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3 Common Reasons Why So Many Catering Operations End Up Failing

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Catering is a notoriously competitive and cutthroat business. Unfortunately, too many go into the business with nothing but a dream, only for it to get crushed by the realities and challenges of running a catering business.

Still, this is a sector that offers tons of opportunities for savvy business owners who have a …

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Launching New Menu Items: Our Top Tips


The Coronavirus pandemic has completely upended the restaurant market and left many establishments struggling to stay afloat.

As such, moving forward, eateries will have to work hard to retain existing customers and attract new diners to sample their dishes.

A great way to rejuvenate your restaurant and help …

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Corporate Caterers Give NHS Workers Free Meals at Home, Not Just at Work

POW Food, London’s first-ever wellness focused corporate catering company, has turned its attention to feeding frontline NHS workers not only in the workplace but also providing much needed support directly to NHS homes, as well as continuing its work with City Harvest to feed the elderly in isolation and families …

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Food & Drink Festival Online to Support Food and Drink Producers

In these are challenging times for small food & drink producers, Food & Drink Festival Online has launched for the public to discover and buy from these businesses and support the grass-roots community. Many depend on a busy summer of festivals and shows to meet customers and sell their products, but with events …

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Eating Out After Coronavirus: What To Look Out For

The recent Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the corporate landscape, and no sector has had to evolve faster than the restaurant space. 

Most eateries have had to close to reduce the spread of this fatal virus. Once the danger passes and the government starts to allow more establishments to resume trading, diners …

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Bidfresh Launches Direct-to-Consumer Home Delivery

Fresh food supplier Bidfresh is adding direct-to-consumer home delivery services from its depots around the UK in response to the national measures introduced to address the coronavirus outbreak.

The public will be able to order meat, fish and seafood, fruit and veg, dairy and a range of other products. The free delivery service …

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