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Shopping Designer On A Budget – Can It Be Done?

If you have expensive taste, but, let’s say, a less luxurious bank balance, can you achieve both? It is clear that the average person can’t afford an all-designer wardrobe, yet the desire for luxury items remains. Many people plunge themselves into dangerous debt in order to sustain an unhealthy shopping lifestyle, while others are over-cautious, only buying own-brand clothing and scrimping on every expense. Is there a middle ground to be found here? Can you shop designer without being financially irresponsible?

Limiting Your Pieces

Firstly, shopping designer on a budget is about figuring out which pieces you wish to be designer. For example, if you have certain statement pieces which you will wear or use daily, such as a watch, a handbag, a belt or a pair of glasses, these could be your designated designer pieces. Seeing as they will be used daily and part of your everyday ‘look’, it is worth splashing out on these items to receive a beautiful, good quality product which will last for years.

Finding Your Designer Products

Although designers will always advise that you buy directly from the designer brand itself, in order to assure the product is legitimate, this does not have to be the case. As a rule, you should always buy from a source you trust 100%, but this does not necessarily have to be the designer themselves. Outlet stores and department stores can stock perfectly legitimate designer items at lower prices. To find, for example, the cheapest Audemars Piguet watches on the market, you should research outlets which stock genuine pieces from this designer.

Taking Care of Your Designer Clothing

In our consumer culture, we have become dangerously accustomed to throwing out clothes which we have not owned for long. Fast fashion brands cheaply make clothing which is designed to last a short amount of time, until the next trendy item catches your eye. Designer clothing, however, is different. These pieces are more like artworks; they are made by hand by specialist professionals, and should last for years on end. That is, if you take care of them.

In our rush to always have the next cool thing, we have begun treating our belongings poorly. Scrunching them up in heaps on the floor, washing them with cheap, harsh detergent – this list goes on. In order to make your designer clothing worth the money you paid for it, it’s time to get into good habits when it comes to taking care of it. That means responsibly washing, ironing, folding and hanging the clothing in a way that does not damage it. Clothes are meant to last a long time, not be thrown into the trash when next year’s line comes along.


So, yes, it is possible to shop designer on a budget. Choose your pieces wisely and look after them well, and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying the best of both worlds.





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4 Fun & Unconventional Ways To Keep Healthy Right Now

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If you hate the gym or just hate exercise in general, it can be difficult to keep a regular exercise routine. With gyms still closed in the UK, you might be thinking about ways to improve your health and fitness post lockdown. But for now, many people have adapted to home workout routines and finding new ways to stay active at home. If you’re sick of workout videos and can’t stand the thought of doing Couch to 5k, then there are many alternative ways that you can stay active and healthy. Try something new or something you will find fun, as you are more likely to stick at activities that you find enjoyable. 


  • Take up skating and improve your skate skills


A recent Google survey by Slick Willie’s sought to find out the answer to:Are People Exercising More Or Less During Lockdown?. They found that 29% of respondents were exercising more whereas 31% were exercising less. Many people might be exercising less as exercise routines can easily get a bit boring sometimes. But if you hate running or hate doing push ups, why not do something you would enjoy instead? By shaking things up and going roller skating or skateboarding, it is quite easy to make exercise significantly more interesting. Not only is this kind of exercise great for keeping you active and healthy, but it can also make you feel happier, help you relax, and improve your balance.


  • Get outdoors and go hiking


Hiking is another activity that has a lot of surprising benefits for the body. You will be able to spend time around nature while getting a great work out. Additionally, hiking has been found to boost moods, improve focus and clarity, and even improve overall happiness. There is nothing quite like reconnecting with nature and this is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Going outside often and getting some fresh air and sunshine is a great boost for both your mind and body. Taking the dog with you or going on a socially distanced hike with a friend can help you stay active.


  • Break out your best dance moves


Maybe you’re on a Zoom call with your friends or you are just having a night in by yourself. Why not stick on some music and show off your dance moves? Dancing is a great way to boost your heart rate, get you active, and boost your self-esteem. As nightclubs and gym classes are closed at the moment, you can still enjoy dancing in the privacy of your own home. Stick on your favourite CD or radio station and get that body moving! Zumba is also a fun, fast-paced dance exercise that you can get involved in – just stick on Youtube and see which exciting Zumba videos you can do at home right now. 


