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theProfileClub has been acquired by Clique Luxury Events

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Private members’ business club, theProfileClub has been acquired by Clique Luxury Events and has been rebranded the Clique 100 Club. The official launch was held last night at an exclusive event held at The Stock Exchange Hotel; Manchester supported by the members.

Set up in 2011 by Barbara Hallwood, Managing Director of Marketing Profile, based in Hale, theProfileClub has attracted top executives from across the North West providing top business introductions at prestigious events coupled with a package of benefits. The unique approach aimed predominantly at senior decision makers coupled with a cap of just 100 members each year has attracted top organisations and brands. Commenting on the sale, Barbara said, “No business can stand still, and I believe that the time is now right for the club to evolve further.  The team at Clique totally understand the concept and I feel sure will take the Club to the next level. I am grateful to all the members who have made it such a success.   For the foreseeable future I am pleased to continue as a consultant for the Clique 100 Club”.

Commenting on the deal, Director of Clique Luxury Events, Sarah Restrick added, “We are delighted to take over such a prestigious Manchester based Club with such a diverse membership.  We very much look forward to working with members to build on the past established brand whilst increasing the benefits and opportunities across the North West. When I was first introduced to theProfileClub I liked the approach, sociable however with a genuine business focus. I believe that the Clique 100 Club will fit perfectly within the Clique portfolio.”

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Testosterone Deficiency – The Silent Killer

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“My mood is low, I feel anxious, I have unexplained fatigue, I lack drive & determination, I have ‘brain fog’, I don’t enjoy anything anymore, something isn’t right.”

“I think you are depressed and/or anxious. Take these antidepressants”

“I don’t feel any better”

“Let’s increase your dose.”

“Still no better, I’m having some side effects”

“Let’s try a different antidepressant”

“I’m still no better.”

“Let’s increase your dose.”

“I still feel the same.”

“I’ll refer you to a Psychiatrist.”

This is an all too common scenario in the UK at present.  Often the potential cure – Testosterone Replacement Therapy – is never even considered, despite there being a clear link between low testosterone and depression.  Medical research backs this up.

Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is a medical condition.  There are British Society for Sexual Medicine Guidelines for its treatment which doctors in the UK are simply not adhering to.  Whilst guidelines exist, it is up to the doctor to implement them.  However due to a lack of education and understanding of the impact of low testosterone on men’s physical and psychological health, it is not high priority.

Statistics already show that men are at particular risk of mental health issues.  Low testosterone is a risk factor for mental illness.  Most men who end up on Testosterone Replacement Therapy have already been to their GP or an Endocrinologist and have either been denied treatment or offered ineffective treatments.  This has led to many men self-administering testosterone from underground steroid labs because they already know that their levels are low and know that testosterone improves their mental well-being, but they can’t get the help they need from the NHS.

How many men have committed suicide with a confirmed diagnosis of low testosterone but had not been offered the treatment that they need?  How many more high-profile male suicides need to happen before affirmative action is taken?  How many of these suicides were preventable?

Patients with a confirmed diagnosis of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome, who were previously on anti-depressants, often no longer need them once on TRT.  Antidepressants will not cure symptoms caused by a testosterone deficiency, only dampen them, often making them worse.  Low testosterone is reversible, depression due to low testosterone is reversible.

The Healthy Body, Healthy Mind #ChooseTRT campaign was recently launched following two young suicidal patients, both in their 20s, saying that TRT saved their lives.  We need to raise awareness and improve understanding surrounding the link between mental health and testosterone deficiency.  We need affirmative action.  Men have been keen to tell their story and share their experiences for the campaign in order to help others.  I have included a few examples below.

Until a national screening programme is implemented, or doctors in the UK wake up to the fact that hormone levels need to be tested in ALL men presenting with symptoms of depression, men are going to continue to suffer.  This is stark contrast to the US where they have a far more progressive attitude towards preventative health and wellbeing.  High profile celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Jeff Bezos, Robbie Williams, Dorian Yates, Sylvester Stallone, Mel Gibson and Dan Bilzerian all openly admit to needing TRT. There is no shame to needing TRT.  Testosterone Deficiency is simply a hormonal deficiency, much like any other.

