The Barrow House adds Pizza to the Menu

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Located in the idyllic Kent countryside is The Barrow House, a new pub that has recently been launched by the same team at The Milk House in Sissinghurst. This new Kent pub was known before its transformations as The George Inn, and opened in September last year after an extensive renovation project to get the site looking its best. The Barrow House can be found in Egerton village, a community led village with an abundance of local history, picturesque cottages and amazing views of the Weald of Kent.


The Barrow House also have three rooms available for those wanting to stay and explore the area. All of the bedrooms are fitted with luxury en-suite bedrooms and enormous beds in order to offer a truly relaxing getaway for guests.


The Barrow House excels itself on the food it serves, whether guests are looking for a quick snack, light lunch or dinner eaten with friends and family. The pub offers a fresh and modern menu served alongside a selection of local beers, cask ales and a wide selection of wines that are served by the glass.


As part of this menu, The Barrow House has recently introduced a new pizza offer. Available through the summer, the Egerton pub is serving the Italian treat for guests and also as a takeaway option in order to encourage more people to come and have a look at the work that has been put into the building. The ever-popular wood fired pizzas served at The Milk House will be introduced at the new pub, with further development and exploration into the popular flavour of the moment; sourdough pizza.


The pizzas on offer at The Barrow House will be created with hand-stretched sourdough bases, local charcuterie, cheese and seasonal vegetables as well as fresh herbs and a good serving of The Barrow House’s fresh and homemade tomato sauce.


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Shooting Season Celebrated by London Restaurants

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The shooting season is here, and alongside the return of wellies and earmuffs is the delicious game offerings. In order to make the most of the produce while it is available, a number of restaurants around London are serving up grouse and game to their eagerly awaiting diners.


The New Street Grill, will be celebrating the forthcoming influx of game from Tuesday the 15th August with roast grouse, covered in bacon and braised in a red wine jus, served with a grouse liver pate and a bread sauce.


D&D Chop Houses will be offering game from the 14th August, with their menu to include grouse with bread sauce and game chips. The Chop Houses in Butlers Wharf, Paternoster and South Place will be adding this deliciously simple sounding dish on to their menu. In order to highlight the amazing flavour of the grouse, it is sealed in order to maintain its moisture before being roasted with juniper berries and thyme. The grouse is served with sourdough bread sauce featuring a dash of nutmeg and a rich game stock gravy. Also a part of this dish is watercress and parsnip game chips, offered to cut through the rich sauces.

D&D Chop Houses

The Game Bird first opened its doors at The Stafford London in March 2017, and with Executive Chef James Durrant at the helm, the restaurant has become known for serving classic British dishes. This shooting season, the restaurant will be celebrating their eponymous game bird with roast Grouse, Game chips, bread sauce, braised legs and a grouse Pâté on Croûte as well as a number of other game dishes as the season advances.

The Game Bird

Also releasing new game dishes in celebration of the shooting season are Plateau in Canary Wharf, Coq d’Argent, LUME Milan, Launceston Place. Featuring grouse, Venison, Pigeon, Partridge, Pheasant and rabbit will be on offer in order to make the most of the meat when as the season progresses.

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UKDN Waterflow Works to keep New Covent Garden Market Fresh

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UKDN Waterflow (LG) Ltd is the company responsible for maintaining the drains at the largest fruit, vegetable and flower market in the UK, ensuring the people in London are able to make the most of the freshest food and brightest flowers on offer. UKDN is a part of Lanes Group plc and has been commissioned to provide the drainage maintenance solutions for the New Covent Garden Market.


More than 200 traders sell produce at the giant market, found in Nine Elms in London. At part of the commission, UKDN Waterflow Drainage Engineers Mick Morris, Glenn Totton and Jaimie Leonard will be working on the site a day each week in order t make sure that the drainage systems are operational, clearing any blockages, cleaning out the gullies and carrying out a range of CCTV surveys as well as repairing any problems in the plumbing systems that could arise. Being a dedicated team for the New Covent Garden Market means that the three engineers have developed a detailed understanding of the drainage system as well as getting to know and building working relationships with the traders and the management team at the market.


Their strong working relationship allows for the quick resolution to any problems when they’re working on site each Wednesday. The company are also planning to carry out preventative maintenance in order to make sure that the drainage systems constantly run as smoothly as possible.


One of the key benefits that has been delivered through the commission of UKDN Waterflow is the creation of a complete and up to date map of New Covent Garden Market’s drainage systems. This is an important resource for the future development of the market, which is constantly being improved and built on, keeping it a great place to visit and purchase produce from.

