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Faking an Interest in Sport To Improve Your Lockdown Relationship

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Do you roll your eyes when sports comes on the TV? Do you find yourself at Christmases and birthdays buying gifts for them with no comprehension of why he would want a signed photo of Razor Ruddock? When your man is really involved in sports, you may think that they care more about the sport than you, but sometimes a way to their heart is through their sports. So if you don’t care about what Man United are doing, or if Super Saturday is your idea of weeding the garden, maybe it’s time to fake a bit of interest in sports. Let’s provide you with some hints. 

Pick the right sport

If your significant other has a wide variety of interests, you need to pick the one that you have the closest affinity with. You may not care about any of them, but it’s far better to go for something with a bit more action. Your man may very well be interested in cricket, but if you cannot comprehend why he’s talking about the biggest six in IPL history or even what these things are, it’s far better to go and pick a sport that you can keep up with. As a rule, football is always the best place to begin. Do a little bit of research, and make sure that you know the offside rule. The fact is that nobody has a clue, but it’s a great way to impress. 

Making it a Positive Experience for Him

If you need to fake interest, it’s partly to do with how you present yourself. While it is something you can do to get closer, you need to find something that can keep your interest. Many people enjoy sports because of the camaraderie and the environment, and while lockdowns are in effect, your significant other is probably missing their time in the pub. Maybe this is where you can form a bond with them, but if he doesn’t want to answer your trivial questions, think about doing something that can get you involved on another level. For example, matched betting could be a great skill to make a little bit of money. Some people feel incredibly concerned when it comes to gambling because they could lose money. But if you want to get closer to your partner, but you can’t really get yourself involved this could bridge the gap.

Do You Need to Fake an Interest? 

Ultimately, you may find that he doesn’t want to let you into his world. He may be using sport as a way to maintain his sanity and individuality. And he may appreciate the fact that you are trying to get interested, but will probably see through the facade. But sometimes, slowly exposing yourself to something can get you interested. The fact of the matter is that sports can be pretty boring, but there is a game that really hooks you in. If you really want to gain some sort of interest, you might need to be a bit more patient.

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Travel In The Future? Here’s How To Make The Most Out Of Your Trip

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Going on vacation is a super exciting time for many of us. It’s the chance to maybe catch some sun, enjoy quality time with our families and experience new places. However, there is no hiding from the fact that vacations can be pricey, and the costs can spiral out of control if you are not careful. With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can make the most out of your trip. 

Hunt out the best deals

The first thing you must always do is compare your prices. Don’t just book the first thing you see. Sure it’s tempting, especially when you think it’s a great price, but this is where you could save more. First of all, decide on the location of your vacation. Then seek out all the offers from any travel providers that offer vacations there. Another useful tip would be to check whether any websites are holding special online discounts or codes. Doing all this research could save you a lot on your total cost of your vacation. The last thing you want to do is, be sunbathing next to a family that spent 100’s of dollars less than you, for the same vacation. 


Think about paperwork and what you need to do

One thing we can often forget amongst all of the excitement of getting away is the paperwork side of things. This might be your confirmations for accommodation, your boarding passes for plane trips or even things like filling out the eta Canada form. The more organised you are, the better things will be when it comes to your trip and you can relax and enjoy it. 


Make a plan so you know where you are at with your budget

Once it is all booked and paid for, you need to think about your budget. This is where planning excursions in advance could save you a lot of money. You could consider hiring a car. This is where you could save a lot of money booking things in advance rather than waiting until you get there. 


Consider alternative travel options

There are plenty of other ways to get to a vacation destination. So why not explore them and see how much you could save. Depending on where you are going you could consider getting there by ship, which could add to your holiday experience. You might also want to consider the train or driving and having a bit of a road trip. All of which could save you money. However, some vacations include transport options so consider all aspects before booking something. 


