Dichomatik UK Named as Exclusive Food and Drink Sector Sealant Provider for Freudenberg

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Dichtomatik UK Ltd has revealed that they have become an exclusive local provider for Freudenberg Sealing Technologies’ food and beverage sector in the UK. Freudenberg’s Sealing Technologies is known for being the world’s leading specialist for delivering high-quality sealing solutions for the food and beverage sector. Dichtomatik UK is a part of the sealing technology company and will be the sole local provider of services to the food and beverage sector in the UK.

Dichtomatik UK is now the official representative and will be an exclusive source of Freudenberg’s food and beverage sealing products. The company will be offering their solutions from their fully automated warehouse located in Derby. Dichtomatik will also work to offer technical support and customer service to their UK market.

The food industry is very diverse and has a number of different applications that all have distinct and requirements. For Dichtomatik, the diversity of food and drink products alongside the use of different flavours can have differing effects on the sealing materials. An example of this is breweries, whose seals have to withstand wort, beerstone and the essential oils in hops. In dairies for example, the seals offered need to offer a long-term resistance to fatty and protein-rich products.

The manufacturing equipment used in the food and beverage industry is often operated at full capacity which means there is often a requirement for product changes and cleaning cycles. In order to cope with this Freudenberg offers materials that can minimise flavour transfer while also reducing the impact of frequent product changes.

Dichtomatik UK’s staff are highly skilled and trained on the special sealing requirements of the food and beverage industry. The company will work to deliver specific product and material expertise which is an essential part of the co-operation project. The food manufacturing industry is a demanding one with temperature fluctuations and the inclusion of different ingredients that offer a range of challenges for seals, while also offering a hygienic screw connection that can prevent the formation of conditions for bacteria to grow.

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The Royal Exchange and Pasta Evangelists Hold Masterclass and Feast

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The Royal Exchange has announced that this month they will be partnering with Pasta Evangelist in order to offer an exclusive pasta masterclass. The partnership will also include a sumptuous pasta feast that will be hosted by Giles Coren. The feast will include a wide range of collaborative hero dishes that have been created by chefs at both The Royal Exchange and Pasta Evangelists.

On the 17th of November, Pasta Evangelists will be holding an exclusive pasta masterclass at The Royal Exchange. Those in attendance will have the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif and antipasti in Threadneedle Bar before expert chefs that work at both Saturelle and Pasta Evangelists will teach guests how to make their own pasta. The masterclass will include the creation of egg-based dough for the creation of the delicate folds of ravioli, and water-based dough perfect for the gentle shaping that is required for orecchiette. All of the participants of this masterclass will also be given the perfect pasta sauces for their creations as well as Pasta Evangelists box in order to take your creation home to enjoy or share with family. The event will take place at 6:15pm and costs £35pp to attend, delivering the perfect introduction to the art of pasta making.

On Thursday the 23rd November, the renowned restaurant critic Giles Coren will be hosting a pasta feast at The Royal Exchange as an additional event to celebrate this simple but delicious food product. The feast will take guests on a gourmet tour of Italy. Following a welcome Negroni in Threadneedle Bar, the guests will enjoy a four course meal in the Sauterelle Restaurant with optional wine pairing. Included in this feast is re Sicilian prawns, black ink pasta, bell peppers and bisque. This evening will start at 6:30pm and is priced at £45 pp, or £65 pp with the wine pairing.

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Yogesh Datta Announces Latest Supperclub at The Painted Heron

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Yogesh Datta is riding the wave of success after the sell-out of two previous exclusive supperclubs with the announcement of a new event that will be focused on celebrating ethical Indian fine dining. The Painted Heron’s Yogesh Datta will be hosting this event in order to celebrate World Vegan Month, with the fine dining occasion taking place on Friday the 17th November.

Chef Datta has designed an authentic and ethical vegan feast which will be taking place on Friday 17th November at The Painted Heron which is located in Chelsea. This supperclub will take place on Friday 17th November, with tickets available at £28 pp. Yogesh Datta is a champion of sustainably sourced and free-range meat products. This most recent supperclub will showcase Datta’s other passion, for fresh seasonal ingredients and the evolution of vegan fare that has been inspired by the cuisine available on the Indian subcontinents.

Highlights of this exclusive dining occasion will include Saag Aloo Samosa served with Tamarind Chutney, Tandoori Nepalese dumplings and roasted tomato chutney, Onion & Kale bhaji with chilli jam to name just a few. Yogesh Datta has developed The Painted Heron over the years to become prestigious, with almost legendary status. The restaurant in Chelsea has seen significant success and progress since the company’s recent 15-year anniversary. The Painted Heron raises the bar for Indian food found in London while offering a warming atmosphere to their guests that is eclectic and a well-known favourite for London foodies and Chelsea locals, as it has been since opening in 2002.

Following the success of the restaurant’s two previous supperclubs, there is no doubt that the latest event to be held in honour of World Vegan Month will be just as successful. World Vegan Month is a great time to celebrate a range of amazing new dishes that are ethically sourced and filled with flavour while also enjoying the elegant and intimate atmosphere of The Painted Heron.

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