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Eric Tinca from Satan’s Whiskers wins coveted prize .

Botanical drinks brand, Fentimans has announced the winner of it’s first national Summer of Rose cocktail competition, the final of which took place at Bar Disrepute in Soho on Monday 29th July 2019.

Eric Tinca from Bethnal Green cocktail bar, Satan’s Whiskers won the coveted top spot and a trip for two to Ibiza’s Paradiso Art Hotel with his impressive cocktail, ‘Pink Parlour’. Vibrant, pink and perfectly evoking a day by the pool in Ibiza, Eric’s winning drink was a delicious combination of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, fresh raspberries, Campari and Koko Kanu coconut rum.

In second place was Holly Law from new Soho bar, Murder Inc, who impressed the judges in her first ever cocktail competition with Blossom, a concoction of Fentimans Rose Lemonade, nettle cordial and vermouth. Third place went to Alexandre Robin from Sketch Bar, whose cocktail, Riddle No. 9 combined Fentimans Rose Lemonade, Tanqueray Ten, Double Jus and grapefruit bitters.

Having partnered with the famous Paradiso Art Hotel in Ibiza, the Fentimans ‘Summer of Rose’ cocktail competition created a response from over a hundred bartenders across the country keen to create beautiful pink-tinged cocktails and be in with the chance to win one of the most coveted prizes of the summer. The other talented bartenders who took part in the final included; Joseph Miller of Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle, Tom Sutton from Her Majesty’s Secret Service in Bristol, Joe Stefani Rodgers from The Kenilworth Boutique Hotel & Cocktail Lounge, Warwickshire, Daniel Crowther from Hedonist, Leeds, Joe Taylor from Tomahawk Steakhouse in Northumberland, Ryan Finch from The Wigmore and Emanuele Mensah from Disrepute, London.

The ten finalists competed against each other in front of a panel of three industry expert judges; Andy Ives (BarLife UK), Cameron Attfield (Disrepute), and Hannah Sharman Cox (Drink Up London), who assessed the drink on flavour, aroma and appearance before deciding unanimously on the winner.

Rose Lemonade’s vibrant pink colour has made it an Instagram favourite recently, and this combined with a distinctive Rose flavour, has made it one of the UK’s most lusted after drinks. Like all Fentimans drinks, only the finest natural ingredients are used. Rose Oil from the world famous ‘valley of the roses’ in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, is the magic behind the great flavour. What’s more, the rose petals can only be picked two weeks of the year and in the two hours before sunrise.

The brief for the Summer of Rose competition was simple – entrants must make a drink that captures the essence of the Summer and the most creative and original cocktail or mocktail wins a trip for two to Ibiza. The drink must contain Fentimans Rose Lemonade and the serve needs to have the potential to be re-created multiple times in a busy bar environment.

Eric’s winning drink will be served at Satan’s Whiskers during the summer as well as being listed in the Paradiso Art Hotel for two weeks following the competition. Eric was delighted with his win, saying:

“I came up with the ‘Pink Parlour’ to recreate the feeling of getting away from everyday life and having that holiday feeling, no matter whether you are in Ibiza or in the middle of London.”

For Further Information about the Fentimans Summer of Rose Cocktail Competition,

Please Contact Kapranos PR:

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Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour celebrates International Scottish Gin Day

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In celebration of International Scottish Gin Day, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour will be taking all lads and lassies on a trip to the Highlands with a special menu dedicated to Scottish gin on Saturday 3rd August. Home to more than 200+ of the most unique, interesting and rare gins from around the world, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour will be bringing an irresistible selection of Scottish-inspired gin cocktails to the menu ready to raise a glass in celebration of International Scottish Gin Day.

As one of the most lively and quirky gin palaces in London, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour will be hosting a real Highland hurrah serving cocktails including Scottish Spice, with Caorunn Gin, apple juice, cinnamon syrup, lemon, Bols Genever and egg white and Hendricks in the Highlands, with Hendricks Orbium gin, cashew milk, rose syrup and Schweppes muscovado dark spirit mixer. Those looking for a bonny seaside escape, sip on the Scots Seaside Martini with Edinburgh Seaside Gin, Tio Peppe Fino Sherry and grapefruit bitters, for a real taste of summer, all in honour of the mighty Scottish gin producers.

