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Role of Game testing in Video Game Development

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What is a game?

We live in a world where the gaming industry is one of the largest segments of the entertainment industry. A great variety of computer, console, mobile and browser games are released that give users the opportunity to feel cool, winning in this or that virtual space. But how often do we think about what the game in general is?

Play is a competitive process in which the player is involved. At the end of the process, depending on his actions and luck, the player receives a reward or punishment. The types and amount of reward or punishment, as well as the duration of the game, the actions that can be performed during the game, and the process of the game itself constitute the set of rules of the game.

Game testing process

First of all, this is a check of how exactly this or that object is displayed. This testing is especially clear if you imagine a first-person game. What we see on the screen should be what our character sees with his own eyes, that is, the camera. And with that in mind, we check what we see looks like.

Secondly, the physics test. During game creation, a decision is usually made about how the player will physically react to objects and events in the game. How he will walk and at what speed. How he will jump and how high. How he will react to a collision with a wall or a monster. For functional testing of this part of the game, we need to learn a lot, but first of all – the concept of Collider. A collider is a setting that, when it touches another collider, should “tell” the game to react in a certain way. If the character collider hits the wall collider, it must stop. If it touched the thorn collider, it took damage. You yourself have probably played games where at certain moments the player’s character could crawl between textures or fall into them, where he should not have done this. This is exactly what needs to be checked during testing.

The working process

The whole process of creating a game is quite simple and hardly changes from company to company. There is a game designer, he is a task manager. He assigns a task to the performers who perform it, usually developers and artists. After the task has been completed, it is given to testers for testing. Everything seems to be simple?

It is so, but there is one huge but in the game testing life cycle. The testers know the game best of all! They are the ones who know about those limitations that a game designer and even a developer may not know about. These can be the limitations of the gameplay (how the player interacts with the game and how the game reacts to the player’s actions), in which we are tied, it can be events that can happen when adding one or the other! And the task reaches them at the very end, when it is already difficult or simply impossible to fix it, and the whole task will have to be redone almost from the very beginning.

A true Jedi of game testing should always look at the tasks that are assigned to the developers and proofread them! Believe me, there will be so much benefit from this that it will more than cover the costs of time that you, as a specialist, spent on reading the task!

First, the tester will immediately understand what to test. When this task reaches him, he will already know about it and will be ready for it, which will speed up the process many, many times

Secondly, the tester can immediately see problems and errors when setting tasks. Can see undescribed scripts or logic errors not noticed by the developer. So we arm ourselves with the question “What if?” and go to tasks. If there are no mistakes, the game designer did everything right and thought of everything – good for us! This is usually not the case.

Speaking about the workflow of game testing for beginners, I would like to touch on the topic of alpha and beta testing, when a company developing a game puts out a product for users in an incomplete or not at all ready state, so that users can now go into it and play, evaluate and give what something feedback. In general, I am in favor of alpha and beta testing, as this in some cases helps to correctly adjust the player’s experience of the game. Feedback from users of the beta version can be extremely dependent on the final result, since, of course, two hundred players will test the feel of the game better than five or seven testers and even twenty developers, since they are not used to the game, they are new, fresh …

How much does it cost and is it worth it?

A huge amount of resources are invested in the game development process.

On the other hand, good testing can and will make the player admire our creation. That he will come and bring his friends, and they will bring their friends! That he will be happy to open it again and again, enjoying the gameplay, unique in its kind. Carried away by the process of the game, he will be able to feel better, and we will feel better, as we gave him such an opportunity!

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Money and the Self Employed Individual

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Becoming self employed can be wonderful if you want to make your own hours and plan out your days without anyone to tell you what you should and should not be doing. While there are many positives to working for yourself, there are some financial aspects that you will need to bear in mind. 

If your company is small, or you work as a sole trader, you may not have a dedicated payroll or accounts team to manage your money for you. Where this is the case, you will need to sort out all the financial aspects of your business yourself. 


