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How to Make Your Business More Environmentally Friendly

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Lately, there has been a lot of emphases put on everything eco-friendly, particularly in the business world. From adopting more sustainable solutions to finding greener practices you can adopt for your business. Since awareness has already been raised about the current state of our planet, it’s high time businesses find better ways to include it in their practice. On top of that, businesses should not only focus on improving their endeavors but they should also look for ways they can give back to mother nature. With that being said, here are some of the ways you can give back to mother nature and green up your businesses.

Use the power of the internet to your advantage

What some businesses fail to realize is just how easy it is to shift your practice almost entirely online. Of course, there are still some business aspects that can’t be achieved exclusively via the internet but the majority of your business can. For instance, Moon Magic recognized all the benefits of operating online and chose this path for their company. Aside from significantly lowering their impact on the environment, there are numerous other benefits to this type of practice you can read more about at By shifting to the online sphere, businesses can greatly reduce their carbon footprint, make their entire practice much greener and, above all else, reduce the overall costs of running a business.

Increase the use of recyclable materials

Moreover, if you’re dealing with any type of goods, make sure that you try and focus a bit more on using recyclable materials. Even if the packaging is the only place you can go with recyclable materials that will still make a difference. Huge amounts of various non-recyclable products and packaging end up in landfills which only contributes to the overall pollution. Even if you’re manufacturing clothing items, make sure you include recyclable materials in the production.

Encourage, promote and reward eco-conscious behavior

Every company that’s focusing on implementing greener alternatives into their practice can greatly benefit from promoting, encouraging and even rewarding eco-friendly behavior. Companies that emphasize their eco-consciousness tend to be more well-received by the general public. Simply put, customers care about businesses that care. And if you encourage not just your employees but your customers as well to be more eco-conscious themselves, you’ll be spreading a really positive message. On top of that, you can even choose to reward customers who help contribute to preserving the environment with gift cards, discounts and other similar perks.

Cut on paper use 

The use of paper in any modern office has become basically redundant. With so many modern technological advancements, the use of paper can be cut to zero easily. The less paper you use, the greener your business will be. So, instead of filling your office space with tons of paper waste, invest in different software solutions that will enable you to store all the necessary files and documents in a digital form. 

Rely on reusable resources

Finally, if at all possible, see how you can make use of renewable resources to power your business. For instance, switching to renewable energy will greatly lower your overhead costs, and it will decrease the use of the non-renewable energy. Similarly, see how you can alter your workspace to make better use of natural light and opt for natural ventilation whenever possible. If switching to entirely renewable energy is not something you can achieve, at least look for eco-friendly and sustainable solutions that will allow you to improve your current practice.


Finding and implementing all the ways that will allow you to green up your business should be everyone’s goal. Sooner or later, every business will need to switch to greener practices. The sooner you do it, the sooner you’ll start reaping all the benefits and contribute to preserving the environment. 

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7 Things to Keep in Mind When Developing Emergency Procedures for Your Business

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Many businesses shut down for good after a disaster. Businesses that are unprepared for potential disasters and recessions do not thrive in today’s competitive market. Take the COVID-19 pandemic, for example: it has affected nearly every industry. One way to protect your business from such a crisis is by implementing an emergency response plan. That way, the next time you face such disasters, you will have the right strategy in place.

The emergency procedures or response plans are the instructions a company should follow when a disaster strikes. The best emergency procedures do a lot more than helping businesses implement the best strategies during a disaster. For example, an emergency response plan prepares your business for shut-downs. It explains the actions that need to be taken during a recession or catastrophe, so you can not only function but even thrive during a crisis.

Here’s what you must consider when developing emergency business procedures for your business.


  • Regulation Compliance


All businesses have to comply with the laws where they operate. Therefore, when you are planning your business’ emergency response procedures, make sure all the actions you include are in line with regulatory compliance. You don’t want to end up paying heavy penalties for going against the relevant laws or regulations. You must check the relevant, industry-specific guidelines to ensure that the emergency plans you have developed are compliant.


