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Which horse racing betting markets are best for newcomers?

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When stepping into the world of horse racing betting, you will discover that not every type of bet is the same. Given the long history surrounding betting in this sport, you could be forgiven for being immediately confused if this is the first time you have given it some attention.

If you are new to this sport in terms of betting, or just betting in general, there is a good chance that you will want to start with the races that are going to receive the most media coverage.

For example, races such as the Grand National held every April, and Cheltenham, held in March, are held in high esteem on the racing calendar and are what many racing fans look forward to most.

To get started, it can help to find free Cheltenham festival day 4 tips to get you in the mood and give you an idea of what to start looking for.

The most excitement found for these big races is, of course, based around the winner. Sometimes this can be the favourite, a horse which has been trained for years and is considered one of the best prospects in the sport.

At the same time, things can change just as easily, with a rare 100/1 shot cantering home in first place, and surprising half the punters in the nation, with just a lucky few who fancied the horse or just liked the name. According to some stats, a 100/1 horse tends to win just around 0.3% of the time, which indeed reflects the unlikely odds they are afforded.

Backing the favourite tends to be the easiest and safest bet for a newcomer to start with.

To add a little more complication but still keeping within the realms of beginner-level bets, the concept of each-way betting is a popular way to bet on a horse to win but also to retain some stake if they finish in second or third place. The level of winnings is fractionally reduced the further down the field the horse finishes.

As well as betting on the winner, or as an each-way bet, you can also bet on a horse just to place. How many options are available here in terms of places depends indeed on the size of the field. A simple six-horse race will probably only count the top two as placing, but for a larger field size race such as Cheltenham or the Grand National, you can find it up to six places or even more depending on which bookmaker you use.

With many sports and leisure activities attracting betting opportunities, it is little surprise that horse racing betting is such a popular pastime. To make sure you can get started without encountering too many new terms that are confusing at the first hurdle, starting with the easy bets can let you discover how it all works in a safe way.

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Here’s how to make your small bathroom look luxurious

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Ideally, we’d all have large bathrooms and perhaps even a separate toilet but many of us will find ourselves with bathrooms that happen to be on the smaller side. This shouldn’t mean you can’t make the most of it and have it looking just the way you want. From choosing the right toilet to the tiling and storage, here are a few top tips to help you turn your small bathroom into a space you won’t want to leave. 

Swap a small bath tub for a walk-in shower

If you’ve got a bath tub that’s a bit on the smaller side and double-functions as a shower, you should consider getting rid of it and installing a walk-in shower instead. Walk-in showers have several advantages, including being stylish and modern. They’re also much easier to clean because of the tiling. These types of showers are easier to install and fit most spaces. 

Choose quality tiles

The overall aesthetic of your bathroom will depend on the tiles you choose. If you’re on a budget but still after a luxury feel, the tiles should be the one item you don’t skimp on because they can really make all the difference. However, with so many choices available, how do you choose bathroom tiles that suit your space? Consider the material, the pattern, the colour scheme, and the areas where you’ll be adding them. Generally, smaller tile sizes work better for smaller bathrooms.

Wall-hung toilets

When choosing a new toilet for a small space, size matters. The best model to save space is a wall-hung toilet. Here, the cistern hides behind the wall and provides up to 10 inches of additional space. When installed, wall -hung provides the illusion of a larger bathroom as the toilet is floating above the floor. Before you rush out and buy your dream model, make sure you measure correctly for a replacement toilet.

Luxurious storage cabinets

For that extra bit of luxury in your bathroom, choose a stylish and quality medicine or storage cabinet. Depending on your desired style, you can find them online or in hardware stores. You may even want to go vintage shopping for the right piece of furniture. If you’re pushed for space, consider adding storage above the door and below the toilet.
For more inspiration, take a look at these small bathroom design ideas for maximum style.

Match the metal on the fixtures

This one’s a little bit of a secret, but any room instantly looks classier when the metal on the fixtures, door handles and even the cupboards is the same throughout. Polished chrome or nickel are great choices.

