The Paleo Foods Co. Releases Almond Milk

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The Paleo Foods Co. has released their first almond milk. The health food brand has created a milk that contains 9% almonds which has taken the title of nuttiest UHT almond milk available in the UK. Other milk products usually contain around 2 or 3% almonds.

The Paleo Foods Co. is a further development of the company’s intention of creating a new level of premium healthy eating products across a number of different categories. The brand focuses on delivering simple homes and nutritious fare made from a range of high quality grain free products. The business has so far delivered a range of granolas for consumers to enjoy and now a dairy-free milk has been created to enjoy them with.

The new Almond milk developed by The Paleo Foods Co. has delivered to the dairy-free market an almond based product that has a creamy taste that is sought after by those who have made the change from cow’s milk. The new Paleo Foods Almond milk also offer the nutritional benefit of delivering up to five times more protein than other leading almond milks and is also high in monounsaturated fats.

The new Almond milk is expected to have a wide reaching appeal, even with those who don’t have a dairy free lifestyle. In other almond milks on the market consumers have been frustrated with the watery texture as well as the lack of almonds and inclusion of products like stabilizers, emulsifiers and gums. The new Paleo Foods Co. product is almost revolutionary by being created with a simple and nourishing recipe that features almonds and water.

This drink can be used to complement the granolas that have been released by Paleo Foods and can also be put into hot drinks or smoothies as a milk alternative.

The paleo lifestyle focuses on a more primal way of living, where people look to eat the way our ancestors did, meaning simple and natural whole foods. This approach has been developed with the idea that this diet is what the human body is designed to eat.

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Stewart Brewing Launch Special Edition Beers for Edinburgh Oktobeerfest

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Stewart Brewing has announced that in order to celebrate Oktoberfest, they will be releasing a range of limited edition German inspired beers. The popular Scottish craft brewing company will be delivering the taste of Bavaria to Edinburgh and the Oktobeerfest event that will be taking place there on the 15th and the 16th September.

Stewart Brewing has announced a range of German-inspired beers which will include the Weizenbock, a hefty beer packed with aromas of banoffee pie; Raspberry Wheat Beer which is a classic Hefeweizen created with fruit. The beer is tinged pink and has a strong red fruit flavour. Other products included in the limited edition Oktobeerfest beers are the smoky Rauchiber, the more traditional Dusseldorf, toffee and caramel dark malt Altbier. Also available is the Classic Hefewiezen which is a pale and effervescent beer and the Fruited Berlinerweisse, a 3% fruit beer with a sour kick.

In order to enjoy the new range of beers developed by Stewart Brewing, those interested will have to get a hold of a ticket to the Edinburgh Oktobeerfest later this month. The craft brewers have focused on ensuring that there is something for everyone with their new range of special edition beers. No doubt, like other beers produced by Stewart Brewing these new German-inspired offerings will be popular at the Edinburgh event. The Oktobeerfest will be open in the 15th September from 6 pm until 10 pm, and a family friendly event will be help on the 16th September from 12 pm until 8 pm.

Stewart Brewing works hard to make sure that they produce the highest quality beer possible as well as an exceptional level of customer service. The company has recently relocated to a bespoke 50-hectare litre brew plant in order to increase their brewing capacity to match up to the demand for Stewart’s award winning cask ales, bottled beers, cask and keg brews.

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NFU Mutual Food Fraud Report Shows Drop in Consumer Confidence

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A new Food Fraud Report has shown that food confidence in the UK is dropping. With the horse meat scandal of a few years ago and other headlines depicting similar food fraud cases, more and more consumers are unsure of the actual contents of their food, leading them to lose confidence in the food market.

The new report that has been published by NFU Mutual has shown that only 12% of those participating has said that they have confidence in the European food chain. Even more concerning is the 7% of participants who expressed confidence in the global food chain.

Other results have shown that 72% of people feel that there is an issue with incidents of food fraud in the UK. The NFU Mutual Food Fraud Report has been published today and has suggested that Takeaways are the least trusted type of food outlet, with 42% displaying distrust. Takeaways are followed by online outlets, with 21% showing distrust and 16% of people asked distrusted convenience stores.

Research carried out by the hospitality insurer shows that while heading in to Brexit there is a lack of confidence in the European and global food chain. With concerning data collected showing that nearly three quarters of consumers believe that there is an issue with food fraud in the UK and a quarter believing that they have experienced food fraud. This confidence is not helped with the publication of high profile food fraud cases across the media such as the 2013 Horse meat scandal. It has been recorded during NFU Mutual’s report that these cases that reach the media are the main cause for a drop in confidence, with 46% of consumers admitting that their opinions are impacted by them.

Research has shown that the UK food and drink industry could be losing as much as £21 billion each year because of cases of fraud. This loss could be made by products entering the food chain with inaccurate or falsified documentation or as a redirection of waste products back into the supply chain, and the re-dating of stock.

