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The Top UK Drive-through Hotspots

By Posted on 2 m read

Over the past hundred years, our eating habits have changed to a degree that would have astonished our ancestors. Among the major areas of improvement has been convenience. Nowadays, we’re able to pick up food whenever the fancy takes us, without ever leaving the comfort of our vehicles; moreover, we’re able to choose from a whole slew of fast food chains. Whether you’re driving your own car, or a leased one from ZenAuto, drive-through remains one of the most convenient ways to pick up lunch.

In some areas of the country, you’ll have an easy time finding drive-through food.

Where did Drive-Throughs come from?

The first drive through in the UK came courtesy of McDonalds, in 1986. The company had, by that point, opened more than a hundred restaurants in the UK, and just recently launched the ubiquitous ‘happy meal’. The first drive-through service was in Fallowfield, Manchester – but the service quickly spread across the country. At the time, eating in the car wasn’t part of the British culture. But, much like our modern habit of eating in the cinema, clever food marketers had other ideas. It is a mark of the brand’s success that so many of its rivals picked up on the idea, and that every car on the market today comes with a built-in place to hold a cup.

Where are the most drive throughs?

According to a survey published in the Daily Mail, Manchester and Glasgow enjoy the top spot when it comes to drive-through restaurants, with a grand total of forty-eight restaurants apiece. Given that the latter encompasses some 175 square kilometres, while the former covers just 115.6, it’s fair to assume that Manchester is the reigning champion when it comes to drive-through-density. A little further behind are Liverpool and Birmingham, which contain respectively 37 and 41 restaurants.

Of course, with the demand for fast-food being as insatiable as it is, it’s easy to see all of these figures growing considerably in the coming months, and the crown changing hands again and again.

What’s next for Drive-Throughs?

The world of food is changing, and so is the technology we use to order and receive that food. Touch-screens have already come into force in restaurants, with largely positive results. It’s likely that technology will also find its way into the drive through system, with multiple customers placing orders via a voice-recognition system.

Further changes comes on the menu itself. Vegan options have been introduced at several different fast-food restaurants, including KFC, Burger King, and Greggs. As we become more ethical in our eating habits, it’s likely that restaurants will face a race to cater to those habits.

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How One Glasgow Neighbourhood is the City’s Low-Key Foodie Haven

By Posted on 4 m read

Chances are that if you’ve never been to Glasgow before, you won’t have a clue where Dennistoun is. There are even higher chances that you’ll have been in Glasgow before and still won’t know where Dennistoun is.

While the thriving Merchant City dominates the nightlife of the city centre, and the effervescent West End tries its best to mix student lifestyle with trendy eateries, Dennistoun occupies a humble slice in the East End of Glasgow. For years it’s been sitting under the radar as somewhere to go for dinner and a night out, but as with all good things in Glasgow, when word gets about how good things are, everyone wants to check it out.

Dennistoun is becoming a foodie haven and needs to be the area you check out the next time you’re in Glasgow.

Don’t believe it? Here are some of the hotspots to visit:

Dennistoun BBQ

Proudly stating on their sign outside that they’re open 8 (yes eight) days a week, Dennistoun BBQ is serving up barbecue food in heaps and bounds (literally). Known for the extra-large burgers, portions of fries that would make a Five Guys employee blush, and a range of sodas imported directly from the U.S and Mexico, it’s the kind of place you’ll find yourself wolfing down a meal you never knew you could finish before feeling so full you don’t think you’ll be able to eat for the rest of the week.

What to get when there: Granny Boab’s, a double bacon & caramelised onion burger that you’ll need napkins for.


A tiny bar just as you get to the “main” part of Duke Street, Redmonds has the look of a trendy bar but the feel of a local, and you can tell going in that everyone popping in for a drink or bite to eat is from the area; especially if you see any dogs brought in that demand pets (always the best kind of bar).