Dr Robert Stevens MBChB MRCGP Dip.FIPT

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Top 5 Nicotine Salt E-Juices

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People vape for many different reasons. Some like to blow big clouds, some like sitting back and relaxing with a great-tasting vape. Others vape as a less harmful alternative to tobacco smoking, by providing nicotine with less dirty extras.

Nicotine salt e-liquids are made for people more focused on taking in nicotine than taste or cloud production. By formulating nicotine differently to regular juices, these provide a higher concentration of nicotine. The result is more effective nicotine consumption, as well as less hardness on the throat.

The good news is, you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice taste for a nicotine salt e-juice. As nic salts grow in popularity, a lot of the big e-liquid producers are coming out with awesome salt blends. That means you can enjoy the best of both worlds – a great tasting vape that still packs enough nicotine.

Here are 5 of the best nicotine salt options available today. Some of them are available here.

  1. Naked 100 Salt

One of the go-to e-juice brands on the market, Naked 100 have nic salt vapers covered too. They provide a bunch of their universally loved flavor blends, such as Brain Freeze, Lava Flow and Really Berry, in a nic salt variation.

  1. Mad Hatter – I Love Salts

I Love Salts is a salt line developed by popular e-liquid brand Mad Hatter. Coming in a range of largely fruit-based flavors, I Love Salts are simple, yet so good. Their flavors don’t have wacky names or a ton of crazy ingredients packed together, which ends up showing that sometimes, simpler is better.

They provide a high concentration of nicotine in a 50/50 PG/VG blend, giving a suitable nicotine hit without being harsh on the throat.

  1. Crft Salt

Crft makes a range of high-quality e-liquids in reserved, yet delightful flavor combinations. They have vapers of many tastes covered, with blends from classic tobacco, to fruity options such as Papaya Punch and Passion Fruit Orange, to the great Mint Iced Tea. Their salt range comes in 30mL bottles with 40mg nicotine salt, for the value-for-money nicotine hit you need.

  1. Dinner Lady Salt

Dinner Lady have developed a salt blend for some of their incredibly authentic classic dessert and candy flavors. Their 50/50 PG/VG salt juices come with 20mg nicotine in a 10mL bottle. Lovers of the original Dinner Lady juices won’t be disappointed moving over to their salt range, which maintain the incredible, unique profiles of blends such as Lemon Tart and Bubble Gum.

  1. Milkman Salt

Finally, another much-loved e-liquid brand branching out to accommodate salt vapers as well. A long way from the original 1950s milk bottle-inspired classic, Milkman has a range of dessert-based flavors, and a range of salt options which are a little more fruity. 

Packing 40mg of nicotine into a 60% VG blend, Milkman’s salt range go down as smooth as you could want, letting you drop smoking in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. Their salt options include the OG flavors, The Original and Churrios, but the star of the range may be the sweet raspberry of Crumbleberry Salt.

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Gin is just the tonic for drink retailers.

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Last year’s record-breaking summer temperatures provided unprecedented opportunities for drinks retailers to drive sales within the alcohol category, with sales of gin outstripping other categories and setting new records.
Retailers are capitalising on the widest choice of gin spirits ever produced in the UK and demand continues to break all records.

As the temperature rises it’s clear this year that summer drinks are in a league of their own, with home cocktails proving more popular than ever. As the nights grow longer and the temperatures rise the sales of alcohol take on their own seasonal performance and where once it was a choice of red or white wine it is now a choice of hundreds of combinations of gin spirits and mixers.

And the drinks retailer should look to cater for the new drinking opportunities that this warmer season brings and especially with chilled alcohol .. drinks resellers must merchandise properly to get the most out of the customers desire to cool off with a chilled alcoholic beverage.

