Barrel & Stone Offered in 14Twelve Brasserie at DoubleTree by Hilton Swindon

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DoubleTree by Hilton have announced that their popular 14Twelve Brasserie has yet another feature to appeal to customers. The Brasserie has announced that they will now offer the Barrel & Stone pizza range. DoubleTree’s 14Twelve is the only restaurant located in Wiltshire to supply this range of products.

Barrel & Stone has developed popularity for their supply of authentic Italian pizzas. It is thought that the brand is fast becoming one of the favourite pizza brands of the UK. Barrel & Stone first began with the simple mission to serve the public with freshly baked, top quality, stone-baked pizzas that deliver an authentic Napoli taste.

Adam Flint is the General Manager of DoubleTree by Hilton in Swindon and has said that the experiences that they have had with their guests and visitors have been considered with this launch, as with all other service decisions. The company are delighted to be able to offer this new range, while being the only restaurant to offer the famous brand to their customers. The chefs at the 14Twelve restaurant have all been trained by Barrel & Stone in order to ensure that the products that they deliver are the amazing artisan pizzas that fans of the brand expect.

This new menu addition is available to locals visiting the restaurant as well as the guests of DoubleTree by Hilton Swindon. Each bite of the pizza is full of old-fashioned Napoli flavours alongside exciting modern twists and trends. This is just one of the announcements made that will help to improve the experience that is offered to all guests. As a part of these changes, the hotel carried out an extensive range of refurbishments for the company’s hotel lobby, guest rooms, meeting spaces and the 14Twelve Brasserie, and launched a Starbucks in the hotel in October. The DoubleTree by Hilton in Swindon is only a short drive from the centre of Swindon and has been enjoyed by guests for a number of years.

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Spirulina: What is it, And What Does it Do?

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Widely known as a nutritional superfood, spirulina is one of the most popular supplements of the last few decades. Rich in protein and micronutrients, spirulina is usually added to smoothies and other shakes for a richer, more nutrient dense diet.

Most spirulina comes in tablet or powder form. Spirulina powder is typically used in smoothies and shakes as an immune system booster and protein source. People that dislike the taste of spirulina often use spirulina tablets as a faster, more convenient alternative to the powder.

What is it that makes spirulina such an incredible superfood? From vitamins to minerals, Omega 3 fatty acids and macronutrients such as protein, spirulina has one of the best nutrient profiles of any naturally occurring food.


What is Spirulina?

Spirulina is a type of algae that grows in tropical lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Widely regarded as one of the oldest life forms still existent on earth, spirulina has been used as a food source for hundreds of years, forming a major part of the Aztec diet until the 16th century.

In a powder form, spirulina has a dark green color. Most of the time, it’s served mixed with water or other drinks to add extra nutritional value.

The spirulina available from health food and supplement stores is dried and crushed into a fine powder, making it easy to mix with liquids. This process makes spirulina more convenient as a food source, but doesn’t negatively impact its nutrient profile.


Spirulina Nutritional Benefits

Spirulina is widely regarded as a “superfood” — a type of food that’s rich in a wide variety of important nutrients. Scientists have identified spirulina as a food source that can boost the immune system, reduce fatigue and increase mental and physical alertness.

The reason for this is that spirulina has one of the best macro and micronutrient profiles of a naturally occurring food. Spirulina is rich in numerous vitamins, minerals and micronutrients, making it an important part of promoting general health and wellbeing.

These micronutrients include vitamins A, E and K, which are all present in significant amounts in spirulina powder and tablets. Spirulina is also a rich source of magnesium, iron and calcium.

As well as having a great micronutrient profile, spirulina has an excellent macronutrient (protein, carbohydrate and fat) profile. Each 100 grams of spirulina contains 24 grams of carbohydrates, seven grams of fat and more than 57 grams of protein.

This means that spirulina powder is, pound for pound, an even greater source of protein than many “high protein” foods such as skinless chicken breast or egg whites. It’s also a complete protein source, meaning it contains all of the essential amino acids for muscle development.

This makes spirulina a great supplement for vegetarians and vegans, who may find it difficult to eat an adequate amount of complete proteins without consuming meat or animal products.

All in all, spirulina is a true superfood, and something that’s definitely worth considering for your diet if you’d like to consume more vitamins, minerals, micronutrients and macronutrients such as protein.


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Company Heritage can be Used as Vital Branding Point

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It is well-known that there is a commercial value to the heritage of a company. Highlighting the heritage of a company can help to increase loyalty as well as attract new consumer at home and overseas. The use of heritage can differentiate a company from their competition. A number of heritage brands have gained success from making the most of their long business history and the assumed inherent Britishness that comes with this.

However, a number of companies who have heritage are failing to exploit it. Unlike Fortnum & Mason, or Berry Brothers, there are dozens of different companies who fail to showcase heritage, failing to take customers on the journey they wish to travel, regardless of the quality or use of the product being advertised.

Heritage brands are sometimes unaware, and often nervous and uncertain of the notion of branding. This reticence means that companies miss out, while at the same time more and more of their competitors can be making the most of the heritage branding available, and seeing the benefits associated. There are a range of different ways that companies can make the most of their heritage branding. This includes preparing a narrative, making the most of their story and highlighting the elements that are most likely to appeal to their audience, whether that is a prestigious customer list or an established year.

Companies are able to establish a heritage with companies that are working to create one as opposed to having a heritage already established. Hendricks gin for example, is offered in an apothecary jar, with Victorian lettering and the statement that the company was established in 1886. However, the company was founded in 1999, by William Grant & Sons, a parent company who was founded in 1886. The branding has been tailored around the earlier date to create heritage. It is also vital that heritage is portrayed in a way that appeals to a contemporary audience.

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Fiume Launching at Battersea Power Station

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The new modern Italian restaurant Fiume has now been launched at Battersea Power Station. The restaurant is the third location to be launched by Francesco Mazzei in partnership with the well-known restaurant chain D&D London.

Fiume, translating to River, is located on the bank of the Thames and has stunning views over the river and a large piazza-style terrace. At this spectacular, modern new restaurant will serve food that celebrates the Mezzogiorno. This region is the southern ‘boot’ of Italy and a special place for Francesco, the Calabrian native. The restaurant intends to evoke a homely atmosphere while serving wholesome, hearty recipes created with fresh, vibrant ingredients from the Mediterranean.

Mezzogiorno is known for having a rich culinary heritage that has been created as a result of encompassing eight distinctive regions, each are available on the menu at Fiume. The restaurant will launch at the beginning of December, with guests invited to join a relaxed and family style weekend brunch as well as an a la carte menu that will be available in a relaxed atmosphere to reflect the Italian way of life. Francesco will oversee the restaurant has Chef Patron, while Head Chef Francesco Chiarelli will be in charge of the day-to-day running of the kitchen. The pair of chefs have worked together for a number of years at L’Anima and Sartoria.

The restaurant also has a striking bar made from flamed black granite and is the focal point of the entire restaurant. The bar will offer classic and contemporary Italian cocktails from the renowned mixologist Simone Caporale. Through the year, Fiume will offer interactive events to be enjoyed by the local community such as wine tasting dinners and exclusive cookery classes with Francesco Mazzei himself. The design of the restaurant was overseen by Macaulay Sinclair and features a range of natural materials such as oak, Carrara marble and stone.

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