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Ordoo Analyses Eating Habit Analysis

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It is common knowledge that people adopt different eating habits depending on the season. Usually seen as crash dieting before a holiday, or the Spring/Summer quest for the perfect “bikini body”. However extensive research and analysis has been carried out using restaurant customer data in order to show that a number of other factors could also play as much of a role in what and how much we eat at different times of year.


The customer insight pioneer Ordoo has used the day to day data which has been taken from more than 20,000 food order is in order to illustrate that people’s eating patterns see a dramatic shift from weekday to weekend. Research also showed that there is a connection between people’s busy working lives and their ability to resist unhealthier food.


The data the was collected by Ordoo showed that 23% of people are more likely to eat healthier in the Summer in comparison to the Winter. It has also been found that people are around twice as likely to make unhealthy food choices on a Monday as they are on a Saturday or a Sunday. According to the data collected, Thursday has been found to be the unhealthiest day of the week. On Thursdays, the analysis found that 29% of food orders made were unhealthy. In comparison to any other day of the week Coffee are twice as high on a Monday afternoon.


Ordoo’s figures show that people are more than likely to have unhealthy eating habits during the week, which could demonstrate a connection between job pressures and work/life balances and unhealthy eating. This correlation is supported by the data which also shows that people are most likely to eat unhealthy food on a Wednesday and Thursday, days that are furthest away from the weekend.

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Cubé Restaurant and Kakurega Bar Open in Mayfair

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A unique new Japanese restaurant and bar has just opened in Mayfair, London. Cubé Restaurant and Kakurega Bar has recently opened in the capital, seeking to offer a range of traditional Japanese dishes as well as a range of unique Japanese dishes that have been influenced by a collection of ingredients from Europe.


The Kakurega is an intimate 12 cover bar which is located on the lower-ground floor of the Mayfair location. Kakurega means a place of hiding or refuge and is the perfect retreat for guests to enjoy the seven different Japanese cocktails on offer as well as a number of rare examples of Sake and a selection of Japanese whisky and fine wines.  On offer at the bar includes the Dasai Beyond and Shirakabegura Kimoto Junmai, two examples of the rare Sake selection. There is also an Owner’s Cellar which includes a range of extremely rare wines such as Salon Champagne 1999 and Chateau Palmer 1985, available with a low mark up.


The exclusive 18 cover dining room offers a collection of traditional Japanese dishes for diners to try including Hitsumabushi, which is Nagoya’s famous dish, and Shigureni which is a braised beef dish packed full of flavour. On offer as a Japanese take on European ingredients is Udon with a Black Olive & Truffle Pesto, Mentai Rencon Cheese and Agedashi Tofu, served with Watercress and Truffle. Guests can also spend time at the Omakase counter, which has the capacity for 6 covers.


Both the Cubé Restaurant and Kakurega Bar have been simply designed, with clean lines and the use of tailor made wood fittings throughout the location. This simple use of wood throughout the decor of the restaurant and bar is a reflection of Japan, the Japanese love for Wood and a reflection that the country is 60% covered by forest.

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Admiral Taverns Darts Championship 2017 Winner Announced

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The Railway in Helsby has succeeded in defeating tough competition in order to win the annual pub darts championship. The national competition has been won this year by the local community pub, and to celebrate, will be hosting an exhibition night with the ex-world champion Steve Beaton.


The Admiral Tavern Darts Championships is an annual event hosted by Admiral Taverns and including pub darts teams from right across the community pub operator’s estate of 850 establishments. The teams are competing for the winner’s Trophy and a cash prize of £1,000. The winning team was also awarded the exhibition evening with Steve Beaton, former World Champion darts player.


This year is the first time that Licensees Any and Chris Crawford have achieved the victory. The pair have been running The Railway for ten years and during this time the pub has nurtured a number of competitive sports teams. In this year’s competition, two playing teams from the pub entered the Admiral Taverns Championship, with the first team claiming the prize and the second team reaching the semi-finals. This is a momentous achievement for the local community pub. Having two teams so successful in the championships is a credit to the community focus of the pub and their encouragement of community sports teams.


The exhibition night with Steve Beaton will be held tonight, on the 11th of August, and will offer an opportunity for a team of locals to try out their skills against the former World Champion. Ahead of the event, two contests were held to decide who would be a part of the team to go up against Steve Beaton. The first competition was a knock out round that was held in the pub, and the second was a Facebook competition, where locals were asked to give the reasons why they should have the chance to play Steve Beaton.

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