A store with a chilled shelf or unit is great for improving profits and for consumers satisfying demand as it promotes impulse purchases. Many consumers want consume drinks as soon as two hours after purchase, so it’s essential that retailers keep stock sufficiently chilled to satisfy demand.

Spirit success

The selection of different spirits is growing. Gin is by far ahead of the game and flavoured gin is making big impact in sales and will continue to grow.

Gin is still a huge and growing favourite for many consumers and is still on top. Some drink industry bosses predict that it must slow soon but there really haven’t been any signs of this happening, in fact it is quite the opposite, with UK consumers buying over 70 million bottles of gin in the year end December 2018.

New gins are being released weekly with a variety of flavour stories. Producers come from all corners of the UK and just as Scotland has been the traditional home of spirit production in the UK, we now see Welsh Gin producers and regional representation of flavours. The Snowdonia Spirit Company said that there is very strong demand for regionally produced gin spirits, gin drinkers like to know about the back story to their gin recipes and discover new flavours along with new mixers, the gin category looks very positive for 2019 and beyond.

Flavoured gin, the latest trend, especially in the summer, is proving a smash hit with gin drinking customers. With the introduction pink gins and summer fruit flavours the retailer is seeing opportunities for improving their cash receipts and keeping customers happy at the same

What’s hot

Consumers are focusing more and more on taste as well as convenience when purchasing and, as a result, ready-to-drink cans are experiencing a big sales boost.

Drinks on the go are very convenient and the ready mixed spirits fly off the shelves in warm weather, especially premixed gin and tonic.

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Perfect Ending for “Fascinating China” Events of 72nd Cannes Film Festival

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The “Fascinating China” Events of 72nd Cannes Film Festival is successfully concluded on May 15 and 16 by local time at Cannes, a beautiful town in South France. During the two days, distinguished guests and film and television practitioners from all over the world are attracted to various kinds of activities feeling for the uniqueness of “Fascinating China” during the period of the festival.

The 72nd Cannes Film Festival “Fascinating China” is jointly sponsored by Cannes International Film Festival Film Market, French National Film Commission, French National Film Center, China Xinhua Net and China Film Foundation, and undertaken by Huayi Brothers and Wu Tianming Youth Film Special Foundation, including a series of events such as “Young Film Makers Training Plan”, “Overseas Presentation of Chinese Film Industry”, “China’s Most Beautiful Shooting Location Presenting and Recommending” and “China VR Film Immersive Interaction Experiencing Exhibition”.

Wang Zhonglei (First From Left), Co-Founder, Vice Chairman And CEO Of Huayi Brothers, And Kun Ling (First From Right), Chinese Actress, Are Presenting The Prizes For The Meritorious Winners.

As one of the highlights of “Fascinating China” Events, the promotion and the award ceremony of “Young Film Makers Training Plan” are held on May 15, which is divided into two competition units, “Short Film Works” and ”Film Script”. Since its startup, more than 800 pieces of works are collected, including feature films, action films, documentaries and other types, with eventually 32 works standing out. Among them, Inheritor, narrating the heritage of traditional Chinese operas, has won the Best Award for Short Films by Young Film Makers; and the screenwriter Lin Weiran of the feature film Great Ideal People has won the Best Award for Young Screen Writers. The Round Table Forum on “Gathering and Promoting Growth of Young Film Makers” is also held on the same day. Film makers from China and France fully exchange by sharing their film ideas, educational experience and the general situation of young film makers in both countries.

The Representative From The Tourism Administration Bureau Of Cannes, France (First From The Left), Michel Chevillon, (Fourth From The Left), Vice Chairman Of The Bureau Of Industry And Commerce In Cote D’Azur And Chairman Of Hotel Federation, Adeline CHAUVEAU (Third From The Right), Officer In Charge Of Movie And Television Projects From French Embassy To China, And The Representatives From The Cities Awarded For “China’s Most Beautiful Shooting Location” Are Taking The Group Picture.