Whether you work for someone else or for yourself, it can be a good idea to have a pension set up. This will help you significantly when you reach retirement age, especially if this is in addition to your regular state pension. If you have previously had a pension through employment, you can choose to have a pension transfer, meaning your old and new pensions will now be consolidated and kept in the same place. This can be particularly useful if you don’t want to keep track of numerous pensions coming from a number of sources. 

The rate in which your pension can grow will vary depending on the type of plan you choose. Some of the higher plans can give you more reward, but they will come at substantially more risk than those with less growth. Weigh up your options.


When you are self-employed, you will need to file your own taxes each year. For those that earn less than £1000 in a tax year, nothing may need to be done. Anything higher will require a full report of your business finances. This self-assessment needs to show the total earnings for your company, as well as any business-related expenses, such as fuel, rent, stationery, and work tools. You will also still have a tax-free allowance, the same as any other working individual.

Time Off

You may, at some point, want to have time off due to a holiday, illness, or even a new baby. You would not get any form of holiday pay, nor sick pay, as these are paid by an employer to their employee. If your illness is severe, you may be able to claim ESA or Universal Credit, however, this would be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Regarding maternity leave, this would depend on your national insurance contributions. Maternity allowance can last for up to 39 weeks, and you may be eligible if you have been working at your business for the last 26 weeks. In addition to this, you must have paid a minimum of class 2 National Insurance contributions for at least 13 of the 66 weeks prior to your due date.

While there may be more administrative and financial work that goes into working for yourself, it can still be highly rewarding. You don’t need to be bound by wages and another person’s expectations, giving you free creative reign to manage your company how you see fit.  

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How to choose the best vinyl flooring for your business office

Avatar By Posted on 2 m read

Are you desperately looking for the best flooring for your construction business office? Giving up should never be an option for you because there are so many choices available. Narrowing down your choices can become a difficult task.

However, you even have the option to go for vinyl flooring. Do not get overwhelmed by the idea of choosing the vinyl flooring. We will offer the necessary assistance here.

Choosing vinyl flooring for your business office

Focus on the budget

You need to keep your budget into consideration also when choosing the vinyl floor. Assess the different types of vinyl flooring available and then make your choice. When you are getting vinyl flooring for the construction office, then you must keep one thing in mind.

The prices are bound to be high. The reason is that you will require rigid core construction and special texture also. Secondly, you may need attached underlayment. When you are deciding the budget, do not just focus on the flooring alone.

You will need to bear the installation cost. Plus, you will need to bear the cost of the underlayment also. The best source to buy quality vinyl flooring is Quick Step.
Consider the type of room
You need to critically evaluate the rooms in your business office. For example, you must keep in mind whether you are installing the flooring on the first floor or basement. The best thing about vinyl is that it is moisture-proof so it works well in most of the office rooms.

Make a note of the foot traffic

There are some rooms in the office that witness a lot of traffic. If you want to have vinyl flooring in such a room, then go for vinyl that has higher wear level. The thickness and wear layer are not a big concern if your office rooms do not have heavy traffic.

Warranty is crucial and personifies quality

Warranty also matters when you buy the vinyl flooring. When the flooring has warranty, then it means it is well-protected. You will require a professional contractor to carry out with the installation.

It is also vital to carry out an inspection of the flooring before installation. For example, you need to look at the planks. As a result, you will be sure that there are no manufacturing defects. The installation should only progress once you inspect the planks.

When you are buying the flooring for your office, never compromise on quality. You need strong flooring. Depending upon use, you can also go for wood flooring in some rooms. When purchasing flooring contact multiple vendors.

Shortlist the vendors who offer the best flooring at affordable price. Be open about your requirements. The reason is that the vendors will be in a better position to assist you. Flooring is not something which you will get installed every second day so be careful.

Strike the smart deal so that the flooring lasts for a long time to come. Get the best flooring for your office today.

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5 Things to Check Before Ordering Meals Online

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Are you planning a family dinner but do not want to step out of your house? Or do you want to eat whatever you want for a fun movie night at home without entering the kitchen? 

