National Curry Week Celebrated at Dorsett Shepherds Bush

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National Curry Week is taking place this week, and in order to celebrate, Dorsett Shepherds Bush will be serving up a selection of amazing Indian dishes at the Jin Bar. These dishes will be available for guests to enjoy from 6pm on Wednesday the 11th, Thursday 12th and Friday 13th October. The meals are available from £18 per person and will be a delight for curry lovers, who will be able to enjoy a buffet that is packed full of flavour as well as enjoying a complimentary beer each as part of the price.

The Executive Chef for the Dorsett Shepherds Bush, Chef Nitin Padwal has created an amazing menu full of popular curry classics such as Chicken Jalfrezi, Kerala Fish Moilee and Sweet Potato, Chickpea and Spinach. Also available on the menu are a range of side dish essentials like steamed rice, naan breads and poppadum’s with mango chutney. The Executive Chef has a wide range of experience and has finessed his culinary skills throughout his career by working in restaurants across India. The buffet available at Jin Bar this week will no doubt be authentic, beautifully flavoured food for everyone to enjoy.

The event will no doubt be a hit with hotel guests and London locals alike and Jin will also be offering half price cocktails from 6-8pm daily for those wanting to make an evening of enjoying good food and drinks in a great environment. The cocktails available at the bar will include a range of Asian-inspired creations as an illustration of the Dorsett’s ethos and focus on blending the East and the West. The Dorsett also has a range of stylish bedrooms and suites for guests wanting to stay longer, from only £130 a night.

For those interested in trying the Indians cuisine at the Dorsett Shepherds Bush, but can’t visit this week, there is a weekly Curry Night at Jin Bar every Thursday from 6pm. This weekly curry buffet costs £18 per person excluding drinks.

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IQPlanner Shows Brits Undeterred From Holiday Destinations

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The travel inspiration and trip planning website IQPlanner has found that British consumer remain steadfast when looking for their next adventure, even with the recent problems with airlines and world events. The company has seen that there has been a steady interest in the wider Caribbean region. It has also been recorded that Brits are still looking into other popular locations such as Barcelona.

Recently, Ryanair has caused misery with hundreds of cancellations caused by a Rota issue, and the popular budget airline Monarch collapsed last week, leaving countless passengers stranded or without a holiday. The flight challenges that have been caused by this industry upset appear to have had little effect on the level of interest shown in journeys to key destinations that are, or were, serviced by these airlines.

It is devastating that so many people have been affected by natural disasters and the catastrophic attacks of the summer, as well as those who have been affected by the most recent flight cancellations. However, the stable level of interest in the areas that have been affected by disaster is a positive sign, showing that the tourism industry in these regions, that could be an essential part of the local economy, could inject funds to help to rebuild and move forward.

IQPlanner feel that Brits have lived up to their reputation for being stoic is regards to their holidays. In these more turbulent times, the travel inspiration and trip planning company has seen a 12% increase in the amount of people looking at itineraries for holidays in Barcelona as well as an equal level of enthusiasm for holidays to Caribbean islands with growing interest in unaffected islands such as Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago and Grenada. When Hurricanes Irma and Maria were being reported on, there was an increase in interest of 5% in the unaffected islands by visitors to IQPlanner’s site.

The British determination to seek out experiences and holidays could play a vital part of the rebuilding process in the areas that have suffered significantly over the course of the past few weeks. This will be essential in areas where tourism is considered a mainstay of the local economy.

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The Original Mr. Cooper’s Reveals Reinvented Dining Experience

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The Original Modern Mr. Cooper’s has opened. Mr. Cooper’s Restaurant & Bar on Peter Street delivers a space that will meet customer tastes and preferences. The new restaurant will have a more relaxed dining experience in line with the demand for these dining experiences from customers.

The Modern Mr. Cooper’s has also taken a significantly more freeing approach to their look and music choices in order to attract more guests. The Restaurants and Bars that are connected to hotels can be seen as mass-produced. The team at Mr. Cooper’s wanted to create a unique space that can be incorporated into the daily life of the city. The relaxed environment is ideal for guests meeting for coffee, or enjoying a relaxed lunch or drink after work.

Essentially the new, modern Mr. Cooper’s is a lively, vibrant and relaxed space to enjoy food in whatever way you want to. The nonconformist attitude to the Bar and Restaurant has been replicated in the marketing technique for the new location, with an emphasis placed on the real Mr. Cooper and his passion for travel and music.

The Original Mr. Cooper’s Restaurant & Bar was first launched 4 years ago and made the most of the historic figure, Mr. Cooper, well known around Manchester for being unique and imaginative. The historic figure is known for his quirky personality and imaginative character which were both inspired by his travels around the world. Mr. Cooper brought back a variety of innovative flavours and sounds from his travels to his hometown and managed to blend the new inspiration with his heritage.

The vision for the new Restaurant has been modified to meet the needs of the modern customer, with the addition of new intimate areas which allows the customers to choose their own level of privacy, while also offering an open plan space. The menu at Mr. Cooper’s is cleverly simple, with dishes such as Cauliflower and Cumin Fritters and Gin Cured Salmon. The staff at the newly reopened restaurant are led by Marie Wilson, the Restaurant Manager, and are encouraged to be informative about the origin of different dishes available while also being light hearted with customers.

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