STK London Launch new Autumn/Winter Menu

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With summer officially over, the nights are drawing in and the clocks set to go back this weekend, STK London has launched their new Autumn and Winter Menu. With party season fast approaching, why not stop by the popular London restaurant and start the party season a bit earlier?

The sensational new seasonal menu has been filled with a range of extraordinary dishes, perfect to enjoy during the colder months. Guests at the restaurant can expect to be amazed by the vast range of succulent meat and meals on offer. Among these is the spectacular Scottish dry aged ribeye steak on the bone. This impressive piece of meat weighs 6 kg, which is 30 times larger than a normal steak.

Included on the menu is a selection of seasonal gamey dishes that are full of a range of fantastic ingredients and innovative pairings for guests to try. The new combinations are said to leave diners ‘pheasant-ly’ surprised. This game includes Forest of Dean wild boar cutlets and sausage, served with roasted apple and parsnip. Also on the menu is Scottish juniper smoked venison, served with red currant, sourdough bread and a chestnut mustard to deliver a host of fruity flavours to the menu.

For those not looking for game, the menu also offers other vibrant dishes such as tempura scallops with cauliflower served with American sturgeon caviar as well as a choice of roasted monkfish tail with cannellini beans, mini chorizo and sea herbs. The classic fish and chip dish has also been given a new look at STK London, with succulent North Sea cod served with beer batter pearls, butternut squash on a tartare emulsion. The dishes on the menu show the creative flair of Vincent Menager, with his interpretation of a classic British dish.

For those wanting a warming winter pudding, this London restaurant will not disappoint, with chocolate bourbon fudge dessert, serves with a walnut crumble and caramel and vanilla ice cream, or a New York cheesecake with a rhubarb compote. For those looking for a more festive pud, the salted caramel crème brulee with gingerbread biscuit or apple and maple cake with calvados cream, cinnamon ice cream and maple liquor are good choices.

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Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel Shortlisted for Lancashire Tourism Awards

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A hotel, located in the North-West of the country has been named as a finalist in two categories as a part of the popular Tourism Awards for this region. These Awards are prestigious and the hotel has done exceedingly well so far to be named as a finalist for the coveted awards.

The Best Western Plus Samlesbury Hotel is a part of the Squire Hotels group, although was selected to be a part of the Best Western Plush brand in 2016. The hotel has been shortlisted as a part of this year’s Lancashire Tourism Awards. The Samlesbury has been named as a finalist in the Large Hotel of the Year and Business Tourism Provider of the Year.

Jodie Masterson is the Director of Operations for Squire Hotels and has said that it is fantastic news that the hotel has been shortlisted as part of these prestigious awards in not one but two different categories. The Director of Operations has sai9d that she is very proud of the work that has been put into the hotel by the entire team, that has resulted in these shortlistings.

The Lancashire Tourism Awards Winner will be found after the finalists, a range of venues in the Lancashire area, this year including the Samlesbury Hotel, compete against each other during the judging stage of the competition. During this process, the senior management team of the hotel will undergo intensive interviews that will see them justify why their hotel should win the awards. The awards are an important event in the region’s calendar and being shortlisted demonstrates the Hotel’s standing in the area and the industry that the hotel operates.

The Lancashire Tourism Awards is in its 14th year this year and has seen an amazing response. The winners from each category will also have the opportunity to represent Lancashire at the 2018 VisitEngland Awards for Excellence. The winners for the Lancashire Tourism Awards will be announced at a ceremony in the Ballroom of Blackpool Tower on Thursday November 9th.

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The shocking number of speeding crimes committed by millennial drivers

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Millennial drivers are flying around the UK’s roads, committing more speeding offences than any other driving crime behind the wheel, new research has revealed.


A shocking 82% of fixed penalties issued by the police to drivers under 25 over the past two years* were for speeding, significantly higher than any other driving crime in the same timeframe.


Speeding, which results in fines, points or a speed awareness course, saw millennials snapped on both mobile and static cameras around the country.


Elsewhere younger drivers also took a relaxed approach to safety, with 7% caught not wearing seatbelts, with another 7% being guilty of driving without insurance.