On May 16 (local time), an event is held at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival to recommend China’s most beautiful shooting locations on the theme of “Fascinating China”. In this event, on the list of China’s most beautiful locations are Huanghai National Forest Park in Dongtai of Jiangsu, Long Stretch of Azaleas in Bijie of Guilin, Siming District in Xiamen of Fujian, and Li Autonomous County in Lingshui of Hainan. After the wonderful live presentation, film makers from all over the world sing high praises for the scenery and vigor of China’s most beautiful shooting locations and express great interest in going to China for shooting and producing film and television works.

Audiences From All Over The World Are Experiencing VR Films.

It is worth mentioning that, as an essential part of “Fascinating China” Events, the booths for “Overseas Presentation of Chinese Film Industry”, “ China’s Most Beautiful Shooting Location Presenting and Recommending” and “China VR Film Immersive Interaction Experiencing Exhibition”, jointly launched by XinhuaNet and Cannes Film Market, are displayed during the festival. the booth for “Overseas Presentation of Chinese Film Industry” is designed to unfold the vigorous development and comprehensive strength of Chinese film industry to the whole world. More than 20 representative Chinese film works, such as The Eight Hundred and Skyfire, are introduced on the scene. As the representatives of Damei China (Chinese version of Wild China), the four places of Huanghai National Forest Park in Dongtai of Jiangsu, Long Stretch of Azaleas in Bijie of Guilin, Siming District in Xiamen of Fujian, and Li Autonomous County in Lingshui of Hainan have their own publicity films screened repeatedly at the booth for “China’s Most Beautiful Shooting Location Presenting and Recommending”, attracting many foreign film makers to stop for a look. “China VR Film Immersive Interaction Experiencing Exhibition” brings the audience two VR films with Chinese characteristics, namely Flying Over RiversideSceneatQingmingFestival and Hui-Style Architecture. By combining traditional culture and technology , both films intensify the understanding of overseas audience about Chinese culture, add the appeal of Chinese traditional culture to the public and make Chinese traditional culture “move up and go out”.

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“Joeone” was the only designated menswear brand at the official dinner of Cannes Film Festival

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In recent days, the Cannes Film Festival has gradually drew to a close. During the entire event, Chinese films and Chinese filmmakers became an integral part of the Cannes Film Festival. In the main competition units, the Chinese film “Wild Goose Lake” has received a lot of good comments and evaluations, and the Chinese stars on the Cannes red carpet have also been widely concerned by the world fashion Circle. As a most popular Chinese entertainer in the international market, Li Guangjie’s appearance on the red carpet has triggered a new “Chinese tough man fever”. As the most favorable role in China’s science fiction work “the wandering earth”, Li’s handsome appearance and good body shape, and the gentleman image of “tetsuo” will become a totally new trend in the field of international fashion.

According to the report, one of Li Guangjie’s fashionable dresses is “little black pants” specially designed by the Chinese brand Joeone. Different from other clothing products with single function, little black pants is featured by fashion variety, which can match all scenes, and become a fashion leader and technical representative of international charm.

At the just-concluded “Chinese and French cultural Night” dinner, Joeone also won the title of “the only designated menswear brand” for Cannes official dinner, which was the first time that China’s domestic brand accessed to the world’s important fashion hall–the Cannes Film Festival authorized. Mr. OLYMPIA AWARDS GELLINI, President of the Global Film and Television Union, mentioned in an interview that the choice of Joeone men’s clothing was a fancy as it is a famous garment enterprises in China, with good quality and craftsmanship. This is probably the highest praise for the Chinese brand Joeone, because there was a strong chemical reaction between the French the most picky one about fashion and Chinese brands.

As a factory in the world, while people from all over the world are used to made in China, we seem to ignore the fashion charm that Chinese itself upholds and creates.The combination of Joeone’s little black pants and Cannes fills the imagination gap of this part, but also allows the whole world to witness the extraordinary performance after the collision of Chinese fashion and world fashion.

