decent shot at a Welsh win. 




To say that the Six Nations is a sure bet would be to grossly overestimate how much of an open floor the tournament remains, but Saturday’s match certainly gave rugby fans everywhere a lot more to think about, and argue over, as we move ever-further into the rugby event of the year.


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The Brixton Courtyard set to reopen from 12th April with Craig Charles, Crazy P and Horse Meat Disco all playing this Spring.

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With beer gardens and outdoor hospitality given the green light to reopen from 12th April, The Brixton Courtyard plans to reopen its outdoor beach, courtyard and terrace areas at Brixton Jamm from that date. The venue’s successful run of ‘Socially Distanced Socials’ will re-commence with much of its cancelled December and January music programme already in place. Jerk inspired street food traders Only Jerkin’ will also return as will the venue’s schedule of socially distanced brunches, BBQs, open deck nights and more. Expect varied and vibrant offerings every day of the week across three amazing covid-safe outdoor areas with craft beer, cocktails, exciting eats and musical treats.


The Brixton Courtyard was the UK’s first music venue to reopen following the first lockdown and has set exemplary safety standards while operating its socially distanced events. The venue’s ‘Socially Distanced Socials’ hosted several months of consecutive events last year with zero coronavirus cases. Whatever Covid-19 safety guidelines the government announces for hospitality, The Brixton Courtyard’s experience and flexibility will ensure they are implemented to the highest standards.


And so to the music… Confirmed selectors so far include Channel One, Or:la, Craig Charles, Crazy P, Ekkah, Genix, Horse Meat Disco, Oliver Smith and Seb Zito with long standing promoters Percolate, Pangaea Disco, Shut The Front Door, Soulace and Two Six One all hosting events throughout spring. The event schedule is set to be expanded with more exciting dates such as Jamm’s House, Love Is The Answer, Open Decks, Sunday Jamm, SW-WHINE, The Disco Extravaganza and The Link-Up.


A series of new outdoor brunch and BBQ events, the aptly named Brunch on the Beach, Brunch in the Courtyard and DnB & Jungle BBQ, will also be launched. Expect infectious beats and the finest jerk treats at these music with street food socials.


Of course, you will need some delicious treats to fill your stomachs while you drink and dance and only the best will do at The Brixton Courtyard: Legendary street food traders Only Jerkin’ will continue to bring the heat with their trademark ‘Triple-Dipped Fried Chicken’ and their big Caribbean-inspired jerk flavours. Only Jerkin’ will also be kicking things off every Tuesday with their own party offering all you can eat wings and DJs representing the Only Jerkin’ Sound Collective.


The Brixton Courtyard is a socially distanced outdoor experience set across three fully themed areas at the storied Brixton Jamm venue. A collection of stunningly decorated, all-weather socially distanced tables and private booths with charming production is accompanied by high tech sound systems that will deliver a mix of house, disco, reggae, garage, funk, soul, hip hop and jazz.


DJ lineups for each date will be released in due course. Sound restrictions will adhere to government restrictions. Bookings for events must be limited to members from 2 households only. Should the re-opening dates be delayed due to government restrictions then tickets will be valid at rescheduled dates.


The Brixton Courtyard reopens on Monday 12th April. For more information, programme and tickets head to;

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Lemon Pepper Holdings, a master franchisee and brand partner of Wingstop (NASDAQ: WING), the award-winning concept with more than 1,500 locations worldwide, today announced that it has agreed a ‘trilogy’ deal with Hammerson to open three new regional locations at its flagship destinations Bullring (Birmingham), the Oracle (Reading), and Cabot Circus (Bristol). Following the successful opening of their 10th UK location in Gloucester Road, South Kensington late last year, Wingstop UK are now set to open sites in the former EAT at Bullring, the former Chik-Fil-A at the Oracle, and the former Dorothy Perkins in Bristol’s Cabot Circus. Opening dates are expected to be announced shortly.


“We are delighted to have agreed this significant three site deal with an institutional partner such as Hammerson, this trilogy provides us with accelerated regional presence in high profile locations over the next two quarters” said Tom Grogan, Director of Lemon Pepper Holdings. “Since COVID-19 hit early last year our business has evidently faced challenges, yet our team and model has been able to quickly adapt for accelerated growth in off premise transactions. We are now well capitalised to take advantage of an adjusted real estate market and we are on track to open 10 locations this year” Iain Mitchell, UK Commercial Director at Hammerson, said: “We know that for our customers, grabbing a bite to eat is a really important part of a trip to one of our destinations, so we’re constantly on the look-out for brands that can deliver something special. Wingstop has already built up a strong fan base in just a few years, so I’m certain these new sites will go down well with our customers, and complement the broader offer at these destinations. It’s been a tough twelve months for everyone, but announcements like this demonstrate that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. We can’t wait to safely welcome customers back to our destinations.”