The research, by auto retailer, Robins and Day, was compiled from UK police constabulary data and examined 16,858 separate cases of driving offences, where fixed penalties were issued to drivers.


Further information on the research can findings can be found here:


The cliché of millennials being addicted to their phones is also true when they’re behind the wheel. This particular crime, which has seen the police introduce tougher new laws, made up 4% of the recorded offences.


Robins and Day also asked young drivers a series of questions on what is and is not legal behind the wheel and found that more often than not, they could not tell the difference.


Nearly half of millennial drivers didn’t see any problem in fending off their hunger by tucking into something when driving behind the wheel, with a further 25% believing it was fine to use a horn when stationary- both of which can be motoring offences.


However, a third were wise enough to know they were legally allowed to blast out their music as loud as they wanted in the car. While some drivers mistakenly believed perfectly legal activities, were in fact against the law. These included: wearing headphones and driving with the interior light on.


Harry Pennington, Digital Marketing Manager at Robins and Day, said: “We were anticipating there to be a number of different offences committed by young drivers, however we weren’t predicting speeding offences to dominate the list of crimes we examined.


“Speeding puts not only the drivers, but other road users and pedestrians at risk. It’s important that the UK’s young drivers understand how serious it could be, and the punishments they could face as a result of it.


“We certainly were not expecting to see so many drivers unable to tell the difference with what’s legal or not when driving. With most being fresh from doing their driving tests, we’d think this knowledge would be recent in their minds.”

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Revealed: The Real Cost of True Love for Disney Princesses

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From Aladdin and Jasmine, to Cinderella and Prince Charming, marriage is at the heart of most Disney films…but which Disney princess boasts the most expensive engagement ring, and which settled for the more modest option?

Using real life valuations at today’s prices, jewellers, F.Hinds, can reveal how much some of the most famous Disney engagements would cost.

One princess reigns over the rest when it comes to the value of their happily ever afters, according to the research.

Belle, from Beauty and the Beast would be the queen of them all with her engagement ring valued at £100,000, nearly more than the eight other princesses combined.

Belle’s ring is made from platinum and set with a 4-carat yellow diamond surrounded by a halo of flawless diamonds, trumping her nearest rival, Princess Tiana, from Princess and the Frog by a massive £70,000.

The Beast, who judging by the size of his castle certainly isn’t short of a bob or two, has to find true love before the curse which gives his beastly appearance can be lifted.

The top 5 engagement rings were:

1: Belle: £100,000

2: Tiana: £30,000

3: Elsa and Jasmine: both £24,000

4: Snow White: £15,000

5: Ariel: £4,500

The research, carried out by jewellery experts, F.Hinds, also found that money wasn’t everything when it comes to true love. Some suiters could rely upon affection instead of the size of this wallets to win the hearts of their princesses.

Not all the princes would have to have to break the bank, as not every damsel would be expecting an extravagant ring. F.Hinds’ estimations found that some princesses would require a more modest proposal.

Flynn Rider would fair best on value, with his bride Rapunzel’s ring, coming in at a more humble £600, complete with amethyst and yellow gold. Elsewhere, Brave’s Princess Merida would have the second least expensive ring with her future prince only having to cough up £1,200.

Cinderella, arguably one of them most famous members of Disney royalty, would see Prince Charming put up £2,000 for her topaz stone and white gold ring. While Ariel from the Little Mermaid, would need Prince Eric to spend £4,500, for a pearl and white gold ring, to prise her from the ocean.

Steve Mellows, E-commerce Manager at F.Hinds said “Glitz and glamour is something that we all relate to when it comes to Disney princesses, so we thought we’d look at how much true love would cost in today’s economy.

“We know it’s all fantasy and we knew that these rings would be expensive, they are princesses after all, but we weren’t expecting the costs to vary so much.

“We thought the rings’ value would be much closer, especially between Belle and Cinderella, but this simply wasn’t the case, surprisingly Princess Belle’s is far more valuable than any others.

“It’s no surprise the Beast isn’t afraid to flash the cash, after all, it’s either stump up £100,000, or have the looks of a beast for the rest of his days.

“That being said, money was not everything when it came to true love, with some princesses the love of the prince was the key to their hearts and for a happily ever after.”

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