It can get busy for brunch around Sunday midday, and is usually busy on weeknights when there’s a quiz on or Celtic are playing down the road, but their selection of craft beers blows other local joints out of the water.

What to get when you’re there: Even though there are almost a half dozen Chinese restaurants within walking distance, you have to order some of the Bao buns and share.

Tennent’s Brewery

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the big behemoth that sits on the intersection between the city centre and Dennistoun. Scotland’s biggest beer has been brewed at Tennent’s Brewery since the 1880s and to this day still calls this little of Dennistoun home.

It used to be that the brewery was a closed facility, but in recent years they’ve flipped the script by building a visitor centre, their own independent Drygate brewery on site (yes, that’s a brewery within a brewery) and offer guided tours that take you all around before getting to try the freshest pint of Tennent’s you’ll ever get your hands on.

What to get when you’re there: Book in for one of their craft beer tasting tours, where they give you the chance to try versions of Tennent’s that either isn’t sold in the UK or has never been made available to the public.


While Duke Street is where people say all the action happens, a few streets up on Alexandra Parade are a few hidden gems. Celinos is an authentic Italian deli, trattoria and pizzeria that has been a hub of the neighbourhood since 1982.

Head in the evening and you’ll find families out for dinner and those on a date looking for an authentic Italian dining experience. Go on a weekend morning and you’ll find yourself fighting for a table to get breakfast. The restaurant is such an institution that they opened another location in the West End a few years ago to meet demand.

What to get when you’re there: You’ll have Italian food overload when you walk in and see the deli counter, so order a plethora of plates from the tapas menu and get sharing, making sure to get the mini deep-fried calzone and cozze bianco.


Just a few doors up from Celinos is Scran, a humble café that you’ll want to keep in your back pocket as the top spot to grab an informal breakfast or brunch. Every single plate they make has the kind of food that will have you look over people’s shoulders to have a snoop at.

Their menu is simple, but you’ll find yourself in an almost Sophie’s Choice situation trying to pick the perfect item. It’s run by a lovely gent called Chris who will make sure you’re looked after, just as long as you like incredibly delicious food that has been sourced as carefully as possible.

What to get when you’re there: Any of the poached egg dishes, or the Scran Roll with pea & chilli puree, tattie scone, sriracha & crispy onions.

Good Eatings!

There you have it, a brief guide to what is arguably Glasgow’s best food neighbourhood.

Honourable mentions also include:

  • Stan’s – best for coffee and vegan traybakes
  • Amore to Go – good a haggis supper or just a reliable bag of chips
  • No Mean Dogs – fantastic vegan hotdogs and doughnuts
  • Tapa Coffee & Bakehouse – get a sandwich on their organic bread made in-house
  • Baked pizza al taglio – arguably the best slice of pizza in Glasgow

Next time you’re in Glasgow, make the short walk east, and you’ll be met with some fantastic dishes from local eateries.

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How to embrace being single on Valentine’s Day…

By Posted on 3 m read

Shops start stocking up on heart-shaped chocolates and cheesy love cards, florists are busy making bouquets of roses and clothing stores start displaying Valentine’s Day outfits in the windows.

According to Brittanica, “the holiday has expanded to expressions of affection among relatives and friends. Many schoolchildren exchange valentines with one another on this day”.

With this in mind, it comes with no surprise that Valentine’s Day has become a holiday that carries a certain level of pressure, meaning romance and gifts for couples and a daunting feeling for some singletons.

If you’re single, Valentine’s day is the best excuse to celebrate you and boost your self-worth. Being single on this day of romance is an opportunity to enjoy some quality time with your friends too.

Let’s look at what you can do to celebrate this Valentine’s Day on your own or with a group of friends with the help of fashion retailer, Zalando.

Organise a photoshoot

Since Valentine’s Day is all about love, you are legitimated to love yourself. A photoshoot could be a fun way and to celebrate your friendship. Choose bold accessories, bright colours and extravagant fabrics to express your personalities on this day. You can also keep the photos you took as a great memory of the day.