With plans to reach 20 locations in the UK by the end of 2021, Wingstop can also confirm that new locations are set to open this year in Canary Wharf and Kingston-Upon-Thames, where the brand will be occupying the former Pizza Hut located in Kingston Town Centre. This marks the continuation of a rapid expansion plan for Wingstop in the UK since launching their first restaurant in 2018. Further regional openings are set to be announced in the coming month.

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What Does The Future Of The UK Bingo Industry Look Like

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Bingo in the UK has been a hit with fans for decades. Stretching back all the way to the mid-1900s when Mecca Bingo executive Edwin Lowe revolutionised the then entertainment company and introduced the game of bingo after a trip to the US where the game had started to increase in popularity.


Mecca which was known mainly for its dance halls transformed almost overnight into a bingo company and over the decades the game spread across the UK accumulating millions of fans.


The world wide web then took bingo a step further as online gambling companies realised that there was even more potential to increase their customer base and make it even easier for players.


Bingo, in particular, has become an in-demand game online, especially over the last couple of decades and this has given rise to a significant number of new and improved bingo websites.


There are many for players in the UK to choose from, which not only highlights the impact that the game has had on the market but also provides signs of what the future of bingo could look like. 


As technology develops even further, it will no doubt unlock even more opportunities for bingo as well as more innovative ways to play the game. 


A spokesperson for BingoSites has indicated the potential that the game has over the next few years, saying: “Thanks to the ever-increasing rate at which technology becomes even more sophisticated, we could definitely see the game move to another level.


“With advancements in virtual reality, for example, this could provide players with an all-new bingo experience which could add even more excitement to the game. There are no doubt many other technologically unexplored avenues that the game could go down in the future as well.”

What could we see next in the UK bingo industry?

There appears to be no signs of the bingo industry slowing down in the UK – even traditional bingo hall numbers were still respectable throughout the last decade, despite online bingo becoming even more popular.


While it is impossible to predict exactly what software developers will come up with next, all previous signs seem to suggest that technology is definitely going to play a big part. One thing that was particularly popular in the online gambling industry was live casino, which combined a player’s online experience with the added feature of having a live dealer for games. This essentially gave players a real-life casino experience from the comfort of their own surroundings. There is no reason why such a feature for the bingo couldn’t help to shape the immediate future at least of the industry as a whole. 


New legislation changes will almost certainly play a part in the industry, depending on what they are and this could also have an influence on the future. However, based on the fact that more bingo sites launch every year in the UK suggests that this market will keep on growing in response to the demand. 


Some of these new bingo sites have also created even more innovative and unique bingo games to add more differentiation and choice for the player and this is something that is likely to continue.


Gamification in online bingo could even take off, where there becomes even more of a social element in the game for players who enjoy the competition, while we could also see bingo sites that cater to cryptocurrency, in a bid to corner another potential market.


What is for sure though, based on the last few decades, bingo is definitely here to stay and is more likely to increase in popularity than to decline. 


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Getting Your Business Off The Ground After The Global Pandemic

2020 was certainly a year that nobody could have predicted. It has been one of those years where the world stood still, something none of us will have truly experienced or witnessed before. There were lockdowns, businesses forced to shut their doors, and even things like children not being able to go to school. In this modern world we went back to basics, we slowed down, and we stayed at home. 


Now that we are into a new year 2021 promises to be much better. There is light at the end of the tunnel, vaccines helping economies to be kickstarted again, and countries coming out of restrictions and lockdowns. It means that for business owners, it is time to start looking towards the future. Instead of being in just survival mode it is time to be in thriving mode. But with things the way that they are, how can you make sure that you get your business off the ground after the global pandemic? With that question in mind here are some of the things to consider. 


Focus on the local community 


One of the first things you could do would be to take advantage of the local community that you have when it comes to showcasing your business. Now more than ever, people are discovering what they have on their doorstep and using local businesses and supporting them has become more of a priority. So make sure people know what your business is and how they can help you? This might mean that you look at local advertising options. For example, local facebook groups, social media pages or magazines that are dropped around the community. It could be advertising with other businesses, supporting local charities or events that may be up and coming once social distancing restrictions relax. There are so many ways to enhance your business locally, and it could be very worthwhile to do so. 


