Stoats Increase Distribution at Sainsbury’s

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Stoats, the Scottish oats company revealed at the beginning of this week that they have expanded the distribution that has been agreed with Sainsbury’s. The oats company has secured three UK listing with the major retailer for the Multipacks for their Porridge Oat Bars.

The new listings have been agreed on from two years of brand growth in the Scottish stores of Sainsbury’s. The new agreement will see three varieties of the best-selling Porridge Oat Bars increase their distribution to 292 stores across the UK. The Managing Director of Stoats, Tony Stone, has suggested that their proven track record of sales with Sainsbury’s shoppers makes the supermarket the ideal partner to expand their distribution with.

The Stoats Porridge Oat Bars has the highest repeat purchase rate in their brand category. Because of this, the Porridge Bars are clearly a product that sells, meaning that it is an obvious business move for the company to expand their availability, allowing even more customers the opportunity to try the Stoats Porridge Oat Bars.

It is a great opportunity for the Scottish oats company to sell their product range in even more Sainsbury’s stores across the UK. The bars are a delicious addition to the weekly family shop and appeal to shoppers who are on the lookout for premium products that have been made with natural ingredients as well as offering the customer a convenient to eat product that can slot into a busy lifestyle.

Lydia Atkinson, the Buyer for Impulse – Confectionary at Sainsbury’s Supermarkets Ltd has expressed her excitement on behalf of the supermarket to increase the distribution of the Porridge Bars so that more Sainsbury’s customers can enjoy the range of Stoats Porridge Bars.

The Multipacks of the Stoats products offer four 50g Porridge Oat Bars in a range of flavours. These different flavours are Stoats Blueberry & Honey, Stoats Raspberry & Honey, and Stoats Orange & Dark Chocolate Porridge Oat Bars. The new range will be available across 292 Sainsbury’s stores from the 8th October.

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Geneva Named as Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2017

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Geneva has been voted as the Europe’s Leading City Break Destination for the third time. This accolade has been bestowed as part of the World Travel Awards 2017. The awards event was held in St. Petersburg, and Geneva has been referred to as the Oscars of the tourism industry.

Geneva has a range of different activities, with something for everyone to enjoy. The city offers a range of natural attractions as well as digital expertise that has allowed the city to stand out as a City Break destination.

The city has managed to achieve this hatrick over the course of four years and has managed to successfully beat Paris, London and Venice in 2014 and 2015 in order to take the title. Geneva is a tour de force and has demonstrated their ability this year by successfully beating off strong competition to take the award. Geneva has also succeeded against other popular short break cities such as Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Rome. Geneva took the title with an overwhelming majority of online votes.

There is a strong potential growth in this short break sector and the Geneva Tourism team have been working to make sure that Geneva has remained a dominant force. The latest award from the World Travel Awards as it is a representation of all of the hard work put into promoting the city and providing everything necessary to attract tourists looking for a short break in Europe.

Geneva Tourism has been working for a number of years to implement and promote a range of ground-breaking products that have been tailored to meet the expectations and requirements of city breakers. As a part of this Geneva Tourism has developed a knowledge and expertise in digital technology in order to push forward their marketing strategy. The tourism organisation has also made sure that special attention is paid to welcoming European visitors using the most up to date digital expertise which have helped Geneva to stand out and be named as Europe’s Leading City Break Destination 2017.

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7Bone Burger Co. Launching Online Ordering Platform

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7Bone Burger Co. is an American-style restaurant that encourages their customers to ‘Talk Dirty with Us’. The company has recently launched a new online platform that can be used by customers for click and collect ordering. The platform that has been launched by 7Bone has been created with the support of Preoday.

The new platform will initially be rolled out for use by customers at the restaurant’s Reading branch. This new development will allow customers to order online through the company’s website. Following the successful introduction of the platform at this branch the team will then look into extending this service to other branches, with the future possibility of launching a complimentary pre-ordering mobile app across their branches.

7Bone Burger Co. founders in Southampton took part in the BBC television programme, The Restaurant Man. The founders of the company, Matt and Rich understood that they had a popular idea, and used their passion for great burgers and American food in order to develop. The duo understand that the service and operations are just as vital for the success of a restaurant as the taste of the products. The founders work hard to make sure all aspects of the business operate at optimal levels, making sure that their restaurant experience is excellent for their customers.

This determination to succeed and positive attitude has been beneficial for the development of the company. In order to keep up with the constantly evolving restaurant industry while also offering great customer value, the new online platform will provide an opportunity for restaurants to appeal to more tech savvy customers while also offering a convenient ordering solution.

It is important that 7Bone develops a building knowledge of their customers in order to fulfill their requirements and succeed. The business is achieving this ambition through the implementation of this new modern online ordering platform and possible app. Preoday also offer the opportunity to obtain the necessary information to keep customer satisfaction as high as possible.

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