With over 240 gins produced in Scotland, Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour proudly houses some of the finest Scottish gins, including Fidra, Holyrood, Teasmith, Avva, Badvo and Biggar. Those after a classic Gin & Tonic will be spoilt for choice, so let the experts at Mr Fogg’s Gin Parlour suggest the perfect tonic pairing.

International Scottish Gin Day
Date: Saturday 3rd August 2019
Time: From 1.30pm

Address: 1 New Row | London | WC2N 4EA
Tel: 020 7590 3605
Social: @mrfoggsgb

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Access the Forth Valley

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Funding boost for Accessible Tourism campaign

A new collaborative campaign will promote the Forth Valley as an accessible visitor destination for the first time with the support of VisitScotland.

Forth Valley Accessibility Tourism Promotion, which brings together four geographic areas across Scotland to target the Accessible Tourism market, has received a £19,800 VisitScotland Growth Fund award. The Growth Fund, delivered by the national tourism organisation supports national, regional and sectoral tourism groups across Scotland to deliver partnership marketing campaigns.

Led by Falkirk Delivers, in collaboration with Falkirk and Stirling Councils, Discover Clackmannanshire and Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park, as well as local businesses across the four areas, the campaign will create a suite of downloadable and print itineraries as well as three films highlighting the full range of accessible attractions and accommodation providers in the area. The itineraries will be tailored for visitors with Autism, Dementia and Mobility issues and will cover three themes; Family Fun, Heritage and Outdoor activity.

The films and itineraries will be promoted via digital channels to people in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Northern England. By raising the profile of the Forth Valley as an accessible destination to a new audience, the campaign aims to increase the number of visitors to the area, as well as the length of their stay and the amount they spend.

A 6th year pupil at Falkirk High will be supporting the development of the itineraries as he is fully aware of the challenges faced by visitors to the area with access requirements. The campaign has also received support from the Changing Places Working Group and Euan’s Guide, and has been in contact with PAMIS, Simply Emma, the Forth Valley Sensory Centre, Oovirt and Alzheimer’s Scotland.

There is currently limited accessibility information on the individual business and destination platforms of the areas involved in the campaign meaning visitors with access requirements struggle to plan their visits to the Forth Valley. With 54% of visitors with access requirements avoiding a venue if they can’t find accessibility information, it is hoped this project will encourage the partners and local businesses to complete a VisitScotland Accessibility Guide and also list themselves on Euan’s Guide.

Research shows that one in five people in the UK are disabled. This includes not only wheelchair users, but also people with hearing loss, visual impairments and learning and development disabilities. In 2015, £1.3 billion was spent in Scotland on trips where a member of the party had an impairment. This includes day trips, domestic overnight trips and inbound trips.

Marina Di Duca, VisitScotland Inclusive Tourism Manager, said: “It is our aim to make tourism inclusive and accessible for all, so that every single person can benefit from all that Scotland has to offer. I’m very pleased that four areas of the Forth Valley have come together to showcase their accessible offering. 

“This collaborative campaign will help attract the lucrative Accessible Tourism market to the Forth Valley and I’m delighted it could be supported by our Growth Fund award. At VisitScotland we want to champion collaboration and spearhead innovation to ensure every part of the country can enjoy the benefits of tourism.”

The VisitScotland Growth Fund supports collaborative tourism marketing projects which focus on growth and ensure that visitors experience the best of Scotland. To be eligible for a Growth Fund award, applicants must place a strong emphasis on digital marketing and the creation of digital content assets.

For more information about Falkirk Delivers, go to

For more information about Falkirk Council, go to

For more information about Inclusive Tourism, go to

For more information about VisitScotland Growth Fund go to

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Beauty experts reveal how to use mushrooms for SUNBURN and skincare

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Mushrooms are being dubbed as one of this summer’s most wanted skincare ingredients, as not only are they great for a stroganoff, they are packed with pore minimizing ingredients to make you glow inside and out.