  • Dust off your old Nintendo Wii


Whether it’s Just Dance or Wii Sports, there are a few video games on the Nintendo Wii that can keep you fit and active. On Wii Sports, you can keep active in your own living room by playing tennis, bowling, golf or baseball. You can compete against others at home or see how well you do yourself. Just Dance is also a fun video game that will get your heart pumping. While it’s not beneficial to sit and play video games all day, the benefit of these games is that you need to stand up and move about as you play them. As you play you will constantly be moving your body, which you wouldn’t necessarily be doing if you’re  playing the Xbox or Playstation. 

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5 Ways To Maximise The Family Trip To The Beach

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When heading on any vacation or trip away with the family, you’re obviously going to want to make sure you’re having as much fun as possible – this kind of goes without saying. You’ve spent months and month working away and going through all kinds of tedious issues, so now it’s time to relax and stop worrying about things. There aren’t many better places to go in order to get away from everything than the beach. A place that looks amazing and feels amazing in equal measure. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your home country or whether you’re travelling to a beautiful Portuguese resort, a beach holiday can put you in a better mood. 

Heading there is one thing, but you need to make sure you’ve got everything you need in order to have a great time with the whole family. It’s not too tricky to do, but you do see some families out there that still moan and groan at things. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you maximize the family trip to the beach: 

Bring All The Right Company 

Having the perfect setting may seem like all you need on paper, but that’s not always the case. Even the most blissful environment can be ruined by the people around you. Make sure you’re bringing the right people so that you can be in the correct ambience. The idea is to relax and get away from any issues or tension – this won’t happen if you’re around people that may cause problems. 

Pack Everything You Need  

Make sure you have absolutely everything you need for the day. While the lovely weather and the relaxing breeze can keep your mind happy for a while, you still need to make sure you’ve got snacks and equipment all packed. It’s quite frustrating getting all the way there and realizing you’ve left behind a pretty important piece of kit.

Ride The Waves 

Surfing is a tremendous little pastime for people looking to have a little fun in the water. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in Bali or Freshwater West; the waves will put a smile on your face. Getting the hang of this little skill and riding a wave is a feeling like no other. By no means do you need to become an expert, but just giving it a go is a lot of fun. 

Keep Yourself Safe 

Obviously, if you’re in a hot climate, then you’re going to want to make sure you keep your skin safe and sound. Make sure you plaster on enough cream for everyone in order to stop the rays from damaging you and your family. Also, be sure to bring inflatable equipment for the water just in case one of you struggles in there. 

Bring Cameras And Take Lots Of Snaps 

We’ll end on a fun one! You obviously don’t NEED to document everything you do, and with everyone constantly posting about their days on social media, perhaps stepping away would be somewhat refreshing. Taking photos and capturing the moments with your family can be amazing, though. You can look back on the times you had in many years to come. The beach also provides wonderful photography, so that’s worth thinking about, too.

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How the Fine Dining Industry is Adapting to the Current Crisis

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The COVID19 crisis has had an impact on almost every industry. Some industries actually saw a positive effect come about from the crisis, with manufacturing plants and healthcare companies experiencing a huge boom. On the other hand, other industries were hit particularly hard, especially the restaurant industry, which experienced one of the biggest impacts – particularly over the lockdown period, where restaurants and cafes were forced to close. While some eateries never recovered from the crisis, others were able to make changes, adjust to the new normal and continue to thrive throughout this unprecedented situation. Here’s how the fine dining industry is adapting to the COVID19 crisis.

Online Ordering

One of the first changes that many restaurants made when COVID19 hit was a switch to online ordering. With lockdown measures in place and diners unable to go out and enjoy their favourite foods, savvy restaurant owners found a way to continue getting business by taking the dishes to their customers instead. At the beginning of the crisis, there was a huge uptake in restaurant websites being published, with many restaurants that had barely had an online presence before now putting much more effort into reaching their customers on the internet. As a result, diners didn’t have to miss out on getting their favourite dishes as they could simply use the website to order it and recreate the experience at home instead.


Borrowing money has become a must for many businesses during the COVID19 lockdown, and for restaurants that were unable to make enough from online orders to cover their expenses such as rent and utilities, loans have been a life-saver. Short-term loans, in particular, have been an especially useful resource for restaurant owners who needed a small amount of quick cash to cover an emergency expense, particularly at the beginning of the lockdown period where everything was still quite uncertain.