Pack as much as you can to save on expense when you are there

Some essentials like sunscreen, shampoos and deodorants can be more expensive at your destination. So try and pack as much as you can. You may be wanting to save on your luggage allowance, especially if traveling by air. But you could consider decanting your shampoo into smaller bottles. This means you only pack what you need and not only save you on your weight but also on your spending money when you are there. 


Be sensible with your accommodation

So you have decided where you want to go on a city break, and you have booked how you plan to get there. Now, what’s next? You need to work out your accommodation and where you will stay. There are many different options. You might want to stay in a city centre hotel or consider websites like Airbnb for something a little different. Whatever you decide, make sure that it logistically is close by to different things. You don’t want to spend half your time in a city getting around. 


Think about your transport options when you are there

It might be expensive to have a taxi take you from different places. So, in this case, it will be worth exploring other options. It could be a convenient way of seeing more of the city. Of course, you could make the most of your time and try and walk about to get the vibe of the city you have visited. But this would depend on how convenient your accommodation is to bars and restaurants. 


Research in advance to discover the sights you will want to see

Once you have decided where you are going and booked some accommodation, you need to decide on the sights you want to see. It a great idea to do some research online and find out the best places to go. There are many articles and review websites that will give you ideas on the best restaurants to eat in, and the best things to do. They have ideas to suit all budgets so you should be truly inspired, for this trip away. 


Have a schedule and plan

The next thing to do is work out a schedule for your time there. This may sound rigid and a little boring but it is the best way to make sure you get the most out of your time. aCity breaks are short and sweet, so it’s vital you fill the time wisely. 


Consider accommodation where you can cook 

When booking consider options that include food and ones that offer you the chance of cooking in your accommodation. You may find that giving yourself the option of cooking might save you a lot of money overall. While I know some people don’t go away to be cooking and cleaning. Doing simple things like sandwiches and toast in the morning can save you a lot on your vacation spend. 


Book in advance where possible to save money

Finally, the last thing to think about would be to book tickets and restaurants in advance. This means there is no chance of disappointment. You may also save yourself a little money by booking for attractions online. Some places do offer website discount


Let’s hope these tips help you to make the most out of your trip.


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Top 7 Fun Spring Break Ideas for Friends

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Spring breaks are synonymous with packed bars, crowded beaches, and traveling to local or faraway destinations. If you already have plans for this spring break, you need to get more creative to take advantage of your break from work or school. While you have to maintain social distance and wear masks when you’re around people, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun.

Below are seven of the best ways to enjoy your time with friends this spring break.

Take a skills course

Did you want to do something new but the skills required are intimidating? Then you may want to sign up for a skills course trip. During the organized trip, you’ll meet new people, make friends, and boost your skills. Most colleges have outdoor programs over spring break with activities like snowboarding and yoga, among many others.


Kayaking is one of the best ways to immerse yourself in the earth’s natural beauty. Get up close with wildlife like stingrays, dolphins, and sea turtles as you paddle through clear waters. If you want to enjoy this water sport with your friends, ensure that you buy life jackets.

Go zip-lining

Regardless of where you’re, if zip-lining is on your menu, then you should do it. Zip-lining offers you a gorgeous view and an adrenaline rush, which is super fun. You can find zip-lining opportunities at most team-building sites and camps. Therefore, you don’t need to buy a plane ticket to reveal your daring side.

Get a tattoo

You’re always looking forward to the next spring break, so why not make this one memorable? If you and your friends have been thinking about getting matching tattoos, visit a local shop in your travels and get a little creative.

There are many simple and spontaneous tattoos that you can get as you travel. If you’re traveling abroad, you can get a word in the country’s language with a beautiful meaning. Alternatively, if you and your friends are looking for something minimalistic, you can get each other’s initials or a little plane.

Take a hike

According to WebMD, exercising gives you endorphins. Therefore, spring break is the best time for you and your friends to take a hike outdoors in a place near your home or in the exotic place you’re touring. However, remember to carry enough water. 

