Stoats and Mary’s Meals team up for fundraising

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A new charity campaign has been launched by the leading oats company, Stoats. The official porridge partner of World Porridge Day 2017 has launched the Pot for a Pot campaign that looks to raise funds that would feed an entire African School for an entire year. The oats company has launched this new charity campaign in partnership with the Mary’s Meals.

Last year, as part of World Porridge Day 2016, Stoats and Mary’s Meals formed a charity partnership. It is following the success of the fundraising that took place last year that the two companies have teamed up again for the Pot got a Pot campaign. This charity fundraising scheme is set to take place over the course of three months. Each time a Stoats Original Porridge Charity Pot is purchased 7p will be donated to Mary’s Meals. The donation from each pot will be used to feed a child in Africa for one meal. This meal is a mug of Likuni Phala porridge.

It is great the both the companies are working together to raise money for such an amazing cause and Hannah Stewart,the Head of Fundraising at Mary’s Meals has thanked Stoats for all of their help to raise money and help Mary’s Meals to reach even more children in Africa.

As part of the fundraising, between August and October, the limited edition Stoats Classic Scottish Porridge Quick Pots that contain the Pot for a Pot campaign will be available to purchase from Waitrose, Tesco, Scotmid, Sainsbury’s and Asda as well as a wide range of different independent cafes, delis and farm shops that are located across Scotland.

Mary’s Meals is a school feeding programme that is owned and run by a group of community volunteers in the countries that the organisation provides food. In Malawi, more than 80,000 volunteers work together to prepare, cook and serve the daily meal offered by Mary’s Meals in each school. The volunteers always work to serve the children locally produced food in order to further support the local community and the farmers in the area as well as contributing to the local economy.

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Meliá Hotels Group release financial figures for first half of 2017

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Meliá Hotels, first founded in 1956 in Palma de Mallorca in Spain is now known for being on of the largest hotel companies in the world. Meliá is the largest hotel chain in Spain for both resort and city hotels and currently operates more than 370 hotels across 43 countries on 4 different continents. The company operates under a number of different names including Meliá, Gran Meliá, me BY Meliá, paradisus, Innside by Meliá, TRYP by Wyndham, Sol Hotels and Club Meliá.

The hotel chain has released their financial results today for the first half of 2017. The company has been fighting to keep their competitive edge on the market and the company so far this year has seen a significant development in the level of income and RevPAR. The company offers a range of value added experiences and services throughout the Meliá group as they work hard to maintain their leading position in the newly emerging bleisure sector.

In order to develop, the Hotel Group look to invest and reposition their portfolio in order to maximise their chances of profitability and to improve the Group’s different brands to allow them to enter the superior and luxury markets.

Globally, Meliá Hotels Group has seen a 7.7% increase in the revenue that is available per room. This could be caused by price improvement. This figure has risen by 15.7% in Spain alone. The use of more luxury hotels in locations such as Seville Barcelona, Madrid and Majorca are a vital art of those books in revenue available to the group.

The hotel chain has also released news that their global revenue managed to reach €60.4 million, which is a 34% increase in comparison to the same period in 2016. These solid financial figures are great news for the company, especially as they intend on continuing with their plans for growth, shown through the signing of 19 new hotels in 2017 alone.


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CPL Online Partner with Zenith Hygiene Group for new COSHH Training

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CPL Online has announced that they have formed a new partnership with Zenith Hygiene Group, which is a leading provider of hygiene technology solutions in the UK. CPL Online is a well known company that works to create and deliver learning and development software.

This new partnership has been formed as the Merseyside- based CPL Online has managed to develop a range of tailored learning resources are to be used by Zenith Hygiene. Among these resources is an e-learning course as well as a learning management system and mobile app to be used by Zenith in order to offer more accessible and effective training for the Group’s customer base.

The new e-learning course that has been created by CPL Online has been developed with the help of Zenith Hygiene’s product chemist and technical director. The new course, entitled Chemical Competence looks mainly at the main COSHH principles. COSHH or the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health is required across most industries and the e-learning resources looks into how Zenith’s varied customer base could apply the appropriate controls that are needed in order to prevent or reduce any risk of employees being exposed to substances in the workplace that could be hazardous.

In order to make sure that the course was effective and could be applicable to Zenith’s customers, products that are used by Zenith have been incorporated into the learning content. It is thought that doing this will help those using the course to more effectively implement the processes connected to a specific chemical.

CPL Learning’s new learning management system and mobile app will be available and free to Zenith Hygiene’s 20,000 different customer sites. It is thought that the partnership that has been formed by CPL and Zenith will allow for more business development opportunities in the future.

