World Vegetarian Day and International Vegetarian Week Approaches

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It’s World Vegetarian Day of Sunday the 1st of October, with International Vegetarian week following. With more and more people making the change to vegetarian whether for environmental, ethical, or health reasons, companies are going that extra mile in order to deliver dishes that are as well thought out and produced as the rest of their menu. It is great to see companies working hard to make vegetarian cuisine the best it can possibly be.

Twins Garden is one such restaurant. About to open in Moscow, twin brothers IVAN and Sergey Berezutskiy are getting ready to open this new restaurant that will offer fresh, local and seasonal ingredients as a part of their amazing menu. Twins Garden will open along with its own 120-acre farm in order to guarantee the supply and the quality of the ingredients used in the restaurant. It is hoped that Twins Garden will be 80-90% self-sufficient.

Orto di LUME is a mesmerizing restaurant that offers guests a grey, green and white oasis in the middle of Milan. A calming restaurant away from the city’s busy streets, with a 160 square meter outdoor area with a large bird cage for guests to sit in. The Executive Chef Taglienti adopts a simple and seasonal approach to cooking that uses a range of innovative techniques that also works to deliver the best vegetarian food possible.

On the 7th November, at the end of international Vegetarian week, the scientific team that worked to create the sell-out Modernist Cuisine trilogy will be releasing the Modernist Bread: The Art and Science. The five volume work is the result of four years’ non-stop research, photography, experiments and writing about baking by the Modernist Cuisine team. The volumes feature 1,500 new recipes with modern twists.  

Jason Atherton’s Pollen Street Social offers veggie and vegan taking menus as an essential part of the restaurant offering. Jason’s first Michelin-starred restaurant uses British grown, seasonal produce in their delicious vegetarian tasting menu.

Meraki at Fitzrovia, Tootoomoo the Pan-Asian restaurant group, La Dame de Pic at the Four Seasons Hotel London. Theo Randall at the Intercontinental, The Vurger Co., Tommi’s Burger Joint and Blanchette in Brick lane and Soho are all working hard to deliver amazing flavour and quality for the vegetarian guests this upcoming World Vegetarian Day and International Vegetarian Week.

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EuroStar Commodities Appoint Davide D’Auria as Technical Sales & Development Manager

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The Yorkshire-based innovative family business, Eurostar Commodities has announced that they have appointed Davide D’Auria as their Technical Sales & Development Manager. Eurostar is known for being the leading supply company for the finest commodities and innovative ingredients. This new appointment is a part of the company’s intentions to expand further into the artisan pizza and flour market.

Davide D’Auria will be joining Eurostar from Harrods. In his previous role Davide was the Senior Pizza Chef. As a qualified expert Pizza Instructor, Davide will be an asset in his new role as Technical Sales & Development Manager as the company looks to expand their range of pizza related products. D’Auria has worked in a number of prestigious restaurants in London and Pisa. Originally from a suburb of Naples, the new Technical Sales & Development Manager for Eurostar is the third generation of his family to become a chef.

Davide D’Auria officially started his career at 16 and is also a graduate of the well-known Pizza Italiani News School. It was at this prominent school that he was talent spotted and sponsored by Grandi Molini Italiani. With such expertise and talent in this industry, Davide D’Auria will be a catalyst for Eurostar Commodities in their product development department.

Eurostar Commodities Managing Director, Philip Bull, has said that this new appointment is exciting for the company and Davide will be a welcome addition to the company’s innovation and development team. Eurostar are wanting to improve their knowledge in order to succeed in the pizza market. It is thought that this new appointment will allow the company to better understand what is important to pizza makers in order to deliver ingredients and inspiration to create amazing quality products as well as offering them the produce needed to embrace the latest trends in Italy.

Eurostar are focused on Innovation, a trait that has impressed Davide D’Auria. The company is about to release a new range of products which include healthy and natural pizza flours that have been made from ingredients such as beetroot, spinach and sweet potato.

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Creative Nature CEO Announced Everywoman Ambassador and Shortlisted for More Awards

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Julianne Ponan is the 28-year-old CEO of a superfoods company. Creative Nature has enjoyed a great deal of success this September, seeming to go from strength to strength. Julianne has been awarded with the coveted Worldplay Everywoman Retail Ambassador title as a part of the Everywoman in Retail Ambassador Programme. The CEO received this award at an event that was held in London this month.

The Worldplay Everywoman Retail Ambassadors are chosen as a reflection of what success looks like at all ages and stages of a career in retail, across all of the different divisions in the industry. The co-founder of Everywoman, Maxine Benson said that this year, the ambassadors that have been selected are true advocates for the reinvention of the retail industry. All of the judges agreed that the selected ambassadors are an amazing example of the best talent in the industry.

It is thought that the release of success stories like Julianne’s is what the industry needs in order to highlight how diverse the retail industry is and the availability of a range of ever evolving retail job roles. Being selected to become an Everywoman Retail Ambassador is very prestigious, and as those selected, including Julianne, prepare to become ambassadors, the organisation is confident that the talent selected this year will have a great impact on the retail industry. Hopefully this year’s ambassadors will add to the work carried out by previous ambassadors and inspire talented women to follow in their footsteps.

In the same week as being announced as an Everywoman Ambassador, Julianne was also named as Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Forward Ladies National Awards 2017, which is an event held this month in London. On top of this Julianne has been announced as a finalist for the Institute of Directors Awards for Young Director of the Year as well as a Finalist at the Women in Business Awards for Role Model of the Year. Finally, Julianne is also a Finalist in the Best Business Women’s Awards which will be held on the 12th October 2017.

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