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Yug Rusi Heads for the Production of Plant-Based Protein

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The growth of the world population, climate change, and fluctuations of the economic environment are only an incomplete list of factors that increase the demand for plant-based protein. The growing demand for plant-based protein is observed in the food industry. Today, many countries of the world see an intense growth of new industries – the production of plant-based meat and plant-based milk. The compound plant-based protein products are becoming trendier in sports and functional nutrition. In addition, high-protein supplements are extremely popular in the global livestock industry. Yug Rusi Group perceives this global trend as a great promising opportunity for its own development.

“In 2022, Yug Rusi will celebrate 30 years since its foundation. For almost three decades of operations, we have accumulated extensive expertise in both food production and crop growing”, said Sergei Kislov, the founder of Yug Rusi Group. “Today, we have a whole portfolio of projects for the production of compound products from plant-based protein that are at different stages of implementation. We are talking about plant-based meat, plant-based milk, protein for sports and dietary nutrition, and new products for livestock breeding. We are confident in investing in this area because we feel certain that projects in the field of plant-based protein will benefit the environment, society, and the economy of Yug Rusi.”

Yug Rusi expects to commission a number of plant-based protein production facilities as early as in the first half of 2021.

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The top products you need for your home office

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Whether you’ve recently set up a new business or are considering permanently moving your office space to your home, the right products can help boost productivity. It’s true that working from home can be a challenge at first. And although there are plenty of good ways to help you make working from home easier, sometimes all you need is the right equipment. While a good ergonomic office chair and suitable desk are vital for most entrepreneurs to successfully work from the comfort of their homes, here are a few other essential items that shouldn’t be missing from your workspace. 

1. Laptop or desktop

Chances are you conduct much of your business using a computer. Whether you’re selling items online or need a spreadsheet software to keep an overview of your accounting, computers have become invaluable for performing a wide variety of office tasks. Laptops are ideal for moving around while desktops with large screens are particularly suitable for creative designers. You can choose between Apple or Windows computers. While you’re at it, grab a good laptop stand to avoid eye and back strain. 

2. Keyboard and mouse

Even though a laptop comes with a keyboard and mouse pad included, sometimes these can become uncomfortable when working for extended hours of times. A comfortable keyboard and a wireless mouse that fits well into your hand can make working a breeze.

3. Printer

A printer isn’t essential for some business owners, but it could be vital for others. Shopping for a reliable printer could save you lots of time and money in the long run. No more trips to the printer shop. If you tend to print in colour often, it’s worth shopping for the toner and printer cartridges in bulk. Check out TonerPartner for some good offers on cartridges. 

4. Wi-Fi

Sometimes Wi-Fi gets overlooked but establishing a speedy connection makes working online that much easier. Whether you’re sharing files with a team or regularly back-up to the cloud, high performance Wi-Fi you will boost your productivity. Consider getting a Wi-Fi extension if you find that the existing one doesn’t reach far enough. 

5. Notepad and pen

The world has gone digital, but a notepad and pen are still invaluable when you need to scribble down ideas or phone numbers fast. Test your pen to ensure that it works. That way you’ll have it right by your side when you need it the most. 

6. Mouse and keyboard wrist pads

Strains in hands, wrists, and arms are a common problem among office workers. To avoid injuries and long-term issues such as carpel tunnel syndrome, a mouse or keyboard wrist rest can be beneficial.

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Non-GamStop Casinos – Life and Death Stakes?

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In recent years, non-GamStop casinos have started to become more and more popular. As heavier restrictions come into place in the UK by the likes of the Gambling Commission and GamStop, people are looking for alternative ways to play their favorite casino games without having to deal with any limitations.

Non-GamStop casinos are often a destination for high rollers who are not going to be restricted by low deposit limits and betting sizes. There will also often be juicer promotions and a wider range of payment options. On the other hand, there are also some darker aspects to consider, such as gambling addiction. This article will look at the good and bad aspects of non-GamStop casinos.

Non-GamStop Casinos – No Limit Play for High Rollers?

GamStop is a free self-exclusion service in the UK that allows you to quickly self-exclude from all of the participating casinos. This means that if you are having a problem with your gambling, you can prevent yourself from using these casino sites. All online casinos that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission need to be a part of GamStop.

Non-GamStop casinos exist as they bypass the restrictions in place on GamStop casinos, such as tight limits on transactions and betting. This is why high rollers often seek non-GamStop casinos. However, the downside is that those people who are struggling with a gambling addiction can find workarounds to their GamStop self-exclusion.