New Horizons has been an ideal choice for restaurant owners who were unable to get a business loan and had a bad credit score; they provide loans for bad credit scores that allow restaurant owners who have a less-than-stellar credit history to get the funding that they need to continue operating their business over an uncertain period, with flexible monthly repayment options. Get more information at

Online Classes

Many businesses turned to do something new and different over the lockdown period, and the fine dining industry was no different. With more and more people now having to cook for themselves at home, fine dining restaurants saw an opportunity to provide their customers with the tools and resources that they needed. Online learning classes were booming over lockdown as people took advantage of all the free time on their hands to learn something new, and many fine dining establishments were able to keep some money coming in by creating online cooking classes and tutorials for people interested in improving their cooking skills to sign up for.

Eat Out to Help Out

As the lockdown restrictions lifted across the UK and restaurants were able to finally open their doors once again, they faced a new problem – many people were still uncertain about going out to eat, and the financial effects of lockdown left many people feeling unable to afford a meal out. As a result, the government brought out a new scheme called Eat Out to Help Out, which allows restaurants to claim back money for each diner and pass the savings onto their customers. The scheme runs from Monday to Wednesday and allows diners to enjoy up to £10 off their meal, and has encouraged many people who may not have otherwise chosen to eat out to do so – and brought in more custom for restaurants who have been struggling to stay afloat due to the current crisis.

Safety Measures

Last but not least, fine dining establishments still have their reputation to think about – and a case of COVID19 in the restaurant could have it closed down for at least two weeks. Additional safety measures have been put in place by all reputable restaurants including regular temperature checking of staff and customers, mandatory mask-wearing by staff and customers who are not eating, and social distancing measures in the restaurant itself. Some restaurants have put up guards in between tables to create a safety barrier between customers and make it easier to fill the restaurant to capacity without risking anybody’s health. In addition, the new track and trace service has been put in place by the majority of restaurants; requiring diners to sign in by text message when they arrive so that they can be alerted to any cases of COVID19 present at the time that they were dining.

Of all the industries, restaurants took some of the biggest hits due to COVID19. But many fine dining establishments have been able to successfully adjust and thrive throughout these uncertain times.

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How to Do Christmas a Bit Differently This Year

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With the weather slowly turning, people’s attention will inevitably start to switch to Christmas particularly as this has been a difficult year for everyone in one way or another. While it is unclear what restrictions will be in place come Christmas, it is worth planning something extra special this year and as this has not been a typical year it might be worth trying something a little bit different.

Here are a few ideas for a slightly different Christmas this year.

Eat Something Different

Turkey is traditional but you might find that trying something slightly different this year could make things a little bit more exciting, particularly if you are like many and find that turkey is not actually that nice. You could simply swap this out for chicken, goose or ham or even opt for a meatless Christmas dinner – this is rising in popularity with more and more people becoming vegetarian and environmentally-friendly.

Embrace Different Cultures

One of the great things about Christmas is that it is celebrated differently around the entire world and there are many different cultures that have fun, special and unique ways to celebrate so incorporating these into your holiday will certainly shake things up a bit. Of course, you could incorporate the above idea into this by trying Christmas foods from around the world.

Help Those Less Fortunate

Despite the fact that people have had to stay away from one another this year, the pandemic has also brought people together in a strange way with people looking out for one another. Hopefully, this spirit will continue and Christmas is a good chance to do this by helping those less fortunate whether this is volunteering, inviting somebody that is alone over for Christmas or donating beautiful and delicious Christmas chocolate gifts to a charity.

Travel Somewhere Warm/Go For a Staycation

If it is possible, you might find that escaping to somewhere warm will be a nice idea this year. It has been a challenging and stressful year for everyone in one way or another and a nice warm holiday over Christmas could be the perfect way to end 2020 and start fresh next year. Alternatively, if travel is not safe or advised then you could look for a staycation Christmas holiday and there are many excellent places to choose from which could still help you to feel like you are escaping.

2020 has been quite unlike any other year and Christmas will be a good chance to have some fun and try to forget about everything and the above are a few fun and unique ways to celebrate this year.

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How do People Budget for Elective Surgery?

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In the UK, interest in cosmetic surgery is on the rise. This is a trend driven by a range of factors, most notably: body insecurity driven by social media, the influence of celebrities, and a growing sense that going under the knife is a normal, everyday thing to do.

Of course, Hollywood celebrities (for the most part) have the financial resources to invest in beautifying themselves. If you have a few hundred thousand gathering dust in the bank, then it’s easy to decide on a whim that you need to have a tummy tuck or a rhinoplasty. For the rest of us, a little more planning and saving is required.