Go on a road trip

Flying to a distant place may be cool, but a road trip offers you better views with no clouds in the way. Therefore, plan with your friends for a road trip adventure this spring break. A road trip is also the best way to enjoy the warm spring weather and sunshine after several months of cold weather.

Spend a day exploring your city

Have you taken the time to explore your neighborhood? Spring break is the best time to explore your neighborhood and the entire city. You never know, you and your friends may find exciting places that you never thought existed. Chic restaurants, hidden parks, amazing boutiques, and quaint coffee shops are some of the possibilities of what you and your friends may find.

Spring is here, and if you’re like most people, you’re getting in the spring mood for the warm weather and sunshine. If you and your friends are looking for new adventures during spring break, consider the above fun things. 

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Explore Different Methods of Trading Cryptocurrencies

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As the growth of cryptocurrencies continues, more people are looking to how these currencies could be beneficial. How can such trading benefit you?


Different Methods Of Trading Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies; they’ve finally become inescapable. These digitally mined forms of exchange have fast become widely accepted and legitimised. These days it’s almost impossible to scroll through your news feed without encountering at least one article on the subject – and that’s a conservative estimate. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Binance Coin and Cardano are but just some of the cryptocurrencies currently available to buy or trade in.  Currently there 200 cryptocurrencies in existence priced from as little as a few cents per coin to over $50 000 dollars as is the case with Bitcoin.


Like anything within the confines of the financial market, cryptos can seem complicated; for one, they don’t physically exist, and they’re not leveraged against an actual commodity like gold or platinum. But then, to what extent does physical cash exist? Most of our daily transactions are conducted by way of credit cards or debit cards and no actual cash gets exchanged during such exchanges. With this in mind, it might be safe to assume that cryptocurrencies were always going to be the eventual outcome of the monetary system. To quote Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, “The world ultimately will have a single currency, the internet will have a single currency. I personally believe that it will be Bitcoin.” So the question then becomes, to what extent do you make cryptos part of your life? While the world, governments and the banking sector debates on how to regulate and deal with cryptos, now might be the time to start trading in cryptos.


What is cryptocurrency trading?

Quite simply put, cryptocurrency trading is the process of making an informed financial estimation on the direction of a cryptocurrency against the dollar or against another crypto. The most common manner in which this type of trading is conducted is by way of what is referred to in the industry as Contracts For Difference (CFD) trading.  This method of trading is preferred for a number of reasons. Not only can it mean that ‘crypto trading in UK made easy’ might become your mantra, it can also mean the possibility of lucrative outcomes.  CFD trading offers would-be traders more flexibility in terms of leverage and the ability to take long or short positions – in other words, trading within an allotted segment of time – be it minutes or hours.


Learn before you earn

Of the various benefits of electing to trade in cryptos by way of Contracts For Difference, would be the ability to practice such trades while suffering no financial losses. Many online trading companies that cater for crypto trading provide users with demo accounts. These accounts, also known as practice accounts, allows the user to get an accurate idea of how the platform itself looks, operates, and how to place trades. Demo accounts aren’t exclusive to trades made in cryptos but to the entire spectrum of what this industry has to offer.  This means that you can practice trading in commodities such as oil, copper, gold or sugar, or that you can trade options, which includes heavy hitters like Microsoft and Apple.  Maybe you’d like to try your hand at shares? If that is the case, then British American Tobacco, Rolls-Royce or Vodafone to name just a few, are the options literally at the tips of your fingers. If you feel comfortable and confident enough, then you might want to upgrade your account status for that of a real one, where real returns are possible. Whatever your eventual decision, be it to trade in cryptocurrencies or shares, it is advised that you get as informed as possible and that you do so knowing that profit is not guaranteed.