Rich in vitamin D and niacin, mushrooms can help address skin conditions like rosacea as well reduce redness, inflammation and irritation. They are commonly used to help soothe sunburn – making them a great natural alternative to sun cream during this week’s heatwave. To the point of brightening the skin, oyster, shiitake, and other mushrooms also contain kojic acid, known for its lightening abilities.

With slow beauty on the rise and more people foraging for natural remedies, beauty experts at Fragrance Direct have been exploring how wild ingredients can benefit your skin, creating a go-to seasonal guide. Wfruits, nuts, and plants not only taste great, but can be used to give you glowing skin all year round.

Chanterelle mushrooms are in season this summer, meaning they are easy to forage and can be found in coniferous forests, mossy areas, or in beech forests.

Take a look here:

The experts have also teamed with Instagram’s most popular vegan makeup artist, Em-J, to create a selection of skincare products you can whip up at home.

A mushroom facial is easy to prepare at home, moisturizing, soothing and nourishing your skin.

  • Gather whole organic mushrooms such as Oyster or Shiitake.
  • After cleansing face, cut mushroom in half lengthwise and gently wipe face with cut side.
  • Alternatively, you can blend the mushrooms with organic herbal tea in a food processor and apply like a mask to your face.

 Dandelions and rosehip are also in season this summer and you can see more recipes in the attached press release and images.

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Hygienic Design Enclosures and Accessories

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By Paresh Kansara, Rittal’s Product Manager for Industrial & Outdoor Enclosures

Manufacturers in the Food and Beverage sector are faced with the challenge of improving production efficiency not only to reduce their costs but also to ensure a growing global population survives and prospers.

A recent report “Creating a sustainable food future – A menu of solutions to feed nearly 10 Billion people by 2050” 1 from the World Resource Institute states:

“As the global population grows from 7 billion in 2010 to a projected 9.8 billion in 2050, and incomes grow across the developing world, overall food demand is on course to increase by more than 50 percent, and demand for animal-based foods by nearly 70 percent.”

So, how can electrical enclosures and cooling equipment, a seemingly small part of any production process, make a significant contribution to maximising efficiency?  The answer is they have a major role to play in limiting planned and unplanned production downtime.

Downtime, when production is halted, represents the “worst case scenario” for plant operators. These dead periods reduce output, add to costs, and impact sales. However, in hygiene-critical production situations, longer downtimes are unavoidable because of the amount of cleaning required. In meat-processing plants, for example, machines must be at a standstill up to 40 per cent of the time, to allow for essential cleaning work. 

Hygienic Design

Typically, industrial wall-mounted enclosures and standard enclosures for machines and plant don’t support a need for fast but effective cleaning. Their basic design, as well as their various “nooks and crannies”, make cleaning more difficult, meaning they can be dirt traps and thus a breeding ground for germs.

Hygienic design stands for one principle above all: provisions for the simple and thorough cleaning of everything that could come into contact with foods – from the machine to its enclosure.  It is particularly important to remove the aforementioned “dead spaces” or undercuts of any kind, as well as joints without radius, because such points are particularly prone to product residue accumulations, which in turn represent an ideal substrate for microbial contamination. For the same reason, surfaces with recesses such as the uncovered threads of screw connections, or screw heads with internal hexagons (Allen screws) or Torx screws are not allowed.  Corners and joints must be smooth, gap-less and cleanly rounded.

To ensure that sprayed water is able to run off the surfaces of housings and enclosures in spray and wet zones, appropriately angled drain slopes must be provided.

The specially designed Rittal Hygienic Design (HD) enclosures meet these tough hygienic requirements in full.  In addition to terminal boxes and compact enclosures in common sizes, which are available ex-stock, Rittal also has a comprehensive product portfolio that ranges from enclosures to operating housings for safely accommodating electrical equipment.

