The Four Season Hotel Hampshire Opens Wild Carrot in September

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The Four Seasons Hotel in Hampshire will be opening their new restaurant and bar on the 22nd of September. Wild Carrot has been created through the leadership of Martin Brudnizki and has been named after the delicate white wildflower found in abundance in Dogmersfield Park, which is the Hotel’s Estate.

The restaurant and bar will be overseen by Dirk Gieselmann, the Executive Chef and the newly appointed Restaurant Chef Adam Falgrin. The menu at the Hotel’s new restaurant will feature Chef Dirk’s signature dishes which all illustrate the culinary journey and experiences of the chef. Alongside Chef Dirk’s dishes will be the contemporary take of British classics created by Chef Adam. Included on the menu will be a sharing beef Wellington with a rich mushroom duxelle, cabbage and truffle sauce as well as a Surrey beef gourmet burger served with a seasonal blackberry chutney and caramelised onion in a brioche bun. All of the dishes created for guests at Wild carrot will be made from locally sourced ingredients, with the seasonal ingredients sourced from farms and markets that may be slightly farther afield.

Wild Carrot has an open kitchen that invites guests to interact with the Hampshire Chefs as well as enjoying seeing them at work. The restaurant has been designed to be distinctly British. Featured in the decor is a range of rich colours, textures and fabrics, with the Wild Carrot dining room pairing classic detailing with more contemporary pieces which delivers a hint of eccentricity, charm and character to the country house.

Also featured at Wild Carrot is a private dining area which will be able to seat up to 25 guests as well as an outdoor terrace which will invoke the lush feel of an English Country Garden, covered in green foliage and fitted with statement pendant lighting.

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Smeg Release new Parmigiano Reggiano at Flagship

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Smeg has announced that they will be releasing their own range of Parmigiano Reggiano DOP cheese. The company’s new product will be available exclusively at their flagship store which is in St James’ Market, Regent Street in London. The new Parmigiano Reggiano will come from the brand’s family-owned farm which has been found in the centre of the Guastalla province.

Montecoppe, the family owned farm has a good reputation for sustainable and environmentally friendly farming methods. This means that all of the Parmigiano that has been created on the farm is guaranteed to have Smeg’s high level of quality. The sustainable farming methods used on the fame also means that their customers will be able to track the product easily from farm to table. Montecoppe is located in a nature park in the Guastalla region, and the farm benefits from the protection that has been given to this land because of this status.

Smeg’s new product also holds the Parmigiano Reggiano DOP label. This status shows that the cheese has been awarded with the Protected Designation of Origin seal of approval. This prestigious accolade has been awarded to the product from the famed Emilia-Romagna region and is a demonstration of the high quality of the product. Smeg will be offering their new product at a choice of three ages: 12, 24 and 36 months. This age can vary to meet the taste of the customer. Ass well as the options in regards to the age of the cheese, customers will also be able to choose between 700g and 1 kg products. This product makes Smeg’s expansion into the food market and illustrates the company’s core beliefs on products outside of kitchen appliances.

Parmigiano Reggiano is a well-known and popular product that has connections to a number of rich Italian dishes. Referred to as Parmesan, the cheese is commonly used to further enhance the flavour of classic Italian pasta and risotto dishes as well as soups and salads. The cheese is known around the world for its taste and aroma.

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New Speyside Whisky Distillery Gains Planning Consent

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Speyside whisky distillery has acquired planning permission from Moray Council to open a new distillery. The new Speyside distillery will use historical distilling and bottling methods in order to create a unique whisky. The production at this newly approved site is expected to take place in 2019.

It has been around 150 years since the oldest legal distillery closed in Cabrach, therefore this new announcement is great news. The new site will be operated using the historical practices is ideal for reviving and maintaining the heritage of the area. The Cabrach distillery will be opened in a wild and remote location on the southern edge of the Moray and in the centre of Speyside. This facility will be opened in one of the birthplaces of Scotch whisky. This area has a history associated with illicit stills and smuggling in the past.

On the site the new distillery will include the distilling, maturation and bottling of a special new whisky. The new facility will be created using the blueprint of an early 19th century distillery which will also be made using historical building methods.

The construction work is set to begin at some point next summer with the production of whisky planned for 2019. It is thought that the first bottling of mature whisky from this site will take place in 2024, with plans for 150,00 bottles expected to be produced each year. There will also be a share offer announced next year. This will allow supporters to be involved in the project at an early stage and be a small part of the whisky heritage of the area.

The existing Inverharroch Farm will also be transformed into a visitor attraction in order to put Cabrach on the map for tourists and recording the area’s place in the history of Scotch Whisky.

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