Sodo Creates Pizza Celebrating Walthamstow Diversity

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The TV Chef and Polish food ambassador for Great Britain, Damian Wawrzyniak has been working with the London Pizza Restaurant, Sodo, in order to help celebrate diversity in Walthamstow after being asked to create Damian’s perfect slice of pizza using Polish ingredients.

Sodo creates a special eight slice pizza that is made with differentiating and authentic toppings that are representative of the eight largest communities that live in Walthamstow. The largest communities have been selected according to the last census. As a further celebration of diversity, Sodo has formed a partnership with migrant charity, MyLondon in order to source local chefs to create a pizza that can accurately reflect the origins of each local communications. In addition to Chef Wawrzyniak, the Walthamstow pizza has a slice that has been created by chefs from Britain, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Lithuania, Romania and Jamaica.

The Polish slice, created by Chef Wawrzyniak, is based on a traditional Polish village dish called Zapiekanka. This authentic dish consists of a smoked sausage, or Torunska, with salted cucumber, Malosolny, onions, pickled mushrooms and peppers. Damian has expressed his pride for being given the opportunity to represent Poland as well as create one of his favourite traditional dishes in pizza form as part of this fun project.

This innovative project is a great way to celebrate diversity. The idea to create a whole pizza which then consists of the different flavoured slices as a representation of the different cultural influences in the Walthamstow community is ingenius and delicious. The original old English meaning of Walthamstow is Welcome Place and it is great to celebrate the welcoming community with a love for authentic food. The beautifully simple representation of the different components of one community is a great way to celebrate diversity, and welcome the differences brought by different cultures to our society.

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Chef Milon Miah Awarded International Indian Chef of the Year

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Chef Milon Miah has been given an award as part of the prestigious International Indian Chef of the Year Awards. Chef Milon Miah of Spice Island Restaurant was given his accolade by HRH Princess Anne. Chef Milon was named the winner of the coveted International Indian Chef of the Year competitions at an awards ceremony which was held in West London at the ILEC Conference Centre.

HRH Princess Anne is the patron of Columba 1400, and this charity was chosen for the fundraising dinner. The competition was first set up in 1991 by a world-famous chef, restaurateur and entrepreneur, Tommy Miah. Tommy has recently been awarded an MBE for his contribution to the hospitality industry.

The 36-year-old chef Milon Miah has been given this prestigious recognition following success on the TV programme The Chef. During the TV programme, Milon was named as the Curry King of the North East and amazed the judges with his skill. The award of International Chef of the Year is a real achievement for Chef Milon. The competition is known for being the ultimate in the Indian hospitality scene. The chef had to compete with tough competition in order to be named as Indian Chef of the year.

The finals took place of the 2nd October at Billingsgate Seafood Training School in East London. The final required each of the seven finalists to prepare their dishes while being watched closely by the judges who were looking at a range of the cooking process, such as how the areas were managed, the ingredients used and the textures of the ingredients. When the Chefs had run out of cooking time, they had 15 minutes to pack up the creations and transport them to Kings Cross. At the station, the finalists and the judges boarded a train to York for the judging process.

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VisitScotland and NC500 Partnership Announced

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VisitScotland and the North Coast 500 (NC500) has announced the creation of a unique partnership in order to improve the quality and information provided in businesses close to what is referred to as Scotland’s Route 66. The collaboration that has been formed between Visit Scotland and North Coast 500 will mean that the tens and thousands of visitors that travel along the route every year will have better access to information that ever before about what to see and do on their journey.

The agreement between the two organisations means that the 261 businesses that are members of the NC500 destination group will have the opportunity to also become Visit Scotland Information Partners for free. this position as partner will make sure that the companies are properly equipped to advise, inform and inspire visitors from all over the world.

This innovative VisitScotland Information Partnership, or VIP scheme has been designed in order to allow those who are working in the tourism industry the chance to become local ambassadors for their town. This VIP programme was first launched in May 2016 and puts a wealth of knowledge to good use and utilise the wealth and enthusiasm of partners across the country to help visitors make their most of the trip to Scotland.

The scheme is open to all businesses that are Quality Assured as well as community groups, local authority operated library services and social enterprises The national tourism organisation and NC500 have also announced their commitment to working together to boost the quality of business across the 516-mile route that goes through the Highlands. The NC500 was created as part of the North Highland Initiative. This initiative aimed to increase tourism in the North Highlands and create a range of economic opportunities in the area. Research has been carried out by the University of Glasgow Training and Employment Research Unit shows that the route attracted approximately 29,000 additional visitors to the area as well an additional spend of around £9 million in its first year.

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Spookily Exciting Halloween Events in London

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With Halloween fast approaching, Bars and Restaurants across London have been advertising a range of weird and wonderful events to celebrate the haunted holiday.

At Bunga Bunga Covent Garden on Friday the 27th and Saturday the 28th of October, The Don and all his mobsters will be celebrating on the rooftop location. The guests will enter through a hidden bat cave which will be filled with surprises, before heading downstairs for a complimentary Black Bacardi Daiquiri. The Bar will also offer a range of entertainment with the Halloween Variety Show special. Guests are in for a fully immersive, interactive evening.

Bart’s at Chelsea Cloisters will be holding the Spookeasy. Behind the hidden black door located in the corridors of the Cloisters, Uncle Bart’s Spookeasy will offer a little party that may not have ever killed anybody, but is sure to offer a spectacular evening. Guests are invited to dress to impress and avoid anything that may go bump in the night.

Mr. Fogg’s Tavern is inviting guest on All Hallow’s Eve on Saturday the 28th October. Guests are able to enter the scientific genius’ Tavern & Gin Parlour to try a variety of bubbling potions, motions and smoking pots while also experimenting with bubbles from Veuve Clicquot and Belvedere cocktail flavours.

While Bunga Bunga in Covent Garden offers a spooktacular Variety show, Bunga Bunga in Battersea will be offering be hosting a Monster Mash on the 26th October. The Rockaoke special will invite guests to sing along their creepiest tunes. On the Friday evening the Battersea location will see The Return of Dead Elvis sure to be a thriller of an evening. On Saturday the 28th October, guests at Bunga Bunga Battersea will be able to enjoy a haunted house experience.

Maggie’s on Fulham Road will be holding a classic 80’s Creep Show, with frights and face paint available to enjoy Halloween. Cahoots on Kingley Road will allow guests to descend onto a haunted platform hidden under Kingly Court in order to meet the spookiest characters of Halloween’s past.

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