Zuma Announces Second Season Pop-up at Anantara Layan

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Zuma will be opening a pop-up for a second season in Sala Layan. The award-winning contemporary Japanese restaurant was created and co-founded by Rainer Becker and will be opening at a beachfront restaurant that forms a part of Anantara Layan Phuket Resort between the 15th December and the 15th March.

The cuisine delivered to guests at Zuma has been inspired by izakaya, an informal dining style that will make the restaurant feel authentic yet not necessarily traditionally Japanese. The menu created for the pop-up has been designed to be shared. The diners also have the opportunity to try sushi counter as well as food served from the kitchen and grill.

Zuma first opened in London in 2002 and has experienced a great deal of success on a worldwide platform. The restaurant has since the taken the opportunity to expand and open eleven international locations. The restaurant offers a range of signature dishes such as spicy beef tenderloin serves with sesame, sliced yellowtail with green chili and a miso marinated black cod. Alongside the freshest sushi and sashimi, visitors to Zuma can enjoy food from the robata grill.

The pop-up in Sala Layan will be located in between Anantara Layan’s beach and pool areas, and will create a whole new vibe for guests to enjoy during the festive season and afterwards right into the middle of March.

Anantara Layan is located in a secluded bay on the Andaman coastline in the tropical rainforest of the Sirinath National Park. A part of the Anantara luxury hospitality brand, the resort has a wide range of both creative and intimate dining options including dee plee, a hillside restaurant that offers Thai cuisine and tailored ‘Dining by Design’ options available across the resort. The Zuma pop-up will fit in amongst the eclectic dining options at the luxury resort.

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Ketel One Vodka Used at World Class Bartender of the Year Final

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The concept of Brunch is gaining in popularity around the world recently. It has been found that Brits spend £76 million on it every day, and searches for brunch by Canadians have increased significantly, by 234% in comparison to last year. Brunch is becoming more and more popular around the world; with more searches in Malaysia, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, UAE and the US as well a number of countries across Europe. As part of this, a classic cocktail has been seeing a resurgence in popularity.

The Bloody Mary is a perfect choice at any good brunch and is one of the bestselling cocktails in the world. Ketel One Vodka has been described as the perfect spirit to make the King of Brunch cocktail.

The World Class Bartender of the Year final took place recently and saw 55 highly skilled bartenders from right around the world create their own variation on the classic Bloody Mary. In these drinks were thousands of different ingredients and garnishes in order to display the bartenders’ skills and twist on a classic cocktail. Even though the flavour combinations of each drink were different, all bartenders at the competition used Ketel One Vodka, seen as the bartender’s favourite vodka.

As a part of the World Class Bartender of the Year final, the Bloody Mary served with spicy pink peppercorns, fennel seeds and horseradish alongside carrot juice in order to create a vibrant orange adaptation of the classic. One Australian creation included tomato juice, hot sauce, balsamic vinegar and pale ale.

The Dutch heritage of Ketel One was given a nod with a Carrot Mary cocktail featuring carrot, apple & pear juice as well as freshly squeezed orange, tamarind and ginger paste. The guests at the final were also treated to a Mexican twist of the classic cocktail, with fresh red pepper, Chile chipotle and Ketel One, created by Ricardo Sandoval, the leading Mexican bartender and as a celebration of the competition’s host country.

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Kitchen Cut in CIO Reviews Top 20!

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Kitchen CUT has been named amongst the 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions Providers. The accolade has been awarded to the company by CIO Review Magazine, who had a review selection panel compare a large number of different travel and hospitality solution providers in order to find the 20 most promising and helpful solutions.


The CIO panel based their decision on the technology solutions providers’ ability to assist CIO and enterprise holders in order to work through the challenges that are faced in the sector. The providers are also assessed by the help offered to businesses looking for the perfect travel and hospitality solution.


Kitchen CUT was seen as a strong contender for the 20 Most Promising Travel & Hospitality Technology Solutions Providers due to their ability to deliver tight controls and an effective back-office management solution perfect for chefs who are time-poor. It is better for chef to focus on creating and delivering amazing dishes to their guests as opposed to spending time on excess admin. The industry has seen a great deal of technology which is perfect for use by front of house such as payment systems, loyalty programs, CRM, customer ordering and much more. The Kitchen CUT systems offers the same level of technological innovation to the benefit of back-office.


It is thought that Kitchen CUT will see a great deal of benefit from being named on this CIO Review list, as there will be an opportunity to promote their solutions to the hospitality and travel industry. The solution that is offered by Kitchen CUT can reduce the amount of time a chef spends on admin by around 30%. This offers the chef more time to develop new and innovative recipes that will keep diners coming back for more, as well as time to interact with customers and more effectively manage their team in the kitchen.

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