Rpa:group Lead Designer and Contract Administrator for new KFC Store Design

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The Global Architecture, design and project management consultants have announced that they have been working alongside popular fast food chain KFC in order to complete the brand’s new concept. The new design for the chicken chain’s stores will be rolled out across the 890 stores throughout the UK.

For this project, rpa:group were selected to act as lead designer and contract administrator. The new designs for the KFC stores have been created by KFC’s in-house design team. It is hoped that the new concept will help the company to modernise. The new interiors have been created to offer an informal yet stylish feel across the 890 stores.

Rpa:group has worked with a number of high profile companies such as Tommy Hilfiger, with a team of more than 60 professionals working for the company to ensure that the solution created is stylish, modern and to requirements. The company offers solutions in built environments across the UK and around the worked, with operating offices in the UK, Spain, Poland and India. The company has also worked to create the seventh UK branch of the Hummingbird Bakery, which has recently opened in Guildford, Surrey.

The newly revitalised locations will include butchers block and timber plank kitchen tables as well as low hanging copper lighting in their new on-trend store designs. The design also features exposed ceilings and textured brick effect walls. KFC stores will also feature photographs and illustrations on display from commissioned artists.

In the past, KFC had a strong use of red across their store, now the logo colour will be used as an accent. Other features of the new store concept will be an open plan kitchen, allowing customers to see their food being prepared in front of them. The latest KFC chain to receive the makeover is Exmouth in Devon.

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Iceland Launch New Premium Frozen Fish and Seafood Products

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Popular frozen food supermarket, Ice land has recently launched a new range of seafood products and an accompanying advertising campaign. The company have focused on trying to promote the benefits of buying frozen fish as well as educating their customers about the benefits of the product.

The focus on promoting frozen fish has led to the company expanding their already market leading frozen fish and seafood ranges in order to make sure that their customers have the best selection possible. The ad campaign focuses on the high quality of the supermarket’s range of seafood, with links to professional Chefs using the products. This new campaign and extension of their range aims to cater for the increasing trend of premiumisation, or looking for more affordable ways to enjoy luxury products. The Iceland seafood range now includes Rainbow Trout Fillets, Salt Baked Sea Bass, Luxury Hand Filleted Tuna Steaks and Sugo Gamberi which is Argentinian prawns cooked in a fiery tomato sauce.

The new products on offer for customers at Ice land all maintain the company’s promise to offer sustainable and responsibly sourced fish and ensures that the popular frozen food supermarket keeps their leading position as the UK’s number one supermarket for frozen fish.

Iceland has also pledged to SeaKind®, which is a commitment to being transparent with their product sourcing. The company is dedicated to making sure that the products that they offer do not harm the environment or any other species in order to make sure that the fish stock and future supply of fish is safeguarded. Increasing their frozen fish and frozen seafood range allows Iceland to prove their commitment to offering their customers new and exciting products that are of a high quality, all the while showcasing the benefits offered by frozen fish in terms of freshness, convenience, a reduction of waste and great value.

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Majestic Wine Use Simulation for Supply Chain Training

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Majestic Wine, known for being the largest specialist wine retailer in the UK revealed that they have adopted a unique training process by using a supply chain simulation game. This training took place in order to ensure that the team are prepared for the day-to day challenges that are involved with delivering an extremely high level of customer service. The software for the simulation game has been supplied to the wine distribution company by Supply Chain in Essex.

The Beer Game, or beer distribution game has created originally in the 1960’s by Jay Forrester, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT. The game was first created by Jay as a way of working on his system dynamics. The game consists of competitive roleplay simulations that will allow the participants, in this case, the staff at Majestic Wine, to experience a range of potential problems that can occur in traditional supply chains, The game illustrates how important coordination is right across the supply chain.

Each of the Majestic Wine groups that took part in the simulation had control over a single area of the supply chain, although they could influence the entire chain by ordering too much or too little. Similar to real life supply chains, each area of the supply chain is influenced by the decisions made by another.

This innovative training technique is still educational while offering an alternative approach to training. The company have been working with the Supply Chain Academy in order to create a simulation that is bespoke to Majestic Wine which helped to educate their employees and show them what happens at each stage of the supply chain. The beer game simulation offers people experience in different functional areas, whether that is manufacturing, sales, marketing, finance, customer service, procurement, warehouse and distribution. A greater knowledge of these areas will allow the team at Majestic Wine to continue to deliver a high quality of service.

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BRITA Vivreau Special Offer at The Restaurant Show in October

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BRITA Vivreau, the global manufacturing company for sustainable drinking water solutions. The company will be presenting their award winning range of products at The Restaurant Show. This event will be taking place at between the 2nd and the 4th of October at London Olympia.

Visitors to BRITA’s stand, UM71, will have the opportunity to take advantage of a special promotion. BRITA Vivreau will be offering up to £750 worth of free products alongside the purchase of the Table Water Bottling System or the ViTaps Plus. Included with these systems will be free reusable Designer Glass Bottles as well as free design, artwork and dishwasher tray.

The company initially conceived their BRITA Vivreau Table Water Bottling System 28 years ago, with the intention for changing the way that drinking water was gained and served in restaurants around the world. The company have found that purifying the water in house means that restaurant managers can remove the need for pre-bottled water, which can then lead to the reduction of water miles for getting the water delivered as well as the time and space that is needed to order and store the bottles. Using an in-house filtration system will also lead to a reduction in waste that is created by the restaurant.

The BRITA Vivreau Table Water Bottling System and ViTaps are the perfect system for restaurants use and is an obvious system for restaurant managers to use while looking for different ways to reduce their carbon footprint and also deliver a high quality product to their guests. The BRITA Vivreau systems are currently installed in thousands of restaurant around the globe. Among these restaurants is Galvin La Chapelle in London, a Michelin starred restaurant managed by Antonio D’Agostino, who has said that the premium water solution is perfect for the premium restaurant.

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Kitchen CUT Named as 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions Provider

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Kitchen CUT has been named amongst the 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions Providers. The accolade has been awarded to the company by CIO Review Magazine, who had a review selection panel compare a large number of different travel and hospitality solution providers in order to find the 20 most promising and helpful solutions.

The CIO panel based their decision on the technology solutions providers’ ability to assist CIO and enterprise holders in order to work through the challenges that are faced in the sector. The providers are also assessed by the help offered to businesses looking for the perfect travel and hospitality solution.

Kitchen CUT was seen as a strong contender for the 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions Providers due to their ability to deliver tight controls and an effective back-office management solution perfect for chefs who are time-poor. It is better for chef to focus on creating and delivering amazing dishes to their guests as opposed to spending time on excess admin. The industry has seen a great deal of technology which is perfect for use by front of house such as payment systems, loyalty programs, CRM, customer ordering and much more. The Kitchen CUT systems offers the same level of technological innovation to the benefit of back-office.

It is thought that Kitchen CUT will see a great deal of benefit from being named on this CIO Review list, as there will be an opportunity to promote their solutions to the hospitality and travel industry. The solution that is offered by Kitchen CUT can reduce the amount of time a chef spends on admin by around 30%. This offers the chef more time to develop new and innovative recipes that will keep diners coming back for more, as well as time to interact with customers and more effectively manage their team in the kitchen.

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