Explore a new city

Why not plan to spend this day away on a trip to a city you’ve never visited before? Enjoy serenity and scenic views in Kjeragbolten tucked away in Norway, or go diving in emerald-green waters at one of Europe’s most beautiful lakes in Green Lake, Austria. It doesn’t have to be a full-on expensive holiday, but is a great opportunity for you and a group of friends to get your maps out ready to explore new scenes and adventures.

Get creative with a brunch

What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and friendship than with food? There are many easy but delicious recipes you can enjoy making with your friends. Pull out a waffle iron and get creative making irresistible savoury or sweet waffles with delicious toppings. Why not prepare a colourful bowl of fresh fruit? Or make some home-made chocolate covered strawberries that your friends won’t resist.

There are many options available and don’t forget the most exciting part of this home-made brunch — Valentine’s Day Mimosas for a sweet touch.

Indulge in fancy dining

Valentine’s Day should not be a day to beat yourself up for being single. Take advantage of this day to spoil yourself. Buy that pair of heels you really wanted, put together a power outfit and hit the town with the girls. You and your friends can dine at a fancy restaurant you’ve never tried before and enjoy a meal together.

Get cultured at a museum

Another way to celebrate yourself and friends is to invest in meaningful activities. Valentine’s Day as singles can be a great opportunity to be cultured at a museum or an art gallery of your choice. This way you’ll enjoy spending time together and invest in yourselves too. Visiting a museum could also be a way to unplug and disconnect from social media for a day.

Whatever you decide to do on 14th February, and whether you spend the day alone or with company, the most important thing is that Valentine’s Day is all about love. So, loving yourself and your friends is the right attitude to celebrate this day.

Host a games night in

While it’s great to encourage single women to celebrate Valentine’s Day regardless of their relationship status, it is also important to remember that men can equally encourage each other on this day. If you and the boys are single and willing to celebrate Valentine’s day in style, why not organise a games night in?  All you’ll need is party games, some snacks and drinks and you’ve set the tone for a great night in.



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A foodie trip around Europe? Sign me up!

By Posted on 4 m read

The start of 2020 has seen a slew of culinary delights trending across the UK, from Gregg’s vegan steak bake to KFC’s vegan burger to Subway’s Meatless Marinara (we’re picking up a trend here). If you’re someone who loves their food and is currently thinking of where to go on their city breaks this year, prepare to get your taste buds tickled.

I’ve compiled a few locales around Europe you should definitely think about visiting this year, from the lofty height of Paris to the actual heights of the Scottish Highlands.


Baguettes in the morning. Champagne in the evening.

It’s not the ideal diet to swear by, but when you’re in Paris, you can’t not treat yourself to some of the most exquisite food going. Even better than that, Paris has a thriving street food scene that will see you hop around town without ever having set foot in a fancy restaurant.

Right now Parisians are going crazy for new takes on sandwiches (the Pastrami sandwich at Frenchie to Go is an Instagram favourite), California style tacos and Dosas. Hotspots to look up and save on your phone include CUT on Rue Saint-Bernard, Bep Viatnemese and Baranaan.

Travel Tip: hotels near the likes the Arc de Triomphe and Eiffel Tower can be stupidly dear, so look for hotels in La Defense or Saint-Denis where you can get in and out of town in around 20 minutes without paying too much on a room.


You don’t have to fly too far for a taste of Europe. Belfast is a foodie haven that not many people would think to consider, especially if you go on a weekend trip.

St. George’s Market attracts thousands of visitors every weekend who are looking for any and every kind of local delicacy under the sun. You can skip the hotel breakfast and go for the legendary Belfast Bap with bacon and potato bread or try local sweet treats like 15s. Oh, and make sure to leave room for a Cubano from the Cuban Sandwich Man. The tiny family stall became so popular that they’ve opened two locations in the city centre.

