National Burger Day Celebration on the 24th to the 29th of August

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In honour of National Burger Day, on the 24th of August, and to celebrate the August Bank Holiday, Jude’s the ice cream makers have created a Black Coconut Ice Cream Burger. The ice cream company based in Hampshire will be offering this unique creation at The Jude’s Ice Cream Parlour which can be found at the Pear Tree Café in Battersea Park.. This limited edition dark delight will be on offer between Thursday the 24th of August and Monday the 29th of August.

Available for just £6, each of the burgers will be crafted using the newest flavour creation from Jude’s. Ideal for those who love Instagram and other similar social media sites, the shocking black icecream is the latest product to join the Jude’s flavour collection. Black Coconut is the shocking new flavour on served by the ice cream makers, made from creamy coconut milk and ash to give the ice cream it’s amazing colour, the treat is currently one of the edgiest things to try in London.

Jude’s has built up a reputation for creating amazing new ice cream flavours and combinations, and has proved to be popular with criticas and the public alike. The company started off with a single man in Hampshire creating ice cream with the milk from local cws. Now the company has won more than 40 Great Taste Awards. As well as creating delicious ice cream, the company also work hard to give back, and 10% of all of Jude’s profits are given away as donations to charities that work with young people.

The Black Coconut ice cream is serves as part of the Black Coconut Burger sandwiched in between a toasted and also black brioche bun. To offer a flash of colour and a sharpness to the creamy coconut ice cream, the “burger” will be served with freshly sliced mango, a lime juice glaze and a sprinkling of coconut curls.

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Stewart Brewing Holding Their First Oktobeerfest in September

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Stewart Brewing, the leading Scottish craft brewers will be holding their first Oktobeerfest in September. The Traditional German festival has been rapidly growing in popularity over recent years with many places in the UK holding their own beer festival in a similar style to celebrate.

Stewart Brewing have decided to hold their Oktobeerfest after their Edinburgh Beer Festival was such a success. The Festival in Edinburgh was held in May, and now the popular craft beer company will be hosting a two day beer festival in September in order to coincide with the popular German beer celebrations. As part of their event, Stewart Brewing will offer a selection of their old favourites as well as limited edition Bavarian style beers and a number of award winning beers including Radical Road, Jack Back, Hollywood and Ka Pai.

The Oktobeerfest will also have a range of street food on offer and already confirmed for the event is the popular street food vendor Well Hung & Tender. For entertainment, there will be live music from bands like The Citizen who proved a hit at the Edinburgh Beer Festival held by the brewing company, and the  Stadtkapelle Lochgelly oompah band who will be entertaining the festival goers with their performances of the classic hits with a German-style twist.

The Oktobeerfest will be held over the course of two days. An adults only event will be held on Friday the 15th September from 6pm until 10pm, and the festival will be tailored towards families on Saturday the 16th of September from 12pm until 8pm.Entrance to the event will be £16 per person, with a souvenir glass and a can of beer. Children go free when attending with adults.

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The Alchemist Announced That They Have Secured Three New UK Sites

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The popular premium cocktail bar and restaurant, The Alchemist, has announced that they have secured three new UK sites. The chain has announced that they have secured three new venues in Bristol, Cardiff and Nottingham. This news has been released after the brand successfully opened their 10th site in Chester last month.

All of the newly secured sites will be refurbished in order to fit in with the trademark Alchemist copper covered design, with warm decor and unique artworks covering the new sites. The Alchemist in Nottingham will be located at the former Hard Rock Café on King Street. The Nottingham site is expected to open in December of this year after £1.6 million investment. The new location will be spread over two floors and cover an impressive 6,500 sq. ft. of space.

Next to open will be the newly acquired Cardiff site, expected to launch in March 2018. The Alchemist in Cardiff will occupy the old NatWest Bank found on St Mary Street. This will be the first Welsh venue for The Alchemist chain and will also receive a £1.6 million investment to convert the 5,900 sq. ft. site.

The Chain will open in Bristol on Queen’s Road and will require £1.3 million in order to refurbish the space and turn give it the trademark Alchemist features. The 5,200 sq. ft. Bristol location is expected to open in April 2018.

Securing these three new locations means that the company will have 15 different locations, once they are all open. The news of these three new sites also builds on an amazing year so far for the company as they have managed to open their 10th site and have two more openings planned in Media City and Oxford later in the year. The restaurant and innovative cocktail makers have also made it onto The Sunday Times Best Companies to Work For list which is a massive achievement for such a rapidly expanding company.

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Olly Murs takes over Haydock Park

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Tickets are onsale now and available via



Q: Your new album ’24 Hrs’ is your 4th consecutive number 1 album that must be a great feeling?


Olly: Amazing. I’m very proud of that you know to have 4 consecutive number 1 albums is brilliant. I never expected in my wildest dreams that I would’ve got this far so, absolutely delighted that we’ve managed to get 4 consecutive, like you say, number 1 albums it’s really really amazing so thank you. Amazing.


Q: What do you reckon has been the appeal of your music and yourself to make you the most successful male artist to ever come from the X Factor?


Olly: I dunno, I’d like to think that I’ve done some great songs and, think people love what I do… I just don’t give anything, I mean this album’s probably the most heartbreaking, most honest album that I’ve done but I think with previous albums you know I have a lot of fun, my album’s are happy and people enjoy listening to them and with this album in particular it’s still happy, still got lots of that vibe on it. Its just luck you know that people like me and people have bought my albums and I’m very lucky that they do because it doesn’t always happen like that so I’m very very grateful.