  • Risk Analysis


Emergency procedures should be developed in advance. Waiting to develop your emergency responses until disaster strikes would be meaningless. When you prepare these procedures in advance, you have enough time to focus on all of the areas that need to be covered. This also gives you an opportunity to evaluate the impact of the disaster on your business.

For instance, chemical labs and companies manufacturing chemical products need to focus more on the emergency response for the critical waste spill than a cloth manufacturing company. You don’t necessarily have to prepare the emergency plan for all disasters, but try to focus on the situations that are likely to occur.


  • Manage Risks as Much as Possible


Emergency business procedures are designed to mitigate the risks that can turn into serious issues. For example, you can avoid potential data loss by storing your data in the cloud and off-site as backup. Likewise, employees’ insurance policies must be checked and audited to ensure they offer the required coverage. You must also plan business procedures for emergency lighting testing requirements. The sooner you prepare your emergency responses, the lower the chances the small issues will develop into catastrophes in the future.


  • Set up Contingency Plans


It is important to include risk assessment and management in your emergency response plan. You can’t predict the all outcomes, but you can deal with the challenges if you have a proper emergency procedure in place. The plan must consider the impact of disasters on your revenue, customers, supply and shipping, expenses and regular operations. It isn’t only about the expenses you will incur during the disaster, but you have to be prepared to handle all business operations, customer service and compliance efficiently even when things are turned upside-down.


  • Emergency Response Teams


Emergency procedures should also include a list of team members and their responsibilities in the event of a disaster. Their names, contact information, and address details should also be included. Some companies assign each role to a single person, while others appoint a committee. You could also divide the roles between different departments. For example, one department can handle the communication responsibilities, while another can execute the necessary operational plans to control the crisis.


  • Cover all Potential Hazards


Effective emergency procedures explain risks and outline a plan of action that should be followed when a crisis strikes. This mainly covers measures to protect your employees, customers, property, financial data, and confidential information. The plan should also detail how you will get your business operations back to normal post-disaster. Make sure you specify how you will support employees, as well as your business continuity strategy. You should also pay special attention to the employees and customers with disabilities.


  • Training Your Team


Emergency procedures should also include a training plan for employees. This training should be conducted in advance of any potential disaster, and repeated regularly so all employees are up to date with procedures. You can conduct training in-house, or outsource training to the professionals. Being well-trained ahead of time will allow everyone to act quickly in the event of an emergency.

Formal emergency procedures are a must if you want to keep your business running smoothly. Only a strong and effective emergency response procedure can keep a company functional and effective in the event of a disaster, crisis or emergency. Never leave this until the last minute – you never know what may be just around the corner!

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Making Your Older Car Look And Feel More Luxury

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Are you a used or older car model owner? Do you sometimes bemoan the state of your car, and wish you had something new to drive? Maybe not – hey, a car is a car, and as long as you’ve got reliable transport, who really cares what the car looks like! But sometimes, you do find yourself dreaming about driving something a bit more sporty or a bit more flashy, and you have to catch yourself before you try to spend an ungodly amount of money you know you really can’t afford! 

So, if you’re finding yourself in this camp, it’s time to take action. If you’ve got a pretty old car model on your hands right now, maybe it’s time to give it a bit of a facelift, as well as a personality transplant. Because even when your car is over 10 years old, it can still get you pretty far, and it’ll probably work out much cheaper for you to upgrade a few things here and there, instead of buying a new model from the dealership. 

But what should you do here? If you want your car to both look and feel fresh, and even luxury in some places, what should you focus on changing? Well, we’ve got some ideas for you to start with below. 


Upgrade Your Seats

The first thing you’ll want to change here is the seats in your car; they’re probably old and a bit worn by now, and those seat covers aren’t going to be able to save them forever! Sure, this one is a bit of a costly upgrade, but these new seats will last you a good few years to come, and are the kind of purchase that will help you save up a lot more money for affording the car you want in the future. They’re a smart, temporary choice here. 

Best of all, you can rip out the old seats and put some new ones in yourself. You don’t need to visit a mechanic or workshop for this; you just need some good tools and the right seats on hand. You can find seats for all kinds of makes and models of car out there, so don’t think that just because your car is nearer 20 than 10 that you’ll be out of luck. Indeed, some seats out there could even make your car faster! 

