Marriott International Inc Announced Their Partnership With Ian Schrager

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Marriott International inc. has announced that through their partnership with Ian Schrager, the creation of two separate agreements. The agreements have been made with Mori Trust Co. Ltd and is known for being the largest owner and franchisee of the Marriott International name in Japan.

The agreements are for the the creation of The Tokyo EDITION, Ginza and The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon. These two new locations are expected to be completed and open by 2020 and will offer a unique luxury lifestyle hotel. These two new agreements that have taken place between Marriott, Ian Schrager and Mori Trust will lead to the creation and opening of the first EDITION hotels in Japan.

Marriott’s EDITION hotels are a selection of locations that offer unique features in order to get away from the mass produced hotel chain and add a hint of luxury and exclusivity to the hotel guest’s experience. Each of the EDITION properties that have been created are unique while still offering the best quality of dining and entertainment possible as well as a high standard of service and amenities on offer for guests.

EDITION is a project that was thought of by Ian Schrager as part of his partnership with Marriott International. Ian wanted to create hotels that offer personal and intimate experiences, common in Ian’s work, while also being available internationally, achieved through the reach of the well known Marriott hotel brand.

Tokyo was pinpointed as a great location for EDITION hotels because of the appeal of the cultural and social variety available for tourists and visitors who are looking to have the best possible experience during their time. The two new planned hotels will be ideal for attracting more people from around the world. The two new sites are also expected to be open ahead of the Tokyo Olympic games in 2020, for those wanting to enjoy the sporting spectacle while staying in a luxurious and unique hotel.

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Coya Angel Court Opened Last Mouth

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Coya Angel Court opened last month a short distance away from Bank tube station in London. In order to inject some Latin American culture into the London nightlife, the popular bar and restaurant has formed a partnership with Bacardi in order to offer a an exclusive pairing menu featuring a range of cocktails and Peruvian food. This experience is available only at the Rum Round Table at the Coya Angel Court.

The special table is open for reservation from six guests and while enjoying their time and the beautifully carved table, they will be treated to a tasting menu that has been designed from Coya’s tasty dishes that have been created by Sanjay Dwivedi, the Executive Chef. Each course of the tasting menu will be paired up with a complimenting cocktail that has been created with Bacardi Carta Blanca or the 8 year old Bacardi Carta Ocho.

Especially notable parts of this luxurious experience are the Valle de Pisco, which is a twist on the more classical Pisco Sour and has been made using Bacardi Carta Blanca, egg white, lemon juice, lychee juice, peach puree and Pisco Quebranta. This cocktail will be on offer alongside Peruvian delights such as the Calamares Frites con Octopa and the Gambs Anticucho.

This decadent experience at the Coya Angel Court first launched on the 10th of July. For those looking to enjoy the Latin American restaurant group’s food, atmosphere and service, the 170 cover Angel Court restaurant and bar is also available. The restaurant was designed by the London based firm Sagrada, who also designs all of the Coya venues globally.  

Coya the restaurant brand is known for being able to infuse Latin American culture and atmosphere into their locations as they merge in art, music and culture to their restaurants and bars. The company has a specialist art collective that frequalty holds programmes and pop-up exhibitions in order to bring more art and culture into their sites.

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Bmi Regional Revealed Their Intention to Appeal to Group Bookings

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The airline, bmi regional, has revealed their intention to appeal to group bookings by offering travellers a range of simple and flexible travel incentives that will hopefully mean that group bookings re more personalised and efficient and convenient to book from the start of the process.

As part of the campaign to attract more group bookings to fly with bmi regional, the airline has released a list of benefits for choosing them. These benefits include a dedicated person that will act as a group handler, a point of contact that will be available or contact every day in order to make sure the booking process is carried out efficiently from the beginning. The airline also offer the option of a small deposit, with the full payment for the transport require six weeks before departure. On top of this the final names for the booking are only required two working days before the trip, allowing for unforeseen circumstances, dropping out and replacements. Another perk that has been advertised by bmi, in direct contrast to some other budget airlines there is a free seat choice, with people not having to pay to choose their seats. The final benefit of group travel with bmi regional is a flexible payment option, that allows for card payments or bank transfers.

The group booking service is offered by bmi regional to customers booking 10 or more satch for either a single or return flight. Bmi’s smaller aircraft could also appeal to groups by offering them a more private feel during their journey. The airline offers competitive flight prices and also allows for 23kg of hold baggage.

The group booking service is known to be popular with businesses and sports teams. Customers have been known to repeatedly use this service because of their high quality customer service and assistance that is offered to groups. The airline has also expanded recently, with the last 18 months seeing a considerable level of expansion of their services across Europe with the appeal of flights to more unique destinations for groups looking to travel somewhere a bit different.