The entire range has been meticulously designed to meet the requirements, regulations and guidelines of the food and beverage industry. All the external parts are made entirely of stainless steel, which means a high resistance to chemicals, cleaning agents and disinfectants.

The enclosures meet the IP 66 protection category in accordance with IEC 60529, as well as the NEMA 4X protection class, which means they can be cleaned with a high-pressure cleaner without any impact on their internal contents.

The door seals are made of silicone instead of polyurethane (PU foam), which is more resistant to all kinds of detergents, and dyed blue, which makes it identifiable as a “foreign object” in the event of any mechanical damage. The easily replaceable (but securely inserted) one-piece gaskets, which are safely fitted on the insides of the doors and panels to the outside, guarantee an unbroken seal.

Where Cooling is Required

But the enclosure is only part of the solution. It can prevent damage to electrical equipment from dust and water ingress, but can do little to combat high temperatures. Whether the enclosure is located in a hot environment, contains equipment that produces heat, or both, a cooling solution appropriate for the application decreases the risk of components tripping or even failing, once again reducing costly interruptions to production.

The most hygienic cooling method for enclosure climate control is an air/water heat exchanger. If cooling water system is not available, then the water for individual heat exchangers can be provided via chillers which can be installed remote from the open process.

For smaller systems, the one-off procurement costs for heat exchangers, chillers and piping are generally slightly higher than the costs of classic wall-mounted cooling units.   But a heat exchanger is the system of choice for hygienic environments and could quickly pay back the investment through reduced maintenance requirements and lower energy costs.

In addition to air/water heat exchangers for use with stainless steel enclosures, Rittal offers special HD versions in the 650- and 1250-watt output classes. Their design simplifies cleaning procedures and contributes to food safety.


It may surprise some to learn just how much of an impact a poor choice of enclosure can have on production and output. Such attention to detail makes all the difference in ensuring maximum quality and efficiency.

Further information please visit    

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Morty & Bob’s to Open Offshoot Sandwich Bar at Westfield in Shepherds Bush this October

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Morty & Bob’s, the all-day grilled cheese restaurant and bar in Coal Drops Yard has announced that they are going to be opening in Westfield, the west London Shopping centre this October. Morty & Bob’s Sandwich Bar will focus on their British roots, really good sandwiches, and will feature their signature grilled cheese toasties alongside a number of new hot sandwiches made fresh in front of the customers. Fondly named after owner Charlie Phillips two grandpas, Morty & Bob’s will join restaurants including Bleecker Burger and Pizza Pilgrims with their new offshoot as Westfield revamps their food offering. 

The menu at Morty & Bob’s Sandwich Bar has been precisely put together to bring Londoners a new take on filled sandwiches. The menu will feature their classic grilled cheese toasties made with sourdough and layers of oozing cheese including their famous mushroom and truffle one, as well as new additions such as slow-roasted porchetta sub with house slaw, salsa verde and gravy drizzle; popcorn shrimp with dressed crispy salad served in a brioche roll; chicken schnitzel sandwich with a lemon zest crust and house slaw and their Brunch Bun with crispy smoked streaky bacon, smashed avocado, soft scrambled egg, shoestring fries and M&B mushroom ketchup. Some of the collaboration specials that have featured in their Coal Drops Yard restaurant will also make an appearance. 

They will serve some sides to accompany the sandwiches including their house salad of shredded kale, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, feta and fresh herbs; Bob’s home-roasted tomato soup and their seriously tasty parmesan truffle fries. The Sandwich Bar will also serve a selection of beer and wine on tap, by the glass or carafe for those wanting to pair their sandwich the right way. 

Morty & Bob’s Sandwich Bar will bring west Londoners a taste of what has made them so popular in east London, deliciously gooey cheese toasties and the finest British produce. 

Morty & Bob’s | 49 Coal Drops Yard | London N1C 4DQ | @mortyandbobs  

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Deliveroo Partners Up with Judes and Oppo To Give Away Thousands Of Ice Creams To the Hottest Spot In The UK

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Deliveroo Soft-Serves Up Central Line Cool Down 

This Thursday 25th July 2019, to celebrate and combat the hotter-than-hell heatwave sweeping the nation, Deliveroo is teaming up with Judes and Oppo to offer Londoners thousands of free ice creams in the hottest spot in the capital (no not the hipster capital of Shoreditch) the sweat-inducing Central Line. 