However, if you don’t want to rip out the seats entirely, you could just think about changing the fabric. Maybe the seats, underneath all that padding, are still in good condition, and you want to save a bit more money here. Most of all, if your seats used to be covered in some kind of light fabric, it’s time to change that covering for a more durable and hardy leather alternative. 


Buy New Floor Mats

Now comes a more light paced, cheaper upgrade you can perform easily on any car out there; buy some new floor mats! To be fair here, this is probably a change that instantly jumped to mind when you thought about giving your car a fresh new look and feel, but you want to get your hands on some good floor mats here. 

Car mats can get extremely dirty, we all know that, but if you haven’t changed yours in a good few years (and just vacuum them every now and then…), you’re going to need something a bit more durable on the floor at your feet. Thankfully, there are plenty of options on the market for you to look through, so go for a set that both look good and come highly reviewed

However, as a sort of next step here, you may also want to change the actual carpet on your car floor. It’s another easy thing to do, but does come with a higher price tag than just replacing mats, simply because the carpet itself needs to be custom molded to your car’s shape. You can find a guide on everything you need to do to fit a new carpet right here


Change Your Tires

Changing tires on an older model of car is imperative to keeping it running smooth down all kinds of roads. After all, if you’re looking for a more fuel economic vehicle, it’s the tires that are letting you down! Not to mention just how fresh your model can look when the tires are brand new and hardly worn. 


Not to mention just how easy it is to change the tires on your car yourself. All you need are the right tools on hand, and to be able to get the car elevated to ensure you can access the tires properly, and you won’t ever need to visit a mechanic. 

Plus, you could also think about changing the setup of your tires here too; namely the wheel. Sure, the rims may need replacing, and you could do with putting a few new nuts and bolts in there, but the wheel is the most important part of the make up here. 

Because your older car model has probably gotten a bit worn around the wheels at this point in its life, and you’ll probably need to replace the wheels that hold up your tires for a more shiny and strong alternative. For example, investing in mag wheels could be a good shout here; cost effective, durable and versatile for all weathers, and they look pretty good when you’re rolling down the road too! 


Clean it Properly

Now the next thing you’re going to need to do is give your car a good wiping down! Older car models are much more likely to be ravaged by grime and animal faeces over the course of their lifetime, and because of this, you need to pay special attention here. Most of all, you might want to commit to giving your car a good clean every week, especially if you’re determined to keep its good looks about it. 

You don’t even need to take very long in cleaning your car once a week, especially if you’ve got a lot of other responsibilities on your plate right now. Get the garden hose out of the shed, and make sure the spray head is attached to it. 

Use this to rinse the car from head to toe (and this is the correct way, otherwise you risk dirtying your car even further), then grab your soapy water bucket and a good brush or cloth and wipe the whole thing down, and try not to wipe in circles here either. When you’re done, use the hose again to give everything another spray, and then grab another cloth to dry your vehicle and let it shine. 


Install Some New Tech

And then we come to the real gritty portion of taking the time to update your car; there’s a lot of new tech out there, for car owners to both complain about and make good use of, and this is your chance to install the best of the best within your vehicle. Because it’s a lot easier than you may think to swap out that old cassette radio for a more modern USB or AUX cord variant, and you’re probably sick of having to listen to the radio, rather than your own tunes. 


Get your hands on an aftermarket audio device, in order to make good use of ‘carplay’ systems; you can connect your phone to these and listen to music, have your texts read out to you, as well as take phone calls much easier when you’re busy behind the wheel. And, if you’re not sure where to get started with replacing your stereo system, you can follow a highly informative instructional video right here: 

(Video by Sonic Electronix)

Aside from this upgrade, you may also want to invest in a dashcam as well. Newer models of these not only record your journey, but they also act as GPS devices, as well as connect to your phone for instant downloads of your journey data. And you can find a handy list of the best Dash Cam Sat Navs right here, if you’re curious to know a little more about them. 


Are You Up to Making Your Car a Little More Fresh?