Game Selection

In terms of game selection, there may be a lot of games on offer, but some of the bigger developers do not work with non-GamStop casinos. Therefore, there will be many popular titles not available. There will also be very few progressive jackpot games on offer.


Some non-GamStop casinos will be licensed elsewhere. This could be in Europe through the Malta Gaming Authority or by the authorities in Curacao. Then there will be some platforms that are not licensed at all.

It is pretty easy to get licensed in Curacao and there is not as strict oversight as with other gambling regulators, so this needs to be taken into consideration when you are assessing the merits of a platform.

While most of the legit non-GamStop casinos will have proper encryption technology in place to protect sensitive data, there will be less player protection available than UK platforms. Do your research to make sure you are using a safe casino.

Is non licensed casino play really legal?

It is legal for people in the UK to play at non-GamStop casinos and there is no issue with these platforms operating. However, they cannot legally promote their offerings to UK residents.

The Dark Side of Non-GamStop Gambling – Addiction

Gambling addiction is a big issue. People can lose control of themselves and lose a lot of money. If they do not seek help or they slip up, they can spiral out of control. If they are self-excluded from UK sites through GamStop, they can still use non-GamStop casinos.

This is obviously an issue and these people will need to seek further help to deal with their problems. Most of the non-GamStop casinos will have their own self-exclusion programs in place and different account restrictions you can use, such as loss limits and cool-off periods.

Pros and Cons Casinos not on GamStop


  • High deposit and betting limits
  • Lucrative promotions
  • Large game libraries
  • Many payment options


  • Problem gamblers can avoid GamStop self-exclusion
  • Some big developers don’t supply games

Try or Avoid Non-GamStop Casinos?

This question is something you need to answer for yourself. For anyone struggling with gambling addiction, they should definitely avoid non-GamStop casinos and seek help. However, if you are a high roller or someone who doesn’t want to be constrained by strict deposit and betting limits, non-GamStop casinos can be a great choice.

There are often very lucrative signup bonuses on offer, as well as certain payment methods that are not available at GamStop casinos, such as credit card deposits.

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Everything you need to know about electric golf trolleys

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Gone are the days where you have to haul your golf equipment around the course in a carry bag, fixed firmly on your back or one shoulder…

Many golfers today have caddies who willingly carry their golf bag from one hole to the next – and offer insightful advice and moral support for when they need it most. Whilst others opt for an electric golf trolley and reduce the risk of injury for both themselves and designated carriers (if they have the luxury).

In today’s article, we’re going to be looking closely at electric golf trolleys. So, read on to find out what they are, how long they’ve been around for and why you should consider swapping your old stand bag for one.

History of electric golf trolleys

Electric golf trolleys have long been a staple in the golfing world but were once considered a niche product that only tour professionals could afford. But where did the idea originate?

It’s believed that American, JK Wadley, took inspiration from elderly people in Los Angeles who were using motorised carts to do their shopping. These highly sought-after trolleys were later introduced in the UK by Joe Catford who established the well-known company, PowaKaddy, in 1983.

Today, the market for electric golf trolleys is vast, and these handy pieces of equipment are used all over the world, by players of all ages and experience levels.

How do electric golf trolleys work?

The great thing about all golf trollies is that you needn’t worry about sticking to the bare essentials in a bid to free up weight.

Unlike manual trollies that really take the weight off your shoulders and can be pushed or pulled by hand, electric golf trolleys are battery-operated and have a lead-acid or lithium-ion battery as standard. These can drive the trolley forward with minimal effort from you, meaning all you need to do is steer it in the right direction.

The electrical assistance does the majority of the hard work for you, allowing you to preserve your energy for the round. And something you might not know about this type of golf trolley is that you can use most without power input. This is what’s referred to as the ‘freewheel mode’.

What are the benefits of using an electric golf trolley?

Arguably the best thing about golf trollies is that they take the strain off your back, shoulders and knees which, in turn, allows you to continue playing for longer. If you’re someone who often struggles from chronic back pain or osteoarthritis, it’s certainly worth the investment and will save you from discomfort.

