Does Parcel Tracking Speed Up Deliveries?

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As the rise of ecommerce and online retailers continues to grow, consumers are now more demanding than ever with the state of their deliveries. Recent research has shown that when buying online, free delivery is the most important consideration for 49% of consumers, followed by same day (17%) and fast delivery (14%). This has resulted in delivery companies improving their offerings as well as including parcel tracking services. These are rarely free, but they can help speed up the process in the delivery world.

Benefits of Parcel Tracking

Parcel tracking is a simple process that allows both the sender and receiver to monitor the progress of all sorts of packages. Whether it’s a sensitive document or expensive gift, it can be tracked from the moment it leaves the sender’s location to the point of reaching its destination. There are many benefits this can provide for individuals and businesses:

  • Transparency and accountability: Customers can see where their deliveries are and for any lateness where the accountability lies.
  • Improved customer service: Any requests for information about a delivery’s status can be answered confidently when it is being tracked.
  • Troubleshooting: Problems within the process can be identified and hopefully amended, with a better overview.

Impact on Delivery Speed

Tracking a parcel shouldn’t have an impact in the delivery speed really, as untracked parcels should be travelling at the same rate. However, in the larger process tracking your deliveries can save a lot of time when something goes wrong.

With an untracked package, if it is undelivered or late it can take ages to find out where it is, get it resent or rerouted. Plus, the receiving party will be annoyed and their loyalty to your business could be at risk. Tracking parcels means that they shouldn’t go missing, avoiding any time wasting later on trying to find lost deliveries.

Same Day Delivery Services

To really speed up deliveries, many logistics companies are now offering track and trace on a same day delivery. This not only allows a fast turnaround on sending and receiving items, it also ensures peace of mind as both parties can monitor the progress in real time; essential for those time sensitive deliveries.

By cutting out a lot of the time wasting that can occur with untracked deliveries, there is a slight speed benefit by using parcel tracking services. As technology improves they are sure to get even quicker and a wider range of time-specific delivery services may develop.

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Chef Bryn Williams to Open a New Restaurant

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This spring, the celebrated Welsh chef Bryn Williams, will open his first London restaurant in a decade. Located in the renowned arts and cultural centre, Somerset House, the restaurant will offer modern British dining, serving seasonal dishes where fruits and vegetables will be at the centre of the plate.

The creative spirit of the community will be reflected in the food, service, and design. The menu’s focus will be on sustainability, provenance, and seasonality. The small plates include dishes such as Rainbow carrots, hand-dived scallop, sauteme, and Pickled mooli, black garlic, raw apple, sage, Cumbrian beef. Some of the seasonal mains are Roast young broccoli, olive tapenade, sage beignet, scorched Cornish mackerel, and Char-grilled leeks, Burke Brown egg, morel mushroom. Options ‘from the grill’ and salads will also be available.

“I’m a firm believer that a piece of fruit or veg should be treated with the same amount of care and respect as a cut of meat or fillet of fish – if not more. I’m thrilled to be opening a new restaurant that’s not only in a stunning location, but where fresh, locally sourced produce is the focus and fruit and veg take centre stage,” commented Bryn Williams.

The interior design will be overseen by Rosendale Design, which will bring together the Georgian architecture and the building’s naval history with Williams’ Welsh roots. There will be a colour theme of texture blue with nautical details such as wall lights made of Fresnel lenses from lighthouses and antique naval map drawers, mixed with Welsh-printed upholstery and brown leather banquettes.

In addition, the new venue will also feature a draught beer bar, the only one on the Somerset House premises. Both the bar and the restaurant will be open throughout the day for the community and the other visitors.

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New Cocktail Menu at Blind Spot

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Blind Spot at St Martins Lane hotel has launched this February a new cocktail menu inspired by locations from all over the world. ‘Spin the Globe’ offers a collection of 24 distinct serves that reflect the world’s different flavours, from New York City and Sydney to Mumbai, Kyoto, and Venice.

