Roberto Costa Revealed That They Will Be Opening Their Fourth London Venue

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Macellaio RC, the italian experts of steak founded by Roberto Costa has revealed that they will be opening their fourth London Venue. The new Macellaio RC will be opening on Northcote Road in Clapham on the 21st of July. The restaurant chain that has been created by Roberto Costa is experiencing a great deal of success, with the launching of the fourth location as proof.

The new Northcote road site for the Macellaio RC will join the three other established London restaurants in South Kensington, Exmouth Market and Union street. However the new site will be working to set itself apart from its sister restaurants, with a heavy focus on italian wines. The selection of wines that will be on offer at the Northcote Road Macellaio RC have been selected especially by Roberto Costa. The bespoke wine list for the chain has been in development by Roberto since the first restaurant opened in London in 2012. The wine list is almost entirely filled with Italian Wine makers from across the country. The wine list now has more than a hundred different labels, all chosen for their character and in order to celebrate the winemaking industry in Italy.

The Clapham location that is opening on the 21st of July will have a similar format to the other locations by merging together a restaurant and butchers in a way that is unique to Macellaio RC. The butcher will offer the well known Fassona beef that has been butchered and dry aged on the site for customers. The menu for the restaurant will celebrate this beautiful meat with simply cooked dishes, The Fassano beef has been dry aged over 5-7 weeks in order to go tender in the restaurant’s ventilation cellars. This type of beef has come from the Piedmont area of Italy and is significantly low in fat and cholesterol because of the hypertrophic muscle growth in the cows.

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Pulitzer’s Bar Released a New Paloma Cocktail

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With National Tequila Day fast approaching, Pulitzer’s Bar has released a new Paloma Cocktail. In order to celebrate the famous and popular Mexican spirit, the Head Bartender of Pulitzer has created a delicious new cocktail for those visiting the Bar can try out.

The Pulitzer’s Bar is located in The Pulitzer Amsterdam, but for those not quite willing to travel that far in order to celebrate National Tequila Day, Head Bartender Andrei Talapanescu has published the ingredients of his refreshing Paloma cocktail for avid Tequila lovers to try out at home.

The Paloma has been described as a perfect summery drink, with refreshing grapefruit flavours to compliment the Tequila, whether they are enjoying the amazing surroundings of Pulitzer’s Bar in Amsterdam, or creating your own magic at home.

Pulitzer’s Bar also has a new Waterside Terrace for guests who are wanting to st and watch the world go by alongside one of Amsterdam’s famous canals.

The Paloma cocktail is made with Don Julio Blanco  Tequila, Lime Juice, Grapefruit Soda Tajine rim for the glass and pieces of Grapefruit to garnish. In order to make the summery celebratory cocktail add a tagine rim to half of a tall drinking glass. The Cocktail that has been created in honour of National Tequila day is one that you build in a glass, with no blending or shaking over ice required. Therefore the 10 ml of Lime juice is added to the glass followed by the 40 ml of the Don Julio Blanco Tequila and the ice before being topped off with the 125 ml of Grapefruit soda. To make the zingy summery drink extra special top off with a piece of grapefruit.

National Tequila Day will be celebrated on Monday 24th July, so why not celebrate with this refreshing cocktail wherever you are on the 24th.

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OnePlus Pop-ups Challenge the More Conventional Forms and Channels for Technology

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OnePlus pop-ups are incredibly popular, well-known for the masses in attendance, all queuing to get their hands on the latest OnePlus flagship. OnePlus is a mobile technology company that is well established on a global scale. The company work to challenge the more conventional forms and channels for technology while working around their “ Never Settle” mantra. OnePlus creates devices that have a high quality design and a high performance.

The launch off the OnePlus 5 was thought to be their most successful yet, with more than 10,000 people attending the pop-ups around the world to try and get their hands on the latest phone.

The company started using pop-ups for the launch of their OnePlus 2 evice. The business noticed that the generation of an offline presence that allowed people to try out the products was a great marketing techniques. This pop-up creation allows OnePlus to create a trusting relationship with their customers.

OnePlus also saw the pop-ups as an ideal opportunity to test out partnerships with different carriers. These partnerships are considered carefully, with the benefit to both partners considered. To begin with the company had a trial partnership with Elisa, a provider in Finland. The research that was carried alongside the trial showed that people in Finland are heavy users of smartphone, with their mobile data usage per capita per month is the highest across Europe.

OnPlus 3 was the highest selling phone for Elisa for three consecutive months, and this success carried on when the OnePlus 3T was released. The newest model to be released, the OnePlus 5 has maintained this successful streak, beating worldwide popular companies such as Apple and Samsung to the top after 4 days of sales.

OnePlus 5 was first released in June and the company has also worked in collaboration with 3 in order to meet the demand for their smartphone across the Nordic region.

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