New Hotel Opening in the UK in 2018

A new year means new holidays and for those who want to try something new this year, here are the new openings from the UK.

The earliest opening is in January by the New Road Hotel in Whitechapel, London. It will be an independently owned business offering 80 rooms that reflect the East London scene. It will be perfect for both business and leisure travellers and the prices start from £169 per room based on a bed and breakfast deal.

The Academy will reopen this April in London. With its New York-based Champalimaud Design, it blends the modern and antique, showing the lives of the Bloomsbury Set who lived in that area in the early 20th century. The guests will be welcomed at their arrival by a beautiful garden courtyard, a breakfast bar and buffet, and cosy corners.

This spring will also hold the opening of the Monkey Island Estate in the historic village of Bray-on-Thames in Berkshire. The island has a history dating back 800 years, with monarchs, aristocrats and artists using it as their own meeting place. This superb renovation will consist of 27 bedrooms and three deluxe suites, aiming to bring all the Londoners to their private countryside escape.

The Grand Central Hotel in Belfast will become Northern Ireland’s largest hotel and will open in June. It will add 104 rooms to its 200 existing ones, creating over 150 jobs and offering over 300 luxury bedrooms, a restaurant, bistro, rooftop lounge, retail units and offices.

Another re-opening is Surrey’s 18th century inn, The White Horse in Dorking. It received a £3million refurbishment, benefiting of an addition of 16 new bedrooms, a total re-design of the ground floor restaurant, bar, and events spaces, There will also be a new restaurant concept for an all-day dining space that will integrate the hotel’s long-standing history.

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The ENTERTAINER had a great year and it is planning an even better one

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The app-based business, the ENTERTAINER, is on track to have a successful year. It has planned to achieve 1,000 operators across 4,000 outlets by January 2018.

The ENTERTAINER is the leading provider of offers from well-known dining, leisure, hotel, entertainment, and beauty brand across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In the first five months of trading in the UK, it secured 500 hospitality operators, and brands like Banana Tree, Busaba Eathai, Snog Frozen Yogurt, and Belgo are happy to join the app.

Karthik Ramakrishnan,the Group Operations Manager of Banana Tree said about this partnership that it “enables us to drive footfall and loyalty, whilst attracting a whole new customer base. Most importantly, we haven’t cheapened our brand with too many discounts.”

What this business offers is a platform for the brands to promote their offers and promotions to an audience they might otherwise not have. It limits the discounts available to consumers to three per year to protect the brand’s values and the offers are valid 7 days a week, for a 12-month period.

The volume of customer data collected by the app also gives a valuable insight into customer behaviour and intention. It organises its customer data by types of offer redeemed, frequency, location, and savings.

The Global Marketing Director of the ENTERTAINER, Mike Rich, is enthusiastic about the new partners and thinks that the uncertainties coming from the Brexit are making the operators more loyal. He also adds that “the most difficult part of retaining loyal customers is acquiring them in the first place. Through offers and incentives, operators can drive footfall, leaving their front and back-of-house teams free to do what they do best – delivering a fantastic experience that leaves customers wanting more.”

The ENTERTAINER app is free to download for iOS and Android and new users have the opportunity to try one offer for free.

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Healthy Hospo launches its first event

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Healthy Hospo, a newly launched non-profit platform for the hospitality industry, will be hosting its first event on the 15th of January. The event will bring together professionals from different areas of hospitality to share their knowledge in the field.

The event will consist of a series of 20 minute talks and workshops covering mental health, exercise, nutrition, healthy drinking, yoga/pilates, and meditation. The speakers list includes Tim Etherington –Judge, the founder of Healthy Hospo, Camille Ralph Vidal, the Global Ambassador of St Germain, Adrian Hodson, the founder of Real Kombucha, and many more.

Healthy Hospo aims to build a healthier, happier, and more productive hospitality industry with the help of its project that incorporates events, a website, and consultancy services. The website offers free information, advice, and support, while the consultancy programme will work with the employers to improve the workplace.

