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Study finds meat substitutes are often healthier than comparable meat products

By Posted on 5 m read

The report used Netherlands Nutrition Centre criteria to compare 130 vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes with 41 animal reference products

A report released by ProVeg Netherlands on 5 September 2023, titled, “How healthy are meat substitutes? Analysis of the nutritional value of meat substitutes compared to …

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Brussels Sprouts are the nations favourite vegetable!

By Posted on 3 m read
  • Mecca Bingo has conducted a survey [1] to reveal the rankings of Brit’s favourite trimmings for their Christmas dinner, in addition to the cuisines people would prefer over a traditional Christmas meal
  • ‘Christmas dinner’ has shown an 18% upward trend compared to the previous year [2]  …

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The Great British Barbeque – Tips for a Perfect Cookout

By Posted on 8 m read

There’s something special about that distinct barbecue smell on a warm summer evening. A barbecue isn’t just a summer affair though; it’s a year-round celebration of food, friends, and outdoor cooking.

Unfortunately, the British barbeque hasn’t always been a fan favourite. Overcooked meats, dry buns and some soggy lettuce isn’t exactly a culinary …

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You can now get restaurant quality Christmas meats delivered to your door

By Posted on 2 m read

You can now order luxury, restaurant-quality Christmas meats, delivered straight to your door. Traditional London butchers Tom Hixson  of Smithfield have created a high-end Christmas range which is designed to allow Christmas dinner hosts to create quality dishes, that will impress even the most refined palates.

Tom Hixson proudly opened its …

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Expert shares 6 ways to cook up a vegan-friendly Christmas feast

With Christmas festivities in full swing, it seems that many of us are already gearing up for the holiday ahead as #Christmascountdown trends in the UK, acquiring over 38M combined TikTok views*. But before we whip up our classic Christmas recipes – from the traditional roast turkey to …

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How to style creative Christmas tablescapes to impress your guests

By Posted on 2 m read
  • Wren Kitchens has revealed the most on-trend tablescapes perfect for all the Christmas festivities this year
  • Whether you prefer to go all out or something more minimalist, there’s a tablescape to suit everyone’s taste

It’s no surprise that searches for ‘Christmas table setting ideas 2023’ have risen 2,850% in …

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