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6 Pieces of Furniture to Consider for Your Home

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Searching for timeless style? While modern furniture has its advantages, choosing something a little older with a timeless aesthetic can give your home a more unique look, all while giving you a piece of furniture that will last for decades.

From classic sofas to wingback armchairs, we’ve built a list of five timeless pieces of furniture to keep in mind for your home below, along with information on how each piece can enhance your living room, hallway, bedroom or other spaces.

A classic Barcelona chair

Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich, the Barcelona chair made its debut as part of the German Pavilion in the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. Today, it remains a famous design and an icon of early 20th century furniture.

Thanks to its lightweight design and small size, the Barcelona chair is perfect for the living room or for the home office, with a sleek, modern look that works just as well in new homes as it does in older houses.

An elegant four-poster bed

Large, luxurious and designed for comfort, a four-poster bed is a piece of furniture that, while far from common these days, can be a great addition to your bedroom.

With four vertical columns, a four-poster bed offers significantly more presence than the typical double bed found in most homes. While four-poster beds do come with a slight price premium, the luxurious feel and unique look make them worth it if you’re looking for something unique.

A comfortable ottoman or pouf

Perfect for lifting up your feet and relaxing at the end of the day, an ottoman or pouf (learn the key differences here) can add some extra aesthetic flair to your living room.

Whether you use it as a footstool or as a spare seat, an Ottoman pouf is an interesting piece of furniture that can fit into any living room, from expansive to compact. It’s also a great opportunity to add some extra colour to your living room without purchasing a full armchair or sofa.

A stylish Eames Lounge Chair

Another classic of the 20th century, the Eames Lounge Chair and ottoman were designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 1950s. They quickly became a hit, earning a place in the living rooms and offices of the mid-20th century’s most fashion-savvy people.

While the original Herman Miller chair comes with a hefty price tag (upwards of £4,000 as of 2019), a variety of different companies have put their own spin on the classic Eames Lounge Chair over the years, making it far from difficult to pick up an affordable version.

A timeless Chesterfield sofa

A favourite of British royalty, the Chesterfield sofa is both a masterpiece of classic design and something that’s effortlessly at home in a modern setting.

Unlike many other historical sofa designs, the Chesterfield has stayed in fashion for centuries, resisting trends and carving out a niche as a sofa that’s both classic and modern. Although it’s usually upholstered in leather, it can look just as good in a variety of dark, soft fabrics.

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Travel Tips for Guitarists – Guitar-saving ideas & hacks

Photo by Richard Clyborne of MusicStrive

If you’ve ever travelled with your instrument, you’ll know the amount of preparation and stress that can go into ensuring it arrives safely from one destination to another. Guitarists are no stranger to this feeling, and we’re certainly well versed on horror stories from the travelling guitarist.

With this in mind, consider this guide to three tips you need to consider when travelling with your guitar. These tips might just save your instrument (and wallet) from unnecessary damage, so jump right in…

  1. Travel with a Hard Case

Whilst travelling with a hard case is often not the most easiest way to travel with a guitar, or even the most inexpensive, it’s often the best way to decrease any anxiety you may have about your guitar in transit. Quality hard cases are not always cheap, but as the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and when it comes to travelling with your beloved axe we advise you don’t skimp on the hard case (the same goes for transporting guitar equipment such as effects pedals and accessories too)!

  1. Purchase a travel guitar

One way to ensure that your guitar is prepped for travelling is to purchase a guitar designed for that specific reason! Travel guitars are a fantastic solution for seasoned bands and artists on the road, and are also useful for long trips when you simply cannot be separated from your guitar for an extended period of time.

The size of travel guitars usually ends at ¾ of a standard guitar, however you will be able to purchase a full-size, foldable option if you’re willing to spend a little extra. Having increased in popularity over the years, travel guitars are certainly a viable option if you’re going to be travelling regularly. Consider consulting a travel guitar buyers guide to get the complete low-down on sizing, shape and transport considerations for a travel-specific guitar.