So what’s the best way to budget for a procedure of this sort?

Save Some Money

While it might seem obvious, many of the budgeting strategies you might use to fund any other major purchase can also be applied to plastic surgery. Put as much money as you can afford to one side every month. Don’t order take-away when you can cook your own meal.

Get everything planned out in writing, so you understand exactly how much you need to save to reach the target in a given amount of time. This might be a year or more. This method has the advantage of giving you time to consider whether you really need or want surgery.

Borrow some Money

If you absolutely must go under the knife immediately, then you might look into a credit card to finance it. That way, you’ll get the benefits of the surgery while you’re saving for it. Of course, this is something that can easily backfire. You might even find specialised medical credit cards which are made specifically for procedures of this sort.

Whenever you’re spending money that isn’t yet yours, you’ll need to be responsible. Have a plan for paying the loan back, and leave a generous margin for error.


If you’re getting the surgery for reasons related to a medical problem, rather than pure aesthetics, then you may be able to get it through the NHS. This might mean reconstructive procedures. For example, a woman’s breasts may be rebuilt following a mastectomy, or a cleft lip and palate may be addressed via surgery. The test for the NHS is whether your existing body is causing you psychological trauma, or otherwise degrading your quality of life. If it isn’t, then they aren’t going to pay for your procedure.

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Explore London and the Home Counties with these road trip ideas

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Lockdown is lifting, meaning, not only are the shops and restaurants back open, but now we can get out and about in our cars again. If you’ve already got your driving license, or you plan to learn to drive in East London, the ‘big smoke’ and its borders have some amazing places to explore! Whether you like traversing through towns and villages, a trip to seaside, or a walk through the hills, we will have something for you. Read on to find out more!

  1. Windsor

Unsurprisingly, the main attraction of the historic town of Windsor, which is situated just 24-miles west of London, is the royal residence, Windsor Castle – the official home of Her Majesty the Queen, Elizabeth II. However, whilst the grounds of the oldest inhabited castle in the world are beautiful, and well-worth a look around, Windsor has much more to offer. Why not enjoy a day at the Royal Windsor Racecourse? Or travel a little further out to the prestigious Royal Ascot? Tickets for day one (October 2nd) of the Autumn Racing Weekend at Ascot start from just £20, whilst parking for the day is £10 per car!

Of course, if horse racing isn’t your thing, Windsor is also home to the LEGOLAND theme park – which has reopened its doors after being forced to shut, due to the global coronavirus pandemic. The theme park is open daily between 9:30am and 8pm with COVID-19 safety measures in place, including temperature checks on arrival and social distancing markers, to ensure your safety. Day tickets start from as little as £26, if you purchase them online.

  1. Southend-on-Sea

Do you fancy a trip to the seaside? Well, the popular resort of Southend-on-Sea is just over an hour’s car journey from Central London. On a warm summer’s day, the Essex town’s beaches are the perfect place for sun-seekers, whilst Adventure Island, which is situated on the Southend seafront, will be enough to keep you entertained for hours. The theme park, which opens at 11am and closes between 8pm and 10:30pm on high season, boasts over 60 rides and attractions, both indoors and outdoors, plus, admission is free, so you only pay for the rides and attractions you want to go on.

Once you’ve got some sun and enjoyed the thrills of Adventure Island, why not grab some fish and chips and take a stroll along the Pier? Stretching 1.34 miles into the Thames Estuary, Southend’s Pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world. Don’t fancy walking? Not to worry, just grab the pier’s train! It runs regularly between 10:15am and 9pm, and costs just £5.50 for an adult return. Sea Life Adventure is also a popular attraction. See sharks, clown fish, string rays and more from just £17.50 per adult.

  1. Greenwich Park

How about a picnic in the park with some stunning scenery? Greenwich Park, in south-east London, is well-known for its iconic views of the bustling Canary Wharf and the River Thames. Not a fan of the modern skyscrapers? Not a problem, as the park also features a beautiful 17th century landscape, amazing gardens and history that stems back to the Roman period. Take a stroll through the peaceful flower, herb and orchard gardens, or pay a visit to the National Maritime Museum, where you can see Nelson’s Trafalgar Coat and the giant Ship in a Bottle.