If yes, an online food service website is the best option for you. There are many perks of ordering food online. You just have to choose the food, pay, and enjoy your meal. That seems pretty simple, though you must keep a few things in mind before ordering meals online. 


5 Things to Check Before Ordering Meals Online


What if you found delicious-looking meals online but did not check their location? It will surely waste your time and energy. Firstly, one must check the delivery areas of online food delivery services and choose the nearby one. In this case, you can ask your homies if they know any nearby good online food service. On-time delivery and hot meals will be top perks if you order a meal from a nearby location. 


2.Menu and Deals 

Obviously, you are going to check the menu before ordering food online. Though, you should check which deals they have. Many online delivery services offer amazing deals. For example, you can buy 2 meals and get a complimentary dessert, or buy one meal and get a discount on another meal.  These mouth-watering deals may help you save a little more on your order. 

Also, you must check how much quantity they give. Every reliable website mentions the number of people who can eat one meal. The more the number, the more will be the quantity. 


3. Customer Reviews, Service, and Extra Perks

If you have additional time at hand, check customer reviews of the website you are going to order food from. Customer reviews can be insightful, but one must not rely only on customer reviews. Some fantastic services can be new and do not have wide social recognition. In this case, you can check the food delivery online, their services, prices, and extra perks they are offering. 


4. Payment Method

Most online food delivery services offer cash on delivery (COD), and payment via credit and debit card. For customers’ ease, some online food services accept payment through PayPal, Google Pay, etc. Check the payment methods to see which one is more convenient for you. 


5. Speedy Delivery and Store’s Schedule 

When you order a meal, your eyes are glaring at the door though you know it will be delivered after an hour. This is a human tendency to wait desperately for what they have ordered. There are only a few restaurants providing 24/7 services. On the other hand, some services need you to order before a day or a few hours. To assure speedy delivery, choose the online food delivery services are of the nearby location.

Apart from these basic things, considering the COVID pandemic situation, you may have to look for other check-points such as no-contact delivery, doorstep delivery, and so on. Checking these things won’t take much of your time, but it will assure you good food and safe delivery. 

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What to wear in a sales meeting?

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Let’s face it, most salespersons have no clue what to wear in a sales meeting. So, if you’re looking for helpful tips about your appearance to strike a successful deal, you’re in a right place!

According to the data collected, the prospects of getting a successful sale heavily depends on the first impression and instant judgement, that have a huge influence on the success or failure of a purchase.


Well, you don’t have to be nervous anymore as we’ve collected a few easy tips to tell you what to wear in a sales meeting.

Remember, the first impression during a sales meeting has a huge impact on the sales results, which is often neglected. In fact, a bad first impression could be a huge disadvantage too.


The Importance of First Impressions

So first thing first, how important is the first impression? As per a study by Harvard, the first impression is generated in just the first 7 seconds when you meet someone, while 45% of it is based on how you sound. The other 55% is based on your looks and appearance, including how you’re carrying yourself, what are you wearing, and how you look. 

Whether you like it or not, when people develop an opinion about you in the first 7 seconds, they don’t usually change it. That’s why it’s so important for a salesperson to pay attention to what to wear, making it a losing or winning deal in the end.

Good news for you! You could be in control to a much larger extent on how people perceive you. Therefore, the first tip to generate a great impression on others during a sales meeting is to dress for success in your every meeting!


Tips to look perfect

The first question is where to buy your flawless clothes from? There’re plenty of designer brands. But you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look good. So, a salesperson must know some good local stores that offer you nice clothes at an affordable price. You can look at Zara, Everlane and Banana Republic to buy trousers, shirts, and other corporate casual clothes at an affordable price.


The Shirt

Firstly, you need to choose the colour of your shirt. We suggest you go with white, blue, staples, or pastels to look elegant.

Then, you need to avoid muffin-tuck in. Trust me, poorly tucked in shirts look so unprofessional, so avoid it.

How to avoid it? If you’ve broad shoulders, thin waist, and long arms (or vice versa), you need to tailor your shirts. There’re plenty of places that could do it for you, like the shop you buy, dry cleaning shop, etc.