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Frenchie Covent Garden Refreshed

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Husband and wife partnership Gregory and Marie Marchand have been working to upgrade the interiors of their UK restaurant, the Frenchie Covent Garden. The upgrade has been planned with the intention of improving the guests’ experience of the restaurant.

The award-winning restaurant was first launched at the start of 2016 as a sister restaurant, Frenchie Paris, and has experienced a two week refresh in order to offer more comfort for the guests at the restaurant and additional seating. The sister location has been designed by Emilie Bonaventure.

The Henrietta Street location now has a glass screen in their light flooded entrance. This feature has been added in order to protect guests in the restaurant in the colder months by offering more warmth. There is also a pair of high dining table that have been added towards the rear of the restaurant that will offer a more intimate dining option for guests. With the extra seating Frenchie Covent Garden offers the space for ten more diners.

Gregory Marchand is the eponymous ‘Frenchie’ and started his culinary journey by learning to cook at the age of 15 in Nantes, western France.  Gregory first learned to cook in the kitchen of the orphanage where he grew up before beginning his career and working in some of the finest kitchens around the world, including London, Hong Kong and New York.

Gregory’s menu at Frenchie Covent Garden offers a collection of dishes that are simple and yet have an air of sophistication. The menu has roots in French cuisine and has been transformed through the inspiration gained from working around the world. By by making the most of all ingredients, from the simplest to the most luxurious, Gregory and his team worked to produce dishes that surprise and delight guests.

The refreshed and renovated Frenchie Covent Garden will re-open on the 12th September.

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Candice Brown Collaborates with Dalloway Terrace on Afternoon Tea Menu

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Dalloway Terrace has announced that they have launched a new afternoon Tea menu, created in collaboration with Candice Brown. The Author of the ‘Comfort’ cookbook and the winner of The Great British Bake Off 2016. Candice focuses on adding new and modern twists to traditional favourites.

On the 11th of September, Candice will be offering her culinary treats to the Bloomsbury based restaurant. Dalloway Terrace has will be offering a completely exclusive menu that has been developed by Candice which will include Feta & Courgette scone served with Thyme Clotted Cream as well as an Orange & Cardamom Scone. Guests at Dalloway Terrace will also be able to enjoy the range of innovative sweet treats on offer at the restaurant such as Peanut Butter & Jelly Profiteroles and a Lemon, Half Hitch Gin & Poppy Seed Drizzle Cake. Other delights on offer as part of the new Afternoon Tea menu are Chocolate, Mint & Almond Rounds served with Chocolate Ganache as well as Meringue Kisses filled with Cream, Chocolate & Curd.

There is also a selection of savoury bites on offer as part of the Afternoon Tea Menu including Leek & Smoked Haddock Tart with Gruyere Cheese and Chicken & Chorizo with Tarragon Mayonnaise in a granary roll. Other options include Hot Smoked Salmon with Cucumber and Dill Relish on Sourdough and Egg & Bacon Rolls served with Egg Mayonnaise & Dry Cured Streaky Bacon.

This collaboration between Candice and Dalloway Terrace is a great opportunity for Candice to create amazing and elegant dishes to be enjoyed by the public. Available from 12 pm until 4 pm daily at the Bloomsbury Restaurant which has been open since March 2016. Dalloway Terrace is named after the eponymous character created by Virginia Woolf, who has close associations with the area. The restaurant has become a popular London location since its opening last year and offers a breakfast menu and an a la carte menu for guests to enjoy alongside a brunch option at the weekends.

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Birds Eye Sees Growth following Investment

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Popular frozen food company Birds Eye has announced that their portfolio of chicken products has experienced growth or the first time in three years. The recent success is thought to be down to the multimillion pound relaunching campaign which has been carried out by the company in April of this year.

The vital part of the re-launching campaign has been supported by a thorough and integrated communications campaign which featured a redesign of the packaging, TV Coverage and PR. Birds Eye has also committed to their largest ever investment of £7.1 million in digital and influencer marketing systems. This network is Mumsnet and is the largest network designed for parents in the UK. Working with Mumsnet has formed the basis of online communications and was an essential aspect in terms of reassuring parents about the quality and nutrition of the meat in Birds Eye products. It is great news that the company has seen results from the time and money that has been invested into this portfolio.

The main message of this new marketing campaign is that the company’s chicken portfolio is made with 100% chicken breast. The communication of the quality upgrade that has been carried out by Birds Eye has been vital for the increase in product purchases.

Through the collaboration with Mumsnet, Birds Eye has been able to appeal to parents. A number of figures have been released in line with the marketing campaign such as 90% of Mumsnet testers would recommend Birds Eye chicken to a friend, and 93% of Mumsnet testers would buy Birds Eye chicken again. This response to the product is great news for the company and has no doubt had an impact on how many people are purchasing these products.

With this marketing campaign, and the increased growth of the company’s portfolio, Birds Eye appear to have successfully challenged any misconceptions had about frozen chicken products. By working with such a large communication network like Mumsnet, and the awarding of the Mumsnet Rated badge has reaffirmed the company’s reputation and provided a boost to the frozen chicken sector of the food industry.

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