  1. Protect your guitar from the inside & outside

This travel hack is amazing on two levels. Firstly, you ensure that your guitar is padded to reduce any chances of bumps and scrapes, and secondly you can use the clothes you’re travelling with as tools for padding! From previous experience, it’s recommended to pad the inside of your guitar with socks, whilst saving the outside t-shirts, jumpers and heavier items to reduce the surface area that the guitar has to move around within the case.

Travelling with your guitar is all about prioritising the reason you’re taking your guitar with you. If it’s a short trip, a hard case is a perfect option. For longer trips we recommend the travel guitar option, which also means you can leave your main guitar at home (but let’s be honest, it’s not exactly easy to choose a favourite guitar). Happy travels!



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Shaping the future: How Zhejiang University transforms lives

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Responsibility. Hard work. Loyalty. These are the three tenets of a good life according to Zhejiang University Associate Professor Imran Haider Shamsi; a man who embodies the university’s motto: seeking truth, pursuing innovation.

Eighteen years at ZJU has helped to cultivate Shamsi’s talent, from undergraduate student to Ph.D. and Postdoc holder to becoming its first foreign faculty member of the Department of Agronomy, College of Agriculture and Biotechnology.

“I was made in ZJU by ZJU and for ZJU,” says Shamsi. “I know my Pakistani ancestors and my family and my beliefs; I never lose my identity. But I have also adopted the Chinese culture with a very open heart.”

Having embraced the opportunities offered to him as a student of ZJU, Shamsi is deeply passionate about his role as a teacher helping nurture future generations of ZJU students and he has amassed multiple awards, including the first place in the 2016 National University Young Teacher’s competition. He believes ZJU, as one of China’s leading research-intensive universities, is providing a pioneering environment for the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Academic freedom is felt throughout ZJU and positively encourages the pursuit of interdisciplinary collaboration, the application of research to real-world problems, and the exploration of new ideas and concepts.

It is an approach that manifests in ZJU’s International Design Institute, as its deputy director Lingyun Sun explains: “We are good at inviting professors and students from other majors to join us. We think the most creative area is where science meets art, meets design, meets engineering — these four areas coming together can provide immense opportunities.

“Our ideas are concerned with how we can invent the future and ZJU is unique because of the environment, because of our joint institute with Alibaba (the Chinese e-commerce giant headquartered in Hangzhou) and because of the local manufacturing background. It is very interesting for us to have the opportunity to encourage students to transfer their ideas into the market.”

The latest exhibition of ZJU design students’ work included origami robots, an electric bicycle and a technology pillow that helps users enter a shallow sleep by simulating the ‘white noise’ of nature. Additionally, a lighting product that was on show is proving a huge commercial success.

Innovation is also evident in the teaching at ZJU and in 2018 one of its most creative and popular instructors, Weng Kai, was honoured with the Yongping Outstanding Teaching Contribution Award. Across the 14 courses per year he teaches, Weng’s classes are heavily attended, while he has also attracted 2 million registrations for his Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

“I’m kind of a ‘wild’ teacher in that I wasn’t trained in a normal way. I graduated, thought maybe I could be good at teaching and wanted to do it,” offers Weng modestly when asked about his teaching style. “Actually, Zhejiang University has a very good tradition in how it teaches students. I graduated here, and I have the experience of the teachers here. I even use in my classes some of the examples taught to me by my teachers, so it’s like an inheritance, a legacy.”

Weng has been at the frontline of teaching and education reform at ZJU for 23 years. He believes that the close relationship between teachers and students at ZJU is crucial to success. “The students here feel part of a big family, we are quite close.”

Emphasising that point, Ma Keyi, an undergraduate in Chu Kochen Honours College, which is attended by the top 5% of ZJU’s students, is eager to give examples of how she has been supported in her endeavours.

“The college provides us with a lot of resources,” she says, “I have opportunities to do research and publish papers. Meanwhile, I can do internships to gain experience and put theory into practice. If you have an idea and you want to implement it the college will help you, if you want to study abroad the college will fund it, if you want to do anything that is valuable or meaningful the college supports you and will provide the resources.