If you’re a car owner with an old car, now’s your chance to do something more with the vehicle that gets you from A to B. As long as it’s not so old it’s dangerous, and it’s not a complete write off either, you can make quite a few changes here and there, to really make yourself satisfied to be behind the wheel. 

So change those old tires out, install some newer, more convenient tech onto the dashboard, and make sure you’re giving your vehicle a good clean out every other week or so. Just by putting a little bit more effort into your vehicle’s appearance and performance, you can feel like you’re driving a more luxury vehicle, without ever having to spend any of the associated money! 

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Skills Every Chef Should Have

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 If you’re a dedicated chef and you’re looking to progress your career but don’t know where to start then don’t worry, you have definitely come to the right place. Whether you’ve been a chef for years or you’ve discovered your passion over the past few months, moving up the career ladder is usually the goal for most people in the industry. While it may be overwhelming at first, there are lots of skills that you can pick up to ensure you’re the best you can possibly be. From cooking skills (obviously) to the ability to manage your own time, there may be a number of things you don’t instantly think of when it comes to being a chef. With that in mind, here are some skills every chef should have:  


The Ability To Cook, Of Course! 

It’s best to start with the most obvious because as a chef, you need to ensure you have the ability to cook. Although each and every chef is at a different level, having basic skills is the absolute bare minimum for someone in the industry. The more successful you want to be, the more skills you should have. 


Time Management Skills

Although it may not seem like it, time management is an essential part of being a chef. YOu need to be able to time exactly when certain aspects of a recipe are going to be ready and when you should start everything in order fo rit to be served at the same time. While it may be easy at home, in a busy kitchen, it may be much harder. If you’re a chef who also runs their own restaurant, time management skills are also helpful or running your business. For tips and tricks on how to run a restaurant, you can visit this site here. 


Accounting Skills

Again, this may not seem obvious, but you also need to have strong accounting skills. From knowing how much profit you make from each meal to calculating the waste from stock at the end of each night, accounting plays a huge part in being a successful and profitable chef. 


The Ability To React To Changes Quickly

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that we really need to know how to react to situations that we may not be expecting. Although no one could have predicted the COVID-19 pandemic, those that reacted quickly in the hospitality industry were able to keep their business running even when lockdowns were in place. From home deliveries to meal kits and online recipes, there were lots of incredible ways in which chefs were able to continue the thing they are most passionate about even when things were tough. While we may not face another pandemic when this one is over, there are definitely situations where you’re going to need to react quickly (and calmly). 


From the way in which you work in a pandemic to easy to use restaurant scheduling software that can be used if you need to change the way in which you manage things, you need to know exactly how you’re going to react to certain situations if they arise. 


Confidence In Yourself And Your Recipes

Although it may be difficult at times, you also need to ensure you have confidence in yourself. Being a chef requires you to believe in your abilities to cook as well as your ability to create a menu filled with delicious dishes that other people will love and if you doubt that for a second, you may find that you’re not putting your best work out there. For a guide to creating a menu as a chef, you can visit this site here. 


A Lot Of Patience And Resilience 

Finally, being a chef isn’t an easy feat and if you don’t have the patience and resilience it takes, you’re going to find it incredibly difficult. From intense kitchens to quiet nights of self-doubt, there are so many emotions that you will feel throughout the course of one shift, let alone a lifetime working as a chef. While it’s okay to have ups and downs, you need to be sure it’s going to be something that you can handle. 


With lots of skills to start working towards on your career journey, you can be sure you’re getting to where you want as soon as possible. What else do you need to do? Did we miss anything off of the list? Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below. 

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How smartphones have changed the way we consume sport

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When the Simon Personal Communicator was launched by IMB back in August 1994, this new handheld mobile device almost sounded like something out of Star Trek. It was by no means as the pocket-sized gadgets Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise used, yet it did spark an entirely new trend of using mobile phones for much more than just calls and conversations.

Interestingly, the internet was also becoming more commercially available at the same time. Sluggish dialup internet at home was the norm back then, along with that horrible sound when connection, while mobile devices were quickly becoming more practical in both form and function. Before too long, smartphone was the buzzword as these devices offered us a whole new realm of possibilities.