Deliveroo riders will be swooping in at some of the busiest points on the Central Line to give away some much-needed cooling ice cream. The red hot Central Line is notorious for its relentless heat, turning suited and booted commuters into human-shaped puddles in a matter of seconds. Temperatures on the tube line are expected to exceed that of 30 degrees, which EU law states is the threshold for herding cattle around. 

Deliveroo is expecting orders of ice cream to boom before the weekend. 

Joe Groves at Deliveroo said: “No one embraces summer quite like us Brits, from burnt-to-a-crisp BBQs, endless park pursuits and lobster tans galore. But Londoners face something worse than a simple farmers tan, the central line! So this Thursday as the mercury begins to burst we’ll be handing out delicious Judes and Oppo Ice Cream across the hottest tube line in London.” 

Deliveroo riders will be swooping in to save the day at 12pm at Bank, Tottenham Court Road and Bond Street stations. Sweltering Brits unable to get their hands on the free ice cream can pick theirs up from Jude’s store on Deliveroo – no need to brave the sun!!! 


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Ten Golden Rules for a Girls’ Night Out

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Phone amnesty, next day social sharing and other etiquette tips

With new research highlighting the challenges of organising a night out, premium gin-maker Pinkster and etiquette authority Debrett’s have produced a modern manual for ensuring stress-free evenings.

The Girls’ Guide To Having Fun (In an Orderly Fashion) identifies the top ten party pitfalls and provides advice on how to avoid them. 

Its publication follows a YouGov survey commissioned by Pinkster, showing that 83% of British women aged 25-55 admit its stressful arranging a group night out. Nearly two thirds (63%) cited finding a date that suits everyone as the most common cause of stress, followed by getting friends to actually commit to the evening (46%).

People constantly on their phones (28%), friends suggesting somewhere too expensive (27%), and disputes over the bill (26%), were revealed as the biggest annoyances on the night itself, together with embarrassing photos being uploaded on social media (20%), too many selfies being taken (15%), and pals bragging about their children (14%).

Will Holt, director of Pinkster Gin, said: “We might be communicating with each other more than ever, but actually corralling and controlling a group of friends seems to be a minefield of social dilemmas.

 “In a sign of the times, our research showed that the biggest bugbear on an evening out is friends being glued to their phones, ahead of disputes over splitting the bill.

 “As the pink gin pioneer, we’ve fuelled many a girl’s night out and hopefully our practical tips will help ensure that your next get-together is the spirited success it deserves to be.”

Renée Kuo, managing director of Debrett’s said: “The Pinkster poll reveals that arranging a night out with friends can be fraught with challenges and that far from improving communication, our digital devices often hinder it instead. 

 “We were delighted to work with Pinkster on this new ten-point guide, which offers advice for overcoming a range of etiquette obstacles, including  a meandering WhatsApp group, friends paying more attention to their phones than the conversation, and an unwelcome exposé of the night’s events on social media.  This all goes to show that etiquette is as relevant now as it’s ever been.”

 The guide light-heartedly highlights ten scenarios and how to tackle them:

1. The WhatsApp Planning Committee 

 Go bold with dates and venues, and spare anyone who couldn’t make the evening a running commentary.

2. The Contagious Phone-Reach 

Agree a phone amnesty with devices out of sight at least for the meal, if not the whole evening.

3. The Unsplittable Bill 

4. The Not-So Humble Brag 

If you know certain pals are watching their spending, offer to knock a bit of their share, they can always turn you down if they prefer to keep it equal.

Tempting as it may be to engage in one-upmanship if someone starts waxing lyrical about her eldest’s glittering SAT results, simply smile and offer your congratulations.

There are two approaches to unexpected organised fun: embrace the spontaneity and get stuck in or leave fast.

