Historic Royal Palaces Festive Calander

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The festive season is fast approaching and in order to celebrate the “most wonderful time of the year” Historic Royal Palaces has a range of events that will be perfect to instill some of the festive spirit. From ice rinks to carol singing, there is something for everyone at the Historic Royal Palaces this year.

Hampton Court Palace will be celebrating the holiday season with a series of Christmas-themed entertainment and activities. Included on the festive programme including a special Elizabethan Christmas, caroling in the courtyards. Visitors to Hampton Court Palace can take a turn on the ice at the famous Hampton Court ice rink, which will be open between the 24th November and 7th January.

The BBC Good Food’s Festive Feast is also returning to Historical Royal Palaces site, with more than 50 stalls of mouthwatering food from a range of handpicked producers. The stalls will fill the palace’s historical courtyards, as will the Christmas Music Weekend, taking place on the 16th and 17th of December, and filling the air with traditional carols as well as hymns in the Great Hall of the palace.

On selected dates throughout the festive period, visitors will be able to enjoy an Elizabethan Christmas, with Tudor-style courtyard entertainment as well as live music and dance, transporting visitors to a 1592 Christmas with Elizabeth I and her court. The Tudor Queen herself will also be in residents during these celebrations.

The Tower of London will also have an ice rink, in the famous dry moat and with Medieval Christmas festivities between 27th and the 31st of December. Kensington Palace will also be offering Victorian Christmas celebrations running throughout, with a 25 ft. Christmas tree, amazing lanterns and a display filled with illuminated Victorian scenes. On December the 16th there will be a Funtastic Saturday that will offer children the chance to hear Christmas stories and make their own Victorian puppet theatre. There is also a historical section depicting the traditional features of a Christmas table and how they became part of the popular celebration. There will also be Live Music on offer in the Queen’s State Apartments between Christmas and New Year which will fill the site with traditional festive music.

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Hawkyns at The Crown Inn Launches New Menu

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Hawkyns at The Crown Inn, one of the leading restaurants in Buckinghamshire, has released an intriguing new menu. The new menu at the restaurant in Amersham, Buckinghamshire has been created under the expert supervision of Atul Kochhar. The Twice-Michelin-starred chef has been on hand to oversee the creation of the amazing new menu that has been designed in order to celebrate the both British and Indian flavours. Atul has a passion for both cuisines, and the new menu at Hawkyns has been created as a way of celebrating both of the cultures under the same flag.

Diners at Hawkyns at The Crown Inn will be treated to a wide variety of colourful and delicately flavoured dishes. Included on the newly released menu is Madras Spiced mackerel served with mooli remoulade, fennel and apple. There is also charred Lamb shoulder with aromatic broth and autumn vegetable biryani and raita salad.

It is vital to Atul Kochhar that the culinary industry constantly look for different ways that they can push the boundaries and push to deliver new flavour combinations. It is this drive to innovate that has led to the new menu at Hawkyns and the culinary team has worked together in order to design and create a range of fabulous new dishes with a range of amazing spice combinations for diners to enjoy. The new menu offers diners a memorable and special experience with the combination of both British and Indian cuisine that will no doubt delight guests.

The Head Chef at Hawkyns is Arbinder Dugal and will now be required to bring Atul’s visions to life, with the support of his experienced team. Hawkyns at The Crown Inn is a restaurant that has been opened as a part of a former Elizabethan coaching inn that is steeped in history. The Inn has 45 rooms and is located in the picturesque town of Amersham.  

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Lowry & Baker Sale Completed by Christie & Co.

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The specialist business property adviser, Christie & Co. has completed on the sale of a popular coffee shop located in the heart of Portobello Road in Notting Hill, London. The coffee shop, Lowry & Baker is known for being a charming location that is still contemporary. The shop offers a range of different artisan pastries. However, the location is best known, especially in the local community for its brunches.

Lowry & Baker has been described by TimeOut Magazine as to die for and is also an award winning coffee shop, after winning the publicly nominated TimeOut Magazine Love London Award 2016 for the Best Cafe in the area. It is thought that the success of the coffee shop will be continued under the new owner of Lowry & Baker.

Taking over at the Notting Hill coffee shop is Mr. Ondrej Petras. Ondrej has experience of delivering high quality dining experiences. In previous roles, Mr. Petras worked as the Senior Chef at The Ivy. No doubt, with the new owner’s knowledge and experience, Lowry & Baker will continue to develop and be as successful as it has been already.

The coffee shop is warm and welcoming for its customers and allows visitors to feel at home and enjoy the excellent food available. The quality of the cafe is very high and it is great that Mr. Petras, with his culinary knowledge has taken over at Lowry & Baker. Ondrej has said that he is excited about the opportunities the Portobello Road coffee shop has created, although he has said that he will be making sure that the location stays as close to the original concept as possible while the developments are implemented. Ondrej Petras will use his high end experience to build on the already successful trade of the cafe, in order to develop the coffee shop for the future.

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The rising pop-up food industry

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There been more events being hosted across the food and beverage industry than ever before, with the Eventbrite finding that the number of food and drinks events being hosted on it platforms has increased, year by year.

Eventbrite has analysed over 40,000 of the events and has also found that the pop-up dining experience was the fastest growing trend – recording 82% growth.

One of the UK’s leading LPG supplier Flogas discusses how the food industry has come away from the brick and mortar establishments…

Why has the pop-up food become popular
Eventbrite conducted a survey to over 2,000 people who have attended a pop-up dining experience, to shed light on why the events have proven so attractive to the public.

It revealed that 75 per cent of pop-up event attendees believe that it’s worth paying more money in order to experience a unique way of dining. Around 50% of respondents also said that they would be happy to pay more for a meal from the exact same menu at a pop up event where the chef interaction is involved as opposed to one served in restaurant.

So the question is, what is important to those that attend pop-up event? 84% of the survey, said it was the unique menu and theme. This was also followed by events held at memorable location 76% , and the occasion being a one of kind experience 74%.

Chef Melissa King, who is the creator of Co+Lab the pop-up, believes that creating unique event works both ways when I comes to the pop-up industry. Melissa explained: “There are so many chefs out there — they have their restaurants, their day jobs, but they’re looking for something more. That’s what the pop-up culture offers them. They are able to take over someone’s space for only a few hours and convert it into their own identity. It’s not just about the food, it’s about creating a memorable experience for the guests.”

The increasing popularity of street food.
It isn’t just the pop-up food events that have been rising in popularity – street food has also enjoyed golden period too. Statistics from UN-FOA claim that street food is now eaten by an estimate of 2.5 billion people worldwide and Streetfood.org.uk gained 2,800 members with over 7,000 units serving food across the UK as of 2015.

A new industry to the scene in the UK, street food has proven to be popular as the produced availabilities are usually inexpensive, provides a nutritious source that is based on traditional knowledge and often follows the seasonality of farm production.

Setting up a store doesn’t need a big budget either, with general guidelines suggested by The Hub detailing that a small second hand catering trailer or market stall could be acquired for under £5,000. The Nationwide Association produced a report that stated that fully equipped market stall can be bought for around £3,000 and a food truck for an estimate £10,000.

Charlies Morse himself was a street vendor and was keen to point out to Produce Business UK: “Street food as a trend is certainly growing, although it’s still not at the same level as in New York. I think it will die off a little as a trend and then become a normal, everyday offer. A lot of office workers go to street food stalls to buy their lunch and eat something healthy, cheap and different. There are so many trends within food but it works when you consider that people are money conscious and like variety.”








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