Smartphones have entirely changed the way we search for and consume information. For most of us, they have become and essential tool that we can’t leave home without. These days they are an extra layer of interaction for many of our common activities, including sports, with more ways to engage than ever before.

Engagement with sports in an instant

One of the biggest appeals of the information superhighway, first from our desktop devices and then eventually through out smartphones, the ability to access news and information instantly has become and intrinsic part of the way we enjoy sports. We no longer have to wait to read the back page of tomorrow’s newspaper or look through the teletext on TV. The latest news is now available before, during, and after every sporting event, updated by the minute.

We all know there’s an app for everything these days, which includes everything we could possibly want to match our enthusiasm for sport. There are apps to quench our thirst for all the latest sporting gossip and news, apps with live scores, apps that let us buy tickets to sporting events, apps that give us detailed maps and directions to stadiums and venues; plus apps that even recommend places to eat and drink before the game.

Perhaps one of the most important recent developments for smartphones, improved connection speeds and data allowances mean we never have to miss a second of our favourite sporting action. All the major broadcasters now stream live sporting events directly to our smartphones, which has arguably led to greater quality and competition. Even tech giants like Amazon and Facebook are getting in on the act, driven by massive consumer demand.

Backing our favourite sporting events

Something else that has grown phenomenally thanks to smartphones is the ease of mobile betting. There’s no longer any need to travel to our local bookies, and we don’t even have to sit at a computer. Whether we’re sat on a bus or train, stuck at work, jetting off on holiday, dining out, or even watching a live sporting even with our friends; the latest betting odds are always right there in our hands.

Convenience is king and smartphones have genuinely revolutionised online betting. While it goes without saying, wagering of any kind should be done responsibly, there’s no doubt that being able to quickly access up-to-the-second odds and betting news has proven hugely popular amongst sports fans. In particular, live betting in the midst of the action, as the odds rise and fall depending on how a sporting event is unfolding before our very eyes.

What’s more, people are using their smartphones to swiftly check odds and place bets on every kind of sport you can think of. Of course, Football and the Premier League tends to be the most popular in the United Kingdom, while across the pond, American football and basketball tend to lead the way, along with baseball and ice hockey. Cricket also generates a huge amount of staking interest, as do the biggest horse racing, tennis, and boxing events.

Sharing our sporting views

Smartphones have become a massive influence in the way we follow sports, and they can even influence the sports themselves. Beyond the live streams we watch or the news we read, these days we don’t have to be a respected sports journalist or commentator to share our opinion. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter have enjoyed incredible growth over the last decade or so, largely thanks to their extensive propagation and usage via smartphones.

Sports fans have massively embraced their chance to have a voice, as have sporting superstars themselves, creating a whole new era of interaction and engagement. In the past, most of us would be lucky if we bumped into our favourite sporting celebrity walking down the street. Now it’s possible to engage directly with them, even if the effects can have both positive and negative outcomes, certainly when someone isn’t happy with their team or sporting icon.

Likewise, forum platforms like Reddit and others have provided sports fans with places to air their views, whether venting their criticism or being effusive with their praise, debating everything that happens in the sporting world. The overall combination of social networks and forums has brought the public at large a greater sense of participation and engagement, even contributing to how sports themselves have evolved and changed.

Sign of things to come?

If the opportunity to engage in myriad ways with our favourite sports wasn’t enough, we too can become virtual sporting stars via our smartphones. More people actually play games on smartphones these days, compared to personal computers and consoles. These include all the latest sports-themed titles, as players join international tournaments with millions of players online. Who knows, you might even be sat next to an iGaming smartphone superstar right now.

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Tips For Restaurants To Survice The Pandemic

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The hospitality industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, even outside of lockdown. Customer numbers are down, restaurants are short-staffed, and owners are stressed out trying to keep up with restrictions and measures to keep everyone safe. Here are a few tips to help you survive until you can open as normal again. 


Pivot Your Business

You need to keep an income coming in, even if you’re getting funding from the government. It’s also a good idea to keep yourself at the forefront of your customers’ minds, so they’re raring to come back and see you as soon as you can open again. How can you pivot your business to help you stay afloat and hold onto your customers?