Or head to the Royal Observatory, where you can view the stars and stand on the Prime Meridian of the World. You can also explore the historic Cutty Sark, built in Scotland in 1869, and is the world’s only surviving tea clipper ship. Why not make the most of your day and buy a Royal Museums Greenwich Day Pass? This will give you access to all the park’s attractions and is just £25 per adult.

  1. Surrey Hills

The amazing rolling Surrey Hills, which have been a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for over 60 years, are also just over an hour drive away from Central London, and we promise you, the journey is worth it! There’s plenty to see when exploring the 422km² landscape, including Box Hill, the Devil’s Punch Bowl, St Martha’s Hill, Frensham Ponds, Leith Hill, Newlands Corner, and Reigate Hill, where you can discover a Victorian Hill Fort and Inglis Memorial, whilst its amazing views also make it the perfect spot for a picnic!

The Surrey Hills also has dedicated routes for Cycling and Horse Riding through the open terrain, including extensive rights of way – meaning you won’t need to watch out for pedestrians. If none of that tickles your fancy, how about some water sports? The Lagoon in Buckland is a bustling spot for Paddle Boarding. There is a 2.5km course with a variety of session available from the Surrey Hills Adventure Company.

  1. The Chilterns

Another Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Chiltern Hills, commonly known as just the Chilterns, stretch across four English counties – Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, and Bedfordshire. Bordering with North London, no time exploring is wasted in the journey. With plenty of trails, including the Country Ale Trail, which draws walkers and cyclists into the hidden rural pubs of the area, and the Phoenix Trail, which is the perfect opportunity to witness the beautiful countryside, there’s lots to see and do! Fans of the massive Harry Potter franchise can also do the behind-the-scenes tour of the popular Warner Bros. Studio – The Making of Harry Potter, which is just 10 minutes away from Berkhamsted. Tickets must be booked in advance, due to coronavirus restrictions, and they start from £47 per adult.

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Location, Staycation: How to Embrace Holidaying at Home

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Brits everywhere are settling in for a simple summer at home in place of their usual overseas getaway, so now couldn’t be a better time to switch up your abode ready for a great staycation.

And the best news is that you don’t need a hefty budget to create that luxury holiday feel. Here we share the top 5 ways to transform and embrace holidaying at home.

Grilling Gourmet

Thinking Friday night al fresco dining? Forget the burgers and bangers and upgrade your barbecue with delicious flavours from around the world. From halloumi kebabs to cajun spiced sweet potato patties, remember it’s all about mirroring that first class service you’d get abroad so aim to serve everything alongside your fanciest tableware and glasses.

Happy Hour

The fear of missing out on the all inclusive aspect of your vacation is real. So make sure to keep a fully-stocked and flowing bar cart, ready for you to sip on your favourite quarantinis. The party can be taken outside after filling a cool box full of ice and placing you and your locktail under the afternoon sun.

Me, Me, Me Time

IF you can’t reserve some quality ‘me’ time during your staycation to pamper and polish then when can you? Let the bath run while you grab one of your fridge-cooled face masks, remembering to add those extra bubbles, both in the tub and by the glass.

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Two words – digital detox. Put down the phone, close the laptop and turn off the TV and immerse yourself in some mindful meditation. Nominate a corner in your home and set down a yoga mat, a pile of cushions, some ambient lighting and really allow yourself to go from arghhhh to ommm.

Summer Sounds

A summer staycation wouldn’t be complete without a hit list of holiday classics, so start by creating a playlist full of your beloved and undiscovered summer songs and make sure Alexa knows exactly which tone to set for the duration of your holiday.

Looking for even more staycation inspiration? Download the Staycation Bingo card and try to tick as many boxes as you can during your holiday at home.

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4 Apps & Tools For Effectively Managing Your iGaming Business

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Running a business is not always easy. Efficient business management often requires the use of technology and a range of tools to help operations run smoother. Whether a company wants to generate leads, manage workflow, or communicate with employees, there are many tools available that can help. For iGaming operators and businesses there are a number of ways that apps and tools can help to meet deadlines, manage accounts, and gain new players.


Ideas might come easy to your team but execution might not. Executing an idea successfully often requires the efficient division of projects amongst the team and allocation of work timeframes. For teamwork and collaboration, tools like Trello can help assist in project management. If your iGaming company has a lot of online slots, games, and projects to manage, Trello helps to simplify the organisation and assignment of tasks. Whether your company provides online slots and casino games, or online sports betting and horse racing betting, you can customise Trello to suit your business needs. This tool helps enhance team collaboration in the day to day operations of the business.