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Beer Festival Hosted by the Woodman Inn in Durham is Returning

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The Beer Festival hosted by the Woodman Inn in Durham is returning again this year. The popular festival will hopefully be expanding on the success that they experience in 2016 where it is thought that 500 locals from the area attended the festival. The event celebrates real ale, and the visitors will have the opportunity of trying more than 30 different types of real ale and cider.

The licensees of the Woodman Inn, Sean and Jane Quilty will be bringing the festival back by popular demand. The event will be held in the Beer Garden of the Inn and will take place on from Friday the 14th July to Monday the 17th July. The festival is free for those who are wanting to attend and hopefully this festival will be even more successful than last year.

Entertainment at the festival includes folk music and karaoke as well as a performance by the disco and Rock band Tainted Rose. Also on offer this year will be an offering of speciality sausages, put on to the menu as part of the Beer and Bangers 2017 theme of the Festival. The Sausages for the event will be made by a local company Tyne Valley Quality Meats, a company that operates from Wylam.

There will be exclusive Durham CAMRA ½ pint glasses for sale as well as t-shirts that have been printed especially for the event.

The festival has been sponsored by a range of different local and nationwide companies. Among these sponsors of the Beer Festival at the Woodman Inn is the community pub operator Admiral Taverns. Admiral is the operator for the Durham Pub and is showing their support through sponsorship. Other sponsors of the event include Durham CAMRA, Maxim Brewery from Houghton Le Spring & Marston’s Brewery. With all of this support the Beer and Bangers Festival this year will no doubt be a success.

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D&D London Announced That They Will be Launching a New Food Initiative

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D&D London, the group of luxury restaurants, bars and hotels that are located predominantly in London has announced that they will be launching a new food initiative for their Chop House chain of restaurants in London. D&D was founded by Des Gunewardena and David Loewi in 2006. Since then the brand has expanded and has venues around London as well as in Paris, New York and Tokyo. The restaurant chain also created and owned The Great Eastern Hotel, until 2006 when it was sold to Hyatt Hotels and was rebranded as the Andaz.

The three restaurants involved in this new launch are the Moorgate’s South Place Chop House, Shad Thames’ Butlers Wharf Chop House, and the Paternoster Chop House which is located next to St Paul’s Cathedral in on Paternoster Row in central London.

The Chop House chain of restaurants have announced that they will be launching a Coast to Coast menu in order to celebrate the summer. Throughout the course of July, the restaurants will offer a limited edition menu that will feature lighter fish and seafood menu. This Coast to Coast menu will be on offer alongside the regular Chop House menu.

In order to ensure the best quality of fish for the Restaurants’ summery menu, the fish will be supplied by Flying Fish. The seafood supplier has won a number of awards and is also known for being a sustainable supplier of fish and seafood.  

On the new light summery menu throughout July are Cornish Mussels with smoked bacon and Somerset cider, Scottish hand-dived scallops served with Chop House butter and samphire as well as Grilled Isle of Gingha halibut with tartare hollandaise. There will also be a fish of the day option. The produce has been chosen in order to celebrate british ingredients and will be prepared and cooked in traditional ways.

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Partnership Between Princes and Crown Food Europe Called Love Canned Food

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This month has seen the start of a partnership between Princes and Crown Food Europe called Love Canned Food. The scheme that has been created between the two companies focuses on showcasing the positive benefits of canned food with a view to increasing the number of sales.  

The project will be trying to put across the advantages of buying canned food, including the quality of the product, the taste, value, convenience and sustainability. It is also hoped that this partnership will help to dispel any myths that surround canned food in order to encourage more people to buy the products. Among the myths that will be addressed as part of the project such as that canned food uses loads of preservatives.

The Love Canned Food project will be carried out across a range of multi-channel communications. This means that the campaign will include digital marketing, a consumer website, work from a recipe developer, PR and influencer engagements as well as using social medial.

To UK retailers it is thought that the canned food industry is worth around £2.2 billion. Research has also shown that 1.24 million kilograms of canned food are bought each year in the UK. Despite these amazing figures the industry has had to overcome a great many challenges over recent years. It is thought that more than 99% of households buy canned food each year and the category offers a great quality product that is value for money. With almost everyone using canned food, it is still a relevant purchase option for many consumers. However the younger consumers in the market are not as aware of the benefits of using canned food and could also have misconceptions over the quality other product and the taste.

Love Canned Food hopes to challenge the misconceptions about the nutritional value, quality and taste for canned products, with the younger consumers being the main target of the communication set up by the campaign.

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