Lots of restaurants have started offering delivery, but is there anything else you could do? Could you create ‘cook at home’ boxes of some of your most popular dishes, for people to finish cooking at home? Can you help your suppliers by allowing people to order ingredients like quality meat from you? Could you sell tickets to online cookery or chef skill classes? If you’re bringing people back to work to cook for delivery or dine-at-home boxes, you might need access to a private Covid test, if only just for peace of mind. 


Hit Social Media

Get on social media and keep posting. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and anywhere else your customers are. Use social media to talk about what you’re doing while you can’t open as usual, the safety measures you’re putting in place, and share promo codes for whatever you’re offering instead of dinner in the restaurant. 

Share pictures of your staff. This humanizes your business and makes people more likely to want to help. Share content from other small businesses that you like or that share your local area. This can extend your own reach, and you might be able to help each other out. 


Team Up

If you’re sharing content from other businesses, think about whether there are some ways that you could team up with them. For example, if you’re sending out meal kits, could you partner with your local off-license to send out a great wine to pair with your food. 

Is there a hospital near you? Ask if they’re accepting meal donations for their frontline staff. If they are, add an option on your menu that lets people donate a meal to the NHS, and make it clear that you’ll deliver it. People have been very generous to key-workers, so are likely to love the idea of sending a delicious lunch to someone on a tough shift. You get another meal ordered, and get to do something good at the same time. 

The current situation is going to be a real challenge for all kinds of businesses, especially in the world of events and hospitality. With some creativity and a hard focus on customer engagement, you can make survival more likely, so you still have a viable business left when things return to normal. 

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Fab Lockdown Boredom Buster Ideas

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As the UK is now halfway through its second lockdown, you may be beginning to feel like you’re spending most days twiddling with your thumbs through boredom – and that’s completely understandable! For the first time in decades, we have been forced to stay inside for our own safety, but in today’s generation, we live a fast paced life that’s full to the brim of exciting activities and things to look forward to. When that’s suddenly taken away, it can be difficult to know what to do with yourself, so we’ve got some amazing ideas that will help bust that boredom for the next few weeks or so!

Find a new hobby

If you’re into things like sewing, reading, or even doing up cars, you may have exhausted your current hobbies already! Finding a new hobby will help pass the time, and also expand your knowledge on something new. There are loads of weird and wonderful hobbies out there, and you may be surprised at which one takes your fancy! Not only will a new hobby help pass the time over these final weeks of lockdown, but it will give you a new hobby to continue with even long after restrictions are lifted!

Host a tarot card evening

An unusual yet fun way to spend an evening or two, is by hosting a tarot card night! Whether you’re skeptical or not, the history of psychics is very interesting and can spark many debatable conversations. While you may not be able to have a large gathering at your home, you could host a tarot card evening via Zoom or FaceTime! To learn more about the history of psychics click here so you can share your new found knowledge with your friends and family!

Do some DIY

Lockdown is the perfect excuse to get those odd jobs done around the house that you’ve been meaning to do for ages. If you’ve been quick off the mark and already done those odd jobs, then why not use the next few weeks to redecorate parts of your home? This could be a complete makeover of a neglected room, or upcycling old and tired looking pieces of furniture to give them a new lease of life. DIY can be extremely therapeutic, and will leave you feeling satisfied at the end of each day.

Try out a new game

If you’re a keen gamer, now is the perfect chance to try something new! There have been many new popular game releases lately such as the remastering of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1&2, so why not give them a go?

Challenge yourself

Finally, another great way of passing time during lockdown is by giving yourself a challenge that lasts over a few weeks or a month. Challenges such as the squat challenge, walking 10,000 steps a day, or even no alcohol for a month will help focus your energy into something else and benefit your health at the same time!

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Discover top quality, sizeable steaks delivered directly to your door with the launch of What’s UR Beef, an online, gourmet, premium-grade nationwide steak delivery company which will transform the way you shop for steak.