This social enterprise was developed by Tim Etherington-Judge, who, after a mental breakdown in 2016, has decided to use that experience to help others: “In 2016 I had a very personally traumatic time but I wanted to take this experience and turn it into something positive. Healthy Hospo will seek to improve the health and wellness of hospitality professionals throughout the industry through preventative measures enabling them to lead healthier, happier working lives and build more sustainable careers. I also hope that by doing this we will also benefit business owners, helping them build a healthier workforce resulting in increased profitability, staff retention and reduced lost days to sickness.”

The hospitality industry is known as one of the unhealthiest ones, because it lacks the securities and benefits that other industries have. The healthcare and insurance depends on country and employer and the paid sick leave is rare. There are also not a lot of organisations within the industry to support the rights and wellbeing of its workers.

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Pubs and SMEs Struggle to Access Essential Services Due to Poor Credit Rating

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Research has revealed that more than two thirds of UK pubs are struggling to access goods and services for their businesses because of poor credit ratings. This information has been collected by one of the UK’s fastest growing energy provider, Utilita. 70% of UK pubs have said as a part of this research that they struggle to access goods and services due to poor credit ratings.

The data that has been collated by Utilita through a national survey of Small to Medium Enterprises. The survey has shown business owners are of the opinion that small and micro businesses have poor credit ratings or could just be seen as a risk and this leads to them being charged higher rates. A significant level of pubs, 895 has said that they have been landed with a range of unexpected terms and conditions, including higher rates or inflexible payment options. 41% of the SMEs that were consulted as a part of this survey have also said that they have been asked to make large upfront payments for their energy supply. One of the more worrying statistics that has been formed by the national survey is that 26% of pubs have been simply turned down when looking for and applying for energy because of their size.

The Utilita survey shows that in today’s climate, small businesses have a tough job fighting to survive. However, it is also considered that small businesses are the backbone of the economy and the restriction of their access to necessities such as energy will only stifle their ability to grow and then work to support the wider economy. Utilita wants to support businesses, and because of this the company have said that they will not turn down small businesses despite poor credit ratings. The energy provider has also announced their commitment to not charge upfront deposits.

The struggle that smaller businesses face to access vital services goes beyond the energy sector but it is hoped that by highlighting a number of simple but effective steps such as paying bills on time, limiting credit use, regular credit checks and checking the credit rating of suppliers can help small and micro businesses to improve their credit score, Utilita will help them to gain better access to the services that they need, benefiting then and, in turn, the economy as a whole.

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Galloway Cycling Holidays Involved in Dumfries and Galloway Tourism Promotion

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The husband and wife team Warren and Esther Sanders have spent four years travelling the world with only pedals to power them. The pair are self-proclaimed cycling fanatics, or bike bores and have announced that they have found their ideal cycling destination in the form of the Scottish area of Dumfries and Galloway.

This Scottish location has already been voted as one of the top ten places to visit in 2018 by, the German online travel magazine. Following their cycling experiences, and their opinion that they have found an ‘absolute gem’ of a location, the couple took over the cycling company Galloway Cycling Holidays. The couple made this decision after they were approached by the company’s previous owner after hearing the couple talk of their worldwide adventures. The receipt of the prestigious accolade of featuring in the top ten list of places to visit by the German magazine will be of great benefit to the newly launched company when looking to attract German and other international visitors.

Galloway Cycling Holidays re-launched in November and has already joined seven other tourism businesses as a part of VisitScotland’s business development mission to Germany. The tree day mission that has was arranged by the national tourism body allowed industry partners to travel to Hamburg and Stuttgart in order to partake in one-to-one meetings with 16 key tour operators working in the German market.

Germany is considered to be a major international visitor market for Scotland and it is great news that has featured Dumfries and Galloway their Top Ten Places to Visit in 2018 collections and that Visit Scotland is working hard to draw even more tourists to the country and the region. Research has shown that Germany is a significant international visitor market for Scotland and was the second largest source market for visits and expenditure in 2016, with a total recorded 355,000 trips. The volume of these trips amount to around £212 million in visitor spending.

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