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5 Benefits Of Working Out: How Exercise Can Improve Your Life

By Posted on 3 m read

When it comes to improving your health, most people know that exercise is key. But what many people don’t realize is just how many benefits there are to working out regularly. Exercise can help improve your physical and mental health and even boost your confidence! So let’s discuss five benefits of working out that you may not have known about.

Improved Physical Health.

It’s no secret that exercise is good for your physical health. Regular exercise can help you maintain a healthy weight, lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, and reduce your risk of diabetes. But did you know that exercise can also help reduce your risk of some cancers? And it can also improve your bone health and muscle strength! In addition, exercise can help you improve your balance and coordination, which can prevent falls and injuries, ultimately improving your physical health.

Improved Mental Health.

Exercise has been shown to help people with anxiety and depression by releasing endorphins, which are hormones that block pain signals from the brain. Endorphins also produce a feeling of euphoria similar to that of morphine. Regular exercise has also been shown to increase serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels in the brain, which are all chemicals linked to positive mood and mental health. Additionally, people who exercise regularly tend to sleep better than those who don’t, and better sleep has also been linked to improved mental health.

Better Sleep.

If you have trouble sleeping, working out may be able to help. Exercise can improve the quality of your sleep by helping you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. People who exercise for 30 minutes three times a week sleep better than those who don’t exercise at all. Exercise is essential for good sleep, so working out may be the answer if you’re having trouble sleeping. In addition, working out can help you sleep better if you have insomnia.

Boosted Confidence.

Exercise has been shown to increase self-esteem and confidence, especially when done consistently. Working out regularly can help you feel better about yourself and your abilities, which can carry over into other areas of your life. Confidence is key in so many aspects of our lives. For example, working out may give you the confidence to wear mens muscle fit T Shirts or woman’s mini skirts. It can also help with public speaking, job interviews, and networking. Confidence is one of the most important benefits of working out because it leads to success in other areas of life.

Increased Energy Levels.

Most people who start working out regularly report feeling more energy during the day. This is because exercise helps improve your cardiovascular health, which makes it easier for your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your cells. In addition, exercise also releases endorphins, which are hormones that can boost your mood and give you a natural high. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your energy levels, working out may be the answer. Just make sure to start slow and gradually increase the intensity of your workouts as your fitness level improves.

There are many benefits to working out that go beyond physical fitness. So if you’re looking for a way to improve your life, working out is a great place to start!

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Top 5 Translation Software Tools in 2022

By Posted on 3 m read

The use of translation software has been a usual practice among professional translators, yet it became even more popular during the last two decades. It became this way because machine learning has advanced and turned into more than just a tool that stores certain expressions. Offering helpful suggestions and making automatic corrections, the involvement of AI-based technology has taken things to another level. 

Top 5 Translation Software Tools in 2022 

1. Wordbee. 

While it is not as famous as Trados or similar offerings, Wordbee has a user-friendly translation management interface with a set of CAT features that are not too complex. If you need to manage linguistic projects and collaborate with other translators without getting lost in the myriad of things you might not even need, Wordbee is a nice option worth trying. There is a free trial that allows you to use the software for 15 days without limitations. 

2. Smartcat. 

A cloud-based translation tool that has an easier interface and needs no prior experience if you are not familiar with similar solutions. It’s also free and has additional collaboration options. When you work as an independent translator or want to find out the pros and cons of software used by professional linguists, it’s the one to start with, as it’s the most intuitive translation software. 

3. Wordfast Pro. 

This solution is suitable for those linguists that prefer working in MS Word. It works directly, which means that you receive all the benefits of your favourite word processor as well. As you choose their PRO version, access to other formats becomes accessible. It offers cross-platform support and a free trial for thirty days. Another important benefit is that you have MS Word spelling correction. Now, if you need to correct other styling matters or have an expert proofread your translation, consider to find a trained linguist. Make sure that you double-check the original content, so your input text is accurate as well. 

4. SDL Trados Studio. 

If you can get past the steep learning curve, it’s one of the best and most popular translation tools used by professionals. As a desktop (offline) solution, it can support numerous projects with an extensive set of adjustments that will help improve your translation as you leave notes and comments for your colleagues. Make sure to check the networking options offered by Trados. 

5. MateCat. 

The main benefit of this translation software is that it’s free with various paid options if you need to add certain custom offerings. You can access translation memory tools and basic translation management software tools with no limitations. Dealing with basic translation tasks, it does its job well. However, if you plan to work with confidential information or the public database won’t work for your needs, it’s safer to consider paid options with a built-in database. 