Aside from its role in enabling users to keep track of events occurring all around the globe, Twitter has also allowed businesses to connect with customers, both conveniently and cost-effectively. If your company wants to tailor its marketing efforts towards social media, then Twitter is a popular platform that a lot of users are active on. Your iGaming business can leverage Twitter to improve brand awareness, respond to customer enquiries, inform people on new slot games, casino bonuses and promotions, and share advice on responsible gambling. If your business is looking for new contacts and new sales leads, then LinkedIn is also a useful professional business platform for lead generation.


Whether it’s a finance meeting or a HR one, you do not always have to gather the entire team together to hold a meeting in person. Zoom can help simplify iGaming meetings by holding virtual video calls with a number of people from wherever they may be in the world. With this tool, team leaders, managers, and directors can organise meetings, record sessions, and brainstorm on the future direction of the business with teams. Zoom’s free version allows forty minutes of an unlimited number of sessions though you can upgrade to the premium version that has more conference time among other features.


When you are working on multiple projects and have multiple teams, it can be difficult to keep track of all of your files. However, tools like Dropbox can be beneficial for a lot of different companies no matter what their needs are. From financial information to employee records, Dropbox can provide a secure and easy way for a company to manage their documents and files. Some of the many Dropbox benefits include storage space, backup, file sharing, and collaboration. Dropbox is coherent with any desktop, smartphone, or tablet operating software, so it is easy to access if you’re in the office or on the go.

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Fashion & Sustainability

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Sustainability in fashion has been a hot topic over the past few years. With the rise of fast fashion, many questions have been asked about the environmental impact of mass production in the industry. A lot of designers and fashion brands have since turned their attention to more sustainable methods of production, by using washing machines that use less water, for example, or using organic fabric dyes rather than synthetic ones. Similarly, many high street shops now also produce garments made from organic materials and offer ‘sustainable’ product lines. The efforts and steps to promote sustainability in fashion are moving in the right direction. There are also things that consumers can do to work towards a low-waste and more environmentally-friendly way of enjoying fashion.

What Can Consumers Do?

Anyone who is environmentally-conscious may wish to cut back on the amount of clothing they purchase each year or become more aware of the brands that are working towards a more ethical way of producing clothing. Minimising the effects of clothing production on the environment is something which many designers are considering. Other steps that consumers can take to create a wardrobe that is gentler on the environment include:

  • Research fashion brands to find those that have a focus on sustainability
  • Repair your clothing where possible, rather than discard it
  • Host a clothes swap with friends to exchange items you no longer wear
  • Shop in second hand or vintage shops
  • Donate clothing to charity shops

Some brands in the clothing industry focus their entire collection around sustainability and ethical means of production. It is good to research where clothing is sourced or produced and, if possible, the techniques and fabrics used in production. Consumers can vote with their hard-earned cash, essentially, and support companies that strive towards an ethical and sustainable way of producing clothing.

Reuse and Repair

There is a huge amount of clothing-waste created each year (£140 million worth to be precise) as people throw away dresses, jumpers, jeans, footwear and everything they no longer wear. Rather than simply getting rid of garments, you can opt to repair them, donate them, or perhaps swap them with friends. Clothing repairs can be done by a professional tailor and is often easy enough to do yourself at home. some light stitching can fix a small tear in cotton or wool, for instance, while leather clothes, boots and bags can be fixed easily with simple tricks and some leather glue. Leather garments can be pricey – although it is long-lasting and ages well, leather can tear or break. This can be slightly heartbreaking if you’ve invested in a nice leather piece, and making a quick fix with glue is quite often the best way to ensure your favourite leather jacket or bag can remain happily in your wardrobe for a few years more.

Investing in High-End Clothing​

Investing in timeless pieces that will last for years is also a great way to reduce consumption in this industry. Basics such as a white shirt, a black jumper, a trenchcoat, a great pair of jeans or a grey cashmere jumper never go out of style, and there are plenty of tips for an elegant look available that can help you put together a capsule wardrobe with pieces for every season. Investing in designer brands – even when you’re thrifty – is another way to support a more sustainable lifestyle. Designer pieces are generally made from high-end, long-lasting fabrics and will be a wardrobe staple for many years.

The move towards slow and sustainable fashion is a very positive one. Consumers have a huge amount of power to support this movement and can do their part by being informed and remaining conscious of the effects their actions and choices may have in relation to clothing waste and shopping.


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