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With Easter within touching distance and Purition enjoying ‘significant’ success with its three incumbent, chocolate-themed offerings, (Beetroot & Chocolate, Chocolate Orange and classic Chocolate) April seemed the perfect moment for Purition to tip its hat to one of the world’s most mercurial chocolate-themed flavour marriages, Chocolate Hazelnut!

There are countless food myths relating to how and why the chocolate and hazelnuts were first paired together, although general consensus seems to suggest that 1800s Turin is the spiritual starting point for this most decadent of flavour marriages, because when Napoleon sought to break Britain’s maritime supply lines, Italian chocolatiers found themselves padding out their dwindling chocolate supplies with the North’s highly prized hazelnuts.

Today this most decadent of ‘flavour union’ is celebrated throughout the world, adored by the British public who look fondly on this velvety flavour liaison in much the same way they might apples & cinnamon, tomatoes and olive oil and strawberries & cream. 

According to Purition founder, Edward Taylor, ‘Almost everyone loves Chocolate & Hazelnut, but it often comes at the expense of a high sugar load.  We wanted to offer consumers a healthier way to enjoy this classic flavour combo.’

To the uninitiated, Purition is a versatile, wholefood nutrition made with an enviable blend of 70% healthy seeds, nuts PLUS a premium whey OR plant-based protein, (hence vegetarian & vegan friendly variants) that can be used to create shakes, smoothies, porridges, stir into yoghurt or add to any number of ‘healthy bakes’ that ably assist a variety of optimal long-term health ambitions; (including weight loss, muscle gain, improved nutrition…).  

Purition remains the ABSOLUTE ANTITHESIS of traditional, ultra-processed junk food alternatives that are riddled with unpalatable gums, thickeners, sweeteners and flavourings.

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How To Build A Minimalist Skincare Routine

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If you were to head out to the near pharmacists or consult your dermatologist, they would utterly overwhelm you with an abundance of skincare products. What’s more, they might all seemingly suit your skin type. Little do most ladies know, but even with the skincare routine, less is more. You don’t need to use and apply various products, no matter how expensive or famous they might sound, neither you have to spend hours and hours pampering your skin. A minimalist skincare routine includes a few basic steps that will make your skin equally healthy and luminous as if you’ve just stepped out of the beauty salon. Here is how!



  • Use an adequate cleanser



The easiest way to getting immaculate skin is to cleanse it daily with soft micellar water and gently remove all the dirt, excess oils, and any other impurities. Besides numerous products on the market, micellar water smoothly cleans your face and even leaves your skin glowing afterward. Avoid other harsh cleansing products that can strip the skin’s delicate barrier. Apply an adequate cleanser both in the morning and in the night. This minimalist skincare routine will help you remove makeup, dirt, and oil without leaving contra-effect onto the skin.



  • Aim to get all-natural products



Whether your skin is in a need of additional treatment or if you are advised to get some additional product, then aim to get only nature-inspired products. Another minimalist skincare trend includes using products that are paraben, phthalate, and sulfate-free. Not only that, but by applying, for instance, a quality serum, rose water calming toner, exfoliator, or pure lavender hydrosol mist instead of some other intense products, your skin will look brighter and healthier. Some such products can be found at Herbal Dynamics Beauty Shop, so do thorough research and get only the best.



  • The right moisturizer is the key



Another trick of the trade is using a majestic moisturizer. Your skin will be maximally grateful if you were to use a powerful moisturizer that will keep it hydrated appropriately. This is yet another minimalist routine hack that you should never skip. Regardless of your skin type, aim to get a product that contains water and oil. Whether it’s a lotion, serum, oil, or cream, try to find a meticulous hydrating product that will both calm and clean your skin making it look dry-free and illuminated.