Think outside of the box when it comes to advertising 


Advertising your business is very important. That said, right now you might need to look at other ways to do it. it means that you need to think how you advertise, where and what sort of target audience you are looking to attract. It could be that you look at leaflets as a targeted approach to the local community. Using websites like DTF Printing could help you to get some printed so you can start. You might also want to look at marketing strategies that you have in place. These might include things such as social media and the sort of content you share, as well as other marketing options like radio and Tv adverts if you have the budget for them. 


Diversifying your business


The global pandemic caused many issues for many businesses and a lot of them had to shut their doors. But what it also has a lot of businesses is the opportunity to work in a different way and diversify. A restaurant, for example, may not have been able to have people sit inside and eat, but they still had their kitchen and food they could prepare, so changed their business model and adapted to be a take out service instead. People created subscription boxes, websites online for shopping and diversified so that they could get their products and services to the general public in a covid safe way. If it worked, why not stick with it? It is another lament to your business that could help you to increase your sales and recoup some of the profits you might have lost. 


Placing a value on your time


This last year might have meant you working more than ever before to keep your business going. Or maybe you realised that you need to value your time more effectively. It could be time to look at hiring staff or outsourcing elements of your business to keep things going. You will know where your strengths are with your business, so outsourcing other aspects of it will free your time up to focus on that and move the business forward. There are a lot of people who are struggling to find work right now, so creating a job that helps you and others could be a great way to help your business thrive and give back. 


New working arrangements working out?


Lockdowns and covid restrictions meant that many people had to shut shops and workplaces and work from home or remotely. Is this working out for you? Some businesses will have seen that there has beena change amongst their workforce. That they are happier with working from home or the flexibility it gives them in their lives. You may have realised that your business can still operate without an office, or perhaps an online shop is working out well. If it is working don’t change it. Instead you could give up leases on workplaces and shops and invest that money back into your business elsewhere. It could be a great move to make. 


Making big decisions when it comes to business processes 


Of course, it could be that there are some big decisions to make when it comes to your business and the processes that you have in place. For example, you may have imported products from other countries and this might have stopped due to the pandemic, forcing you to look at other things. It might have meant that you work from home, or do things a little differently, if your business process has changed then you could keep things as they are or make more experiment fixtures. Perhaps manufacturing your own products or looking at different providers for things. 

Step out of your comfort zone

In order to get back on your feet, you sometimes need to take some necessary risks. Think about how you can innovate your business. For example, you can check legal translation services or look for the most efficient international marketing strategies to take your company global. By expanding your offer, you can increase your brand equity and bring more customers to your business.


In order to get back on your feet, you sometimes need to take some necessary risks. Think about how you can innovate your business. For example, you can check legal translation services or look for the most efficient international marketing strategies to take your company global. By expanding your offer, you can increase your brand equity and bring more customers to your business.

Expansion plans for the future


Finally, take some time to think about the future. There’s a chance of expansion, adding to your products range or the services that you offer. Have goals and look at how you can make some great changes for your business in the future. 


Let’s hope these suggestions help you to get your business back off the ground after the global pandemic. 


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LabTech, owner of Camden Market, has announced the signing of plant-based restaurant Bad Vegan for its first-ever site at Buck Street Market, the UK’s first eco-conscious consumer market.

Bad Vegan was born from a lockdown conversation between experienced brand creator Mark Emms and chef Tom Kerridge, who have since co-founded the business. The new food brand focuses on providing a fundamentally vegan menu, as part of its mission to introduce more people to plant-based food. However, unlike most vegan establishments, it also offers non-vegan toppings and sides, to cater to people who want to consume more plant-based food but follow a non-vegan diet, with strict kitchen protocols in place to ensure no cross-contamination.

The revolutionary fast-food restaurant has taken two of Buck Street Market’s shipping containers, covering 415 sq ft on the top floor of the eco-conscious food and retail destination. Set to launch in the summer, the Bad Vegan menu will offer a range of innovative vegan ‘hero’ dishes, alongside vegan shakes and unique partnership beers with the iconic Camden Town Brewery.