A pint of  Guinness andoysters is also on the cards if you book a place in the Belfast Oyster Experience; an intimate tasting session that takes place above Kelly’s Cellars, one of the city’s most legendary pubs. Obviously, Saturday in Belfast means all the pubs will be busy, so you’ll be able to have “good craic” no matter where you end up.

Travel Tip: While Saturdays are buzzing, Belfast trading hours are limited on Sundays, with most places not opening until 1 pm, so plan accordingly.


Another staycation foodie spot that you might have to take a few seconds to pinpoint on the map, Moray is home to something that kitchens across the country have tucked away in their cupboards; Baxter’s Soup.

Now suggesting someone goes to a soup factory might be one the weirdest thing you’ll read this week, but there’s a good reason to go. The company has turned the factory into a mini-village that is full of shops and little attractions. It is a bit odd to be standing in a thatched style shop selling nothing but soup, but it’s one of those unique things that you’d only find in the Highlands.

Also, you have to go there on a weekend morning. Locals flock to it for breakfast, and the restaurant there has a reputation for its pancakes. Weekend brunch usually involves a little stack of pancakes, but not here. They make giant pancakes (think the size of a pizza) and you only get one that covers the entire plate, along with a selection of the jams they make. It’s baffling why they do this way, but it’s oh so tasty and you’ll never think of pancakes the same way again.


Love it when you have currywurst or a big bratwurst at the Christmas market? Then why not have one whenever you like in Frankfurt. Skip trendy Berlin and get a real taste of Germany from the city that has an area aptly named the Fressgass, which roughly translates to “munching alley”.

You’ll want to visit Oosten on a Saturday morning for brunch with a view, while Kleinmarkethalle is the best place to be in the afternoon to sample local food and try your luck at a seat on the wine terrace. Also, pretty much anytime you see Flammkuchen on a menu you have to get it. It’s a very thin pizza, usually rectangular, that has a cream-based instead of tomato and sauteed onion; think quiche pizza.

Travel Tip: When staying here, look for serviced accommodation in Frankfurt rather than hotels as they tend to be cheaper.

Want to tickle your taste buds some more?

Read all the food and drink articles from the site right here.

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How to Tackle the January Blues

By Posted on 2 m read

Christmas is behind us and we’re now into another year, another decade. January is known for being a long month; it’s a while until payday and the days are still too short.

But there are lots of ways to combat the January blues. If you want to find the silver lining, here are some ideas to help you.

Go outside

It can be easy to go into hibernation mode when the weather is cold and the days are dark but getting some fresh air can do the world of good. While we can’t all afford to hit the slopes, we can go for a walk around the office at lunchtime or head to the local park during the weekend, allowing the endorphins to kick in.

Plan a holiday

Now is the perfect time to plan your big summer getaway. Whether you just map out some ideas in your head or grab a bargain on your next mini break, knowing that you could be escaping to warmer climes is a great way to lift your spirits and give you something special to look forward to.

Dress up

You don’t have to splash out to feel good. Take a look in your wardrobe to find the outfits that make you happy. Sorting through what you have is not only a great way to give your wardrobe an early spring clean, it also gives you the opportunity to find forgotten gems that you can wear out over the weekend or even to work.

Treat yourself

There are plenty of offers to enjoy at this time of the year. Dig out your card holder and hit the sales to see if you can get a good deal on the things that you liked the look of before Christmas. Even if it’s only something small, a spot of retail therapy can be the ideal distraction.

Ditch the resolutions

Making resolutions can be a good idea, but if you feel like you’re making them out of habit only to feel bad when you break them, it could be time to leave them behind for good. Instead of beating yourself up for not sticking to the resolution, set aside some self-care goals that give you the chance to look after yourself.

For example, rather than trying to give up chocolate, why not run yourself a bath as a treat? Or, instead of joining the gym even though you don’t want to go, try something small that you enjoy, such as a walk to the shop or taking up a dance class.


Do you have any top tips for tackling the January blues? What will you try to take your mind off things?

