National Burger Day: The Round Up

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National Burger Day is tomorrow and at Feast, we have covered a number of different new and innovative products that have been marketed to celebrate the day. With opportunities to suit everyone, there has been coverage of Jude’s Ice Cream Parlour and their Black Coconut Ice Cream Burger, served with mango and coconut flakes in a black brioche bun, which will be available at The Pear Tree Café; The Gourmet Burger Kitchen’s new Mr. Lava Lava and The Mindful Chef and Hally’s collaboration.

With more options to celebrate National Burger Day on the 24th August across London, here is a quick round-up of some of the favourites.

Señor Ceviche, the Peruvian Restaurants in both Carnaby and Charlotte Street, is known for serving fresh ceviches as well as spicy Peruvian BBQ dishes and a selection of Pisco cocktails to their diners. On order to celebrate National Burger Day, the restaurant will be service a seafood burger, made from tuna and sesame and served in a sweet potato bun with a soft shell crab and spicy truffle aji amarillo mayo.

The Chop House restaurants have announced that they will be celebrating National Burger Day with an equally innovative creation. The Black Boar Burger includes both shoulder and belly meat from wild boar, which is then served with dry cured streaky bacon in a charcoal bun and mixed root crisps. This offering is perfect for meat lovers across London.
The Vurger Co. will be offering a burger for National Burger Day that is perfect for vegans, using the “Power of Plants” to create the Vanilla Black Vurger. Created in collaboration with the Chef Andrew Dargue, this Vurger will use classic favourite Tikka Masala for their patty as well as candied chilli and mint yoghurt in order to deliver a tasty meat free meal. This Vurger will be available at the Pillbox Kitchen for one day only.

Aquavit, the restaurant in St. James’ Market will be using the experience in Nordic cuisine to celebrate National Burger Day with a beef patty served with pickled cucumber, roasted onions, Västerbotten cheese, smoked mayonnaise and a Swedish cream mustard in order to pack the Burger full of Nordic flavour.

The Game Bird will be delivering a more traditional Burger, consisting of an 8oz Beef Burger with Westcombe Cheddar, caramelised onion jam and chips. Other restaurants offering Burgers in London for the National Day ae Dirty Bones, Little Social, Tommi’s Burger Joint, Coq ‘Argent, Plateau, Tom’s Kitchen, Avenue, New Street Grill and Skylon.

For those wanting to celebrate National Burger Day, it would seem that London’s restaurants have something for everyone.

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Mamarosa to Open New Location in Shoreditch

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Shoreditch village has announced that they have signed Mamarosa as they expand their restaurant chain from their first location underneath the well-known 5-star W hotel in Barcelona. This expansion from their pioneering restaurant will be the UK debut for the restaurant.

The Italian Mediterranean fusion restaurant will be located in near to the citizenM boutique hotel. The restaurant will encompass two storeys, and around 1,950 sq. ft. The citizenM hotel is expected to be completed in 2018.

Mamarosa is already a popular location for a host of celebrities including Lewis Hamilton, Eva Mendes, Hugh Grant and Shakira, no doubt the new Shoreditch location will equally as successful. The Mamarosa Shoreditch will be the second restaurant under this brand name, and will be delivered by the Dove Clear Group. The new restaurant has been planned following the success of the Mamarosa Beach location, which first opened in 2011.

This new London location will serve a range of signature dishes to eagerly awaiting diners such as tuna tartar with avocado cream and passion fruit as well as a milanesa of chicken with arugula. The Mamarosa will also be looking for a Head Chef to lead their new London venture, so no doubt we will have news of that appointment soon. The first expansion for the company taking place internationally in to one of London’s coolest neighbourhoods will be an exciting prospect for the restaurant.

The news of this new luxurious restaurant is great news for Shoreditch village, who have been working to create a connected space made up of expanding independent businesses. The Village is a 150,000 sq. ft. mixed use and public realm scheme that has been set up in the centre of London’s E1 area. The scheme will include the new citizenM 216 bedroomed boutique hotel as well as eight luxury apartments, three retail units and the new Mamarosa restaurant building.