Commenting on the opening, Maggie Milosavljevic, LabTech’s Commercial Director, said: “At the very heart of Buck Street Market’s ethos is sustainability, and Bad Vegan complements this perfectly, with a menu offer focused on veganism and a mission statement to have more people eating more plant-based food. This is the ideal location to nurture this brand and this idea, and we are confident Bad Vegan will attract vegan and non-vegan fans alike.”

Mark Emms, Founder of Bad Vegan, added: “Our principles are simple – we want to encourage people to make small changes to their diet, incorporating more plant-based food. We know that a growing number of consumers want to commit to this, but a purely vegan diet isn’t for everyone, so by adding a small amount of non-vegan elements our food retains familiarity whilst being predominantly vegan. Buck Street Market, and Camden generally, embraces sustainability like no other destination, so this is the perfect place to build the Bad Vegan brand.”

When Buck Street Market is able to fully re-open, it will maintain its commitment to both safe and sustainable practices and processes, including emphasis on recycling and the zero-single-use plastic policy on-site. A one-way system, floor markers for social distancing, and hand sanitizer stations will remain in operation, and Bad Vegan, like all businesses, will adhere to government guidelines on social distancing and cleaning.

LabTech acted on behalf of Buck Street Market, Bad Vegan dealt direct.

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The rise of Mexitarian: Mexican food is 2021’s most popular Veganuary cuisine

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Mexican food is 2021’s most popular Veganuary cuisine for the second year running, new social media insight from spice specialist Santa Maria has shown. Mexican overtook Thai, Middle Eastern and Indian cuisine in January 2021’s Veganuary-related posts to give it the largest share of the social conversation – indicating it’s a key trend for retailers to maximise the growing opportunity and look to promote the category.

Coming top in 2020 with 18% share of the Veganuary conversation, mentions of Mexican food increased for the same period this year to dominate 21% of posts. The data, gathered by social listening tool Delve on behalf of Santa Maria, showed tacos and wraps were the Tex-Mex dishes that received the most attention, closely followed by nachos, fajitas and quesadillas. Mexitarian is more popular than ever, with brands like Taco Bell who have partnered with Gold&Green Foods Pulled Oats® to launch a new range of plant-based fillings and Chilango and Wahaca have all taken the vegan Mexican trend mainstream. In addition popular Mexican theme days such as “Taco Tuesday” and “Fajita Friday” give target shoppers another fantastic reason to purchase.

Hannah Hurling, Sales, Shopper & Marketing Co-ordinator, Paulig says: “Mexican is not just for Dinner, in fact it’s an extremely versatile cuisine! There are over 218 million Mexican meals eaten in an average of 6 months and in the last 6 months of lockdown, the cuisine has grown by +15%. That’s 33 million extra Mexican meals – and lunchtime has been a huge driver of this growth. In the same period, we’ve seen 15 million more Mexican lunchtime meals consumed.”4

Cauliflower-based Mexican dishes, particularly as a meat alternative in tacos, appear to be popular, with an increase in mentions from last year. Likewise, Mexican carbs came up top, with fries, rice, and garlic bread taking the lead – even when accompanying traditionally ‘non-Mexican’ meals. There is also evidence of the trend for fusion between Mexican dishes and high-protein vegan meal offerings, such as Mexican bean vegan pasties.

Santa Maria’s Taste Creator Barny MacAdam said: “The continued rise in popularity of Mexican dishes during Veganuary reinforces that Mexican and meat-free are a perfect match. Plant-based protein alternatives like Pulled Oats®, are great for texture and nutrition and absorb flavour well, which is why spice plays such a vital role. Mexican cuisine is defined by its distinctive spice blends, and they can be applied to any carrier and have delicious results meaning consumers are happy to swap from meat to an alternative without sacrificing the tastes they love. Mexican spice flavours aren’t limited to wraps and tacos, they can add depth to soups, stews or for dirty fries, transforming any ingredient into a Mexican fiesta of flavour2021 looks set to be another year of the Mexitarian.”

With over 1 million participants since the launch of Veganuary in 2014, this year broke the record with over 580,500 signups1. And Veganuary is having a clear impact with only 10% of those surveyed intending to return to their original diet2. In addition, 41% of consumers are saying they are actively reducing their meat consumption or cutting meat out altogether3. 2021

2Kantar, Feb 2020 Wordpanel Plus LinkQ survey of 56,117 respondents

3Mintel, Jan 2021 The continued rise of veganism

4Kantar, Worldpanel, Usage, 24 w/e 2020


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