Every golfer wants to end the round on a high, right? And the more energy you have in the tank, the better you will play. Using an electric golf trolley can help to reduce muscular fatigue – especially ideal if you’re finding a round of golf to be even more tiring than usual.

If you’re carrying your golf bag, you may think twice about taking refreshments as this will only give you more weight to bear. However, there’s a good chance that you’ll be out on the links for a few hours – swinging your clubs and walking the course. You’re inevitably going to need a drink (and a quick snack) at some point! An electric golf trolley allows you to take more with you, and the best thing is you won’t have to lift, push or pull it.

Golf trollies are incredibly easy to set-up and operate. Ok, admittedly, you will need to get into the habit of charging up the battery, but lithium batteries last a very long time and charge up fast!

How much do electric golf trolleys cost?

The cost of electric golf trolleys depends on several factors, including the number of gadgets and technological features.

As a general rule of thumb, the more features a trolley has, the more you will pay. However, you get the luxury of being able to do more whilst out on the golf course. For example, some come with umbrella holders, allowing you to shelter both yourself and your golf bag from the rain. Others come with GPS, a widescreen full-colour display and over 40,000 courses pre-loaded.

Though it depends on the make and model, prices typically start from £549 and range right the way up to thousands of pounds! For the most competitively priced electric golf trolleys, visit Clarkes’ Golf Centre.

How to choose the best electric golf trolley

With an extensive range of leading manufacturing brands to choose from, including Motocaddy and PowaKaddy, you’ll be spoilt for choice when choosing a golf trolley. Add to this that there is something for all price points and you’ll find it even more difficult to decide on the best golf trolley for your needs.

Here we look at just a few important factors to consider before you make a purchase:

  • Budget – can you afford a model worth £799 with a host of cutting-edge features? Or are you looking for something with a slightly smaller price tag? If so, there are plenty of options to choose from, including cheaper models which are great value but don’t come with all the same mod-cons.
  • Storage space – the last thing you want to do is buy a golf trolley that doesn’t fit neatly in the boot of your car. Whilst push trolleys tend to fold down smallest, electric trolleys are surprisingly compact, despite having a battery. They also take up minimal space in the home for days that you’re not playing golf.
  • Terrain – if you’re planning to play on undulating terrain, an electric trolley is a must-have and will take the strain off your body. Do your research though as some models have a parking brake which allows you to secure the trolley whilst you take your shot on hilly courses. Another great feature to look out for is Downhill Control (DHC) as it ensures the trolley keeps a constant speed when travelling on steep slopes.

These are just a few things to consider when shopping for electric golf trolleys and we’ve simply scratched the surface.

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How to foster a strong sense of community in your workplace

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Teamwork makes the dream work, right? Sorry, we know that is such a cliché expression, but one that has held so much weight and truth since the dawn of time. There is simply no denying that, when a group share a common goal or interest, the rate at which success is achieved is sped up and stronger.

Fostering a sense of community in your workplace is a sure way to ensure that your team feel like a team, which will produce better results. How can you create such an environment effectively and quickly? We have got a few tips…

Never underestimate the power of team bonding activities

Setting up team bonding activities may feel like an outdated concept but, actually, the impact of doing so is still as powerful as ever. Such games and exercises are designed to help your employees really get to know each other, which will naturally establish a strong sense of community in your workplace. 

The goal is to bring everyone together with team building activities for work, so that the team can all work together more efficiently. It might sound silly at first, but tasks such as ‘Find the Common Thread’, ‘Idea Building Blocks’ and the ‘The Egg Drop’ are fun ways to nudge your employees together.

Encourage regular breaks

The average employee, in such a busy industry, is often inundated with urgent tasks, tight deadlines and jam-packed to-do lists. In saying this, it can be difficult for your staff to find a moment or two to engage with each other, which is an easy way to foster a strong sense of community.

By encouraging regular breaks, your employees will receive some well-needed breathing space to recharge their batteries and communicate with their colleagues. Whether it’s about an upcoming business meeting, or something their child recently achieved at school, regular communication between staff is paramount to a successful working environment.

Think carefully about your working environment

The design and layout of your office plays a huge part in how your employees engage and react with each other. A small, cramped and bleak space can directly and negatively impact employee morale, and prevent the sense of community that’s so paramount in a healthy workforce.

