First Good to Go Award Winner Announced

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Just Eat and the Sustainable Restaurant Association have collaborated in order to announce the winner of a new sustainability award. This new award has been created in order to celebrate businesses and practices in the takeaway industry that focus on sustainability and adopt more environmentally friendly practices.

The partnership between Just Eat and the Sustainable Restaurant Award has led to the first ever Good to Go award which has been included in the Food Made Good Awards. This year, the inaugural award was given to Chris’ Fish & Chips. The takeaway based in Barwell, Leicester has been recognised for their efforts to be sustainable when sourcing produce and reducing the level of waste that they create.

Just Eat, the leading global marketplace used for online food delivery has formed a partnership with the Sustainable Restaurant Association in order to recognise the work that is done every day by takeaway food outlets operating across the country. The awards seek to showcase responsible sourcing, environment and society.

All of the fish on the menu at Chris’ Fish & Chips have been sources from MSC-certified suppliers and originates from UK waters. The board on display at the restaurant tell diners when the fish being served was caught and where the fish has come from. The focus on sustainability is not solely on the fish, as the potatoes used at Chris’ Fish & Chips are sourced locally.

With the dwindling numbers of more popular eating fish, the restaurant owner Stratis Kyriacou has said that it is essential for business owners to concentrate on the future and make sure that the sourcing of their produce is carried out in a sustainable way in order to ensure that people can keep enjoying Fish & Chips of high quality for many more years to come.

Other restaurants shortlisted for the award were Captain Café in Birmingham, Green Tomato Café in Brighton, and The Captain’s Table in Glengormley, Northern Ireland.

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ASK Italian Embraces Purple Basil Pesto in New Autumn Menu

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The Nationwide restaurant chain, ASK Italian has recently launched their new Autumn menu. The new menu will be offered across all of their sites and includes a unique and eye-catching new food trend. ASK Italian will be the first UK restaurant chain to offer Purple Basil Pesto. The restaurant chain has used this new product in two new additions to the menu: Garlic Bread Special with Purple Basil Pesto, and Purple Basil Pesto Genovese fresh pasta.

Purple Basil Pesto is considered to have a stronger flavour and offer more of a punch as well as more visually striking that the traditional green version. The restaurant chain has been working closely with a small, family-run farm in the countryside of Verona to produce more than 3 tonnes of the Purple Basil Pesto to be added to their new Autumnal menu. The rich purple colour adds a new autumn colour to the plate and will no doubt be a new source of social media inspiration.

ASK Italian has been experimenting with a range of the nation’s favourite Italian dishes in order to design a popular new menu that features a colorful twist. Customers who order one of the two purple Pesto dishes to eat-in will also receive a complimentary pack of Grow-Your-Own Purple Basil Seeds to take home, allowing customers to enjoy the beautiful herb at home. With the provision of Purple Basil seeds, customers will be able to support the food trend by growing their own herbs and at home and add a Purple Patch to their herb gardens.

The team at ASK Italian are constantly looking for new and unique ways that they can elevate a range of the most popular dishes. The use of Purple Basil Pesto is an ideal way to offer a striking twist on a range of classic Italian flavours in meals that have Instagram-worthy presentation.

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Purition Offers new Healthy Breakfast Option

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It has been disputed for a number of years whether skipping breakfast can help with weight loss. The bosses of Purition, the leading whole food nutritional drink manufacturing company, has said that missing a carb-heavy breakfast could help you to achieve weight loss.

This topical argument has been raised by professionals a number of times and recent studies suggest that avoiding a low calorie, carb heavy breakfast, such as cereals could help you to achieve your weight loss goals.  

It has been agreed that among a range of experts that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain. The traditional cereals that are advertised as weight loss aids usually contain high levels of sugar and can be as detrimental to weight loss as skipping breakfast entirely. Overnight, the body fasts, and waking it up with food that contains high levels of sugar and carbohydrates can be stored as fat if it is not burned off immediately.

It is better to start your day with whole foods that are full of protein and healthy fats as a source of morning fuel. Purition’s range of whole food products are the perfect replacement for those high sugar and carb breakfasts and is said to be at the forefront of the new morning fuel revolution. Their products include a mix of 15 different wholefood ingredients including natural fats, protein and fibre in order to give your body power throughout the day.

The founder of Purition, Edward Taylor feels that his company has been able to tap into the demand in the market for a more sustainable first meal for those looking to lose weight, or just a healthier start to the day. Research has proved that carb-heavy cereals or crash-diet shakes are unproductive for weight loss, however Purition offers a range of products that are an alternative to the traditional “healthy” breakfast items while also offering convenience for those in a rush.

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