Lastly, you need to make sure that your shirt-collar is hard and crisp. Avoid floppy, soft shirt-collars do not look good. So to avoid it, you can put a magnetic or metal strip into your shirt’s collar to make it hard and crisp.


The Tie

Though tie isn’t necessary for many sales jobs. It depends on what industry you work in and where you are located. We suggest you wear it in more formal and professional meetings. After all, you can always loosen it up or take it off if you think you’re being too formal.

But if you’re wearing a tie, make sure it’s of the right length. The tip of your tie must be in the middle and at a level of your belt buckle.

Lastly, the colour of a tie is also important, and it has to go with your shirt and suit. You need to avoid flashy prints and colours, as they can look unprofessional and can take away your message’s credibility.

The Suit

For suits, we recommend you to buy a few suits that fit you well instead of many cheap suits that don’t fit you well.

As far as the colour is a concern, black and navy blue are always a good option. You can also wear light colours, like grey or mustard in summers.

The most essential thing in the suit is fitting. It has to fit you well. So, the best way to get it fit according to your body is to get it tailored. It doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive, as you can find many tailors that can customize your suite for you at a lower cost.


To keep your suit crisp and perfect, try hanging it in your car instead of tossing it up on the backseat. Avoid wrinkles and ensure it looks nice and perfect when you’re planning to wear it later.

Note: avoid buying brighter or loud printed suits, as it can dilute your message and may make you look unprofessional. Always go with a conservative, bold colour.



You should be wearing a nice pair of shoes. The colour of your belt must match the colour of your shoes. The standards say that black shoe suit with any colour and brown shoes suit any colour except for black suits.



Also, the only jewellery you should wear is a fine watch. By the word fine, we don’t mean an expensive one, as you can buy a nice and fine-looking watch at a much reasonable price. 



It’s not only about what clothes you wear. You need to consider your hair and nails too. Your nails must be short and your hair should be well-groomed and neat. Avoid funky haircuts as you’re not a punk trying to impress people in a bar, you’re a professional salesperson trying to do business.


Also, if you have got a beard, always keep it in shape and groom, use beard oil and brush to avoid scruffy looking beard.



Smelling good has also a profound effect on how you carry yourself. So to have a nice and neat impression in a meeting, you must wear good moderate perfume. Remember to avoid overdoing cologne. A fresh fragrance spray on the neck is good enough. 


Wrapping up!

One thing more, you need to know your audience first before dressing for a sales meeting. To avoid underdressing or overdressing, you need to know who you are going to meet and try to match your dressing with the most influential person or decision-maker in the meeting.

As you know, the poor dressing can backfire in a sales meeting, as you’re the face of your brand at that moment. People will form their opinion about your brand by looking and meeting you. Thus, now you’re equipped with almost everything to strike a great first impression within the first few seconds of your sales meeting.


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Five essential floor cleaning tips

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Every floor has a different clinic requirement based on the traits it possesses. We often don’t clean our house floors correctly and therefore, we see our floors losing their shine gradually. Hence, it is important to know about cleaning techniques. We have some very convenient floor cleaning tips to follow:


Laminate the floor:

Many people like to have super shiny floors made up of high-quality ceramic tiles with light colors often. Unfortunately, such floors lose their shine in a few months because shiny floors are often easier to get scratches. No matter how much you care, scratches become visible easily. To protect the floor from scratches, lamination is the best option. 

A laminated floor also needs to be cleaned. However, it is easy to keep the lamination clean. To remove stains, use a dilute solution of water and vinegar. Another way to keep the lamination clean is to use nail polish remover or alcohol on the floor to get rid of stubborn stains. Laminate floor cleaner is the best product you can try on the laminated floor.


Vacuum the floor regularly:

We all are aware of the importance of vacuuming in our life. When you vacuum daily, you remove all the bacteria and dust particles from the floor. In this way, you not only make the floor’s shine last longer, but you also make the environment and air of the house clean

Vacuuming daily is not required. Even if you do it twice a week, it will be enough for you to keep the floor clean

Use a mop regularly:

A floor is just not easy to clean without using a mop. Many people don’t use mop because they think it is an old activity to clean the floor. However, it is still very effective if you keep the type of floor and required type of mopping task into consideration.