Translation Software vs Human Translation 

The use of translation software often becomes a subject of debate, since the final quality will always vary, depending on what’s being used. The trick is that the use of translation tools must be implemented as a supplementary, not as the total replacement of the translator’s skills. Turning to human translation, one should combine the best of both worlds for correction, double-checking, and accuracy of the terms being used. 


As a researcher and business consultant with a linguistic background, Joanne loves to explore innovations in the fields of technology, education, and global marketing. Her posts discuss it all from online learning to online promotion to help you become inspired. Follow Joanne to learn and brainstorm amazing ideas. 

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Top South West chefs join forces with Too Good To Go to save Cornish Blue Cheese

By Posted on 2 m read

Campaign backed by Michael Caines MBE

Food app with a conscience, Too Good To Go, has joined forces with acclaimed chefs in the South West of England to prevent hundreds of blocks of Cornish Blue Cheese from going to waste this month.

To champion the award-winning Cornish Blue Cheese produced by local Cornish dairy the Cornish Cheese Company, Too Good To Go is launching the first ever Cornish Blue Cheese Week in the South West.

From the 3 August, some of the regions’ top chefs will showcase the Cornish Blue Cheese on their menus. Chefs backing the campaign include Michael Caines MBE who will introduce a complimentary cheese course as part of his menu at The Cove Restaurant in Meanporth and Lympstone Manor in Exmouth.

Speaking of his support for Too Good To Go’s Cornish Blue Cheese Week, Michael Caines said: “I’m delighted to be supporting Too Good To Go’s Cornish Blue Cheese Week. Our local producers are the heart-beat of the South West food scene and it is important that we chefs continue to champion their delicious produce as much as we can. I was devastated to hear the impact that Covid-19 had on the Cornish Cheese Company – a local producer I already work with – and am excited to showcase it’s Cornish Blue Cheese on my menus in the coming week so that I can play a part in preventing it from going to waste.”

The Fig Tree @ 36 in Plymouth will also be taking part. Owner Tanya Marsland said: “Cornish Blue Cheese has always been our go to blue cheese, so what better way than to celebrate it with Cornish Blue Cheese week. Shouting out about local is what we pride ourselves in, we are excited to be able to get involved.”

After having a taste of the cheese, each participating restaurant will provide dining customers with direct links to purchase 1kg of Cornish Blue Cheese worth £16 for just £6 through the Too Good To Go app.

Jamie Crummie, co-founder of Too Good To Go, said: “When we heard that the Cornish Cheese Company were facing having to throw away hundreds of portions of their award-winning cheese, we knew that there was something we could do to help. We’re thrilled to have the support of some of the South West’s most acclaimed chefs and are looking forward to kicking off Cornish Blue Cheese Week next week.”

Too Good To Go lets consumers buy surplus food from restaurants, retailers and producers to stop it from going to waste. Consumers simply download the free Too Good To Go app and search for nearby businesses with unsold food. They then purchase a ‘Magic Bag’, collect it at an allotted time and enjoy it.

For more information on Too Good To Go visit

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Demystifying supply chain compliance: instantly flag potentially risky suppliers

By Posted on 3 m read

Glamour was tarnished in the fashion industry over the last month, as up and coming fast fashion brands Boohoo and Quiz were caught in the crossfire of accusations of modern slavery, aimed at suppliers who were paying workers below the minimum wage or forcing workers to come into work with coronavirus symptoms. As a result, Boohoo’s share price has plummeted. Both companies have announced extensive reviews of their supply chains and auditing processes, while Boohoo announced that it would invest £10m to eradicate supply chain malpractice.


“Non-compliance can have a huge impact on reputation and business continuity, at a time when businesses are trying to build back and when having the capability to rely on your supply chain is essential”, says Gemma Archibald, Managing Director of Alcumus SafeContractor, the UK’s leading contractor and supplier accreditation provider.


“It is beyond regrettable to read stories in the media where this realisation has come too late, especially as such instances are so preventable. Clearly there is an increasing need for organisations to ensure their supply chains are compliant and their procedures robust, across all trading practices. As businesses and supply chains become ever more complex, I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to have full supply chain visibility, given the risks associated with non-compliance”, adds Gemma.


Even big names have had unfortunate experiences in recent years, such as prison labour or slave labour incidents for Tesco or Kozee. But the trend is clear: businesses are increasingly embracing their responsibility to protect not only their workforce, but also the wider ecosystem that is part of their supply chain.