Flexible workplaces in London from BE Offices, for example, offers agile office space solutions across London and major UK cities, providing a first-class flexible workspace for companies to thrive. A comfortable working space creates comfortable employees, which, in turn, encourages better results across the board.

Create fitness or sports teams

By promoting and creating regular fitness activities, you will demonstrate that you are committed to the health of your staff, while cultivating team spirit and employee participation. Nothing builds a sense of community faster than the desire to win and some healthy competition in an organised sport.

Whether you choose to get involved in activities already established in your local area, or you take charge and create the opportunities for yourself, the results can be outstanding for your business. What is more, you can post pictures and updates on your business’s social media channels for free publicity and exposure.

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Invoice financing can give the beverage sector a lifeline this Christmas

After the ups and downs of 2020, many of us are truly ready for the festive break. Yet this time of year is also a stressful time for business owners as the Christmas season can present cash flow issues, especially for fast-growing companies and businesses that normally see a spike in sales – such as the spirits and alcohol industry.

Demand soars intensely during this limited period with various extra costs and stock usually needs to be purchased in advance before sales payments have come through. There is also the possibility of a decrease in production with sales shutting for a couple of weeks.

All of this activity takes place at a time when staff are on holiday but fixed costs like rent remain, and businesses are dealing with other financial pressures like early payroll and end of year bonuses – not to mention the financial toll afflicted on so many companies by Covid-19.

It’s no surprise then that one study by Santander Corporate and Commercial showed that almost one in six business owners were “very” concerned about effective cash flow management over the coming 12 months.

To be prepared for the festive season, it’s worth thinking about company cash flow and planning ahead before problems stemming from the above issues arise.

This is especially true for the drinks and beverage sector – which is riding high amid the pandemic – but many busiensses are facing challenges with liquidity thanks to late payments.

Alcohol retail sales boomed in 2020 – at the fastest growth rate seen in a decade. By the end of this year the alcoholic drinks sector is forecasted to expand retail sales by value to 16.3%, rising to £25.5bn.

But even before the pandemic – UK businesses – including those in the spirits industry –  were chasing more than £50bn worth of late payments, with the average small business having to spend time chasing five outstanding invoices at once and therefore squandering 90 minutes every day.

During Christmas, at a time when cash flow really becomes a problem,  invoice financing can be a lifeline for many firms – especially the drinks and beverage companies.

Also called invoice discounting, this is a financing option that allows business owners to receive partial payment for accounts-receivable invoices that customers have not yet settled.

In other words, an invoice financing company funds a major part of the amount a supplier is owed in the invoice. When the client pays the invoice, the business then pays a small percentage of the invoice amount back to the funder as a borrowing. This presents working capital which can help cash flow.

In the case of the  spirits and alcohol business, it gives companies in this sector a means to leverage the value of appreciating assets. They also get a more personal and flexible financial utility than it would receive from a bank.  Furthermore, they can choose specific invoices for funding, while still keeping customer relationship management directly under their control.

An example where this has worked well is with Kinahan’s Irish Whiskey. Kinahan’s required a financing partner to address the unique liquidity needs of the business: their customers were not just based in the UK but overseas. They included retailers and importers in no less than 25 countries.

Christmas meant that bigger volumes were needed, and in this industry, 60-90 days credit are standard. They needed a flexible financing solution to meet production needs as well as serving additional global distributors.

Invoice financing meant they could produce more and faster – and their brand has now been doubling production and revenue each year, as well as doubling headcount, and serving twice the number of global customers.

When a business is growing fast and demand is high, it’s important that fixable issues like cashflow barriers don’t get in the way. With invoice financing, the festive season becomes more of an opportunity for expansion as opposed to a headache. It’s a winning approach that ensures that money doesn’t get in the way of success – and that is definitely worth a toast.

Ian Duffy is the CEO of Accelerated Payments, which provides finance to businesses with an immediate need for working capital to fund new opportunities for growth or keep the show on the road while they wait to get paid.

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How to Make Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans

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Are you a coffee fan and a chocolate freak at the same time? If yes, then today we are going to discuss about a sweet, crunchy and mouth-watering combination of coffee and chocolate – the chocolate covered coffee beans.