Many times, we have stains on our floor when we accidentally spill tea or anything. Stains cannot be removed without mopping. It is important to choose the right mop so that you don’t ruin the floor’s shine and glossiness

Use the mat at the entrance:

A welcome mat is the best way to keep the floors of the house clean because the mat placed on the entrance absorbs the dust that comes with shoes. In this way, the floor stays clean. The doormat is a barrier for all dust particles. Using doormat alone is not sufficient. It is important for everyone entering the home to scrub their feet on the mat

 Use detergent and brush:

A detergent is the best cleaner whether you use it for washing clothes or the floor. You can use a combination of detergent and brush to retain the shine of the floor. It is important to remember that detergent is not good for every type of floor especially when you are trying to clear the laminated floor.


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4 Tips for Staying Productive from Anywhere in the World

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The Internet has famously disrupted the ways in which conventional business models worked, with the result being that ever-increasing numbers of people have been finding themselves working remotely, with a heightened degree of independence as a result. Although various industries were reluctant, until recently, to make concessions towards remote working, the global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly shaken things up and changed the situation. If anything, it now seems that remote working is set to become a virtually universal norm in many industries, rather than an exception to the rule. What’s more, as global travel begins to pick up again, many people are undoubtedly going to take up their long-time dreams of joining the Digital Nomad life, and working remotely from the road. But whether you are looking to Rent condo in Cheangwattana, or backpack from place to place, it can be a real challenge to remain productive when working remotely, away from home.

Here are a few tips for staying productive from anywhere in the world:


Do what you can to keep a regular schedule



Travel – and even just being away from home in general – can really disrupt your normal everyday routines and schedule. Unfortunately, it’s those everyday routines and schedules that provide a lot of the structure to our lives that we depend on, in order to reliably get things done, and to stay structured and on top of our obligations.

If you find yourself in an exciting and distant new land – and especially if you are routinely moving from place to place – it can be very easy to let the idea of a “regular schedule” go out of the window altogether. After all, there are sights to see, things to do, and experiences to have at all times of the day and night. If you want to be productive, however, you absolutely must do what you can to keep a regular schedule. Try to wake up at the same time every day – and to go to sleep at the same time, more or less, every night. Have set hours when you start and stop work, and defend your schedule as much as you can. When all is said and done, productivity often depends on these habitual routines.


Especially if you have a busy day lined up, capitalise on the early morning hours



Many entrepreneurs and business gurus swear by the value of the early morning hours for general productivity. And there are some really good reasons for that. When you are travelling, you will likely be excited to get out and about as often as possible, to see as many things as possible, and to absorb a vast array of different experiences from day-to-day. You almost certainly haven’t gone abroad just so that you can stay in your apartment all day every day, and go home in the end without having accumulated so much as a single new memory or experience. One thing this means, is that there will tend to be a lot of temptation for you to get out of the house in the afternoon and evening, in order to take advantage of the sights and attractions of the area. Waking up early, and getting several hours of focused, quality work done before the day really gets up and running, is a brilliant way of  ensuring productivity whilst allowing yourself opportunities for adventure.



Make sure you are sleeping and eating properly



Some people, when travelling, end up falling into irregular and unhealthy eating patterns, and experience disrupted or a regular sleep, as well. Unfortunately, researchers have found that both of these situations inhibit willpower, reduce cognitive function, and make you far less likely to be as productive and effective as you would almost certainly want to be. Although it might be difficult, you should make sure that you are sleeping and eating properly while travelling. Don’t just rely on occasional snacks on the road, and don’t put yourself into a state of sleep deprivation in order to get more done.



Use tools and systems you can trust for organising your workflow and creating clarity



Especially when things might be a bit chaotic around you, you have to use tools and systems that you can trust, for organising your workflow and creating clarity during your working day. This means a task management program that strikes the right balance between functionality and ease-of-use. It also means always knowing what you should be working on next.