Q: You mention this is your most honest album to date, do you feel you are constantly progressing as an artist and songwriter through your albums?


Olly: Yeah 50/50 I mean, I did run out of ideas, I wanted to do something different and I felt with this album I just didn’t know where to go next.  What I was gonna do? I felt like writing about what’s been actually, genuinely happening was the right thing to do. I’m just really happy that I did this album and the fact that it went to number 1 and people really like it. At the start of the year I was like ‘what am I gonna write about? What am I gonna do?’ and I’m really happy that I did this honest album, I’ve always been an artist I’m just writing about what I’ve wrote on every album that I’ve done, I wrote most of my hits so this album was just an opportunity to do something different and to keep my fans interested and show them a different side to me and I’m really happy and proud of how well it’s done and I can’t wait for people to hear the second track from the album next year with the other single that we’re gonna release it’s exciting.


Q: Is there a particular track on this album that you’re most proud of you, that you really want people to hear?


Olly: I think ’24 Hrs’ and ‘Flaws’ are the two songs on the album that I’m really proud of because for me ’24 Hrs’ the song was something else, a different song that I’ve never done before, production wise and the feel of the song, but also ‘Flaws’ was, I feel like one of the best songs that I’ve written with the guys that I wrote with. It was really sad but I think you have to listen to the songs really to kinda get the idea of what I mean but I love writing really happy feel-good songs but at the same time I mean it’s nice to show people a different side to me and show some emotion and that’s what this album was about.


Q: You’re undertaking a massive headline arena tour in March, and obviously in the summer you’ve got a huge run of outdoor shows that will see you come to Haydock Park Racecourse on the 11th August, how do they vary in terms of what you put into them and what you get out of it, from the indoors to the outdoor?


Olly: I think it’s fun, it’s really fun being outside and you know the show that we’re doing at Haydock Park is a different gig for me, I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve done racecourse gigs before in the past but not this sort of size and I’m really proud to do it and it gives me the chance to go to different places in the UK that I haven’t been before, do different kind of shows, do something slightly different. I can’t wait I mean, what’s better? Go to a racecourse, I can go there during the day I can, have a little flutter on a couple of the races and then do a gig in the evening. Perfect.


Q: How do you go about choosing your set list?


Olly: It’s gonna be difficult, you know five albums but you’ve just gotta play the hits and the songs that people know; that’s what I’ll do with the set make it as entertaining as possible. I’ll throw in a few covers there as well, have a bit of a laugh with the fans and it’ll be a really fun day out and I promise any fan that comes along, it’ll be a right laugh from the start of the day to the end of it and I promise to make sure everyone goes home happy having had a good time.


Q: Have you got ay kind of pre-stage ritual that you do before you go on?


Olly: Me and the band have a little huddle up before the show and we sing one of our songs, well not a song, a song that we’ve got as a team and we’ve been doing it for the last six/seven years so it’s a bit of a ritual but I’m sure we’ll be sinking a few shots before the show as well just to get into the racecourse spirit.


Q:  You’re going to be playing Haydock Park in the north-west, which is essentially settled in between Liverpool, Manchester, Warrington and Wigan and right beside St. Helen’s. Residents come to these events because it’s an opportunity to see an artist like you on their doorstep, there’s always been fantastic reactions at the courses to the music nights.


Olly: For me it’s just great to be involved and, like I say I can’t wait to get go out to see all the fans it’s gonna be a great one and I’m sure I’ll have a massive hangover at the end of it but I’ll enjoy it. Hopefully it’s a lovely day weather-wise, hopefully it’s not too wet and people have a really nice summer and really enjoy it.


Q: It must be great being able to get out and play to your fans, essentially in their areas without them having to travel a few hours into a major city


Olly: These are shows you get to see the real people; they are days out, family days at racecourses it’s slightly different you know. Over the years I’ve done loads of different festivals, all these commercial festivals that people go to every year, I just feel like going to a racecourse is so different and people get to see a different vibe, different set, different sound and you get to see different people. You know, there’s some of these people that come to the racecourse who are people that maybe have never been to a music festival before so, it’s nice that, I just thought its refreshing for me to do a gig like this.  I mean I’m really looking forward to having a day out with my mates at Haydock Park racecourse as well as everyone else and then at the end of it, get up and sing an hour, an hour and a half, two hour show whatever it is and just have some fun and have a great night.


Q: Residents come to these events because it’s an opportunity to see an artist like you on their doorstep, there’s always been fantastic reactions at the courses to the music nights.


Olly: That’s the great thing about doing these racecourse events it’s about going to different parts of the country, different areas that necessarily other artists might not have been to for a while or for someone like me, I haven’t been to the areas in a long time so it really gives the people of these areas that go to these racecourses a chance to come and see me because they might not come to the arena tours so, it’s good to come and bring the show to them. For me it’s just great to be involved and, like I say I can’t wait to get go out to see all the fans it’s gonna be a great one and I’m sure I’ll have a massive hangover at the end of it but I’ll enjoy it.


Q: When you go out on tour playing these types of shows, do you get to see much of the locality?


Olly: I haven’t been to many racecourses over the last few years as I’ve been so busy but I love the atmosphere, I love the people, you got out there and put a few bets on and the only problem for me on the day of these racecourse gigs is not to be drinking too much! So I’ve had a few little sly beers, the atmosphere at a racecourse is great; it doesn’t get much better in the summer. If you’re a fan of my music or not a fan of my music, it’ll be a fantastic day out and I look forward to putting show on, I’ll make sure everyone goes home happy and have a good day.

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