ZJU also has an impressive record of supporting its students to achieve success in global competitions. In 2018 the university claimed victories at the Tokyo International Choir Competition, the RoboCup and the International Genetically Engineered Machine competition.

The RoboCup – a humanoid version of football’s World Cup – was held in Montreal, Canada and offered the team from ZJU the chance to demonstrate their innovative ideas in a competition that is designed to promote robotics and Artificial Intelligence Research, as well as push advances in technologies.

Chen Zexi, a member of the victorious team, revealed it was a surprise success: “We won the small size league. It was amazing. We won in 2013 and 2014 but this year we did not think about being champions because we were trying out new innovations. I have to give credit to the university for the great support we get and the funding.”

ZJU’s stated aims include advancing civilization, serving and leading society, and promoting national prosperity, social development and human progress. Its policies are providing the platforms for its students and staff to excel, just as it did with Shamsi nearly two decades ago. Wherever a person comes from, and whatever their background is, ZJU is eager to guide their evolution.

“A foreign talent should never consider themselves as a foreigner,” Shamsi says, “Instead, consider yourself as part of the society where you are and then you can contribute. Take responsibility for life, yourself, your work, your family and your organisation. Never be afraid of hard work. Show loyalty towards family, tradition, country, and the organisation you work for.

“I will tell you a secret: Every morning when I arrive at work at ZJU, I tell myself that it was ZJU that gave me respect and honour, and with this belief I start my day. This is the love I have for this college.”



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Snowdonia Gin Launches – Modern gin that delivers delicate plum and citrus notes

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Snowdonia gin is a new, modern gin that delivers delicate plum and citrus notes, layered over juniper, oak and soft spice.

This recipe innovation brings flavours local to Snowdonia to produce a beautifully smooth and modern tasting gin.

With sales of gin in the UK topping 60 million bottles in the year end June, 2018, there seems no let up in the growing demand for new and interesting flavours in the gin category. Flavoured gin spirits are strongly on trend and it is the addition of unique botanicals that are creating a very interesting choice for gin drinkers.

With the an ever increasing selection of mixers for your cocktail and garnishes ranging from fruit berries to herbs and spices, the humble G&T is certainly having its finest hour.

Snowdonia gin creators say “ It’s all about the taste .. flavour innovation is producing some quite outstanding and interesting gin spirits and we equally have really considered our recipe.”

Snowdonia Gin chose botanicals that had a natural home in Snowdonia region including juniper, plum and oak.

Juniper grows wild in Snowdonia but the juniper population is declining in the UK, due mainly to a lack of seedling habitat.

Most juniper berries for the UK gin trade come from Italy and are hand foraged, juniper is not cultivated and just grows wild.

“ Our juniper berries for Snowdonia Gin are imported, this helps protect the natural UK grown juniper. The key is to source berries that offer a quality of flavour, as batch by batch there can be differences in the maturity of the berries, this can affect the taste, so sustainability of botanical quality is key to sustainable and great taste “

Plum also has a home in Snowdonia with the Denbigh plum claiming one of the finest plum tastes so it was a natural addition to our Snowdonia gin recipe.

“ We also chose plum due to its richness and intricate taste, it’s quite mouthwatering on the palate and once distilled produces a beautiful delicate fruit sweetness that really compliments the juniper. Plum and lemon are equally great taste bedfellows, they compliment each other and their pairing in the gin produces a quite memorable taste experience.

The Snowdonia region was once covered in Oak trees and today the most common tree in the Snowdonia National Park is Welsh oak.

“ With the addition of Oak bark we bring a slight hint of soft vanilla which combined with selected spices delivers a very smooth taste to the gin.

“ We created a very modern gin and we are very pleased with the final taste, it’s still true to being a dry gin, but with a unique flavour,  that has its heart in Snowdonia. ”

Snowdonia gin is available from good food and drink outlets or online from

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