If you have the right chocolate espresso beans shopping guide at your disposal, you can get an idea of all the famous brands available in the market today. However, some people wrongly assume that these delicious snacks are hard to make at home and can only be bought from a store.

In this read, we will discuss some easy steps to make the perfect chocolate covered beans recipe. So let’s get on with it.

What You’ll Need

  • 300 grams chocolate bar
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 cup of your favorite coffee beans
  • ¼ cup of cocoa powder (optional)
  • Saucepan or Boiler
  • Microwave
  • Microwave-safe bowl
  • Fork
  • Measuring cup
  • Baking tray with parchment paper

What You’ll Do

In order to make the perfect chocolate covered coffee beans, just follow these simple steps:

  • Get Your Ingredients and Equipment Ready

Get your chocolate bar, coffee beans, bowl and microwave ready. Make sure you have a parchment paper in the baking tray as it will make the process easier once you are midway through the recipe.

  • Chocolate Melting Process

Using a boiler or a saucepan, heat water to a moderate boil and add chocolate into it. Make sure you break the chocolate bar into small pieces. Keep stirring until you get the right liquid state.

  • Coating the Coffee Beans

Once your liquid chocolate is ready, remove it from the heat. Add the coffee beans in the liquid chocolate and ensure each bean is mixed well. Allow a few minutes for the beans to get the right sort of chocolate coating.

  • Place the Beans in the Baking Tray

After coating the coffee beans, use a fork to pick each coffee bean and place it in a baking tray with a parchment paper. The extra chocolate will come off during this process.

This could be a time-consuming process, you will need to show patience to some extent.

  • Allow the Beans to Cool

Once you have picked out all the beans, allow them to cool in a refrigerator for an hour or so. After that you can move the beans to a container or a bowl.

If you do not intend to consume the beans at once, store them in a refrigerator.

Also, for added sweet taste, you can add more chocolate to your coffee beans by repeating the above process. You can experiment with a second layer using white chocolate, crushed nuts, coconut flakes, etc.

How Much Caffeine in Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

One of the many reasons why people love these chocolate covered beans is the fact that it gives the right sort of energy boost that you might need during the day or after a long, hectic day at work.

This energy kick is due to the combination of caffeine in the beans and sugar in the chocolate. Even though a single bean usually has just 6-7 mg of caffeine, you won’t just have one or two beans, are you?

A quantity of 20-25 beans has around 150-180 mg of caffeine. If you have a love for these kind of sweet snacks, you can easily consume that much amount of beans at once. So now you know what fuels that energy boost when you have these beans!

Are There Any Health Benefits?

If you are not over-consuming, these chocolate covered beans can have positive impacts on your mental and physical health. Chocolate and coffee are known to have a lot of antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals in our bodies.

Chocolate has flavonoids that is known to lower blood pressure and improve the functioning of the heart. However, it does have cholesterol and sugar as well, so make sure you do not go overboard with it.

Where to Buy Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans

You might not always have the time or want make the effort to make chocolate coffee beans at home. That’s fine, you can get some good options from your nearby store or an online marketplace like Amazon or Walmart.

Brands like Hill Farm Gourmet,  Emily, and Trader Joe’s make some of the best chocolate covered espresso beans that you can get at affordable prices.

Our Final Thoughts on Making Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans at Home

Chocolate covered coffee beans are an absolute delight to have with your morning breakfast, middle of a working day or when you are in need of a caffeine fix. These sweet and delicious snacks are indeed a perfect sugar + caffeine treat!

The best part is that you can make your own chocolate coffee beans at home without having to spend too much time or effort by following the aforementioned simple steps.

Enjoy your chocolaty coffee beans!

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5 reasons why offline marketing trumps online marketing

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Online and offline marketing are very much two different beasts. Some would argue that they shouldn’t even co-exist in modern society, and that offline marketing should have been consigned to the waste paper bin of the marketing world many years ago.


However, that would be doing offline marketing a huge injustice, and denying the fact that both forms of marketing principles and practices can actually survive and prosper side by side.


