The Beatles Limited Edition Box Set to be Released in December

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An exciting new product is being released this Christmas that would be the perfect gift for The Beatles fans. Apple Corps Ltd./ Capitol/UMe have announced that they are wrapping up new, global Beatles releases just in time for the festive holiday season.

The Beatles had an annual holiday tradition of recording jolly Christmas messages for their fan club members and it was a vital part of their relationship with their most die-hard fans each Christmas. These most ardent of followers have were affectionately called Beatle People. The holiday recordings by the world-famous band took place between 1963 to 1969. These holiday recordings were originally pressed on to flexi discs and the mailed to fan club members each December. These messages were never released outside the fan club members. Until now.

The Beatles’ seven holiday messages have been newly pressed onto a rainbow collection of seven-inch coloured vinyl singles for The Christmas Records box set. This box set will be released worldwide on December the 15th. The limited edition collection presents each vinyl single with their original flexi disc sleeve artwork, accompanied by a 16-page booklet with recording notes and reproductions of the fan club’s National Newsletters which were also mailed to members along with the holiday flexi discs.

This amazing limited edition collection is available to pre-order online. On the 15th December there will also be a Deluxe Anniversary Edition of The Beatles 1967 masterwork of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band which will also be debuting worldwide in high definition digital audio. This Deluxe Anniversary Edition includes the album’s acclaimed 2017 stereo mix as well as 18 additional track. Among these tracks include complete alternate takes for the 13 songs on the groundbreaking album which have been newly mixed in stereo. The expanded edition that is being released in time for Christmas will also include the 2017 stereo mix and instrumental version of Penny Lane and a 2015 stereo mix and two complete alternate takes for Strawberry Fields Forever.

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Ekachai Lauching Fifth Location in Kings Cross

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The Family-run restaurant, Ekachai have announced that they will be bringing authentic South East Asian hawker food to Kings Cross in London this month. The restaurant has revealed their fifth location since they first launched in 1999. This new site will see the business take one of the final spaces in the Granary Square development in the Kings Cross area of the capital city.

Ekachai are proud of their “Wok Hei”, which translates to breath of the wok and is commonly used as a measure of a chef’s skills. This cooking technique take many years of practice in order to master the art of infusing the flavour of the wok into their dishes. The wok-cooking skill is a fundamental part of the Ekachai menu as the Chinese travelled across South east Asia, as did the wok. The casual dining restaurant looks to serve the best of these overlapping street food cuisine, offering diners food that originates from Hong Kong to Malaysia and Thailand.

The dishes available at Ekachai include The Hong Kong originated Handmade XLB, which is soup filled dumplings with minced prawn and pork hand wrapped in a light wheat flour pastry, the broth is the dish is set with jelly to that it melts inside once steamed. The Owner’s favourite Hong Kong dish is the HK Beef Brisket Noodle Soup, a Cantonese speciality of braised beef brisket, fine egg noodles with white radish and pak choi served in a clear soup. The Malaysian dishes served by Ekachai include the Hainan Chicken Rice which is a slow poached corn-fed chicken served with aromatic rice cooked in chicken stock. The dish is also served with spicy chilli vinegar dip and spring onion, ginger sauce and cucumber garnish. Another dish includes the Vegan Tempe Soup that uses Vermicelli rice noodles in clear soup vegetable broth with fried tempe, tofu, spinach and beansprouts. The offerings from Thailand that will be available at the new Kings Cross restaurant include Kai Krapow which is a classic Thai dish that is made with ground chicken with chilli, fine beans and fragrant lime leaves, holy basil. This dish is traditionally eaten in Thailand with a fried egg. Nua Nam Prik Pao is another dish available at Ekachai, which is Beef slices wok fried with a fiery Thai chilli paste with fine beans, lime leaves and dried shrimp.

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Meraki Launch New Brunch Menu This Weekend

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This Sunday, on the 5th November, the contemporary Greek restaurant, Meraki will be launching their very first ‘Big Fat Greek Brunch’. Meraki is the latest restaurant to be opened by the Waney family, which includes Roka, Zuma and The Arts Club.  The Greek restaurant opened in Great Titchfield Street in July this year. The team have said that they are excited to be expanding their menu offering in order to incorporate the most leisurely and sociable meal of the week.

The new Brunch menu has been created by the Executive Chef at Meraki, Anthinagoras Kostakos. The menu is expected to showcase the Mediterranean as well as family-style cooking for guests to enjoy in a warm and comfortable setting. To begin with, the guests visiting Meraki will be invited to serve themselves from a bottomless buffet selection of fresh Greek salads as well as indulgent mezze dips, fresh homemade breads and pittas other traditional fare such as traditional pies such as Spanakopita and Tiropita. Following this, diners will be able to enjoy a range of comforting mains dishes such as Moussaka and Black Angus Beef Ragout, roasted potatoes, aubergine and béchamel. Other dishes include Eggs Kagiana with tomato sauce and wild boar sausage and feta. The guests can then pick from a menu of traditional Greek desserts such as Loukoumandes which as fresh Greek donuts and honey or Portokalopita, which is an orange Syrup cake.

The menu will be available for guests to enjoy from £45 per person and includes the bottomless buffet as well as a main and a dessert and a glass of Greek sparkling wine, Karanika Brut. The first Sunday of each month will mark a celebratory Big Fat Greek Brunch at Meraki and will include an amazing line up of guest DJs. On this Sunday, the Danish DJ, fashion blogger and model, Fiona Jane will be performing with her wide ranging music tastes from disco to contemporary.

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Billy and Jack Work with Crust Bros to Create Brunch Menu

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Crust Bros have announced that they will be launching their first brunch menu. This menu will be launched on Saturday the 18th November and has been created in collaboration with Billy and Jack, Contestants on MasterChef 2016.

Billy and Jack have made name for themselves by being MasterChef losers. Meeting on the popular TV show, the runners up were seen to charm the judges with their amazing food and quirky interpretation of a range of traditional British dishes. After the conclusion of the show, the pair decided to work together, showcasing their love for eating tasty food and creating memorable experiences for their diners to enjoy, building a reputation for exploring innovative culinary ideas and up for a challenge, the duo have worked with a wide number of different bands including, most recently, a month long supper residency at Silent Pool Gin.

The Billy and Jack X Crust Bros brunch menu will feature six different pizzas that have been topped with classic brunch favourites as well as a few more unusual surprises for guests to try. This includes decadent dessert pizzas served topped with ice cream, chocolate and coffee as well as bubble on tap for those who are wishing to choose the unlimited dining option. This unlimited offering takes place in 90 minute sittings.

The Billy and Jack X Crust Bros creations can be enjoyed at the Crust Bros in Waterloo or from home through the delivery platform Deliveroo. The brunch menu includes the ‘Avocado Gonna Go My Way’, an avocado, mozzarella, green pesto and coriander pizza that is topped with a Burford Brown egg. The ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ pizza is a chestnut and porcini mushrooms, cheddar taleggio, mozzarella and marmite, and the ‘Drunk in (cheese) love’ which is a potato and caramelised onion mozzarella and drunken cheese pizza. The Drunken Cheese is selected by Billy and Jack and is a pasteurised cow’s milk cheese that has been aged for 18 months, the last 6 months of which see the cheese soaked in a local wine in a process called Ubriacatura. The set brunch menu costs £20 per person, with unlimited bubbles added for an extra £15 per person.

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