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Roof East looks set to be the ultimate festive hangout this Christmas

By Posted on 3 m read

Christmas is almost upon us, the time to kick back and get exceedingly merry with all your best mates as you let the festivities commence. This year, as well as looking forward to santa sliding down your chimney and seeing your family get more drunk than usual, the guys at Stratford’s Roof East are ready to take your Christmas to the next level. 

The sprawling urban space set up on a former rooftop carpark, with incredible skyline views of the city, is going all out this year to make your festive season the best one yet. 

Roof East is a rooftop bar, that much you should be happy about. But it’s so, so much more besides. How many bars do you know where you can partake in Curling, VR Foosball and Crazy Golf? None, is the answer. Except here.

Roof East have laid out a veritable spread of action across December for you to enjoy, much of it completely freaking free! What pray tell do they have in store?

Well, those with an eye for detail can enjoy the free art classes they’re putting on, where you can try your hand at being the next Picasso, as Santa Claus poses for you as you aim to recreate the spirit of Christmas on paper. 

You can also learn how to craft your very own custom-made stockings with London Craft Club, or get a free caricature drawn of yourself in just five minutes flat by the renowned Luisa Calvo. And no festive drink with your mates would be complete without a pub quiz to get your mind working overdrive as you attempt to see beyond the haze from all the mulled wine you’ve drank. 

Those who are currently single but have bagged themselves a hot date could find this the perfect venue to kindle those flames, as Roof East was recently featured on the Channel 4 show dating show Flirty Dancing, which shows they know a thing or two about matchmaking. Impress them at the pub quiz, or get straight down to it with some mulled wine to warm your cockles and some hot chocolates, hot buttered rum and hot berry punch to tempt your taste buds.

If you want to forgo the romance and show the world how good you are at everything, then those of a competitive nature will be glad to know Roof East caters for you too. Sliders Curling, VR Foosball, Birdies Crazy Golf and a whole host of new ‘90s arcade games such as Pac-Man, Street Fighter II and Space Invaders, will keep you fully entertained for hours, all courtesy of the fine folks at the SFG Club.


If you’ve got a shedload of mates, or work colleagues, and want to organise the mother of all shin-digs, then you could think about hiring out Roof East like an absolute baller. They cater for groups starting at 50 people going right up to 300, big enough for even the most well-connected social butterflies. 

Eat, drink, be merry, and so much more besides, with 2019’s ultimate festive hangout Roof East. If there’s a side of fun they haven’t yet covered, we sure as hell don’t know what it is!

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theProfileClub has been acquired by Clique Luxury Events

By Posted on 2 m read

Private members’ business club, theProfileClub has been acquired by Clique Luxury Events and has been rebranded the Clique 100 Club. The official launch was held last night at an exclusive event held at The Stock Exchange Hotel; Manchester supported by the members.

Set up in 2011 by Barbara Hallwood, Managing Director of Marketing Profile, based in Hale, theProfileClub has attracted top executives from across the North West providing top business introductions at prestigious events coupled with a package of benefits. The unique approach aimed predominantly at senior decision makers coupled with a cap of just 100 members each year has attracted top organisations and brands. Commenting on the sale, Barbara said, “No business can stand still, and I believe that the time is now right for the club to evolve further.  The team at Clique totally understand the concept and I feel sure will take the Club to the next level. I am grateful to all the members who have made it such a success.   For the foreseeable future I am pleased to continue as a consultant for the Clique 100 Club”.

Commenting on the deal, Director of Clique Luxury Events, Sarah Restrick added, “We are delighted to take over such a prestigious Manchester based Club with such a diverse membership.  We very much look forward to working with members to build on the past established brand whilst increasing the benefits and opportunities across the North West. When I was first introduced to theProfileClub I liked the approach, sociable however with a genuine business focus. I believe that the Clique 100 Club will fit perfectly within the Clique portfolio.”

