Skylon Announced That They Are Releasing a New Menu

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Skylon is a restaurant which is located in the Southbank Centre. The British restaurant, bar and Grill has announced that they will be releasing a new menu later this month. The new menu ha been designed by the Executive Chef Kim Woodward. It is thought that the dishes will look to celebrate the high standard of seasonal ingredients that are on offer as well as showcasing the exceptional cookery skills of Kim. This new menu and the skill involved in the dishes supports her place as London’s top chefs.

Kim has started working at Skylon after working from the Savoy Grill. In her previous position she had the accolade of being the first female Head Chef throughout the restaurant’s 126-year history. Kim has also had the experience of working as part of the Gordon Ramsay group ten years before. Kim is well known for being the UK’s best chefs down to her appearances on a number of different television programmes such a Saturday Kitchen. Kim Woodward has also been seen to compete on the BBC’s Great British Menu as well as being a mentor on the ITV programme Yes Chef.

The new menu that will be released at Skylon on the 26th June has been designed in order to be led mainly by the ingredients. Diners will have the opportunity to enjoy expertly quality food. The menu will focus on enhancing each flavour of the ingredients used throughout the menu. It is thought that on top of the menu change, the Skylon has had their interiors refreshed in order to establish the new phase for the restaurant. Skylon is perfectly located on the riverside to appeal to those who are going to the Theatres in London as well as the weekend crowds on the Southbank. Hopefully this new phase for the restaurant will be as successful under Kim’s influence.

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Fleet Street Announced As Home For a Hidden Bar

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Fleet Street has just been announced as home for a hidden bar. This location is expected to take back the Irish and Scottish coast in order to name it as the true home of whisky. Merchant House of Fleet Street is a bar that has more than 500 different whiskies on offer and the bar is said to dispel any preconceived opinions about whisky. The bar looks to offer a range of different cocktails that have fresh and floral flavours. These beverages will be served to guests in a light and modern space.

The bar looks to offer a new way of trying drinks, with the menu looking to celebrate the spirit and the unique flavours that are in each bottle of Whiskey. Merchant House of Fleet Street is the second bar that has been opened by the successful Merchant House Group. The Bar was first created by Nate Brown and Lewis Hayes, who also happen to be the co-founders of The London Bar Consultants Ltd. The duo’s consultancy firm is a new concept and the company looks to educate members of the hospitality industry in order to provide a sense of empowerment.

The bar is located down a private street new St. Paul’s Cathedral and it is thought that guests into the bar will be transported on a journey through the history of Whiskey while also offering a new modern twist to the beverage. Merchant House on Feet Street has been designed to have a relaxed atmosphere as well as to combine elements of the outside by incorporating lush planting into the decoration of the bar. The space is also filled with different items of bric-a-brac which are dotted amongst the shelves of the spirit bottles. There will also be masterclasses put on for those who are interested in attending which will allow guests the opportunity to sample five different whiskeys, which includes one of the company’s rarer bottles.

Hopefully the bar will prove to be a successful addition to the Merchant House Group as they try to reinvent an old classic spirit.

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5 Websites That Allow You to Spend Less While Shopping Online

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Online shopping is a very pleasant activity and at the same time is very controversial. On the one hand, it is very convenient. It is available anytime, anywhere and the choice is much wider than in the mall.

The money options like small loans at allow anybody to buy online immediately even if they do not have money at the moment.

However, keep in mind that there are a lot of tricks to make people spend more on the Internet. If you do not like to overpay and waste your money on things you do not really need, check these websites and purchase wisely.

1. SlickDeals

There are a lot of websites that help to save money while shopping online but not all of them are reliable. Sometimes deals do not work or do not last too long. It might be misleading. That helps SlickDeal to stay number one deal-hunting website as it is absolutely secure and trustworthy.

The deals are posted by members and other people estimate if they are really worth your attention. After voting the best offers go to the websites front page. All you need to do is to check the website from time to time in order not to miss a good offer.

2. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot is a website that offers a variety of promo codes and coupon codes that can be used on retail sites to save your money. The discount depends on your luck but in most cases, it is possible to find a great deal. Some codes also include free shipping.

There are other offers on this website like cash back service and gift cards but the codes checkout is still the best one. Using these promo codes before submitting your order can make the items you buy much more affordable.

3. Groupon

Groupon is a great tool for saving money on online shopping but it is important to know how to use it right. The thing that you should pay your attention to is the Clearance section. There you can find a lot of good items with a lower cost. The discounts might be up to 60% off. It is also another source of coupon codes. If you did not come across a good offer on RetailMeNot you can find it here.

You may come across some negative feedbacks on Groupon stating that some deals are fraudulent and deceptive. Experiences might be different but if you are careful you will have only pleasant ones.

4. CamelCamelCamel

CamelCamelCamel is a great website for Amazon fans who do not want to overpay. The service has two useful functions. The first one allows us to see the price history of any product. You will find out if it is the best time to buy this thing or you should wait for a better deal.

The second feature is the price drop alerts that will be sent to your email. Once the price falls, you will know about it immediately. It can be done with any item you are interested in.

5. BizRate

The best deals are not always posted on the popular website. They might be found on sources you have never heard about before. There is no need to check all the possible retail websites on the internet to find a good price because BizRate can do it for you.

A simple search will show you the price difference on different sources and you can make your choice. BizRate is not the only website that offers price comparison but it is one of the best services in this category and is very convenient to use.

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