A timely reminder as to pros of offline marketing


However, just what are the core differences between offline and online marketing – and, moreover, can we cite key protagonists in both camps? In a landscape before the internet loomed large, marketers relied solely on the tried-and-tested likes of TV and radio ads (depending on the size and appeal of their client), direct mail, print publications, outdoor advertising, trade shows, networking events, promotional gifts and even good old-fashioned word of mouth, so as to “spread the word”, so to speak.


The advent of the internet impacted offline marketing


Then, someone came along and invented the internet (Tim Berners-Lee, as it happened), and marketing eventually took on an altogether different visual identity. Today, the world of online marketing envelopes an almost infinite array of means by which to convey a message and reach out to potential new customers. These are customers further and wider apart than ever previously imagined, given the extent of the global marketplace in which we all live, work, rest and play.


We’re referring to anything and everything from email marketing, website creation, online banner advertising, social media marketing, SEO, SEM, display advertising, webinars, content marketing, video marketing, viral marketing and analytics through to marketing automation, CRM, CMS, PPC, LinkedIn and Facebook ads and affiliate marketing – to simply scratch the surface of where we’re at today.


Can offline marketing still thrive alongside online marketing?


So, the question is, just where does this leave offline marketing in terms of both share of the market and impact it still has – or doesn’t have, as the case might be?


In reality, and not merely a virtual one, it actually leaves offline marketing surprisingly well-placed still – irrespective of the considerable gains made by its online counterpart. Below, we explain five reasons why offline marketing outclasses online marketing.


Offline marketing can make lasting impression


Offline marketing leaves a more lasting impression on customers. Think about it: the transient nature of the online world is often manifested as just that, fleeting. We scroll, we click, we hit the ‘back’ button and we move on. Yes, there’s an immediacy. However, the message is also as quickly unseen as it’s initially seen. Nowadays potential customers delete emails in a heartbeat. 


Conversely, a well-designed leaflet could sit in their homes for months, therein creating a sense of longevity. Due to that fact, we’re talking about a tangible commodity. Printed materials are something we can touch and feel as well as see, therefore affording us an enduring association with a company’s branding. That effect is priceless.


According to marketing statistics, traditional ads and printed materials tend to live longer in customers’ memories. This is particularly the case with print ads such as flyers, brochures and posters – one of the fundamental reasons being that offline ads demand more of our undivided attention. There are no distracting pop-ups, notifications or cookie acceptance boxes to tick before we get to the nitty-gritty.


Duplo International is at the forefront of print finishing technology that provides sustainable, high-precision and automated print processes, whereby customers can arrive at visually inspiring solutions to traditional offline marketing briefs. Found at the very heart of Duplo’s business is the ability to enable customers to turn paper into incredible communication tools by which they can grow their own businesses. This ethos is echoed in the company’s belief statement, which reads: “We believe in the power of printed communication, print is beautiful , timeless and engaging.”


Offline marketing practices can build trust fast


Offline marketing principles build trust quickly, especially when taking advantage of networking opportunities. Such scenarios generate face-to-face interactions, which ensure that businesses communicate with their potential audience directly. Exchanging business cards and leaflets in these situations forges a degree of trust between both parties while also promoting a seamless point of contact after the event.


Offline marketing reaches out to certain demographics online marketing fails to


An ageing population doesn’t always use the internet – or, if it does, not necessarily in the same user journey a younger audience does. Plus, a sizeable chunk of the older generation might choose to switch off when bombarded by transient ads and messages online, whereas offline marketing can help brands target these groups specifically.


Offline marketing is in your face


It’s everywhere we venture outside, isn’t it? Offline marketing exists at every turn when we’re out and about. It can’t be ignored – be it outdoor advertising, radio ads, product packaging or even in the guise of a flyer handed to you when you’re shopping.


The internet can’t magic up exhibition stands of POS materials, can it?


Not without the help of printed materials, anyway. Striking exhibition stand designs might have been conceptualized on a Mac, but they are brought to life courtesy of printing technology. Various printed materials are facilitated, including roller banners and pop-up displays, when it comes to exhibition stands.


What’s more, print and digital tech can be fused together so as to create a very contemporary POS installation. For example, a screen can be embedded inside a pop-up display to feature live social media updates from an event. In addition to this, business cards and leaflets can be passed around to build working relationships and close sales in the days and weeks afterwards.

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