  • Sunscreen – A non-negotiable step



No matter the season, location, or skin type, applying sunscreen is a minimalist number one rule. If you strive to protect your skin then it’s paramount to apply an SPF 30 sunscreen after you’ve done your regular morning skincare routine. Sun’s harsh rays are extremely harmful, and if you were to spend even 2 hours in the sun without wearing the right protection, your skin might loosen its elasticity, dark circles may appear, and you might ruin your complexion. Find a mild sunscreen that contains glycolic acid and vitamin C and make sure that you apply it at least 10 minutes before stepping outside, and later removing it when you come back.



  • Apply a gentle eye cream



The last low-key step to getting healthy-looking and glowing skin is to apply a soothing eye cream. This minimalist step is vital as a precautionary manner to slow down the signs of aging. Eyes can often look sour and tired, especially if your work demands sitting long hours in front of a screen. Hence, by using a suitable and quality eye cream you will minimize the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness.


If you opt to take meticulous care of your skin, these above-mentioned minimalist steps are ideal for getting healthy and perfectly smooth skin. Ditch all other harsh products and focus on using only natural products that won’t damage your skin’s appearance.


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Lazy Dinners to Whip Up After a Long Day at Work

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The last thing you want to do when you come in from a long day is to worry about what you will have for dinner. There are certain days when all you want to do is just order a take away and not worry about it. The problem with take-aways is that they are not great on the waistline or the wallet.


So how do you get around this problem? Well, meal planning for one is a great start. Plan your meals at the weekend so that you know exactly what to have and when.  Sometimes though that can feel a bit too regimented and teamed with the 9-5 routine it can all get a bit too much.


Maybe some days you feel more like one thing than another. After a long day stuck inside an office you need to feed your body well. The problem is however that it all takes time. Is there anything more time consuming than cleaning, peeling and chopping vegetables? Check out the Marks and Spencers range of pre prepared vegetables and save yourself time and money with this fantastic M and S discount code. These are the ideal solutions to this problem.


Their website is full of interesting recipes that are so quick and easy to make using their vegetables. Comfort food doesn’t need to be bad for you or hard to make. Their “mince dinner” is really easy to make. This recipe is something that will transport you back to your childhood, it’s like a reassuring hug from your mum. It also freezes well so that you can make extra and anytime you need a hug take it out and defrost it.


Take 500g of beef mince, a large onion, diced carrots, some dried herbs, a tablespoon of ketchup, 2 beef stock cubes and 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce. On a high heat add the mince to the heated pan. Cook for a few minutes until browned, then remove. In the same pan add the onions and carrots, season and then reduce the heat. Cook until soft, stirring occasionally. Add the mince back to the pan along with the herbs, the ketchup, the stock cubes and water. Stir well then add the Worcestershire sauce. Cover with a lid and simmer for 30 minutes. Serve with some frozen peas and ready made mashed potatoes. It couldn’t be easier.


Salads are underrated, they couldn’t be easier and are the perfect end to a hectic day. Take your already washed salad, rinse some cherry tomatoes, slice some cucumber and you have the base. Then for the toppings chickpeas are the best way to get some protein and fill you up, all while being low in fat. Choose a cheese of your choice, a salty feta works great with this combination. For the meat eaters, add in some pre cooked chicken slices. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top and serve with some crusty bread. You will have a healthy hearty meal in seconds.


Baked potatoes are the ideal solution to a quick and easy meal. All you have to do is pop them in the microwave for 15 minutes. In the meantime you can get changed after work as they cook. Choosing what to top it with is the hard part. Marks and Spencers have a fantastic range of toppings like tuna salad, add some grated cheese on top, some salad on the side and your meal is ready.


Take a look at the NHS website which offers tips on how to make sure that you get all your nutrients and vitamins needed. They also have some easy recipes, quick, healthy meals have never been easier.


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3 Things We Will Need, That Will Need Us After Covid-19

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The past 12 months have been trying to say the least as the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll across the world. Unemployment, shuttered businesses and tragic deaths have befallen many nations and despite the amazing efforts of health care services and pharmaceutical companies, the end is far from near.

