National Homemade Bread Day

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On the 17th November, it is Homemade Bread Day. In order to celebrate and perhaps encourage you to get cooking, here are a number of cooking (or eating) tips to celebrate this simple product.

Masterminds Nathan Myhrvold and Francisco Migoya released last week their latest book. Created with the scientific team behind the sell-out trilogy Modernist Cuisine, this new book, Modernist Bread; The Art and Science is a 5-volume encyclopaedia which has been crammed full of 2,642 pages of research into bread. With stunning photos and more than 1,500 delicious recipes and amazing experiments, the publication covers all things associated with bread. This is the perfect resource for budding bread enthusiasts, offering everything you could possible think to ask about bread in one collection.

Also, the award-winning baker, chef and author, Richard Bertinet celebrates bread all year round. With his four books on baking, which have become modern cooking bibles and The Bertinet Kitchen offering the go-to options for novices and bread-enthusiasts alike. The Bertinet Bakery has an existing artisan range that includes 5 flavours. All of these products are available in Waitrose stores throughout the UK. The range has something for each and every bread lover and includes a Classic Sourdough, Malted Wheat Sourdough, a White Sourdough speckled with Green Olives and the Cheddar, Onion and Cumin Loaf.

For those more interested in eating bread that making it, Daisy Green Collection is on hand with avocado on Charcoal, which is charcoal bread with avocado, labne, orange dukkah and a free range poached egg delivered by the award-winning restaurant group. This beautifully simple dish is available at seven of the different Daisy Green, Timmy Green and Beany Green locations around London.

Another option is Theo Randall at the InterContinental, who works to bake some of the most amazing focaccia and sourdough bread each and every day. The bread at the Intercontinental is served alongside simple and rustic Italian dishes that are unfussy and delicious for it.

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sipp Launches new AR Subscription Service

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Sipp, founded by Moez Seraly has looked to merge his lifelong passion for wine with a carefully selected group of winemakers from around the world in order to make wine more accessible for everyone.

The company has launched the world’s first AR wine club. Called the sippCLUB, members will be able to enjoy a specially crafted sippBOX which will contain three different award-winning, exclusive bottles of winemaker sources wine. The selection will be delivered to the members when they want, for a subscription of £29 a month.

This service can be enhanced further with the use of the sippCLUB AR smartphone app which offers all of the information that a personal sommelier would in an easy to navigate handy app. The company has been founded by people who care about wine, for people who care about wine or want to learn more. The AR in the app interacts with the labels on the sippCLUB wines in order to deliver a chateaux’s worth of wine knowledge to life. With recommendations about the serving temperature, tasting guides and no-fuss food suggestions. The technology available allows people to pair meals and wine in seconds without a PhD.

It is thought that Millennials drink more wine that any previous generation, and because of this they deserve more from the wine industry. As the wine industry hasn’t changed essential for hundreds of years, there is a mountain of opportunities to integrate the latest technology into this sector. In the UK it is thought that £11 billion was spent annually on wine, but only 10% of these transactions occurred online, this is below the 27% of transitions seen in the wider retail industry. The purpose of sipp is to give millennials the wine experience that the want, which is great wines at a great prices and access to the information that can bring the beverage to live with the app.

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Squire Hotels Offers Christmas Party Planning Tips

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Squire Hotels Group has released a number of top Christmas tips, and the ways in which businesses can throw a successful corporate Christmas party. With the festive season fast approaching now, and turkey and tinsel set to be everywhere soon, some people feel that there is nothing more exciting that the company Christmas party. However, this prospect for the person organising the party can be quite daunting. Daniel Cowburn, the Sales Office Manager for the independent hotel group has made a list of all of his top tips for helping the office party the true highlight of the year.

The first important part of getting the office Christmas Party right is to make sure that people come. Although it is the most wonderful time of the year, Christmas is also very busy, with plans stacking up very quickly. Therefore, book the day and ensure that no-one has to miss out on the festive fun. Secondly, ensure that you are aware of the budget for the event, which will have a significant impact on the type of Christmas party that can be organised. Options for this include joining a prearranged Christmas party and then sharing the festivities with other party goers, or hiring your own private space and work alongside an events management team in order to come up with a theme that suits your business. Some party packages are all inclusive, which can be a massive help for keeping the costs down.

The next this to consider is the venue. It is essential that for those planning their Christmas party the event space is nailed down early, as event space goes quickly. It is also important to make sure that the events management team at the venue are efficient and prepared to access the best suppliers available to suit your business’ needs. Following on from this, the food is an essential part of the Christmas party, and it is important to choose a venue that has the right reputation for the quality of food and service on offer. Entertainment is also a vital part of the event, as it can make or break the atmosphere. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the entertainment suits the party guests. Finally, if the venue you’ve selected if further afield, it may be considerate to look at options for accommodation, and ensuring that the venue is accessible for everyone when it comes to getting home.

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