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What Makes Egypt One of the World’s Top Tourist Destinations?

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Egypt is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It attracted more than 9 million visitors in 2018, and its most successful year was in 2010 when 15 million made the trip there. Tourism is a hugely important contributor to the economy in the country, and visitors are well catered for. Egypt …

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Why You Should Add Singapore to your travel bucket list

In a time of worldwide uncertainty, travel may very well be the last (or very first) thing on our minds. However, flights are still being booked well in advance, and some will offer ‘Covid cover’ as an insurance policy that protects against cancellations due to travel restrictions.

In 2021, why not …

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How you can get job in Hotel? Requirement designed by Graham Shear

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The hotel industry is one of the oldest in history and, without a doubt, one of the future powers.

Currently, tourism and hospitality is the sector that is growing the most. Thus, do not be left behind and know all the opportunities offered by one of its largest divisions, the hotel industry.

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Kuala Lumpur as a Family: The Best Places to Go

When you are travelling anywhere as a family it’s not just about ensuring the kids are happy but it’s about making sure that everybody has a great experience. And this is harder than you think. But from the perspective of any parent, fun should be the overriding goal. But when you are travelling …

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7 Things That Will Save Hassle On Your Next Weekend Break

If you’re planning on taking a weekend break sometime soon, there are a few things you could do that will potentially save you a lot of hassle. You don’t have long to enjoy your trip, so making sure you maximize your time and find ways to save hassle is key. Read on for 7 things …

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Exploring the UK on Foot

Given that international travel isn’t quite as attractive a prospect as it was last year, British tourists have been taking the opportunity to explore the country on foot. Walking holidays in the UK provide a chance to get some exercise, to see remote parts of the country that aren’t otherwise accessible, and to …

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