That being said, public lockdown restrictions are set to ease soon which means that many public-based sectors can reopen and millions of people can finally get back to work. Many of us have missed the social activities that we are so used to such as meeting friends and family, shopping for pleasure, and group workouts.

While there are many businesses that will need help getting back on their feet, when the lockdown is over and because they are an important aspect of our lives, the most used are almost certainly going to include:

  • Gyms and public pools
  • Local markets
  • Bars, pub and restaurants

While working out at home provides a level of privacy, there’s nothing quite like using professional equipment surrounded by like-minded people and most don’t have access to our own pool. Local markets are a joy to browse and a great way of meeting people in the community while bars, pubs and restaurants are going to need all the help they can get as we all recover together.

Exercise, Socialize and Relax

For many of us, getting to the gym is an important part of our social and health care that provides stress relief and communal activity that is needed for a comfortable life. Going to the gym isn’t just about working out but the social interaction it can provide by meeting new people, seeing friends and getting a certain level of personal training helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle balance that is also great for mental health.

Since they are extremely expensive and take up lots of space, the vast majority of people don’t have a pool, which is also a great way to relax after visiting the gym. Not only are public pools great for the post-workout calm down, but they can also provide a great family bonding experience while sneaking exercise on the kids that they don’t even know they are getting.

Against much public backlash, gyms and pools in the UK were classed as non-essential and were closed during lockdown measures. These establishments are going to need much community support if they are to stay a vital part of your local area.

Meet, Shop and Get Great Produce

Shopping at a local market is one of the greatest joys one can get from their local community. Not only are they great meeting spots for seeing people such as friends, family and the market traders themselves, but you can get a quality of service, local produce and intimacy that isn’t possible with a supermarket. Many traders, especially food vendors, can tell you where exactly a product came and the food available at a market is almost always of the freshest possible quality.

For many elderly people, a weekly visit to their local market is the only contact they enjoy with others and shopping for pleasure has been recognized as a genuine therapy for sadness and depression.

With many market traders being self-employed, they have missed out on the kind of financial help that is available to others who work for a company. While there are schemes for the self-employed in place, the amounts available to help those struggling vary wildly, so market traders should be a priority when things begin to return to normal as lockdown eases.

Unwind, Greet Friends and Treat the Family

An essential part of most cultures all over the world, the local watering holes and eateries form the backbones of many, many communities. Friends can meet and catch up on gossip, families can dine together and colleagues can relax after a hard day’s work at their local bars, pubs and restaurants.

Next to family and friends, restaurants and pubs are currently the most missed social aspect of modern life during restrictions and almost all of us cannot wait to get back to our favourite local spots. When the lockdown is over, the beer will flow, however, public establishments such as this have been outlined as one of the last to reopen, but fortunately, they will be open for summer when everyone is out and looking for a good time.

The food and hospitality industry has suffered the worst out of every other sector and it is estimated that many won’t recover or survive the pandemic. It is almost a national duty to help our local food and drinks establishment get back on their feet since for most, they are the cornerstone of society, community and national identity.


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Actors That Are So Bad, They Were Almost Good!

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The movie industry is awash with good and bad actors and actresses, but at the end of the day, it comes down to personal preference. Take movie reviews for example, we have all seen bad scores on movies and have often been deterred by them, but one person’s view is not necessarily another’s. We are all different and if we all agreed on the same things, the world would be a pretty boring place to live, but we can all agree on one thing – when actors perform bad, they must be really bad!

According to a recent piece of content from the people behind, which was put together by collecting information from Metacritic and Box Office Mojo, some of the biggest Hollywood stars that we have seen in numerous movies are featured on this unenviable list.

