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Is Lab-Grown Meat the Way Forward?

By Posted on 2 m read

Lab-grown meat or cellular agriculture is a new way of
producing meat from a cellular source in a bioreactor. It is distinctly
different in its production to meat from living animals. Indeed, no animals are
killed during its production. We as a global population eat vast quantities of
meat per year. Global meat consumption was …

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Benefits of Outsourcing Your Food Service Operation

By Posted on 4 m read

Different facilities, including hospitals,
camps, and schools, are now more than ever looking for ways to enhance their
food service operation quality. The driving force to this is people are
becoming conscious of what they consume. Specialized food companies are also
offering their clients varied options to outsource their meals from experts.
The recommended food …

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Working From Home Permanently? It’s Time To Up Your Coffee Game

By Posted on 7 m read

After what has been a nightmarish 18 months for most, things are finally starting to return to a degree of normality. But for many people, the new normal is going to involve a lot more home working, with many people switching to permanent home working from now on.

Working from home is …

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Brew’d Nitro Cold Brew – Serve Perfect Iced Coffee in Moments

By Posted on 4 m read


27th July 2021

Brew’d Nitro Cold Brew –  Serve Perfect Iced Coffee in Moments

Iced coffee is the hottest drinks trend of the summer, and thanks to the Brew’d Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Machine, serving it just got 1,000 times easier. 

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Planning on Serving an Elegant Afternoon Cup of Tea? Here’s How

By Posted on 4 m read

Since the early 1800s, afternoon tea has been a traditional British
custom symbolizing elegance and aristocracy. The phrase “afternoon tea” can
refer to various things to various people from various origins. Be it a lavish
outing to a fancy British hotel or a small get-together in your backyard,
afternoon tea can feature in them all. …

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Foodhub reveals why UK takeaways are struggling following Brexit – and how they could help

By Posted on 3 m read

Recent research from takeaway platform Foodhub has revealed that the nation’s takeaway restaurants have been struggling following the UK’s departure from the EU. 

Ardian Mula, CEO of Foodhub, said: “It’s incredibly important to us that we support the British high street – we’ve built our whole business model around this …

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