The creative cocktails have been designed by St Martins Lane’s General Bar Manager, Wilfried Rique, who inspired himself from the flavours, histories, and scents of iconic global destinations. For example, the serve inspired from Kyoto, Japan combines Nikka whisky from the barrel, rose water, yuzu juice, almond syrup, blackcurrant liqueur, and wasabi, while the one from Chichen Itza, Mexico, is a mix of Quiquiriqui mezcal, lime, tabasco, avocado, Worcestershire sauce, salt, peppers, and white grape juice.

The menu also features more local flavours, such as Dublin, Ireland that is a punchy combination of Jameson whiskey, Guinness reduction, apple compote, orange juice, salty solution, and Drambuie liqueur and also Taunton, England which combines Somerset brandy, pear juice, apple juice, cider, pimento liqueur and Abbott’s bitters.

Blind Spot has also paired the cocktails with nibbles from the same region, such as Empanadas de carne, Black cod dumplings with chilli soy dip, Lime jerk chicken wings, as well as sweet treats such as Paris New Orleans choux pastry with praline cream and cherry compote.

Blind Spot is hidden in the heart of Covent Garden, behind the façade of a boutique tea counter and a secret golden hand-shaped handle. The ‘Spin the Globe’ menu was made available starting with the 1st of February, offering guests a taste of a celebration of global culture. With this launch, the bar has reconfirmed its position as a frontrunner in London’s cocktail bar scene.

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Billesley Manor Offers B&B Giveaway this Valentine’s

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Billesley Manor, a sixteenth century manor house, has launched a Valentine’s Day competition with the #WithLoveFromBillesley and will offer the winners a free B&B stay in the heart of the Shakespearean England. Located just three miles from Stratford-upon-Avon, the hotel invites 14 couples to celebrate lovers’ day in its luxurious house and Victorian-era topiary gardens.

The competition will take place on the Billesley Manor Facebook page, where the team will write a daily post that instructs people how to enter the competition on that particular day. Those wishing to participate will have to either tag who they would like to share the treat with, like the post, answer a question, or post a picture. The end date for it is Tuesday, the 13th of February, with each lucky winner being announced at 10am the next day.

“We’re very excited to announce our wonderful Valentine’s Day competition. A giveaway on this scale is quite an undertaking and we can’t wait to host the 14 winning couples in our atmospheric hotel and majestic surroundings. It’s a really special space for a romantic break and epitomises true love on Valentine’s Day!” said Mark Davies, General Manager at Billesley Manor. “So get onto our Facebook page and get tagging, uploading and commenting for your chance to share a Valentine’s Day experience with us that you’ll never forget.”

The winners will be sent a voucher via Facebook, which they can then use to contact the hotel and quote #WithLoveFromBillesley to reserve their free B&B stay. Couples will spend Valentine’s Day in a perfect place with elegantly furnished bedrooms, a lovely restaurant, spa and beauty treatments, and a variety of leisure facilities, including sauna and an indoor swimming pool.

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John Wood Judging the Young Chef Olympiad

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The Michelin Starred Chef and co-founder of Kitchen CUT, John Wood, has become one of the judges in this year’s Young Chef Olympiad competition in Delhi. The 4th edition of the Young Chef Olympiad (YCO) 2018 is organised by the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) and takes place at the Talkatora Indoor Stadium in Delhi.

The world’s biggest culinary Olympiad will end today with a grand finale and a closing ceremony in Kolkata. The countries that participated were divided into five groups, with each one of them taking part in three different rounds that were held at Delhi, Pune, and Bangalore. Over 50 young chefs from all over the world competed against each other and showcased their promising talent.

“I’ve always been passionate about giving back to the industry I have been a part of for over 35 years, particularly in supporting young chefs just starting out in hospitality, so it’s an absolute honour to be here judging at the Young Chef’s Olympiad,” said John.

When asked about why they had picked John as one of the judges, YCO organisers explained: “Chef Wood has established himself in the world of Culinary Arts as a Michelin Star, 4 AA Rosettes and has successfully stepped into the field of entrepreneurship with the very successful Kitchen CUT. We believe that Chef John Wood will contribute immensely in this year’s Young Chef Olympiad with his vast experience and Culinary knowledge.”

The Young Chef Olympiad is one of the leading Culinary Competition for student chefs all over the globe. It has been growing constantly in stature and in the quality of the students participating and this year it wanted to deliver even more. The event is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India as well as West Bengal Tourism.

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