The brainchild of the ‘most swiped man on Tinder’, supermodel & TV star Stefan-Pierre Tomlin and the award-winning butcher behind Stilton Butchers, James Morgan, What’s UR Beef expertly cut, securely seal and ship your bespoke order, which arrives at your door, within a chosen time slot the very next day. Ensuring a minimum of 28 day aged A Graded British beef at What’s UR Beef size definitely matters.

With a steak for every appetite, ranging from standard 8oz steaks to larger first-rate cuts reaching over 32 oz, you will be certain to receive juicy, tender steaks expertly cut exactly to your liking with every delivery.

Launching with a choice of half a dozen steaks including ultra-lean, super soft centre cut barrel fillet, tender, lightly marbled ribeye, matured, succulent Tomahawk steak and flavoursome sirloin, the What’s UR Beef range will steadily increase week on week. Soon expanding to offer premium steaks from different countries and lesser known cuts to give customers the chance to broaden their culinary horizons and ‘beef up’ their knowledge on steak, What’s UR Beef is set to become the number one destination for discerning, top-quality steak lovers.

Meeting through mutual friends and bonding over their love of steak, the launch of What’s UR Beef is an exciting next step for both Stefan and James. Currently one of the UK’s leading models, and star of  Celebs Go Dating & First Dates, Stefan is looking forward to turning his passion for steak into a successful business and working closely with James, the director of family-run Stilton Butchers who are famed for their award-winning meats and remarkable quality.

Offering a wide variety of the absolute best British premium steak, it is time to check out What’s UR Beef – you just cannot and will not beat their meat.

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5 Smart Ways to Protect Your Digital Security

The combination of internet use and the proliferation of new digital technologies means that we are more connected today than ever. This continued use of the internet has tremendously revolutionised communication, to the extent that it’s now our preferred medium of interaction. In almost everything we do, from sharing moments with loved ones to buying clothes to ordering pizza, we use the internet. Unfortunately, however, as the internet continues to be intertwined with everything we do, the more room for cybercrime is created.

You’ve probably heard a lot about data breaches and hacking activities from one source or the other. Such reports are very much true and may be affecting your security and privacy in various detrimental ways that you may not even detect. In situations like these, when sharing personal information and data breaches have become the new norm, it becomes important to protect your digital identity. In this post, we share the five best practices to consider for protecting your digital security.

⦁ Use an Encrypted Network

If you follow tech and cybersecurity trends, you already know that public Wi-Fi networks, such as those found in cafes, airports, and hotels, are massively unsafe and can put you into some serious cyber threats. However, as with most threats, when something gets publicised a lot, people tend to become less concerned and ignore it. The truth is, public Wi-Fi networks are unsafe and completely vulnerable to cyber-attacks because they are unencrypted.

With unencrypted networks, cybercriminals can perform a variety of activities to breach your data. One of the common activities is called ‘Man-in-the-Middle attack, where a hacker can choose to passively sit back and ingest your unprotected data or manipulate them to carry out more evil acts. Another is called ‘Network Sniffing’, where hackers use ‘sniffing’ applications to intercept your network and steal your personal information.
Whether you are a casual internet user or a business, your data should be encrypted for such obvious reasons. At present, the best way to do this is to use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt your traffic so others can’t see it. A VPN can help you in a variety of ways, including but not limited to, network encryption, reclaiming your anonymity, remote access, protected file sharing, security, as well as bypassing blockers and filters.

⦁ Use Encrypted File Systems (EFS)

For most of us, using a password for our personal computers is the final line of defense for all the data we store. In fact, not many people are aware of what encrypted file systems or operating systems, and what they can do to protect the data stored in your computers.
Without stronger protection, it becomes easy for unauthorized people to access your stored data. This risks access and loss of vital information, which can be damaging, especially for people who use their computers to store business data.

Using encrypted operating systems, such as File Vault on Mac OS or Full-Disk Encryption on Windows, makes your data unreadable to people who don’t have authorization. System encryptions ensure that the information stored in your PC is encoded with algorithms to generate cipher tests that can only be read if decrypted.