5. The Surprise Karaoke Bomb 

6. The Selfie Obsessive 

Assuming the phone embargo has been lifted (or roundly ignored), pool pictures on group chat but hold back on sharing on social media until you’ve all okayed then in the clear light of day.

7. The Self-Imposed Curfew 

8. The Taxi Overshare 

Padding your expected return by a couple of hours will preserve domestic harmony and may prove a useful buffer when the Grease Megamix comes on for the second time.

9. The Indiscreet Entrance 

Preserve your 4.6 star Uber rating by remembering some useful courtesies: try not to keep your driver waiting, respect the environment of the taxi (no toxic takeaways) and don’t treat it like a mobile DJ booth with ever-changing music requests.

When returning home, do some damage control and let sleeping children, partners and flatmates lie by switching your phone to silent and removing noisy high heels.

10. The ‘Home Safe’ Promise 

If you promise to touch base when you get home, don’t leave it until the following day after a leisurely lie-in and a hearty breakfast. 

The guide comes free with any purchase made from

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POW [Power of Wellness] Food has partnered with City Harvest London to help feed those in need and increase the awareness surrounding the sustainability of food surplus in the capital.

Family-run POW Food wants to encourage its customers to help make an impact without the red tape. 

POW Food founded by London based mother and daughter duo Alison and Emily Warburton want to encourage their customers to help make an impact to a social issue they hold dear to their hearts, with their Meal for a Meal initiative with City Harvest London.

Creating POW Foods back in early 2018, the Warburtons wanted to educate and inspire a tired generation to the power of wellness, through the use of good food. Co-founder Alison, who has a wealth of over 25 years in the catering and corporate industry understood just how important it is to incorporate wellness into the workplace. Partnering with her daughter Emily they saw just how damaging a poor diet can be on the physical, social, financial and psychological side for not only the employee but the entire business. 

Fuelled by this untapped consumer need for nutritious yet delicious workplace meals, POW Food, complete with a dedicated team of nutritionists was born. Since their arrival they have begun to revolutionise workplace nutrition; secured some of the biggest corporate names under their belt including: Omnicom, Lazard’s, AirBnB and WeWork London. 

Believing in transparency, ethical sourcing and showcasing superior organic food, oils and super boosters, POW Food is on a mission to put nutrition at the heart of their consumers. This hunger for providing people with responsibly sourced, sustainable and zero waste meals can be seen reflected in their brand-new partnership with City Harvest London and their Meal for a Meal Initiative, whose synergies align and launched earlier this month. For every POW Food meal sold over £7.50 retail, POW Food will donate a percentage of each sale to City Harvest London. 

City Harvest currently works with over 300 community programs and 130 food donors across the city. With POW Food’s donation, enabled by their consumers, City Harvest will be able to ensure surplus food is collected, stored and distributed, in time, and to those that need it the most. A recent study by the charity showed that for every £1 invested into City Harvest results in £8.10 delivered in social impact value and every donation from POW Food allows City Harvest the ability to transform the donated food into an accessible meal. 

Speaking out at its launch, Alison Warburton, founder of POW Foods commented: “We are thrilled to be working with City Harvest London, with the help of our clients we can make a direct impact on London’s homeless and food sustainability issues through their Meal for a Meal initiative. Our donations to City Harvest helps provide transportation and staff to collect and deliver donated food to those who need it most.”

“We know how complicated and diluted working with charities can be” co-founder Emily states. “City Harvest London offers a simple honest solution that our customers can understand and want to be a part off. Being a part of the Meal for a Meal programme doesn’t affect our sale prices, so does not directly impact the customer. Instead, it allows us to donate on their behalf. They get to make a huge impact just by facilitating the transaction.” 

Laura Winningham, CEO of City Harvest London states that “We couldn’t be happier to have POW Food onboard – their ethos and passion aligns with our own and are thrilled to welcome them to the family. The donations made from POW Food will help us, help those in need, as well as ensure more people are becoming aware of the work we are doing across the city to curb hunger and reduce food waste”.

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