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Countryside Alliance Launch this year’s Game to Eat Initative

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The Countryside Alliance has released their Game to Eat initiative. This programme includes a new wild game recipe booklet. The initiative was set up in order to promote the different ways to enjoy game throughout the wild game season. With wild game like pigeon, there is no restriction on when they can be shot, however, with other types of game animals, there are only certain times in the year where it is legal to hunt them. August is the earliest of these periods, for snipe, red grouse and deer, and in preparation, the Countryside alliance has launched their Game to Eat initiative which offers a range of new and exciting recipes to be tried.

The initiative uses the best British wild game on offer in order to create the recipes especially for the initiative, such as traditional roast pheasant and partridge to more modern pheasant nuggets and BBQ grouse. Other options in the recipe includes duck croquettes and spicy partridge satay.

Game meats are known for being low in cholesterol and saturated fatty acids as well as being high in vitamins, making them all healthy meat option choices. Game hunting is also a traditionally British pastime and with Brexit on the horizon the Project Manager from Game to Eat, Jack Knott suggests enjoying more traditional meat when they come into season. It is also great news that game meats are becoming more popular as it highlights a support of British agriculture.

During last years initiative, more than 40,000 recipe booklets were distributed across the UK and Ireland. The booklets hare handed out for free and it has been found that the popularity of the resource is growing alongside the popularity of wild game. Hopefully this year’s Game to Eat initiative by the Countryside Alliance will be just as successful as previous years.

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Bertinet Bakery Launch new Sourdough Loaf

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The Bertinet Bakery has announced the launch of a new product. The Bakery company has recently experienced a great deal of success following the launch of their sliced sourdough loaf. In order to expand their range while making the most of this previous success, the Bertinet Bakery have released a new, slightly smaller offering of the sour dough. This new product is a 500g loaf and ha been launched into 80 stores.

The bread was released at 80 different Waitrose stores across the country last week and it i thought that this new sourdough loaf will fill a gap in the market that offers an alternative to standard sliced bread. The Bertinet Bakery has developed this new sourdough product that is baked in tins and can offer the same uses as standard bread, without the additives. This loaf is slightly smaller than regular loaves, but the range includes both white and a darker malted wheat sourdough that is sold with malted wheat flakes melted onto the crust.

The Bertinet Bakery pride themselves on their new sourdough range, made out of a few simple ingredients and not having any additives. The new product resembles a standard loaf of bread but is healthier, natural and has a delicious full flavour. The Bakery already has an established Artisan range that has been developed in order to offer something for every type of bread lover. The Artisan range offered by the company is available in 35 different Waitrose stores across the UK. The Bertinet Bakery is owned and run by Richard Bertinet, the chef and author who has more than 35 years experience as a baker to utilise while baking. Bertinet’s four books all refer to a range of different baking aspects. Richard Bertinet’s The Bertinet Kitchen is also popular, as customers travel from around the world in order to learn how to bake.

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Aquavit London to Celebrate Swedish Crayfish with Kräftpremiär

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In Sweden, a tradition for crayfish was created after restrictions were implemented  on the harvesting of the animal in the early 1900s. After these restrictions were brought in, the crustacean became a coveted luxury. Today, the tradition is still alive and well, and marking the start of the crayfish season is one of the largest event is the Swedish calendar.

In the annual celebrations to mark the start of the crayfish season there are events dishes and drinks served to suit all occasions celebrating the sought after culinary treat. On the 7th of September, Aquavit in London will be holding their very own traditional crayfish party, or Kräftpremiär. The restaurant will also be holding a number of different celebrations throughout August and September.

On the 7th of September the traditional event will be held outside of the Aquavit London restaurant. Guests to this event will be seated along two different communal tables, with the recently redeveloped St James Market offering an ideal alfresco backdrop for the traditionally Swedish celebration. There will be a collection of traditional decorations, a song booklet, up to 2 dozen crayfish and a range of different aquavits on offer from O.P Anderson.

Across August and September, Aquavit London will have crayfish on the amu for guests to try. The crustacean will be celebrated and be featured on the menu in the form of Crayfish with Västerbotten tart served with dill mayonnaise and watercress.

Aquavit London has been based in St James Market since November 2016 and works to showcase and celebrate the very best in Nordic cuisine and design. The restaurant offers a relaxed atmosphere and welcomes guests from breakfast through to lunch, afternoon ttea and Dinner. There is also an amazing bar that offer the ideal location for guests to sit and enjoy aquavit based cocktails until late evening.

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