⦁ Stay Away from Unsecured Sites

Most people can’t tell if they are visiting a secure site or not. Google has started differentiating between ‘secure’ and ‘not secure’ sites so that visitors can be able to have a guarantee that the data they share between them and the site is scrambled (secure).
As with unprotected networks, when you visit a site that is not secure or encrypted, it means that everyone else accessing the site could look at the information passing between you and the site. Google noted that anyone snooping at such information could modify the contents and get to you for malicious reasons such as identity theft, credit card manipulation, and cyberbullying.

To differentiate between secure/encrypted and unsecured/unencrypted sites, simply look at the HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) on a site’s URL. Unencrypted sites will have the URL as just HTTP, while encrypted sites will include an ‘s’ to have it as HTTPs. This means that such sites have purchased and installed an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), a digital authentication for their websites that has the ability to encrypt sensitive information.

⦁ Backup Your Data

A simple and yet often ignored digital security best practice is backing up your data in a secure and encrypted platform. People just don’t understand how a simple loss of a laptop or data storage device can cause detrimental consequences for their personal, academic, or business undertakings.
Without a proper backup strategy, a current study indicates that loss of data can cause a company as much as $300,000 an hour. The problem is, with the longer it takes for you to restore your data, the more money and time you’ll lose.
With the advancement in digital technology, people and businesses can automate their data backup or use advances in cloud storage as well as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

⦁ Use Two-Factor Authentication

As much as they can be annoying, most people don’t realize just how much two-factor authentication is essential in the protection of their digital security. The problem of using single factor authentications, i.e., username and password, is that when a hacker is able to decode your password, he can be able to access several of your other accounts.
To make matters worse, people have a tendency to take advantage of ‘keep me logged in’ without realizing how this negatively impacts their digital security. In most cases, the websites you visit will store ‘cookies,’ which can be harvested by malware and sent to hackers who can then access your passwords to hack your accounts.

The simple fact is, it is hard for bots and hackers to complete a 2-step verification process because a computer-generated code will always be sent to your email or phone for your verification. This will make your personal and business accounts harder to access.


Currently, as noted in this post, immense quantities of data are uploaded and downloaded over digital electronics, sometimes knowingly and others unknowingly. For now, we’re all creators, publishers, and commentators in this digital space. Such a massive exchange of data online may be detrimental to your digital security.

While some cybercrime activities may be out of your hand, there are actions you can take to ensure that you’re a step safer when it comes to the safety and privacy of your personal or business information. The five best practices described here are meant for exactly that purpose!

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Guys – Boost Your Self-Confidence With These Tips

Avatar By Posted on 3 m read

The way that you view yourself is so important if you want to be positive in life, and if someone else’s expectations of you make you feel like you aren’t enough, then it’s time to learn to repair your own self-image. There are plenty of ways to boost your self-confidence as a man, and we’ve got several of them for you below:


  1. Your self image is something you can change. It’s not a fixed thing in place, it’s not objective and it can be changed as you need to change it. This should instantly boost your confidence, as you can be sure that the power of your own feelings about yourself is in your hands.
  2. Self-image doesn’t just mean the way you feel about how you are perceived by those around you, but also your actual image. You can get that hair transplant process started if it will improve your confidence, and you can ensure that you are seeing a clothing stylist, too. Your confidence in how you look matters, and you should feel good when you look in the mirror. If there is something that you don’t like and you have the power to change it, you should.
  3. Adjust your inner voice if you want to have better confidence. It’s easy to talk down to yourself and feel negative as a result, but it doesn’t have to be this way! You can talk to yourself about the positive things that you have in your life, and by default you will feel far better about yourself, too.
  4. Where you can, start modeling the behavior that will make you feel good. If you change the way that you approach situations and the way that you look at past ones, you can start to repair your confidence and learn that you are the one in control.
  5. Take the time to break up your biggest goals into bite-sized pieces. You know that you can set yourself tasks that will benefit your life and when you achieve those, you’re going to feel on top of the world.
  6. Find a hobby to involve yourself in. Sometimes, a poor self-image comes from boredom and a lack of things to do. If you can’t do anything in your spare time, you’re not likely to feel good about yourself. Make your goals flexible and see how well you do with them!
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