Fox’s Revealed a New Technology Which is Allowed them to Boost Their Service Levels

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The UK biscuit company, Fox’s has revealed that they have managed to improve their forecasting, manufacturing and promotion practices. The company that is worth £250 million has been able to introduce new technology that has allowed the biscuit company to boost their service levels. The vendor FuturMaster has provided Fox’s with the new technology that will help them during their peak seasons.

Fox’s biscuits will now be able to manage 150 deliveries to popular retailers such as Tesco, M&S and Aldi. The biscuit manufacturer has also announced that their customer service rating has improved by 3% from 96% to 99% because of the new technology. It is thought that 30 million cases of the UK biscuits are sold every year.

The popular biscuit company has been in operation since 1853, and started off in West Yorkshire. It is thought that the company has been able to make 1,450 billion biscuits from their bakeries in Batley, Kirkham and Uttoxeter. The biscuits are a popular choice around the UK but Fox’s are also exported to Europe and North America well as the far east. The traditional English biscuit company has proved to be a success year after year. The FuturMaster technology will be able to help the company continue to succeed and will also help the company predict their busy periods which will allow the company to be more efficient.

In the Batley bakery alone, 6,000 tonnes of chocolate and 9,300 tonnes of flour are used in order to make 25,000 tonnes of biscuits every year. The forecasting technology that has been implemented across Fox’s facilities allows the biscuit company to better plan for the peaks and troughs of the year. This forecasting should allow the company to manufacture the popular assortment collections as well as seasonal ranges for the company’s Christmas sales as early as January the previous year.

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Mandarin Oriental Announced That the Hotel in Barcelona is Offering a Holiday Package

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Mandarin Oriental, the luxury hotel chain has announced that their hotel in Barcelona is offering a holiday package. Guests are being offered a deal that includes opera tickets as well as a VIP experience. The package is being offered as part of the upcoming 2017 opera season.

The hotel company is offering one night stays as part of the ‘Sweet Melodies for Opera Lovers’ promotion. The offer is expected to be available to guests wanting to visit Barcelona from the 16th May until the 21st July 2017. The package on offer by Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona, will include premier seats to a performance at Barcelona’s opera house as well as a VIP tour of the building before the performance. The tour of the Gran Teatre del Liceu includes a look in to the historic members-club Circulo del Liceo, giving guests the true VIP experience during their stay.

The private VIP tour is expected to begin at the theatre entrance and will introduce guests to the Renaissance Vestibul del Teatre before they are taken to the Hall of Mirrors which was once a meeting place for the bourgeoisie of the Catalans before having Cava served in the exclusive member’s club, which is English styled and holds a large and impressive collection of artwork. High society have been using the private club since it was opened in 1847.

The performances available as part of this offer are La Fille Du Regiment which is running at the opera house from the 16th to the 29TH May, Don Giovanni, available from the 19th June to the 2nd July, and Il Trovatore, which is being performed from the 17th to the 29th July. The package does also include other opera that are being performed throughout the 2017 season. The Sweet Melodies for Opera Lovers Package is valid from the 16th May to the 21st July 2017 and may be limited to the performance dates.

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The Tate in St Ives Has Reopened on the 31st of March

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The Tate in St Ives reopened on the 31st March. Located on the West of Cornwall, St Ives is a small fishing village that is a popular surfing destination and popular as a summer destination with tourists.

Tate St Ives reopened with a sojourn at the seaside. The event to celebrate the re-opening of the art gallery is the start of the summer season for the gallery. The Tate St Ives is expected to hold The Studio and the Sea exhibition from the 31st March until the 3rd September 2017. The small fishing village in the south of England is already known for its artistic scene and the reopening of the art gallery could boost the number of tourists visiting this summer.

The Tate St Ives has reopened after closing in October 2015. There will be two exhibitions at the art gallery which will focus on the ceramics studio, the ocean and the local landscape. There has also been specially commissioned work for the exhibitions including films and structures as well as larger scale paintings. The art gallery is expected to be open every day from 10:00 am until 5:20 pm. The Tate St Ives has an entry fee of £7.50 a ticket, however Tate members will be able to see the exhibitions for free.

The Tate St Ives was closed to undergo refurbishments and an extension. The projects should have expanded and improved the gallery. The construction work is expected to take part in two phases. Although the gallery has reopened there will still be work carried out through the summer. It is thought that the complete transformation will be completed at some point in the autumn of this year.

As part of the announcement that the Tate St Ives has reopened, Aspect Holidays are advertising their holiday properties in the area. Aspect Holidays has more than 300 properties around St Ives including some in walking distance of the gallery where you can attend the St Ives School of Painting as well as seeing performances at St Ives Arts Club.

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