“The majority of companies using our contractor health & safety accreditation solutions now also mandate additional supplier screening, covering sustainability, finance and ethics risks, this has increased significantly in the last year”, adds Gemma.


“At Alcumus SafeContractor, we have 20 years of experience helping hundreds of businesses across many industry sectors to ensure their suppliers are safe to partner with. We naturally looked beyond H&S compliance, and launched  SafePQQ, to help companies connect with contractors who share the same values and who want to grow their businesses by working together, without compromising safety, sustainability, or ethics.”


SafePQQ is an online standardised pre-qualification questionnaire which includes the common question sets defined within PAS91. It is an effective and agile process, which provides organisations with greater visibility of their supply chain compliance. Contractors sign up and submit their details online and the information is reviewed once a year, ensuring that supply chain compliance information is regularly updated.


“A small minority of suppliers undergoing a SafeContractor or SafePQQ accreditation process are flagged as potentially presenting a risk, but each such instance can potentially mean millions of pounds saved for our clients, lives protected and workplaces made safer and better. Organisations that use the SafeContractor management portal can view at risk suppliers at the click of a button. SafePQQ is a simple and effective first filter, to ensure that supply chain risk is mitigated and companies protect their businesses and their reputation”, adds Gemma.


Our solutions provide peace of mind and save time, money and effort and yes: this includes many resounding fashion names.


Learn more at:

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The Best Virtual Bass VST Plugins 

By Posted on 4 m read


If you feel that your music lacks energy and power, a simple solution can bridge the gap. It’s probably bass that it is missing. Bass can infuse vigor into your music. Without it, your songs might sound empty. Using the right plugins can add the missing soul to your track.

Yes, the best bass instrument can set elevate the level of your song. Today, you’ll find a wide range of bass tools in the market in variations. Here’s the best sounding bass list compiled for music lovers who want to give their passion a facelift.

Spectrasonics Trillian

Ranked as one of the best VST plugins in the market, this virtual instrument is comprehensively designed with different basses assembled as cutting-edge technology. A balanced instrument, Trillian offers a 34 GB library with an extensive selection of basses designed to offer musicians a state-of-the-art experience. You can enjoy both acoustic as well as electric basses. The Spectrasonics Trillian bass VST is engineered with an “Omnispehere” synth that powers superior splits and better sound.

For bass enthusiasts, Spectrasonics features a plethora of iconic tracks. From John Patitucci and Marcus Miller to Laboriel Abraham, you can tune to immersive music. For newbies, it could take some time to get familiarized to the interface but once you get a hang of it, you’ll enjoy the controls and intriguing features of the device.

Scarbee Rickenbacker

Looking for an instrument that sounds real? The Scarbee Rickenbacker is designed with solid features that live up to its reputation. Powered by a balanced tonal response, the instrument is reminiscent of the “legend”. It offers a crisp and powerful bass. This model offers a special chain effect that provides the comfort of additional tweaking.

As a top-rated bass VST, Rickenbacker features a rich library that includes palm-muted and open articulations from NKI that offer a realistic sound. The sound mix series compressor, tape saturator, the guitar’s amp and more, Scarbee Rickenbacker is the next-gen VST plugin you wouldn’t want to miss. Catch a glimpse of the Scarbee Rickenbacker at

IK Modo Bass

Offering a state-of-the-art platform, IK Modo Bass is one classic electric bass you can lay your hands on. This prominent model epitomizes precision to produce unmatched sound. A pioneer in the music industry, the makers have added a few exciting features into its latest version.

Its responsive sound engine, modal synthesis technology and an interface that can be tweaked to suit your preference are worth mentioning. The non-linear resonator provides with a real-time fusion.

Output Substance 

A powerful bass engine that is sure to catch the attention of bass lovers, the Output Substance is one of the best on our list of bass VST plugins. This new-age bass producing instrument features a blend of live brass sets and outsized poly-synths. You can’t miss the acoustic basses that have been exclusively processed to generate amplified electric bass and overall improved sound design. If you are a music enthusiast and want to gain insights about these amazing VST plugins, do consider reading this article.

The engine is one of the key features of the Output Substance and integrates up to three layers of the sound source. These are blended with a range of tweaks that include flux control, FX, modulation, filters for that solid and superior bass quality. All these features put together to produce the thunderous sound you scout for in a bass VST plugin device.