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Working from Home – tips to make it easier

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2020 caught everyone by surprise – it has been quite the year. One of the biggest changes in day to day life, for better or worse, is the shift to working from home, which has affected a huge portion of the population in the UK. It can be difficult to implement a regular daily routine throughout the week and stay focussed on the task at hand. With Christmas just around the corner, what’s to stop us from getting distracted and looking up ideas for festive decor?! We’ve rounded up our top tips that can help make working from home a little easier.

Commute Around the Block

Many may be thankful that they no longer need to spend hours on public transport each day going to and from work. We’ve essentially been given back some time to focus on other daily tasks. It can be togch to go directly from bed to breakfast and straight onto the laptop, however. Our first tip for an easier workday is to get in some form of a commute in the morning. A quick walk in the fresh air before you open your laptop will help refresh your mind and wake you up in the morning. Likewise, a swift stroll around the block or in the park after work is a great way to unwind at the end of the day.

Organise your Work Space

Having a comfortable work space is a luxury not everyone can implement at home. Depending on the living situation, whether with family, house mates or alone, anyone who had to spontaneously move to a home office environment has had to make do. Whether you are at the kitchen table, on the sofa, or at a dedicated desk for work, it can be helpful to ensure it is well organised, tidy and comfortable. Take time to arrange and set up your space, and invest in office equipment such as a printer or desk, or anything that allows you to do your work without any problems.

Quick Tips for WFH

When working from your kitchen or bedroom it can be difficult to focus and, while household tasks such as cleaning the bathroom or popping a wash on might seem productive, they can take you away from your job and work “to-do” list. Once your work space and daily routine are in order, the following quick tips can also help to make the work day a little easier at home.

  • Take regular breaks
  • Check in with a colleague over a coffee online
  • Close your laptop promptly when the work day ends and don’t open it on weekends
  • Don’t forget to drink water, aim for 2.5 L per day
  • Take a lunch break
  • Try a 30 minute yoga or HIIT class at lunch time – it’s been proven to be better than coffee for providing a boost of energy
  • Virtual meetings can be draining! Monitor your Zoom time and limit it if possible
  • Invest in an office chair, monitor and equipment, or ask your employer to provide them if possible

The opportunity to work from home has been welcomed by lots of people this year and almost a quarter of the workforce is now working from home. The shift has, however, been quite difficult for some employees. The rapid switch from working in an office to working from your own house or apartment came as something of a shock and it has truly been a year of adjusting. Implementing a couple of small, practical tips as mentioned above can help brighten the working day and ensure that the work-life balance doesn’t tilt too far in the wrong direction.


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How Our Smartphones Are Making Us More Prepared For Work Each Morning

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People are often wary about the influence our smartphones have on our lives. We store everything on them and, to be frank, we’d all be a little lost without them these days, whether it be getting around, quickly checking emails, or even doing our shopping.

But while people cast their doubts and despair slightly as to how reliant we are upon them, they are a vehicle for good too, particularly when it comes to helping us out. None more so than when it comes to work.

And there are a number of reasons for that. If you aren’t using your smartphone on your way into work in the morning (drivers excluded) then perhaps it is something you should consider. Not just for one reason, but for a plethora…

They can sharpen your brain

We can all feel a little bit groggy in the morning, and that can affect our focus when we do arrive in the office. Smartphones offer a number of different games and apps in which you can sharpen your mind, and it really comes down to your matter of taste.

There are many apps you can use to sharpen your mind, for an example a fact about bingo is that it helps to increase concentration and reaction times.

What this will do is then get your brain working so it’s at a better capacity for when you do arrive into work and you’re ready to hit the ground running.

You can switch off

Of course, if you are playing a fun game like bingo, it can also quell any anxieties you might have ahead of your day at work, distracting your mind as well as sharpening it ready ahead of a big day of meetings.

Bingo is a good game for this, as games are relatively quick so you can generally time your gameplay to fit in with the length of your commute.