Adam Sandler who has played the roles of Nicky in Little Nicky, Bobby Boucher in The Waterboy, Robbie Hart in The Wedding Singer and Sonny Koufax in Big Daddy, is often labelled a bad actor when in reality, he has been nominated for 1 Golden Globe with 65 award wins under his belt and a further 123 nominations, so is he good or bad? All those awards and nominations have not stopped him being labelled as a bad actor with the worst movie he has ever starred in being The Ridiculous 6. The Native American themed comedy racked up an abysmal score of 0% on Rotten Tomatoes which is humiliating in itself, but it also saw native Americans leaving the set in protest of its humour and this in itself led to bad publicity.

Rob Schneider finds himself accused of crimes against great movies, and it is no surprise given that he stars in many movies alongside Adam Sandler. It is almost as if he is being tarnished with the same brush! Another one on the list of bad actors is Freddie Prince Jr, going from the role of heartthrob in I Know What You Did Last Summer to modern day Scooby Doo films. Many believe it is his leap from a serious role in horror movies to a childish portrayal of Shaggy that has led to him being featured on the bad actors list.

What about the women? There is a list of five names that continue to crop up and if you are watching a movie starring any of these, you can bet your bottom dollar it has a bad score rating on movie websites – Courtney Cox (from Friends), Bella Thorne (star of teen movies), Jessica Alba (The Eye), Ali Larter (Legally blonde) and Hilary Duff. Of those five, Hilary Duff is rated as the worst. She began acting at a very young age when she starred as Lizzie McGuire in a children’s sitcom, fast forward a decade or two and her most recent appearances on the screen include cringe-worthy discussions on female sexual health problems. Despite a net worth of more than $25million, Hillary is famed for embarrassing roles and her earlier roots.

So, whether you are in agreement with the findings or not, it seems that Hollywood’s high-profile actors and actresses have more to worry than just being featured on the worst dressed list.


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Honest Industry Advice Enables Pep & Lekker’s Seed Snacks to Steer NEW, Balanced Pathway & Enjoy Full ‘Ripple Effect’ of Bold Recipe Revamp

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April 2021 sees a bolder looking, ‘recipe invigorated’ Seed Snacks head to market, having spent Lockdown re-affirming its credentials as a tasty, nutritionally-empowered advocate for well-balanced, vegan snacking with a deliciously distinct, lightly baked profile.

Ever since being chosen for one of The Seed Fund’s sought-after philanthropic internships, Pep & Lekker instinctively knew Seed Snacks was bringing something ‘deliciously distinct’ to a fast-moving, vegan snacking movement dominated by fruit & veg crisps, protein balls, flavoured nuts & granola bars.


Situated intriguingly somewhere between crackers and savoury biscuits on the fine snacking spectrum, Seed Snacks is a unique range of gut-friendly, gluten-free snacks that bristle with full-bodied flavours & healthy convictions, whilst presenting nutritious seeds in a satisfyingly crunchy, ‘easy to eat’ format. YET, despite countless ‘early doors’ successes and the establishment of an ardent loyalist following, Susan & Juliette were only too aware that their fledgling range wasn’t fulfilling its wholesome potential.


According to co-founder, Susan Gafsen, ‘As outsiders to the artisan food community, Juliette and I have never been afraid to listen to feedback, learn and adapt. During Lockdown we were fortunate enough to procure honest, meaningful feedback from a handful of ‘leading light’ retailers impatient for us to take the next big step.  The broad consensus was that whilst our gluten-free treats showcased seeds in a bold, versatile snacking light, our well-intentioned quest to tick every imaginable wellbeing tick box had unwittingly dented our mainstream appeal.’


The simple substitution of sunflower oil for pure olive oil, a subtle down-weighting of chia seeds, the introduction of a little date syrup to our two sweet offerings and the move to thicker, sublimely crunchy formats have resulted in a vastly superior range of moreish, baked snacks bursting with nutritional worth.


‘Better still,’ concludes Susan, ‘is the fact that we’ve amplified the appetite appeal and messaging of our packaging and introduced a new, non-crinkly recyclable pouch which means from now we’ll truly sing from the shelves!’


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