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Testosterone Deficiency – The Silent Killer

By Posted on 3 m read

“My mood is low, I feel anxious, I have unexplained fatigue, I lack drive & determination, I have ‘brain fog’, I don’t enjoy anything anymore, something isn’t right.”

“I think you are depressed and/or anxious. Take these antidepressants”

“I don’t feel any better”

“Let’s increase your dose.”

“Still no better, I’m having some side effects”

“Let’s try a different antidepressant”

“I’m still no better.”

“Let’s increase your dose.”

“I still feel the same.”

“I’ll refer you to a Psychiatrist.”

This is an all too common scenario in the UK at present.  Often the potential cure – Testosterone Replacement Therapy – is never even considered, despite there being a clear link between low testosterone and depression.  Medical research backs this up.

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is a medical condition.  There are British Society for Sexual Medicine Guidelines for its treatment which doctors in the UK are simply not adhering to.  Whilst guidelines exist, it is up to the doctor to implement them.  However due to a lack of education and understanding of the impact of low testosterone on men’s physical and psychological health, it is not high priority.

Statistics already show that men are at particular risk of mental health issues.  Low testosterone is a risk factor for mental illness.  Most men who end up on Testosterone Replacement Therapy have already been to their GP or an Endocrinologist and have either been denied treatment or offered ineffective treatments.  This has led to many men self-administering testosterone from underground steroid labs because they already know that their levels are low and know that testosterone improves their mental well-being, but they can’t get the help they need from the NHS.

How many men have committed suicide with a confirmed diagnosis of low testosterone but had not been offered the treatment that they need?  How many more high-profile male suicides need to happen before affirmative action is taken?  How many of these suicides were preventable?

Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, who were previously on anti-depressants, often no longer need them once on TRT.  Antidepressants will not cure symptoms caused by a testosterone deficiency, only dampen them, often making them worse.  Low testosterone is reversible, depression due to low testosterone is reversible.

The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind #ChooseTRT campaign was recently launched following two young suicidal patients, both in their 20s, saying that TRT saved their lives.  We need to raise awareness and improve understanding surrounding the link between mental health and testosterone deficiency.  We need affirmative action.  Men have been keen to tell their story and share their experiences for the campaign in order to help others.  I have included a few examples below.

Until a national screening programme is implemented, or doctors in the UK wake up to the fact that hormone levels need to be tested in ALL men presenting with symptoms of depression, men are going to continue to suffer.  This is stark contrast to the US where they have a far more progressive attitude towards preventative health and wellbeing.  High profile celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Jeff Bezos, Robbie Williams, Dorian Yates, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Dan Bilzerian all openly admit to needing TRT. There is no shame to needing TRT.  Testosterone Deficiency is simply a hormonal deficiency, much like any other.

Dr Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT

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Top 5 Nicotine Salt E-Juices

By Posted on 3 m read

People vape for many different reasons. Some like to blow big clouds, some like sitting back and relaxing with a great-tasting vape. Others vape as a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking, by providing nicotine with less dirty extras.

Nicotine salt e-liquids are made for people more focused on taking in nicotine than taste or cloud production. By formulating nicotine differently to regular juices, these provide a higher concentration of nicotine. The result is more effective nicotine consumption, as well as less hardness on the throat.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice taste for a nicotine salt e-juice. As nic salts grow in popularity, a lot of the big e-liquid producers are coming out with awesome salt blends. That means you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a great tasting vape that still packs enough nicotine.

Here are 5 of the best nicotine salt options available today. Some of them are available here.

  1. Naked 100 Salt

One of the go-to e-juice brands on the market, Naked 100 have nic salt vapers covered too. They provide a bunch of their universally loved flavor blends, such as Brain Freeze, Lava Flow and Really Berry, in a nic salt variation.

  1. Mad Hatter – I Love Salts

I Love Salts is a salt line developed by popular e-liquid brand Mad Hatter. Coming in a range of largely fruit-based flavors, I Love Salts are simple, yet so good. Their flavors don’t have wacky names or a ton of crazy ingredients packed together, which ends up showing that sometimes, simpler is better.