It is also especially useful on packed train carriages, which can be relatively stressful experiences. A game or something fun to distract you will take you to a much happier place, away from the stresses of people arguing, squeezed up against each other and just generally the unhappy mood that comes with the daily commute.

You can be more prepared

Alternatively, you may wish to get ahead of the game. Your smartphone certainly allows you to do that. Many of us have our work emails hooked up to our devices, allowing you to check in and get up to speed with emails before arriving in the office, but you can also start work too.

Both Microsoft and Google allow you to download Word (Docs) and Excel (Sheets) to your smartphone, so you can start typing that important proposal or newsletter on your way in before tidying it up and formatting it once in front of your PC. It will make you feel more prepared when you arrive into work for the day, as well as allowing you to better formulate a plan of action as you’ve already seen what you are walking into.





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Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas and Hacks

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There’s no denying that this is the most wonderful time of the year. Even if we neglect the cold, the hustle and bustle of the shopping spree, and the need to meticulously select and wrap the right present for your loved ones, we absolutely adore Christmas. Whether it’s the chill, glitter, décor, or just the tradition, decorating our home and surroundings is what we all eagerly expect. As it can be tiring or even difficult to all of those wintry things, here are some easy decorating hacks that any novel DIY individual can do.



Hang dazzling ornaments


Christmas tree ornaments aren’t just for the tree, on the contrary, the magnificent colors can embellish your chandelier fantastically. The only thing you need to do is choose a few variously shaped ornaments, preferably in different colors (but aim for golden, green, and red), take a decorative tape, and tie it around the chandelier or other lamp. The glow will be sensational as multicolor light will reflect from the bulb. 



Embellish your art


If you happen to own a majestic vintage cupboard or you have found fantastic carved skulls for sale, you can transform those unique pieces of art into Christmas delight. For the old-fashioned cupboard, you only need to cover it with a red or golden table cloth and place a luscious table centerpiece. And for the hand-crafted skull that’s hanging from your wall, just simply embellish it with decorative sparkling garland or use the horns as a string light garland holder.



A shimmery candle holder


Candles and warm wintry hues truly represent this loving season, hence if you have bought plain but largely white, red, or emerald, take time to make a nice holder yourself. You would need tape, a pair of scissors, shimmery wrapping paper, and a wide ashtray or any other cup that would fit the candle. Cut the paper circularly, and wrap it around the cup, tie it with golden string, spray some extra glitter, and voila.



Upscale your Christmas lights


If you got tired from the basic black or green strings and want to have a bit different Christmas this year, here is a simple trick that will utterly transform it. Get a bucket of golden or silver paint (or spray paint will do) and give your existing Christmas lights a flabbergasting metallic glow by spraying the cords. Simple as that, but totally mind-blowing.



A stunning vase hack


Probably you have seen shops filled with glorious table centerpieces that cost an insane amount of money. That may be so, but you can easily implement these hacks and have a fantastic Christmas vase made solely on your own. Find a large vase, place a large candle in the middle or paper towel tube to hold the ornaments, and then place beautiful Christmas bulbs in various colors.



Use up some lush greeneries


Look for pine cones, pine tree branches, or any leftover greeneries that you may get, get red berries (plastic of course) and white spray paint. Get a plate, glue, and tape. Place the lush greeneries all around the plate, decorate it with cones and barries, and later glue small candles around it. In the end, you can spray the end of the branches timidly with white paint. If you don’t want to use this hack for a table centerpiece, then mind the candles, and use it as a Christmas door wreath.



A genius wrapping idea


Wrapping presents is the pivotal point of Christmas, however, not all are skilled at it. The best idea that will save you time, money, and nerves is to wrap the presents in a classical manner. Get some holly-jolly Christmas-themed paper, scissors, and tapes, and bend the paper evenly so that you cover the present thoroughly. The end-hack is the oversized plush ribbon. With a red ribbon, every present will look sensational.  


Don’t overdo with the décor, as sometimes the simple but tasty Christmas decorative items can revive the spirit and make your home feel welcomed and cheerful. These above-mentioned easy hacks will save you time so that you can rather spend time with the family.

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