One of the best in the category, Output Substance covers all that you expected in a modern virtual bass VST plugin instrument. If you are curious, let’s tell you that the presets offered on the Output Substance includes Fuzz Pedal’, ‘Simple Acoustic’, ‘‘Snowy Road’ and ‘Smooth Upright’ among many more.

Novation Bass Station 

The Novation’s Bass Station plugin features a collection of bass sounds. The range it offers is simply mind-blowing with high-pitched leads to class fat basses. This creates a warm resonance that isn’t always found in other models of contemporary bass plugins.

The LFOs on the frames and the ladder filter are unique features with sound created at 12/24 dB for low bass. Among the other prominent features are the ADSR envelopes and the oscillator syncs. These allow for an array of presets and extensive plugin support. To read more about VST plugins, click here:

Waves Bass Slapper 

Known for its realistic sounding slapping bass, the Waves Bass Slapper replicates the tones of a high-end bass device. The precise articulations provide the user with the comfort of developing realistic sounds without losing control over the notes.

One of the best bass VST plugins you’ll find in the market, Waves Bass Slapper extends a library that comprises everything from legato sounds, dead notes to thumbs, popping, pull-offs and more.

The five-string articulation and consistent AMP simulation, adjustable key switch editor, the low band MIDI-controls, four-band equalizer and a sub-octave are some features that lend this bass VST plugin instrument its depth. Perfect for high-tech supported instrument users, Waves Bass Slapper works best on an Intel Core i5 or AMD Quad-Core processor. Find out more on free VST plugins!

Finding the best VST plugins is no more a challenge 

Given all the synth plugins for bass available in the market, we’ve listed out the top instruments and hope that you’ll find the appropriate device that offers perfect usability and sound quality that you have been looking for. This selection includes bass virtual plugin instruments that offer an ultimate harmonic and expressive bass and treble experience.

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Clan Des Obeaux gunning for glory in the Gold Cup

By Posted on 3 m read

For Champion Trainer Paul Nicholls, the 2020 Cheltenham Festival challenge looks set to be one of selectivity and pragmatism, with a modest group of runners geared towards maximising his chances of success. Solo is the hot favourite for the Triumph Hurdle on the Friday of the Festival, and looks to be Nicholls’ best chance of success on that day, but another of his horses, Clan Des Obeaux, will be aiming to cause a stir in the showpiece event – the Gold Cup.

Clan Des Obeaux is a horse with a fine record, having won the prestigious King George VI Chase two years running. He placed fifth in last year’s Gold Cup, and Nicholls will be hoping that he will have gained sufficient experience in 2019 to make a stronger push this time around. The trainer has been in confident mood about Clan Des Obeaux’s chances with Cheltenham looming ever closer.

“We’re thrilled with him and he’s had a great preparation, everything’s gone right,” Nicholls said. “We’ve been able to work him really hard – which suits him. He’s just where we want him to be. 

“I think he’s got a good chance. He’s a dual King George winner and he’s definitely a better horse this year. I’m very happy with him. It suits him to be very fit and fresh and last year he came to Cheltenham having run at Ascot, which was close enough to the festival. He’s just got to prove it at Cheltenham, because he hasn’t yet, but I think he can do that easily.”

Nicholls makes a salient point about being fresh heading into the Festival. Clan Des Obeaux enters the Gold Cup having not raced since his King George triumph on Boxing Day, and that fitness could make all the difference in what is bound to be a tightly-contested race. The current Cheltenham Festival Gold Cup odds place Clan Des Obeaux as fifth-favourite, behind Santini, last year’s winner Al Boum Photo, Delta Work and Lostintranslation. But without the stresses of having raced in January and February, Nicholls’ horse could well be set to overcome those odds. 

It will be interesting to see who rides Clan Des Obeaux in the Gold Cup. Harry Cobden had been in the saddle for nearly two years’ worth of races before the King George VI Chase at Kempton in December, when Sam Twiston-Davies took the reins and guided the horse to a second successive victory. Twiston-Davies rode Clan Des Obeaux on and off in the horse’s early career, and the King George win proved that there is still an affinity between horse and jockey. 

Nicholls is in fine form in recent months, counting 44 winners in January and February, and he’ll be hoping that this has all been building towards success at Cheltenham. In Clan Des Obeaux, he has a horse who may not be favourite for the prestigious Gold Cup, but may just have the talent and quality to spring a shock when push comes to shove in the Cheltenham showpiece. After all, there’s no such thing as a sure thing in horse racing.

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