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Hughes Develops new State of the Art Mushroom Facility in East Yorkshire

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Hughes, the Northern Ireland business, has been supplying the UK mushroom market for more than 50 years. In order to continue to offer the best produce to their customers, Hughes has announced a new world-class production facility in rural East Yorkshire. This new centre will allow the company to meet the increasing demand for ‘home grown’ mushrooms.

The new East Yorkshire facility sits in an 11-acre site which is located near Howden. This location was specifically chosen in order to take advantage of the strong agricultural heritage in the area’s well as the road connections and close location to the major motorway networks which will allow for an easy and efficient transportation of supplies and produce.

This new production centre is cutting edge in terms of the technology that has been used at the facility. The new Hughes production centre is expected to be operational in September, and the first batch of mushrooms are expected to be harvest later in the same month. This new production facility will create 70 jobs to begin with and it is thought that this will increase to 100 full time roles buy the end of 2017. Hughes’ facility uses a system that is thought to be one of a kind and will significantly change the working conditions for their staff while also improving the cost-effective production of mushrooms for the very highest quality available.

The site also has the title of being one of the most energy efficient mushroom production facilities to be created in the UK and will incorporate a range of industry leading technology in order to deliver quality produce. The technology used will also reduce the waste created in the facility, cut down the road miles and emissions created through the production of the mushrooms. The new technology that is used as a part of the facility means that the mushrooms will require less space than more traditional polytunnel growing methods.

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Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher Publish Foolproof Summer Recipe

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Before the British Summer “officially” ends why not try a new range of barbeque meats. British Summers are thoroughly unpredictable, which is all the more reason to make the most of every ray of sunshine. Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, the online butchers are promoting their amazing range of barbecue meats before they are replaced for the winter.

The butchers have on offer a wide range of barbeque meats including sausages and seasoned chicken and kebabs. Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher works with fully traceable Welsh meat, to guarantee low food miles. Catherine Butler, the owner of the Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher, has published a weather proof recipe of a zingy couscous salad to be served with her popular minted lamb kebabs.

Hugh Phillips Gower Butcher prides themselves on delivering the best quality meat selection via their online shop and their stall which is set up in Swansea Market. The company has created several different varieties of kebab that are perfect for the barbecue, and all of which would be well suited to the couscous recipe that has been published. The recipe is ideal for the upcoming bank holiday and can be made for gatherings that have had to seek shelter indoors if the unpredictable British weather strikes.

For Catherine’s recipe couscous is placed into a large bowl, with 700ml of vegetable stock added. This is covered while the couscous soaks up the stock, and during this time it is time to put the kebabs under the grill to cook for about 15-20 mins until done. After, feta, red onion, yellow pepper, green pepper, cucumber and parsley is chopped and added to the couscous. Next, mix garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper together and stir into the couscous. Serve three kebabs with a helping of the freshly made couscous salad and enjoy.

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen Celebrates National Burger Day

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Gourmet Burger Kitchen has added a spicy new item to their menu in order to celebrate National Burger Day. Mr. Lava Lava has been added to the menu in order to celebrate the national day on the 24th August. The Burger will be available to try at the Gourmet Burger Kitchen from the 23rd of August.

The new menu item has been inspired by spicy Caribbean cuisine, with a 6oz jerk rubbed beef patty, served with Applewood cheese, jalapeno relish, mango slaw and chipotle mayo all layered in a sesame bun. For those wanting to feel the burn with this burger, it is recommended that you cool down after with a mango milkshake, or the Jamaican Lager Red Stripe. The burger is also available as part of a deal with the drink for only £14.95.

Tim Molema is the Head of Food at the Gourmet Burger Company, and has said that the Mr. Lava Lava is the perfect way to celebrate the biggest day in the burger calendar. The burger is the new special on the menu and was also the winner of their in-house 2016 chef competition. The National Burger Day burger on offer at the restaurant delivers an amazing carnival of flavour to celebrate Caribbean flavour on the 24th August.  

The Mr. Lava Lava Burger will be available at Gourmet Burger Company sites across the Uk until the 8th of October. The burger will be available for £9.95. The restaurant brand started in 2001, kickstarting the premium burger trend and delivering a selection of innovative crafted burgers for their diners. The first restaurant was founded in Battersea, South London. Since then the company has used their focus on creating fresh quality burgers to develop and expand across the company. There are now 86 Gourmet Burger Company locations across the country, stretching from Brighton to Edinburgh.

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