They provide a high concentration of nicotine in a 50/50 PG/VG blend, giving a suitable nicotine hit without being harsh on the throat.

  1. Crft Salt

Crft makes a range of high-quality e-liquids in reserved, yet delightful flavor combinations. They have vapers of many tastes covered, with blends from classic tobacco, to fruity options such as Papaya Punch and Passion Fruit Orange, to the great Mint Iced Tea. Their salt range comes in 30mL bottles with 40mg nicotine salt, for the value-for-money nicotine hit you need.

  1. Dinner Lady Salt

Dinner Lady have developed a salt blend for some of their incredibly authentic classic dessert and candy flavors. Their 50/50 PG/VG salt juices come with 20mg nicotine in a 10mL bottle. Lovers of the original Dinner Lady juices won’t be disappointed moving over to their salt range, which maintain the incredible, unique profiles of blends such as Lemon Tart and Bubble Gum.

  1. Milkman Salt

Finally, another much-loved e-liquid brand branching out to accommodate salt vapers as well. A long way from the original 1950s milk bottle-inspired classic, Milkman has a range of dessert-based flavors, and a range of salt options which are a little more fruity. 

Packing 40mg of nicotine into a 60% VG blend, Milkman’s salt range go down as smooth as you could want, letting you drop smoking in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. Their salt options include the OG flavors, The Original and Churrios, but the star of the range may be the sweet raspberry of Crumbleberry Salt.

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Gin is just the tonic for drink retailers.

By Posted on 2 m read

Last year’s record-breaking summer temperatures provided unprecedented opportunities for drinks retailers to drive sales within the alcohol category, with sales of gin outstripping other categories and setting new records.
Retailers are capitalising on the widest choice of gin spirits ever produced in the UK and demand continues to break all records.

As the temperature rises it’s clear this year that summer drinks are in a league of their own, with home cocktails proving more popular than ever. As the nights grow longer and the temperatures rise the sales of alcohol take on their own seasonal performance and where once it was a choice of red or white wine it is now a choice of hundreds of combinations of gin spirits and mixers.

And the drinks retailer should look to cater for the new drinking opportunities that this warmer season brings and especially with chilled alcohol .. drinks resellers must merchandise properly to get the most out of the customers desire to cool off with a chilled alcoholic beverage.

A store with a chilled shelf or unit is great for improving profits and for consumers satisfying demand as it promotes impulse purchases. Many consumers want consume drinks as soon as two hours after purchase, so it’s essential that retailers keep stock sufficiently chilled to satisfy demand.

Spirit success

The selection of different spirits is growing. Gin is by far ahead of the game and flavoured gin is making big impact in sales and will continue to grow.

Gin is still a huge and growing favourite for many consumers and is still on top. Some drink industry bosses predict that it must slow soon but there really haven’t been any signs of this happening, in fact it is quite the opposite, with UK consumers buying over 70 million bottles of gin in the year end December 2018.

New gins are being released weekly with a variety of flavour stories. Producers come from all corners of the UK and just as Scotland has been the traditional home of spirit production in the UK, we now see Welsh Gin producers and regional representation of flavours. The Snowdonia Spirit Company said that there is very strong demand for regionally produced gin spirits, gin drinkers like to know about the back story to their gin recipes and discover new flavours along with new mixers, the gin category looks very positive for 2019 and beyond.

Flavoured gin, the latest trend, especially in the summer, is proving a smash hit with gin drinking customers. With the introduction pink gins and summer fruit flavours the retailer is seeing opportunities for improving their cash receipts and keeping customers happy at the same

What’s hot

Consumers are focusing more and more on taste as well as convenience when purchasing and, as a result, ready-to-drink cans are experiencing a big sales boost.

Drinks on the go are very convenient and the ready mixed spirits fly off the shelves in warm weather, especially premixed gin and tonic.

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