Anne-Sophie Pic Awarded Michelin Star for Le Dame de Pic London

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Critically acclaimed French Chef Anne-Sophie Pic has been awarded the first Michelin star for her only UK restaurant, Le Dame de Pic London. The restaurant has received this coveted star and will therefore also be included in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2018.

Le Dame de Pic London is based at the Four Season hotel in London, which can be found at Ten Trinity Square. The restaurant has received this prestigious recognition after being open for only eight months. The announcement of the restaurants to feature in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland 2018 took place at The Brewery, near to the Barbican in East London. This event took place on the 2nd October, and saw Chef Anne-Sophie Pic receive her award.

It is such a great honour to be awarded with a Michelin star, and Anne-Sophie has expressed her pride and pleasure at the announcement. It’s also a great acknowledgement of the quality of the food and service offered at Le Dame de Pic that the star has been awarded only eight months after the restaurant first opened. The team at the restaurant work extremely hard every single day to deliver an excellent dining experience to all of their guests. Le Dame de Pic London retains a consistently high level of quality as well as style and personalised service, which have all culminated in receiving this accolade and adding another star to Anne-Sophie Pic’s collection.

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic is well known for her discerning sense of taste and smell as well as her own unique culinary style that is created mainly from intuition and emotion. Anne-Sophie is inspired by her favourite ingredients and only uses the best quality British ingredients at her London restaurant. Anne-Sophie has a portfolio of three other exciting Michelin starred restaurants. Her restaurant in Valence has three Michelin stars, the restaurant in Lausanne has two stars and the restaurant located in Paris has one Michelin star.

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Aquavit Awarded First Michelin Star

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Aquavit has received its first Michelin star less than a year after opening. The restaurant, located in St James’s Market and delivering a range of fresh seafood transformed into amazing dishes, has been named in the Michelin Guide Great Britain and Ireland.

Aquavit pays homage to both Nordic design and cuisine. The restaurant offers dishes to their guests that showcase fresh and seasonal ingredients while also offering a contemporary twist on more traditional Nordic cuisine. The menu was created by Executive Chef Henrik Ritzén.

The restaurant is open from breakfast through to mid-morning fika, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner with a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for guests to enjoy the amazing award-winning food and service. The stunning bar at Aquavit is perfect for guests who want to sip delightful Aquavit cocktails in the evening.

A traditional smörgäsbord of smaller sharing plates feature on the menu of Aquavit. The food created and served to diners celebrates the seafood dishes that originate from the Nordic region. Included on the menu are Shrimp Skagen, Herrings and Gravadlax. The fresh seafood on offer at the restaurant is served with a range of freshly baked breads.

Aquavit not only serves seafood, there is also a range of other exquisite dishes on offer including Venison tartare served with lingonberries, blueberries and juniper as well as the popular Swedish meatballs, with lingonberries and pickled cucumber. Such a high level of attention to detail is put into making sure that the best quality food is served to the guests. The restaurant itself was also designed by the Swedish-born Martin Brudnzski, with Aquavit reflecting the laid back and sophisticated feel that celebrates a number of Nordic designers.

It is a great honour for Aquavit to be awarded with its first Michelin star, especially less than a year after the restaurant first opened. The restaurant’s commitment to using fresh and high quality ingredients in all of their dishes as well as offering a stylish and relaxed setting and great service demonstrates a range of great Nordic qualities for the people in London to enjoy.

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Selfridges Collaborate with Des McDonald to Open Il Tetto

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Selfridges has announced a collaboration with the well-known restaurateur Des McDonald. The collaboration has led to the launch of a new and modern Italian restaurant, Il Tetto. The restaurant will be opening for a year-long residency on the iconic Selfridges rooftop today, on Friday the 6th October.

Il Tetto is a stylish all-day dining Italian restaurant that will deliver a range of classic Italian dishes, crafted with a contemporary twist. The new rooftop resident has been inspired by the traditional trattorias found in Italy. Il Tetto is hoping to bring the taste of the rustic and casual cuisine available in Italy to the people of London at their rooftop restaurant.

The rooftop has been transformed to suite Il Tetto, with accents of burnt orange, Tuscan red and olive green used throughout the design of the restaurant. There is also terracotta pots that are filled with herbs dotted about the rooftop in order to bring the sense rural Italy in more than just taste to the London rooftop.

The Head Chef of Il Tetto, Luca Terraneo has, in the past, worked at L’Anima, and has created a menu that delivers authentic Italian dishes that uses well sourced and seasonal ingredients found across Italy. The restaurateur Des McDonald worked closely with Luca in order to make sure that the menus and the ingredients sourced were perfect for Il Tetto.

Il Tetto will be open from 11am every day and will offer brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner every day of the week. The menu features Cicchetti, which are Venetian-style small plates, starters and pasta dishes and a selection of luxury pizzas served straight from the pizza oven that cater to all guests looking for a taste of something Italian.

The warm colours and comforting food will bring a hint of summer to the Rooftops of a winter ridden London, with diners able to enjoy hearty, comforting and warm Italian food in attempts to avoid the wintry chill. There will also be a menu of Hot-tails, including Etna which is a blend of Inzolia white wine, Ratafia, brandy, roasted cardamom, honey and fresh mint. Also available is an extensive wine menu offering the best beverages Italy has to offer as well as a selection of Negronis.

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Bars and Restaurants Prepare for the Party Season

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Bars and restaurants are busy all year round. However, as the nights get longer and the temperature starts to drop, everyone changes from organising weekend barbeques to arranging nights out on the town and the annual Christmas party. On top of this it’s a new year and a start of university for some, with an influx of first years experiencing the nightlife in their chosen city or town as student.


This increased custom needs to be met by restaurant and bar managers with the appropriate stock increases and arrangements. Preparing in advance for peak times will ensure that customers have a great time and, essentially, want to go back.  Despite the temperature dropping, the need for ice in packed bars and restaurants will also increase, and eager cocktail makers will be dipping into their undercounter ice machines to mix up their Strawberry Daiquiris or Manhattans. Therefore it is essential that bars and restaurants are well prepared and have reliable equipment that can manage with the demand of peak times.


This might mean the need to invest in new equipment. An enthusiastic workforce and the most wonderful barroom aesthetics will go a long way but if the fridge stops working, the lights go out, or the freezer decides it has had enough, you’re in trouble. I know some who are turning to Manitowoc ice machines because of their reliability while others are spending a little more on high quality equipment to ensure reliability.


Winter has the connection to some of sparkly party dresses and nights out celebrating with friends and colleagues. Below this more rose-tinted perception there are also the associated New Year’s Eve queues for entry to the best bars, and the booking of the Christmas party months and months in advance, to fit in all of the large party bookings. As people go out during Freshers, over the Christmas period, or the busiest night of the year, New Year’s Eve, it is essential that businesses have the equipment and stock available to meet demand from the increased number of customers.

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